Im high as fuck playing runescape ama

im high as fuck playing runescape ama

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Fishing lvl?


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whats your woodcutting xp at?

Post stats


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seconded, post stats

Is this some sort of void pure?

uh.. are you a failed pure??

How tf is your smithing so high. You buying your ore?

nah im just very new to this shit
i cant remember tbh

>high smithing

Gavin is that you

if you go to the GE in world 421 u.s. server look for me, dude in a wood cutting cape with a beaver. ill give you 100k. also you can do quests to help even your stats out, like your herblore is at 1 but im pretty sure the first the first quest for it takes like 5 min and bumps you to 12 herblore

When the quarter ends I'm buying 200$ of edibles and getting stoned as fuck for 2 weeks straight and leveling slayer the entire time.

the GE makes RS too easy. Just kill chickens until you have a billion feathers and sell them all. then you can buy anything to increase any skill. the useless skills can't be bought but why bother.

Rate me

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Fine for your stats, but you really ought to push for 75 range and get a blowpipe, then get your fire cape

Was gonna do whip first and fire cape next

D scim is fine for training melee, a blowpipe is far more useful than a whip

His mining is next to nothing. I’m asking where he got the ore

Oof you also gotta ditch that combat bracelet, grind out rfd my man
On the way to barrows gloves you’ll really progress your account. What’s your combat level?

go questin for barrows gloves

Whats ur fav pokemon

82. And i just need the qp to finish rfd im done most of em


Hell yeah

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Why aren't you playing Kingdom of Loathing instead?