Anyone else have black coworkers? Stories?

Anyone else have black coworkers? Stories?

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There is almost always some type of conflict or blame.

I dedicate this thread to anime everywhere

Hi user.

I am a 24 year old white dude working in the detroit area. I am one of four white people at my job. The detroit area is strange. Some areas are wealthy as fuck, And others are like 3rd world countries.

Anyway, i have tons of stories, nut none are particularly fascinating. You also would be shocked if i told you that working with black people isn’t ALL bad. I have to admit, they are funny as fuck, and black men are actually pretty red-pilled. They know how to keep thots in check, and they are typically less beta than white men. Other the flip side, i have mever experienced a work place that has been so plagued with motherfuckers never showing up to work. Seriously, black people NEVER show up. We get atleast 3 call offs a day. Everything is simply shittier with black co workers. If something breaks, it’s going to stay broken for weeks. If there is something nice, people will ruin it.

A good story I have is finding out that black people NEVER purchase car insurance. To be fair, the detroit area has the most expensive car insurance rates in the country, but damn, a black coworker dead ass told me “blacks never pay for that shit” when i talked anout how i need to buy some.

I’m rambling.


Hey, Michiganbro

When I was in construction I would occasionally see black employees come and go

They would usually last 2 weeks before getting fired for laziness

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>be me
>ride in a truck with black coworker from time 2 time
>everytime we are alone he talks shit on blacks
>sit in total silence because I don't know what to say



Sup michigan bro

over weight black girl talks about all day long how all she eats is salads, she will sit there and say it while she eats a salad on the job at work for lunch then at clock out black girl is in front of me driving home she pulls into the wendys on the highway :-|

In Texas if you don't have car insurance and you get pulled over, they tow your car. That doesn't exist in Michigan?

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Would you say black people in general are more red-pilled?

Recently moved to the United States, specifically CA, as white European dude (sillicon valley gig). I have a black roommate who is super traditional, red-pilled and hardworking. Most of the whites I see out in here in California are super blue pilled. One guy openly alluded to his gf cheating on him and forgiving her, because "he understood how she wanted the attention" or some BS. Lmao.

It is weird for me that the people who look the most similar to me I have the least in common with. I consider myself 100% European, but whites out here are honestly some of the most cucked people I have ever seen.

inb4 someone calls me a jew or a troll. I love my heritage and culture, I just pity the states of whites out here

I can confirm that this does not exist in michigan. It’s like a 100 dollar ticket for not having insurance. The meta is to buy it on the month of your birthday, and cancel the policy. Everybody does it.

Alot of people (especially younger people) pay like 300 dollars a month for insurance.

Yeah. Nigs will just take off if they get pulled over or in an accident. Of course this is systemic racism because it’s the wypeepo fault I didn’t buy no insurance.

Michigan is a very different place. I have never been to California, but it has never looked appealing to me anyway.

Detroit is a VERY blue collar city. Yes, there are lots and lots of wealthy people in this state, but it’s a completely different culture. if you came out her from cali, it would almost be like being in a different country.

That's just Cali for you dude. It's a shithole. I will say out here in Denver it's getting kinda like that but then you have the rest of the state that isnt in the city getting real sick of this shit.

On topic of the thread though, the only black guy that worked with me was just incredibly loud and mostly lazy. Nothing too extreme. This whole city is cucked though so that's unfortunately decent.

I didnt answer your question, though.

Yes, black men ARE more red pilled, if by red-pilled you mean “knows how to keep their women in check”

Black men can see through a dumb bitches tactics alot better than your average white dude can. Let me reiterate, detroit it the blackest possible place.

Get this,
My black coworker
Has a different skin color than I do.

Blackest possible place indeed. That’s why it turned into a massive ghetto and the smart white people ditched. Cheap real estate if you don’t mind having your house shot at randomly

The real reason is because the auto industry decentralized from detroit starting in the 1950’s. Yes, black people can be stupid, but the actual cause of the city’s decline is massively misunderstood.

Like I said, some parts of the detroit area are extremely impressive. Extremely rich people are dotted around the place. We know where the troublesome areas are.

Check these trips, btw

Michigan is a mostly no-pc red state. Yes, and except for Detroit, mostly white and conservative. I know someone who lives in Grand Rapids. Very clean and nice.


>Black women are either jealous bitches or love you

>Black dudes are always cool when you get to know them

Worked with some guys from west Africa for a couple years. Cool dudes, smoked weed with them sometimes during breaks.

One of my exgf's was a beaner that grew up in Nampa Idaho. Both of her parents were from Mexico, very humble and hardworking people that raised her without a shred of racism (I ended up meeting them). She said she had never even seen a negro in person till she moved to South Carolina at 20 years old. She thought racism was for ignorant old people or rednecks yadda yadda yadda ......

After working with Niggers for just a few months she was like jesus fucking Christ I see why people hate them. She said they were like the polar opposite of everything she had been taught. Lazy, entitled, angry at having to do even the smallest task and constantly arguing with the supervisor. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD GIRL. She was unironically based af just from her own experiences.

Thanks for the reply. I guess like with everything it varies from person to person

I wouldn't say California is a shithole if you have money lol. It's a 100 times better than Norway for someone with money. I can go skiing one weekend and hang out on the beach the next, don't know of other places you can do that geographically.

The people here ARE weird though. It's like the entire sate is in constant emotional distress. Many won't even look you in the eye because they're afraid of being confrontational or something. Among Americans I generally find southerners to be the most well-spoken, polite and friendly. I don't get the southern redneck stereotype.

Just my two cents a as a Scandinavian ex-pat in california

>says the american,who doesnt work regardless the race he is

this is why you retards have tolerated people like donald trump and his supporters for this long

you sound like a lil bitch
real white people aren't soft like you, we're conquerors

Agreed. I work up in Roseville, MI. Cool people to work with. It's usually the occasional stuck up white bitch that make the job hell.

Ok Gomer. I guess I fight with my votes and dollars, not a rusty pipe. Have fun in your trailer.

They hate order and love chaos. Right = Wrong, and Wrong = Right. They wanna eat yo' food, steal yo' shit, fuck yo' bitch, and beat'cho ass. Dey wuz KANGZ n SHIET! WERE UR WIFE ACK ACK ACK?!?!

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I own a house dude lulz
>u confirmed for fag

Michigan is a purple state, half conservative half liberal. All our senators and our governor are dems. Trump just barely won the state.

The west side of the state (like grand rapids) is mostly conservative, very religious, and very white.

michigan isnt a red state,its a blue state.that was made obivous by republicans attitude towards marijuana and the fact its legal in michigan

maybe if you wernt ignorant like the majority of america you'd understand that 1 city doesnt represent the entire state


oh right,americans are still dumb enough to believe conservatism exists after donald trump

Moved to Cleveland recently, work with a lot of black people.
They don't seem any different on work ethnic, and the old black women are extremely polite and always calling you honey and sweet heart.

go figure the guy who lives in the white hillbilly state thinks he knows about black people


Work with several in a warehouse

Constantly stand around doing nothing but talking in 15 minute intervals. They weasel their way into the easiest positions. They falsely befriend the supervisors which makes the supervisors blind to their bullshit. Call off work weekly. Talk shit about everyone behind their backs nonstop.

You've never been to Cleveland if you think it's hillbilly.

Long day. Why on the month of your birthday?

state,idiot.cleveland is a city

figured americans wernt this stupid,guess i was wrong

I mentioned the city because you can't generalize an entire state moron. Urban life is different than living in the suburb or living in the country.

Worked with a fair number of Nigerians. When they're good workers, you can't ask for better. When they're bad workers, they are horrendous. Actively dangerous. Same thing with Mexicans, whites, French, Russian, Chinese and blacks I've worked with. Worst I've had were Venezuelan, British, and Nigerian. Iraqis have been really great, but they're mostly prior army translators.

Work in finance. Boss is black. One of the smartest dudes I’ve ever met. Other black coworkers no different than the white ones. The women are always on some diet and the dudes are always throwing side eye and the interns.

This janitor at my uni told me that he's been reading books to try to 'work on his mind' or some shit. He's just reading the fucking dictionary.

On that note, all the black custodians constantly just stand around and watch the white custodians actually do work. Then it's the black ones napping in the break room.

24yr White leaf former degenerate here;

Work in construction in a small town just south of large city, 100% whites work in our shop.

Year 3 into the shop boss hires half black half/east Indian 25yr.

Dude is cool af , worked hard and was a great coworker BECAUSE YOU JUDGE INDIVIDUALS RATHER THAN RACE.. You fucking morons, leave your house sometime fucking retards

What's her name? I'm from meridian

If an aggressive person comes in to your work believe me the black person will be the first to step to them before your milky white face runs through the back door faster than you can say Casper the Ghost.

yeah i have lived around blacks my entire life and at least 1/3 of them are utter scum. you have no life experience.

Imagine a black coworker... How is that even possible?

1/3, so you’ve half agreed with the statement you wish to oppose? You my friend are a special kind of retard...

I work in the IT industry so all the black people I work with are fine. They are the rare intelligent version.

africa is a mud pudddle of aids and filth because 1/3 of blacks are retarded and antisocial.

you might be one of them.

all the black IT people? how many are there? 2%? 1%?

Best coworker is a black coworker that just says "morning" and doesnt speak one word during the entire day, never asks for anything, never breaks my balls or asks me personal questions. Everyone else I want to kill, specially samantha

Furthering your insults about blacks doesn’t turn back time on the fact that you’re a fucking idiot lol kys

you can also not generalize an entire state by 1 city,moron.what flyover shithole do you live in? because ive been to plenty of places in ohio.i doubt you've even seen the state outside of cleveland

what fantasy world do you live in,blacks are some of the biggest welfare contributers in america.lets stop being left wing cuck's for a minute now

You must be pretty damn sheltered if you haven’t realized this applies regardless of skin color.

Ohio people are terrible

Pretty close.

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every study on IQ that's ever been done has shown that blacks are 15% lower than whites, on average. this means that 1/3 of blacks are legally retarded.

this is why 60 years of welfare has done nothing. you can't fix something that goes deeper than "skin color," which is what liberals and blacks always talk about.

>muh schools
>muh segregation
>muh brains

They have come from slavery, inter generational trauma, I know you wanna sound smart but you’re just an internet google smarts faggot.

He's funny and he works hard, answers calls very professionally too. In the past, I've worked with some people that are a bit sketchy at first, but if you can get past the slang and possibly faked accent, they're usually good people just working to make a living.

That being said, the kind of culture that follows rap and ebonics is often followed with breaking the law and being careless and stupid. Just try not to make the assumption that it's always like that.

You can't call people "faggots", xir.


yeah? nobody cares about the studies done by your right wing blogs,racist trumpshit

I never generalized the entire state. I merely mentioned my personal experience of working in Cleveland.
Of course a state is diverse and has many different styles of life, that's exactly why I said Cleveland and not the entire state.

then show us yours. faggot.

Working with black people isn't so bad. They're all chicks, though. There's a halfling at a rival business of ours who single handedly fucks them over with his laziness and incompetence. And don't get me started on nigger customers. The rudest, dumbest neanderthals you would ever meet. I had a handful of positive experiences with black customers. One of them was celebrating because it was his birthday and he survived being shot in the gut by some coon the year before. They shot him because he was mistaken for a rival gang member. Just goes to show you, the best of the bunch get dragged down by their gorilla counterparts.

doesnt explain why rich black people have violent felonious black children at ten times the rate of whites. and why africa is a failure in terms of advanced civilization. and why there are no black cities without total corruption of political life.

yeah, these studies are consistent from about 1910 up to today, by all the best tenured academics in psychology in major universities.

also every major college entrance exam test shows the same thing.

whatever retard,you obviously generalized the entire state by cleveland

and how would that be any different then some retard on a republican's blog?

republicans are some of the dumbest people in america,the fact you put up with trump and his supporters shit is proof of how shit your party has gotten since george w bush(who im sure you hate,like the rest of the right wing idiots who pledged their allegience to donny bone spurs)

10% of them are great, 30% of them are scum, and the rest are simple peons that want normal things out of life. the 30% ruins all chances of successful life for blacks in western civilization. they have to be exiled or ruled with an iron fist.

Every race was enslaved at one point or another
Their ancestors evolved differently than every other race, due to different survival needs. Some races are inherently more intelligent than others, some more athletic, etc. Absolutely retarded to think some shit that affected my great x5 grandfather would make me a shit person.

I have one

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Last job, boss was black, nitpicked everything, practically had a fucking stopwatch running for my bathroom breaks.

This job plenty of black chicks and dudes, all of whom are chill af.

It really is about the job and the individuals, not the color of their skin. Ease off the racial shit, maing.

it's a cop-out for jews and blacks and queers that want to ignore heredity and invent themselves as a totally new and original person, separate from their biological trajectory

Yea, no. Provide sources ya clown. Unlock your chastity belt and quit obsessing.

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What color is the sky in your world?

Surprised the mods haven't b& you for posting underage
You can hate niggers and trump at the same time, fuckstick
Once you graduate high school and have to leave the suburbs to work with the coons, you'll realize how wrong you've been about them

>Recently moved to the United States, specifically CA, as white European dude (sillicon valley gig).

Svalley born and raised and white american, it's actually import faggots like you that are the cucks from what I've seen. I worked at google with a bunch of immigrants from France and other european countries, and they all fuck around like crazy. I'd often hear about you guys jumping around from chick to chick, doing "experimental" gay shit.

I work at a series b startup now as a founder, and I can definitely tell you the native bay areans aren't as cucked as you eurofags. Maybe in SF, but not in the east our south bay.

Where was that dude from who let his gf just fuck someone else? I'm betting a flyover or midwest state.


show me where i did that faggot

protip: you can't

Stop already

I-I am the black coworker

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Beaner from Mexico in Idaho.....what part of illegal Mexican don't you understand, Nigger

>posting underage

35 years old is underage? you trumptards are the ones who put high school kids on a pedistal like you did when that covington fucktard got shit on because he made fun of that native american guy

there's more then enough examples out there of how left wing you trumptards really are.and how stupid the republican party is to tolerate your shit

Nigs are always gonna nog

No,you're just a night Nigger

You are trying so hard that you'll burn yourself out by the time you're 17. Pace yourself, child.

Grew up in Los Altos FUCKING THISSSSS so hard. I'm Asian though (south bay is mainly azn). But yea Europeans are fucking sluts lul. I've worked at 3 big tech companies, and they are definitely the most likely to swing around, especially the girls.

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you can start with the basic literature review: "The Testing of Negro Intelligence"

spoiler alert: it's low.

"Shuey's text relied on unpublished material like masters and doctoral theses, many of which originated in the Deep South, that some pre-1940s material that she used contained methodological flaws, and that she overstated the consistency of her sources."

Can you elaborate?

Right? He's new here so must just be that he hasn't actually scoped out the area. He'll be fucking dudes in the ass and acting like he's entitled to be here in no time. We should be hiring more americans tbh.

you got an uncle ruckus in the making, nurture it.

OP probably made this thread expecting to hear some stories about how black people suck and are stupid, or something.

I will not waste time in telling this story.
>Be me, 16
>Work as intern at local company that does some cool machining stuff.
>Great engineering and career experience.
>Direct supervisor is black. Married a white woman with a daughter and has a son of his own with her.
>Daughter was insane and hated both mom, dad and stepdad, always acting out.
>Stepdad (coworker, let's call him J) comes to me for advice on talking to her and asking about what high school is like so he can try to help his daughter.
>J is always stressed about his daughter but super down to earth.
>J talks to me about financial Independence and how he's paying off loans, etc. and plans to retire early with savings.
>J teaches me indirectly what it means to be a father and a functional member of society.

I guess I didn't need to call him J, but I'm always gonna be thankful for what he did for me. One of the best people I know, along with the two other "bosses" I had. Both of them were white, but equally awesome.

I should clarify I'm white myself. My dad is present in my life and he's awesome too.

>be me
>white as snow
>have job
>colleague is black
>he does his fucking job
End of story

he's also a nigger

it's a big coicidence that she found consistent results across a huge span of time and across all those studies


but you found someone criticizing her book. i am impressed.

>be very active film student a few years ago
>have a black guy who absolutely insists on working with me, respect his hustle so I agree
>have him come by when we're filming something for the local 48 hour film festival
>we're mostly filming in an extremely nice hotel room in a major city
>he shows up and immediately starts asking if anybody wants to smoke some weed
>lilly white actors are shocked and nervous
>he goes out onto the balcony, sees some black girls down in the pool several stories bellow and starts screaming at them to get their attention
>producer has a heart attack, brings it to my attention, nog says it was just a "holla"'
>still can't throw him out or replace him because we're on a 48 hour clock and need the extra hand
>starts telling actress about how racism makes it hard for him to succeed as a photographer and she eats that shit up at first like a good SJW
>her attitude changes after he goes on to describe him basically chasing women around in public demanding to take their pictures and getting mad when they won't take him up on unpaid modeling gigs
>actress was going to stay the night in the room with us, suddenly decides against it after learning he'll be sticking around
>helps himself to the mini bar candy during the night, costs our producer $20+ and I have to pay him back
>actress is late next day because she drove an extra two hours instead of staying
>actual filming goes alright
>take him with me to get some pizza after we wrap so he can't bother anyone at the hotel
>another nog comes over outside pizza place, says his car is broken down and asks for a ride to a gas station
>I have an actual shouting match with my crew member about not letting a stranger in nogville ride with us, all while he's telling this other nog to go ahead and get in
>drive off mid-conversation and he treats me like I'm an inhumane asshole rest of the evening
It was a tapestry of niggerdom. Last time I ever relax.

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you probably also wish the electoral college wasn't a thing.

She used non peer reviewed studies and studies with proven flawed methodologies.

Confirmation bias much?

No, she reported every study that she could find. Peer-reviewed and unpublished.

The methodologies were many and different and varied because it was a comprehensive literature review.

They all found the same thing.

The same thing exists today. Check all ACT and SAT scores for decades.

You guys are btfo'd by science and can't admit it. Big shame for the left and the anti-racist crowd, who cannot understand or believe it when science proves them wrong.

what does this have to be with some retard who judges an entire state off 1 city? michigan is probably a better state then whatever hillbilly conservative shithole you live in

i mean being retarded enough to think just because pot is legal in michigan somehow equates to "it's a blue state" like blue = weed.

i'm curious do you wish the electoral college didn't exist?

>i know somebody who lives near grand rapids

funny how there are alot of cities in michigan then grand rapids and alot more people in michigan then 1 person.just admit your an ignorant trumpshit who probably based his opinion on michigan by what trump said about the state


the majority of states who legalized it are blue states,maybe if you right wing morons would stop demonizing marijuana and electing people like jeff sessions more people would believe your on the side of legalizing it instead of on the side of kissing the police's ass and continuing the war on drugs

but enough about this subject.because i really dont care if people smoke weed or not.unlike the trump adminstration,who is obviously against it.even though abusing opiods and smoking meth is okay by them

meanwhile back in reality, both political parties support poisoning all americans, black and white, with hundreds of legal drugs and a dozen illegal ones.

>muh trump
>muh weed smoke hurrrr

I had a Kenyan sweetie work with me in retail and I think she's one of my favorite people in the world. The only trait I dislike about her is her blind faith in Christianity.

I also had a afromerican girl who probably sexually harrassed me 100 times. I kind of liked it, except she was older than me and fat.

Another afromerican lady I worked with was very respectable, intelligent and kind. I miss work with her.

Yet another afromerican woman I worked with was difficult to get along with but very good at her job.

They're just like normal people.

You’re a dumb fuck

Yeah, most of em lie. Take long breaks. Don't work hard when they are "working". Smoke constantly. Steal and take whatever they can. Same goes with most of the wiggers.

"good people dont smoke marijuana"

- jeff sessions

land of the free huh

thump your bible some more,nothing says conservative values like supporting a republican president who bragged about grabbing a women's pussy.what a fucking joke america is,thanks to the idiots they allow voting rights to



selling crack isnt a real job op

>half-black co-worker
>literally listens to half Soundcloud trap and half black metal
>great co-worker except for the times that he comes to work an hour late and strung out on coke
>was supporting a white woman and her son, also will randomly steal shit from chain stores

It's incredible. It's like he's literally half black in every way.

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This , poor people suck and especially with they're parents are divorced

>black coworkers
that would require them to work first user.

I'm the only white guy at my job, everyone else is hispanic or black. I prefer the black co-workers tbh. They never call out and do their work.

I have a hot light skinned black/islander coworker who used to be a stripper in Guam. She sometimes comes to work in cat ears and is a huge Dragonball fan. She’s great to work with and doesn’t shit on me when I sperg out. She’s got fat titties too so her hugs are A1. They’re not all bad, it depends on the job.

>hispanic or black

what kind of shit company do you work for that hires so many minorities?