If you have a problem with this, then fuck you

If you have a problem with this, then fuck you.

It's a woman's right to choose.

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fuck me.

I have no problem with it.
Human life is not as valuable as people make it out to be.

people who believe in religion are fucking idiots

What does that have to do with anything?

Who told You That you need to be religious to be against abortion? You fucking moron, abortists are fucking idiots, end of discussion

Yeah, fucking stupid religiontards and their irrational belief in not killing babies.
Atheists are so funny.

Women would gladly accept an obviously unfair alimony and then still complain... now they actually WANT to kill kids.. It's probably a status thing for women now right? I don't give a shit legally but don't expect assholes not to treat women even worse... Though if you're a stupid bitch you don't deserve a child so it's a tough call.

basic sarcasm based thread

scientifically the brain in the baby hasn't developed making it not conscience, this is science. The belief that a baby is conscience beginning at inception has no basis and is purley religious.

So is it ok to kill someone who is unconscious?

Why does it matter?

yes its good for the enviorment thus moraly justifyed

I don't know. Some people think it has something to with killing actual babies or something. Weird right?

I don't

Thats not what I'm saying. It's not that the fetus is unconscious, its that the fetus never was conscious.

I have a problem with you posting it here. Am I a trained medical professional? No, so I don't need to see that shit.

You're also a virgin and yet you come here to tickle your twizzler.

Nobody cares tho, sorry
I love that abortions are an option

Fetus ≠ Baby

But it will be conscious. Also what is consciousness objectively?

>OP posts CP
>Doesn't immediately get banned and reported to FBI
What's going on here?

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Would you rather a baby be born into an unloving, uncaring family? Or if its lucky, get put into the failing foster care system?

But a majority of Americans care. Jesus, do you live in your mother's basement?

Its not CP you tard

What's the difference?

THAT'S MURDER!!!! I'm a Democrat. But also Catholic. That is disgraceful!!!!

Lol the classic "let's literally euthanize all the orphans" argument. Deranged freak

well considering doctors morally kill people who are unconscious every day i would say yes. also killing a fetus that has no sentience is basically the same as busting a nut in a sock and washing it. no harm done, actually only good things come out of those two instances

Why are you a Democrat? They support abortions up to birth and even after birth in Virginia and New York


>arbortionists are fucking idiots, end of discussion
>now they actually want to kill "kids"

go play out back junior, the adults are talking.

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No? Got any statistics that show the majority of Americans care? Just curious.

Why do doctors "morally kill people who are unconscious every day"? What context do you speak of?

>Naked baby with vag blood all over it

One is a baby, one isn't a baby.

Literally not true.


Fuck me yourself you cowardly mortal peon.

There's the whole largest annual civil rights march called the March for life. So evidently you do live in your mother's basement.

You haven't made an argument. You just restated your position. Go back to middle school

we should abort people of all ages not just fetus

Head in the sand

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Not sure why you're obsessed with that insult lol, feel any better?

Who knows what consciousness is? Its almost impossible to define. But what we do know for sure is that it's in the brain, there is no other place it could possibly be. And fetuses that are legal to abort (at 7-9 months you cant abort) don't really have developed brains.

Now this is a man for equality

I apologize, I was incorrect. You cannot abort after 24 weeks (5 months)

So how can you determine that something is unconscious if you can't even define consciousness? With that said, even if the baby is unconscious, how is killing it at all morally right?

Up until birth does not mean after birth, it means you can abort any time before birth. Witch is fucked up, a 9 month old fetus IS A BABY.

Also ~600 thousand attendees to the 327 million population doesn't really do much to prove your "majority of Americans" point

Some states have restrictions upon abortion. Some.

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If you argue that this thing can be killed by choice because it was never conscious, you also have to contend that this is maintained even when in the course of nature it may have become conscious.

Then that leads to another problem: someone at the end of their life who was conscious but then will never regain it, they fail your criteria for 'can be killed by choice' because despite the course of nature now being they likely won't wake up, it doesn't matter because they were previously conscious.

Ultimately though; you can't prove that you are conscious except by normative standards. Normative standards are *always* how vulnerable people are denied rights.

What’s the giant doing to that man?

Shit looks like this, who cares, i'd kill that little shit if I don't want it in my life. And if you were a woman you'd think the same. Accident happens, even on the pills, even with condom, and you don't want your life ruined just cause you had sex that's all

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Like I said. consciousness comes from the brain, and most abortions happen before the brain is even mid-developed. But who knows? I could be wrong. It is foolish to argue about the unknowable, both our points are equally valid and we could argue forever. Because there truley is no answer.

A woman summoned it to destroy her ex.

Apparently they have the choice.

i only have one thing for the "feminist" "pro-choice" females to consider; they need to realize that until a certain point, all babies are female. that's why we all have nipples. most abortions by women are of their DAUGHTER.

So how can you be so confident in your position the basis of your argumebt is predicated upon uncertain grounds? Especially since the consequence of your decision may be the death of another human being, and a baby no less.

I guess I meant patients that are in a coma and their family decide when its the right time to remove them from life support. yes they would never recover but the person still doesnt have a choice. its basically the same thing. 100% of babies probably wouldnt care if they were aborted because they dont really exist mentally. its just a carcass

I never quite understood the argument of "potental consciousness", by your logic, isnt ejaculating onto the floor, or into a tissue, mass homicide?

Because countinuing with the birth can also bring suffering upon the mother and her family. Either way it could ruin lives.

[Citation needed]

>basically they're the same thing
But they're not. One will not become conscious where the other will.

>100% of babies probably wouldnt care if they were aborted because they dont really exist mentally.
Why haven't you killed yourself? Seriously. You want to live. Why do you assume a child would not want to live simply because they cannot communicate their desires to you? Really a 1yo child can't really contemplate life and death either.

No. Semen will not produce a human by itself.

Babies ruin lives. So let's kill a life in order to not ruin a life?

Why is it the woman's choice but the man's responsibility to pay for it? How is that fair?

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Dont see the issue here

Where did I use the words 'potential consciousness'?

I did not, because I can't prove that I have 'potential consciousness' let alone 'actual consciousness', or that they are even separate things.

Whilst I am reasonably sure that I am conscious and self-percieving, I have no idea if anybody else is. I work on the assumption that others are like myself in this regard, because I hope it is true and because I want them to reciprocate that assumption: I regard others how I wish to be regarded.

The human brain is the most complex structural arrangement of matter in the known universe. A person who is dead can have the exact same arrangement as when they are alive. Someone who is alive can have chemistry that might suggest they're dead; this is something that happens often enough that protocols need to be followed to make sure as no single standardised test of life is flawless.

Claims about the brain have been the basis for denying people rights many times before; only the very privileged and ill-educated can believe this time, this one time, such arguments can be done in the service of good.

I can concede that there is a point A where a person is undeniable and alive and a point Z where there is no person, though there may have been or may not be yet. What's not up for discussion is where between A-Z the line is drawn between those people worthy of the same rights as everyone else and those who are not. Going right back to Plato's argument for slavery, that's the basis of all man-made injustices.

i want to live because im already alive. i have experienced joy, sadness and everything that comes with life. future consciousness doesnt matter in any way shape or form when youre talking about something that has the shape of a baby. why do you kill ants with no remorse? they have more sentience and consciousness than a baby that is 24 weeks after conception.

Remove it NOW

Men should be able to opt out of being forced to pay child support.

You're absolutely right! We will let Ahmed and his 9, 13, and 17 year old wifes Khadisha, Laibia, and Manahil to bring up the declining birthrates in the West with their 36 children who are to be blessed by Allah with the boy's names Muhammad, Abdullah, and Imran. And the women being Fadilah, Sadiya, and Ummid. We need to let the western women choose Inshallah!

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nice trolling larp faggot. Only a true retard would not see the benefit in less black babies. You are literally a dumb ass.


Ahmed's wife isn't about to get any abortions.

Do you ignorant NPCs realize what will happen to American demographics if we ban abortion? Don't be a fuckin moron.

So hangry

i was born at 8 months so fuck you

"Wife's". The burden of not having an abortion falls on them. Allah does not allow it, it is haram! But they are happy without it and having many children brings them happiness! It is good that you let your women have choices and that you live different, but not islamic.

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Bait faggot

So you couldn't find a picture that didn't have 4 grannies?

Murder is a choice. It has a heartbeat It's murder. If a man murders a pregnant woman He gets charged with two murders. Why is this not the same for a woman? Why is it only considered a life If a man kills it. If you don't agree with me Then fuck you, You'll be dealt with soon enough.

Is this your preference sahib? Does this satisfy you?

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that's murder because he took away her choice. Right to choose.

then choose not to be a slut?

she commits murder, she should be in jail.