Ima post some nudies of myself, hi i’m nicole. in the meantime, y’all can make photo requests, bodywriting...

ima post some nudies of myself, hi i’m nicole. in the meantime, y’all can make photo requests, bodywriting, whatever, and add my snap nicolbizous xxx

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Pen in your ass?

Time stamp

Insert a phallus shaped vegetable into your anus with a set of tongs.

Well fart in my coffee if you're real!

tits or gtfo

this one!

act like you don’t want slutty pictures of me, the sort of shameless e-girl everyone has come to resent so dearly. /make requests/. also my

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Ain't nobody clicking that shit.

Do this.

open vagina
Naked tits

snapchat nicolbizous
i’m not putting anything in my azze

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>below average face
>daddy issues, the hairstyle
no thanks

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I want to see you wearing nothing but a soaking wet white tee shirt

show feet

i’m not fate i’m like renaissance thic jealous. tell me what to write i need to find something else to write with tho

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Prude. Get margarine or batter and slather yourself in it. Then, fill your tub with cinnamon sugar and roll in it.

So you're fat then?
It's spelled ass retard. It literally takes more letters to misspell it like you did retard.

Also, stop role playing you fat male basement dweller.

hère are your feet snapchat nicolbizous

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>tell me what to write
"worthless coalburner"

Degrade yourself you fat fucking slob.

Argument invalid. Your fingers are too fat to properly type “fat”

Bend over

Spread ass

Show butthole

i wanna be famous snap nicolbizous

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Write "I'm a fat ugly fuck and should be beaten and pissed on".

dem cankles.

Butthole please

Draw a heart on your nipple

Too ugly, too fat, too stupid to be famous.

Well, if ya didnt look like the back of my balls....

"i wanna be famous snap nicolbizous"

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you could be famous ;)

>i wanna be famous
Dress up like a guy and shoot up a school.

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Timestamp? Fucking faggot


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i went to an ivy

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Hey Amy Schumer is all of that and she's unfortunately famous

lmfao i do what i want

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I dunno guys... That pussy looks pretty comfy to me.

I request u die and remove urself from my internet thot

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not funni

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Spread your cheeks, I want to see more from behind. Up close too

You're really bad at taking pics

you look like you stink

Write some FBI crime statistics on your ass


Hun, you ain't even gonna be casting couch famous.

front view doggy style position. lemme see those titties hang.

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why are you whoring yourself out for a bunch of anonymous retards online
do you have daddy issues or something?

Bare soles with face plz

how much for a blow job and can i pay you in coke?

Guarantee it stinks

Just write "Nightly Naughtily" somewhere on your body for proof. And a timestamp

Make it Come Zero or diet Coke she doesn't need the calories.

is this a rhetorical question

haha yeah as long as ur not gros

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Make it Coke Zero or diet Coke she doesn't need the calories.

I want to cum in your mouth after face fucking you.

write thot on your cheek

Masturbate over your panties and then suck on them

Write worthless slam pig on your fat ass

Actually never mind, just stop being a coomer

Give me a view like this

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Joy Division tee.
>yeah, she stinks.

I think you're really sexy and look like a lot of fun.

Do you smoke weed/vape? Pic with vape/weed?

hmmn i don’t really wanna write on my cheek. unless you meant ass

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and like this

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Smells like clove cigarettes and yeast.

Want to be famous but wont stick things up her asshole for internet strangers? Okay she bear

Show your asshole

i love clove cigarettes but i smell like coom. where do you even get them anymore

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I dont think thats you. Write the date on paper.

>not funni
Not trying to be funny whore. You come to Cred Forums you get brutal honesty. The truth is that shooting up a school or an already famous person is the only way you're EVER going to be famous.

>Sucks at taking pictures
>Wont show asshole
>Won't spread ass
>Won't do any penetration

Yeah fuck this.


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thanks, you should give my a read

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>Ain't nobody clicking that shit.
I did, you fckn coward.

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You need to do better than that
Spread your ass back, turn that light off and have a light on in the foreground

yeah bby show me those saggy fuckin' pancakes.

Oh shit a meth pipe, wasn't expecting that LOL.

It's ok, you're still sexy

For some strange reason, I want to see this.

Lmao she has a fucking patreon

What are you 12? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit of no bush on your pussy. Your titties saggy as hell.

Can we see spread pussy plz?


I think she fucked off lol

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I'd probably fuck your ass if I was drunk enough and you were easy enough.

Then fucking share you dumbass.

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I'm not sharing with cowards, dumbass.

Do you have like a friend with smaller tits? You're cute and everything, don't get me wrong. But I like small tits.

Pls stop

so y’all should really read my and tell me if i sound like a huge bitch. i’m not looking for selling nudies sm anymore as you’ll see. it also links you to the rest of my (private) socials. love y’a xxx

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timestamp or gtfo