Do you guys have friends like this?

Do you guys have friends like this?

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The faggot, or the two faggots talking about Cred Forums outside of Cred Forums?

I kinda cringed

There actually out of order though

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Dubs speak truth.

Yo noone told me this was a cringecon.

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then put them in order, faggot

That's it though, just thought maybe someone else could get a kick outta this, that's it

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I originally intended to but fuck it, too late now faggot

Jesus christ I never talk about Cred Forums with anyone.
Even when I met up with someone from Cred Forums we didn't talk about Cred Forums

Fake and gay

I appreciate that you are having fun with your friend, but these ‘inside jokes’ are super bad. Please refrain from posting.

its fine, this is cringy shit not worth the coherence anyway

It's okay he also browses the chan

i knew Cred Forums is the newfag containment board but holy fuck

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You might think this but this was a legit convo I had earlier and I regret nothing

never post again

I feel very sorry for whomever is posting these screencaps and think they are the least bit interesting.

This is so cringe, i'd kill myself if i were you

That's ok just wanted to share laughs

You're a living, breathing anachronism

Not really surprised since I often tell dad jokes too

Why is newfag an insult people are bound to find this place, I mean I've been browsing since 2013

I would but I'd probably just get thrown back into it anyway since I wouldn't die a legitimate death

Lurk moar.

Man I didn't think I'd trigger so many trannies holy shit

It's never enough apparently



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well now i feel bad

This but about 23% less autistic. You know what to do OP.

Man dont feel bad, I sure don't

Do you even have friends faggot?

No, people that hang on imageboards tend to not have many friends. I'm unironically asking you to lurk more

>having friends
>having mentally ill friends

Your friend is a fag for wanted to bang a tranny and all trans should kts

Come on you gotta have at least one person have your back. It's real lonely out here

A partially agree, my friend didn't say that I did. Earlier I was elaborating that I wouldn't date one but I'd fuck a tranny if they look good enough, I like ass I doesn't matter who. You got a fat ass then you can catch this dick.

This is legitimately cringeworthy.

Damn I really cringed outcasts, I'm really on some other shit

Now you're starting to get it newfag

You call each other bro too much
I bet you unironically give each other brojobs

Nah but where on the level to where we both seen each other naked but no gay stuff between us though, been through some tough shit with that guy