Weird shit to buy on amazon? I got like, $35

weird shit to buy on amazon? I got like, $35.

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Other urls found in this thread: gay&qid=1580954062&sprefix=hitler gay&sr=8-5 equalizer shirt&qid=1580956291&sr=8-37 fist&qid=1580960969&sr=8-1

Like 300 taco shells, without anything else

Give the gift of literature.


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Where the fuck did you find this.


Nah I'm good. Maybe if it was a little longer, with some more depth.

Dont fucking water your only money
Stop living paycheck to paycheck

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It's a gift card. How is an amazon card supposed to help me live?

Buy a heater,cooker
Idk look at what you actually NEED

Weird and useful, or just straight up weird?
Also I expect screenshot of order.

Already have one actually, for the odd occasion of boiling ramen in my room at night. Thanks tho.

Either, I just can't think of anything else to get for the life of me.

Nice dubs btw fellas

Also yeah, screenshot will be had.

Miniature incredible inflatable arms flailing tube man?

I’m gonna find you something good.
NZ Waitangi Day today, it’s my national duty to drink a fuck load of beer and avoid reading the news.
I may be alone but I’m a pratry •HIC• patriot

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Order a bunch of cheap random shit from Wish instead of Amazon and show us the goods

We haven’t met, but I sense you would look good in this.

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>Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% >Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
>Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat
>Are you a Hot Wife? A sexy and naughty wife?
>Husband your bitch? A cuckold? He is owned by you?
>You love to swing or to swap your sex partner?
>You enjoy your open marriage or open relationship?
>Let your husband display your or his fetish and swinger lifestyle with this Cucky Clothing. Perfect to wear for your husband while he is watching. The lucky cucky. You are the cuckolds dream.

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Goood one actually.

I hope you do mans! Enjoy the holiday!

This is whole some :)

I'm not using my card, I got this gift card from me aunt.

get some food

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One of these led graphic equaliser decals for your car.
I was looking for the shirt, a no shit bought one of those, but got super messed up and wrecked the cable/mic.
I honestly recommend either. equalizer shirt&qid=1580956291&sr=8-37

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Was thinking about getting some ramen I can't get here, but haven't figured which to get yet.

Looks like a nice gift for my Dad

I'll buy that if you buy me a car.

get those vietnam ramen, shits good

Like Pho? Or is there ramen from vietnam I haven't heard about?

OP you going to honor those trips?!

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You mean the quads? Shit I didn't realize that. The thing is free though so I don't buy shit.

just NongShim. those are higher quality instant ramen. fun fact, its marketed as korea ramen but the company is indonesia

Nah bro, just had a wee incident involving alcohol, work truck and a ditch.... and court on Monday.
Have to get a new job, pay for work truck, then a car do myself, then we’ll see.
Sorry, bad timing.

Get a 5 dollar bottle of meclizine and be spaced out all the time. It's less intense than weed so it's still possible to get work done

Awww. I'm sorry about that user... that shit always sucks. Never been there myself, but waiting on court is always shit. I'm sorry yo

OoOooh okay lemme look at em.

Ahh nah we have those here, I can buy em with cash.

you should buy those weird ass snacks from japan, or other countries

ah well, i cant find some of the flavors from where im at.

Mmm. Fuck it I will. Tomorrow I'll dump some money into the bank and buy one tomorrow, send Cred Forums the receipt, and we'll open it together.

Ahh I see. We mostly just have the one flavor as well, but that's all I really need. I've gotten more into buying the simplest and least flavorful ones so I can fuck with it to the max.

will wait for you to deliever user

Yes, hold me too it user. I kinda want a box with more than just candy or some shit, any suggestions?

Cheers mate, live and learn.
Pro tip.
No alcohol and anti depressants. You do weird shit you can’t even explain. Had zero reason to even drive, I just ghosted from a bbq and found myself in a ditch, like time warp shit.
Cops arrived, user have you been drinking?
You don’t seem like you would have caused THIS... what are you even doing out here?
I honestly don’t know.
Right, we’re gonna take you to the station.
Seems fair, officer.

Anyway I got one of these shirts for a mate recently. Got his 4yo daughter in on it and made it “from us”. Made him wear it out for dinner.
Gold. Can’t find link may have been AliExpress

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Don’t buy food. You want to have something on your wall/shelf to remind you of The Time /B Took Me Shopping

Niiiice user lol, I'm sure he fucking loved that shit. He'll smile about it far into the future though, good on you.

Yeah, I stay away from drugs and alcohol as best I can. I'm no square or anything, I just have a lotta responsibilities n shit. But here's a protip from me:

never go camping with stoners. They halfway drugged me by hotboxing the tent, ran off into the woods from fear lol

Yee. But of course I'll take anything. B will always be here for me.

I'm not brave enough for this shit

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I had responsibilities too, and that was the first time I’d had a drop after about 10mths of custody litigation. Won. Celebrate. Oops. Earned a fuck ton too : (

Anyway. Enough about me.
I see noodles is a hot topic. Do you get Trident where you live? So superior to anything else.
Used to live in the region ish , this shit is honestly authentic and household name in Indo.

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Nah I've never heard of these before homie. Alaska is a bit of a niche place lol. Perhaps I'll look into throwing a pack or two into my order. Sorry again bro, I feel you.

Any day but see pic : (

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Awwww I'm sorry dude.

Look at this shipping lol

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Alaska that’s cool, I’m in New Zealand.
Must be cold there now? It’s fucking steaming here.
I bet our population map is similar to yours?

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Lol yeah. Most people just stay in Anchorage, but that's like wanting to stay in a prison cuz it's easy to meet new people. Yeah it's freezing here but it's warming up. About like, two or three weeks ago it was dipping into the single digits. Right now it's about 34 degrees

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You'd be surprised at how many New Zealanders live in Alaska tho.

That’s Fahrenheit tho right, so still pretty cold.
I went to Canada on an invite a couple of years back. Ottawa. Sounds like a little logging town, figured it would be polar bears n huskies n shit. Packed appropriately. Didn’t even google as short notice, just busy sorting out time off work and flights. Arrived, 34c, 90% humidity. Spent nearly as much on new clothes as flights ha ha

I bet they all work fishing/oil/heli and drink too much.

Ahhh Jesus lol. Yeah that shit happens a lot. I got a friend from Cali who had never experienced the cold before. You shoulda seen the poor boi. His first winter experience was rain/slush and then freezing rain and glare ice, hehe.

The hottest I have ever experienced was 102 in Florida, and yes Fahrenheit.

Pretty much lol. I know six NZ'rs, two of em are fisher men, two are still in school, ones an accountant and the other is a store manager. They all drink too much lol

Next year a few of us are planning to meet up somewhere central for Xmas.
All kiwis but living in NZ, Oz, Indo, France, CAN, Belgium.
So we’re all about fair play, and decided on somewhere more or less inconvenient for everyone - Irkutsk Russia.
Not sure how this will work out to be honest. But it should be pretty epic.

Buy bias lighting for your tv!

Keep an eye out for Ricky. Does high access work on oil rigs. Have a night or 2 out with him for the experience, but don’t make it a habit. Don’t worry he’s harmless to everybody but himself.
Make him pay too, he earns a fucking fortune.

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Do it now

Car led wheel pics
Not even sure what to call them.

Out for beer. Back later.

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What, right now? fist&qid=1580960969&sr=8-1

no, I don't think I will

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