Alone in room for 5 minutes. What do you do/say

Alone in room for 5 minutes. What do you do/say

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i would like to say that i would try to hold a conversation with him but he is a mega autist so that probably wouldn't happen

"Is your dick really as big as they say? Can I cut it off for you and feed it to your dog? It isn't? Why not? Are you a faggot? Wanna become one? Mike's willing to donate his dick to your ass. Fuck your arrogance. Go fuck yourself, and kill yourself very, very... slowly!

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c..can I see it?

someone posted it here under nsfw

Maybe i would beat the shit out of him, or maybe just beat him off. I'm random, like that. Maybe suck him off, dunno... I'm random.

thats the only thing his dick would be good for. Too big for anal

Ask him why he’s proud of these racist comics and how AVGN’s dick tastes.

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Hey Mike, wanna play a old SNES game?

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is she good with joysticks?

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shes pretty cute

Probly just talk about Romania.
I'm Transylvanian btw.

Yes she is...

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ask him if he really banged her

I want to touch her bum.

its his girlfriend

trips of truth

she has a thicc ass so his dick has to be big

stab him in the throat and wash my face with his fucking blood