I decided to just let it go at this point, whatever i do, whenever i tried it doesn't work...

i decided to just let it go at this point, whatever i do, whenever i tried it doesn't work. everyone went cold and no one talks to me like they used to do anymore. i constantly feel pain and can't get rid of it, i tried everything really. whenever i tell this to someone they try to give me advice and stuff but that's not what i want, i just want someone to tell me they won't miss me so i'll actually be able to do it. i feel like im running out of time, i can barely concentrate, i can barely do anything. im so unproductive and sad, i make everyone around me sad too. im bored of acting happy all the time, because im not. i know im not special, i know im not someone a person will miss, and you can't prove me wrong. i really feel like it's time for me to go, run away from life. i don't want to run in circles anymore, i don't want to decide to come back. i don't want to hurt anyone again. maybe you don't understand what im going through but it's really only me, let it go. im telling this to everyone and they just say "no omg you're amazing don't do it" but i know that's a lie. i know no one likes me. i know im being used and i can't do anything about it. i won't take the blame this time, if something happens to me im not responsible of it.

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I wrote a long response to your last thread and when I went to post it the thread was gone

You need to seek out local social services and request a counselor or a therapist. Let TV hem know you are at a crisis point and you need help. Dont suggest meds yourself, have discussions with a trained specialist and see if they reccomend it.
You dont need money or health insurance to get help.
You can go to the nearest emergency room and tell them you dont want to live anymore and they will find someone to help you.

Been there
You need antidepressants and therapy user. Don't listen to the stupid faggots that will tell you other wise. Take your pills and get your head shrunk and you'll be right as rain in a year or so.

Tell them that you have feelings of helplessness and that you feel like you dont belong anywhere. Tell them that you have been seeking help from people you know but no one has any answers. If they ask you if you have considered suicide you can either say yes, or you can say not yet.

What do you want me to do? Cry about it?

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But what you DONT want to do is come up with excuses to not do anything. If you are depressed it can continue to get worse. If you have reached out here then dont wait to reach out in person. Go to your nearest hospital and ask for help. If they want you to stay and spend some time on a psych unit, consider it. It can be restrictive but there is always someone to talk to.

So what do you think OP?

If you can't get to a nearby hospital, you can call 911 and they will come get you

So what area are you in OP?
And how old are you?

i would call 911 or go to a hospital, but i still haven't finished school yet and im living with my parents so i dunno what they're gonna think of it, they seem to not care about me, i tried talking with them before but it just didn't work so im just trying to survive until im 18 then I'll go to a hospital and actually talk to someone who knows what they're doing.

I'm 17, and i live in florida

Well, let's look at this post.
You say that you dont know what they will think if you call 911, but then you say that you dont feel like they care.
My advice would be to not worry about their reaction and do what is best for yourself
Also, there is no reason to wait until you are 18. As a matter of fact, you may get better help if you are in a juvenile facility vs with a bunch of adults.
So ... worrying about how your parents will react is not a reason to not call, and waiting until you are 18 is also not a logical strategy.
You can ask your parents to take you to get help, but if you think they will interfere then just make the call yourself.
If you dont want to deal with your parents, go to another location and make the call, or get to the hospital yourself.

thank you for the advice, I'll try

You could call a suicide hotline and talk to them. If they feel you are at risk then they will make the call for you

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Ok my friend. Whatever you decide to do keep one thing in mind. You sound like you are going to need help sooner or later, so there really is no reason to put it off. Your issue is not like a sore muscle or a cold, it's not going to heal itself.
When you do speak with someone, dont leave anything out.


Ingot an idea op

Focus on higher order and dont let any faggot program you and cut off your tether w your heaven

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stop being a faggot op. this is a short period of your life and better things will come. things seem hopeless but it really is your mind playing tricks on you.

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this. therapy genuinely does help, OP. many of us have been in the same position as you. it'll be ok - but you have to seek help if things really seem hopeless.

It's not about programming him. It's about helping him to be able to read his own program and helping him work on deleting a virus.

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Ok bud. Good luck.

Fair enough. I suggest reading up on how ppl use mind control passively and influence sound mind via daisy chained hypnosis/beliefs atleast

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ok coomer

Man, I wish I could say something meaningful but I know I can't really reach you right now.
We're all here together though. No one really has any idea what they want from life.

Don't take life so seriously. It isn't.
The whole fucking thing is kind of a joke, bro.
Just do your best, that's more than enough.
If it doesn't work, try again. Still didn't work? Fuck it, you tried, can't do more than that. And if anyone gives you shit for it you tell em to eat dicks.

I'm rolling a blunt in your honor so don't you quit on me now. Exiting is boring, bro.
I'm rooting for ya.

If anything just breathe for a moment and get some clarity. Write that out, talk to a friend or family, do something to get the energy out and problems out so you can actually perceive them as they are. Don't let yourself isolate EVER. Depression preys on the isolated and uses it against them. Anxiety of the future from this point on is probably going to be there, just push through. It's a swamp of emotion and irrational thought. Just get through it dude, find something you can hold onto.

hell yeah man, that helped a lot. love ya