Save up

>Save up
>Buy $600 laptop
>Less than one month later it has SSD failure
>Send to HP for repairs
>They change the ram, reinstall windows and send back
>Less than a week and SSD fails again
>Send back to HP
>They say a third-party SSD was installed
>$400 to repair
>Amazon's return policy is 30 days and I'm just past that now because of the repair times
What do I do, Cred Forums? I'm super pissed right now.

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amazon dosnt give a fuck use the live chat and you will get a return. retard

Any advice on what to say?

Stop downloading porn

I was watching YouTube when it failed.

dont be such a beta it isnt speaking with a girl numbnuts

Hitler did nothing wrong.

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Buy another one , swap the parts and return the defective one.
You’re welcome

I'm not a retard. I meant are there any buzzwords that will push it through easier.

tell them your on redteam, and you got a first class fuckover from their vendor, and that you demand satifaction from bezos actual.


buy a cheap ssd, swap and reinstall windows. theres literally this site calle youtube that people show you how to do stuff. check it out

>goto mircocenter or bestbuy
>purchase ssd for $50
>spend 20 minutes installing shiny new ssd

Dude that's expensive as shit. Windows isn't free I just bought the fucking thing.

buy a lenovo?

if you need a PC for actually important things, just get a cheap old desktop from like 2011.

you can run windows unlicensed. i had pro for 2 years before i bought a license.

theres your first mistake

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The laptop didn't come with a Windows install disk. all digital. you just need a usb drive atleast 16gb. jesus christ

you can fucking download it from microsoft for free cocktoucher

What are the limitations of running unlicensed? There's got to be a catch

you cant change the wallpaper

2 years with no problems, running 3d modeling, video editing and music recording software without a hitch.

Then what does buying a license get you?

you dont need to buy new windows if you just change the disk, though. quite likely your win key is embedded anyway and it may not even ask for it during install. prepare an install flash drive beforehand (win 10 has a tool that does it for you).

the ability to change the walpaper, and not have a windows popup once a week saying you should buy the license

>prepare an install flash drive beforehand (win 10 has a tool that does it for you).
It won't boot. It doesn't even reach the automatic repair thingy. I only have 7 on the laptop I'm using now.
Well that seem's irresponsible of them. Okay

watch the damn video and then try it. tellin ya, its fuckin easier than youre making it

use the one that works to dl the install image, and put it on a flash drive

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you can use you win 7 laptop to go to microsofts site and prepare the tool there.

Just download Linux for free you triangle. then you can learn to be a hacker.

Still have save up to buy a SSD now... I'm annoyed.

i feel like this is just a troll

You're not OP because you're a faggot, but you're certainly a faggot because you're OP.

chances are nothings wrong with it. they prob just gave you a bullshit answer to charge you 5 times the amount the ssd costs

Nope, just never had this specific problem before.

Can you harvest an old HDD from an xbox or ps3, then buy a cheapo external dock?

Top kek.
I know nobody who ever bought Windows license.
Aahhh... The advantages of living in the third world, you don't have to pay for licenses, you can go full torrent and shit, download music and suchs...

1. Go for return on Amazon, due to repair issues, should work.
2. Buy new SSD from local computer store. You already own Windows, get media from the store on a USB drive you own. You should have the key already.
Use YouTube if you need help.

I wouldn't be surprised. Like, why didn't they notice the "third-party" ssd during the first repair? And the first time I called to have it sent in the guy said I had two options: either pay $80 for a longer warranty, or $40 for Fedex ground shipping. I said I'd have to call back later and he relented and gave me the free expedited shipping I was owed under the warranty. Paki fuck.
I have an external now. I guess I could just use that, but one of the main reasons I bought the fucking thing is because I wanted my mobility back. The laptop I'm using now has a busted screen so I can only use it plugged into a monitor.

>You should have the key already.
Nope. Windows was pre-installed on the laptop. Where would I get it?

You got what you deserve faggot. Never buy hp. Hope you learned your lesson

its like mechanics and cars but a lot easier to figure out yourself if you research shit. they are gonna rip you off mercilessly

That's what you get for not buying used thinkpads faggot

On the laptop.

Jesus, tell them you're laptop isn't working and you want a refund.

Typical HP bullshit. They were decent, they aren't really viable anymore. Let's see what happens if Xerox buys them out.

1. Why would you send it to someone else to repair? Are you dumb? All you needed to do was plug in a plug wtf.
2. Why an SSD why not a HDD for $30???
Are you a gamer or something? SSDs have limited rewrites and are stupid to use as a main storage.
3. Linux is free. Though I thought most new computers come with a windows key, maybe that stopped with windows 10 but for some reason I doubt it.

Well, obviously, but the 30 day time-frame is up. Technically they don't have to do it.
Oh. Thanks.

>plug in a plug
Because it was under warranty. It died less than a month after I bought it. I should have to pay or do anything.
>Why an SSD why not a HDD
Last HDD I had died on me and I lost all my shit. I figured fewer moving parts = longer life.

>SSDs have limited rewrites
Modern SSDs will ever encounter that problem unless you're working with incredible amounts of data. We're talking up to 50 years, 300 plus if you stick purely to the math on paper.

Ok if it's under warranty then I don't see what the problem is. They fix it for free so why return it?
They can't make you pay for it. Complain.
>Last HDD I had died
So did your SSD. Maybe it's how you take care of your computer.

Because they're saying a third-party SDD was installed which isn't covered. I never installed a third-party SDD. I was under the impression that the laptop was a stock model when I bought it.
>Maybe it's how you take care of your computer.
I had it for less than a month, and was watching YouTube when it shit the bed. I didn't do shit.

get a thinkpad instead

Can anyone recommend good laptop brands so people don't make the same mistake as OP?

I've had my acer for 3 years and had no problems

Strangely, OP is posting on a Dell that he's had for untold years. Other than that HDD failure, it's held on quite well.

>It won't boot. It doesn't even reach the automatic repair thingy. I only have 7 on the laptop I'm using now.
you dont have to create the disk on the exact same pc, though. also, how are you posting now? phone im assuming, not another laptop?

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You dumbass you could have bought one of these instead and been invincible forever.
Instead you bought a feminine ass HP no doubt.
Typical faggotry

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>No numpad on the keyboard
No thanks.

exactly this
I can download Terabytes of music, porn, everything and nobody actually gives a fucking shit

At least it works desu.
Unlike yours of course.

I live in the US and do the same. What makes you so special?


that means that is a fag that doesnt know how to google

Well I was more interested in getting my shit fixed or returned, not spending more money on another SSD, so I hadn't looked into it yet.


if they failed to repair it, why do you have to pay more for another repair? tell 'em to fuck themselves. go full ape user

Read the thread. They're claiming it has a third-party SSD installed. Third-party hardware isn't covered under the warranty. The $400 they want is to replace it. Obviously that is overpriced, but I don't know how a third-party SSD got in there.

2nd gen icore? with 1tb ssd?
it's for watching animu at best.
come on, that intel is almost older than me.

what the fuck do you need numpad for? are you an accountant?
i dont think there are people outside accountants who use the fucking waste-of-space-dumbpad

I use it all the time to type numbers. It's a fuck-ton easier than using the top row of qwerty.

except you have to move your hand from above the letters so if you're coding, for instance, that's a bit too much for my liking. slows typing down considerably. i got used to using numbers from the row top.

Accountant detected.
Can you do my taxes?

Not for me. It's way faster.
Math degree, but not in accounting. Sorry.

get a used thinkpad user. used to have an hp gaming laptop but the pos got lines in the screen. you can get used thinkpads for under 200 and they're solid af

I just shelled out $600. This thread is about salvaging what I have, not buying something else.