The US will become a Latino country. There is nothing you can do to stop it

The US will become a Latino country. There is nothing you can do to stop it.

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What is new mexico for 500 bob.

a state

Nah, the US will become a mix country. I married a latina.

Mix would still be Latino though. Spanish is also becoming more prevalent too.

I really hope this trend continues.

Mix is not latino. I have friends who are half Vietnamese, half Italian, half black, etc

Ethnicity isn't race though. Hispanic/Latino is ethnicity like Vietnamese or Italian. It has to do with heritage.

Race is like skin color, black, white, brown, etc. It also doesn't exist.

I never said anything about race, i said being mix is not latino

actually based

> half black

Then what was that?

Mix would be both they'd be both Latino and Irish for example. They wouldn't be less Latino just because they had a non latino parent.


I never mentioned the word race. You were the one that mentioned the word latino. Mix is mix, period. The US us going to be a mix country

You still conflated the two regardless of your weird insistence that because you didn't say the word it means you didn't bring it up. Regardless moving on, those Latino kids with a gringo parent will have more of an affinity for one of their backgrounds over the other.

Looks like they won't.

You brought it up by stating latino. Mix is mix

Your kids with the Latina aren't gonna be half Latino half Gringo. They're gonna be half Latino and half dumbfuck.

They'll just all go to Canada once the cartels take over here.

I can move to a whiter country that isn't full of spics

Canadá the last stop in the latinization of the continent.

Don't get mad because I'm right, go eat a dick

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If you don't wanna be called a dumbfuck, then don't type like a dumbfuck.

Lol that's fine. Have fun in Europe. :)

América is ours.


Trump can't spell for shit and you suck his genius dick everyday.

You are the dumbfuck here stating that the US will be a latini country. No it won't you dimwit

I don't even know what you're trying to say here, gringo.

10 years ago guys like this we’re getting all the pussy it was crazy

Gringos will be the minority in like 20 years. We're already like 70% of Miami.

Hell yeah because they're sexy af.

You mean pure white, yes. Gringos are referred to anyone born in the US

why do people like spics?

You say that like its a bad thing

Hey she cooks good latin food and cleans. Not complaining

why would you want that to happen?
Wetbacks are dumbfucks.
fucking Polk should have burned Mexico City and genocided all the spics

It's fuckin awesome thing! I hope one day kids across the country speak spanish and know us as Los Estados Unidos de América.

Hope those handsome Latinos want to use my boipussy.. even the ugly ones have a sort of charm to me.

>you suck his genius dick everyday.

>TFW you're into raceplay but all the races near you hate homos.

Post bussy

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Es porque somos la raza superiora, güey. ;)

bc thier amazing

Lol submissive gringos into raceplay are the best.

That we are.

Warning: Thread is astroturf carried out by organized political operatives. A vast majority of Americans are white and this will be the case for hundreds of years after you are dead. Do not let these threads brainwash you into believing these beliefs are normal. This a coordinated effort of the few to trick the many. The exact same tactics are taken from Russian 'Active Measures' disinformation campaigns, read here to find out more about them so you can learn to spot falsified political narratives too.

You will pick fruits and vegetables and mow my fucking lawn until you commit a crime and our white police force and judges toss your worthless spic ass into prison for several years. Lather - rinse - repeat. You are self-limiting organisms.

XD wtf? I'm not Russian. I'm Mexican American. I have pride in my people and I want us to rule. Not eveyone you disagree with is a Russian.

You're the ones who are gonna be raising our kids after your whore wives can't keep themselves away from our chorizo.

I'm glad you want America to thrive. You may have Mexican heritage and culture, but as an American, you now stand for American values, which include accepting and assimilating all people in defense of our great nation, regardless of color or nationality. Long live the USA. Land of the free, home of the brave.

but the only people hating latinos more than wigging amerilards is other latinos, check out the story of every single culture trying to set foot here and how most of the gangs came into being that now dominate internationally
so if it becomes latino, there is a good chance that it won't stay majority latino
yeah that smiley is clearly of russian origin, but why don't you show us some proof with a time stamp and picture of your mud cucumber

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Unless something changes dramatically, the U.S. will definitely turn into just another Latin American shithole.

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je ne parle espagnol pas :(

25% of America is already a Latino country, shitstain.
You are a subjugated people. Shit, you're the subjugated people of a subjugated people.

Don't worry. I promise we'll take good care of EE.UU. once it belongs to us.

You'll be the subjugated ones once we rule.

Pathetic liberals just see Russians everywhere.

said every other colonized people
best case scenario you might get an independent sta... oh, right

Never forget, gringo, there are more gringos who will accept our takeover than there are Latinos who will hate themselves enough to want to be like you.

Iberian phenotype is going to be hit hard by Coronavirus. Wouldn't be surprised if America First types tricked China into taking it. It's going to be a nothingburger for northern Europeans and niggers.

>there is a good chance that it won't stay majority latino
Mexican are Literally everywhere and have a fuck ton of kids

yeah and neither one of those people get the guns then you get the powah THEN you get the weemeen

Unless something dramatically changes, the U.S. will definitely turn into just another Latin American shithole.

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It exists to us nigger

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half black half Polish - only steals broken bicycles

Not the cold parts

good on germany, still going strong after a decade of opened floodgates

Not if I can help it Juan!

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The human species will be genetically modified and to a technological point where race is a cosmetic choice in less than two gens user. Race is a now issue, not a future one. There is literally NOTHING you can do to stop that.

CRISPR-CAS9 startups are booming right now and rich people want smarter kids and to live longer. As I said, you ain't stoppin this train, fuck a [insert race here] mono country lol, be more worried about natural vs modified.

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What the fuck do chinks have to do with any of this?

>in less than two gens
It will be way less than 200 years. I'd say mid century we'll start to see it become more of the norm. Shit there already is like 10 crispr babies thanks to china and russia is going hard on gen mod tech this year.

because population levels are not how you control territory, it just means more retards are procreating to create more retards
the key is how to weaponize those retards, and niggers don't know what weaponize means

Thank god, I mean, look at all the marvels that the latino community and other latino countries have achieved.

Not OP, but i'm actually Mexican, and i can tell you that there will never be an entirely Latino dominated America, and i really hope so. Most of our culture is extremely self destructive.

Lol sure thing Bubba. You know your women can't resist latin meat. But hey, you'll make a good slave when it's all said and done. :P

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I mean two gens like how babies being born now is gen A and next will be B and C and so on. I'd say around gen B we'll see regular non-rich humans start to transition to modified DNA, like editing out the ability to get certain viruses or bacterial infections and cancers. That's only 20ish years give or take.

Are you kidding me? You've achieved so much!

Maybe after our grandkids are all dead Juan, but tomorrow you're still mowing my lawn, chop chop.

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ah ok that makes sense

Sweet maybe guacamole would be free


Nah fam, ya'll can't compete with the epic white bull. Don't forget that you are a bunch of Spanish rape babies now y'hear?

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>The US will become a Latino country.
Nah it won't.
>There is nothing you can do to stop it.
I won't need to, it won't happen.

But i also know and understand how invasive and violent my culture can be, and i wouldn't want to watch in America the same problems i have to see everyday here. And make no mistake, i love my country but it breaks my hearth to see that people prefer to risk their lives and try to cross the border to a country trying to figure out it's own inmigration problems rather than stay here.

And half Aztec worriers heh

Lol. You made me laugh. For you, gringo, sure.

According to the government, Latinos are white. so... what's changing? The language? More Catholicism?

The wall.... the wall will stop it bitch

More like a mixture of Spanish, Africans, Asian, and native Americans.

Anyone has that discord about abusing madoka kaname that some guy was promoting a few weeks ago?

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we're not allowed to call them mestizos anymore

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Nah, the wall won't stop shit. New more agressive inmigration policies, strict coordination between Mexico and America in border control, and making pressure on the Mexican goverment to change it's own inmigration laws could do the trick.

>Cherrypicking examples to suit your own flawed argument.

I could just as easy compare a really ugly white woman with a cute black girl, so what's your point?

The wall is as much symbolic as it is practical, and don't forget the wall isn't just a physical barrier, but ideally a patrol path for sensor nets and clear demarcation. Our military should not be patrolling Afghanistan, but using those drones and advanced technology to napalm drug runners and illegals.

Certainly though, in and of itself its not enough, and like any security system it needs layers, and that includes harsh punishments for businesses that employ illegals, near 100% chance of being caught and prosecuted for employing illegals including criminal charges for management that is aware, integration of ICE with regular police so any traffic stop or random suspicious individual can be ID'd and if trespassing turned over immediately regardless of whether or not any OTHER crime was committed (unlike california that knowingly finds illegals and gives them driver's licenses), and forced labor incarceration for those that repeatedly violate US borders or are violating US borders for profit (human traffickers), with death penalty for large quantity cross-border drug trafficking.

We're never gonna back down. We're only growing stronger and stronger. You think you can inflict imperialism on us for centuries and face no consequences?

Nah. This country will be taken for us and y'all will be in for a rude awakening.

Race crusade now? Death to the xeno!

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Es la reconquista puto. Jaja. ¿Quieres luchar conmigo? Voy a ganar y serás mi esclavo. ;)

Jews make up only 1.5% of the US population and yet have massive disproportionate control of every major fortune 500 and government.

In fact, Jews even dominate certain industries entirely when it comes to high level decision making like the entertainment industry, news, and academia.

Spics have always outnumbered Jews, yet have never and will never be a threat to their power, so what makes you think that spics shitting out more brown babies by the dozen will change that?

They will just have that many more slaves scrubbing their toilets, fixing their cars, cooking their food, and maintaining their landscapes.

Spics are the modern slave race and Jews their masters.

aint nobody scared of this 14yr old looking clown

>Fuck Cholos!

That's a pretty expensive symbol then if you ask me, then again i'm not american so i don't know what your views on the wall are as a nation.

But i agree that militarization on the border is necessary, for years cartels had it easy making their way into America and making an absurd amount of profit to the point they grew too powerful to our government to handle, i mean they even carry fucking graneade launchers and drones nowadays ffs.

I'm Mexican, i think you didn't get my point.

That reddit spacing tho

> That's a pretty expensive symbol then if you ask me

It costs absolutely nothing compared to the societal cost of importing poverty from latin america every single month, not to mention the huge cost that the free flow of hard drugs from the South has on our society.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

> they grew too powerful to our government to handle

Not only that, but they have become too powerful for latin american governments to handle. They can't get their government corruption under control because of the cartels. Any politician that tries to change the status quo is assassinated and his supporters hung from overpasses or dismembered.

Mexico will remain a third world shithole while we allow those most dissatisfied that would otherwise be agents for change to come to the US and provide unlimited funds to their criminal element.

Literally most of the reasons Latinos come here is because it’s better than their shit tier cuntries

The fuck you mean it’ll become a Latino country, go to fucking Nebraska or Montana and tell them that, but bring a coat it’s a little bit colder than your cousins house over the border

The US only has its shit because it stole it from Africa and engaged in two centuries of colonialism and imperialism. We're coming here because US companies push neoliberalism on us to exploit our labor and markets. They're gonna face a reckoning though. They're losing power to us. 2040 is coming.

That's master-race goat spacing.

> stole it from Africa

What, slaves? Slavery was the most economic damaging trade in the colonies, and massively held back progress.

It should have been patently obvious that the states with the highest number of slaves also happened to be those that were most technologically retarded with the worst infrastructure and the highest levels of white poverty.

If black slaves were a benefit to the US, then the Southern states should have been the wealthy powerful ones, rather than visa versa.

>Not only that, but they have become too powerful for latin american governments to handle.

I know, when i said our i meant as in Mexico, which is where i live in. But i agree with everything you said user. Past administrations(right winged) in our government around 2006 tried an open war on the cartels but was harshly criticized by the majority and the society in general. Since then every attempt at fighting back the cartels in general has been failure after failure, and the current government (left) doesn't seem to offer any solution anytime soon.

In fact, further proof in the pudding, the more reliant a country was on the slave trade, the worse off they were. The poorest most backwards countries today like Haiti are those that imported the most black slaves.

The US would be so much more prosperous today had slavery been banned and the states were all nigger-free.