This man does not care about you

This man does not care about you.

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That's fair. I don't care about this man either.

yeah he sucks, and he's probably gonna win again. bad times


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No politician does.

Good. If a politician promises he cares about every single person in their country, then they are a bullshit liar.

yes he does

4 more years of delicious leftist tears.

I'm over it. Let them make him SuperAyatollah. I do not care. I'm bored.

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>I don't care
Until you do
Until it's too late
and we all die

he cares about my wallet and my safety, good enough for me.

Done a better job than most politicians have in the last 60 years world wide.

Fucking China invading everywhere.

Nobody gives a fuck about me.

this post is about as clear of an indication as possible that you don't actually know anything about world politics

Didn't know you could drink leftist tears in prison. And it's probably gonna be a lot longer than 4 years.

People in power usually are disconnected from the average Joe yeah so what? I care about the ideals, not the means by which they are spread. If I have to have this ass hat or Bernie or some shit, i'm picking this ass hat. Not like I need to get out and vote when the time comes though, it's obvious were in for another Trump presidency so i'll just sit and watch people lose their shit.

He has bigger things to worry about, I don't want Government caring for or about me.

You need to understand this.

what the hell is a government that doesn't work for its people?

You could literaly replace that picture with any politican.
Bad bait is bad

Name a politician that does care about you.

Politicians don't know who you are so how can they possibly care about you?

An average one.

The standard.

Or shall we pretend human nature doesn't exist?

He doesn't care about you, what matters to me is that he does and says what I always wanted my president to do and say

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No Washington politician cares about any of us. They never have.

How edgy, user.

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More then 3 years in, and I still don't get this. Not 4 more years of a well run country, no defense of the president. Your only concern is that the left won't like it, not the country or constitution.

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So we pretend human nature doesn't exist.

Liberal tears is a bonus not the reason, at least for me.

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The tears are a delicious bonus on top of all the wonderful things that have been happening.

Look around you.

You'll have about ten minutes before the Democrats come up with the next scheme to get rid of Trump that is sure to work this time.

Dont care.. no president has or will. I don't hire someone because they care about me. I hire them to do a job. If youre electing someone got any other reason you're an idiot.