Devil went down to Georgia and he was looking for some dubs to steal!

Devil went down to Georgia and he was looking for some dubs to steal!

Dubs=your soul is Satan's
69=you become wealthy in vagina.
666=you beat the devil and hell and all his gold are yours!

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Safe here!

Steal my soul lmao

Next time

Rollerino! Boooom, check'em!!!

Not today

I'm the Canadian devil, friend.

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You stay your ass up north fake Hell!

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I dun told you once you son of a bitch, I'm the best there's ever been!

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You'll roll again if you don't suck dick

Point of order, if I roll 666, do I beat the devil and hell, or are hell and all the devil's gold mine?

Hell and all the power belongs to you

Hello may I please have 69 at the end of my post

No you suck



Your fucking soul is mine nigger jew!

What if I already sold my soul to my cousin in exchange for not beating me up?

The devil is a yankee

I'll send your paw paw back to earth to kill your whole family

>paw paw
Pardon me?

Grandfather, goddamn it I don't even want your ass now

I've posted in dumber threads.

Well that was easy.

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We don't want any more fags ok

Talk about devil’s dice!


you dont own me, niggy

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Hello I’m doing another one this time please give me s the right numbers

You can't steal my Dubs

Why does he have rings on his nose fucking hipster

It was my senior pic back in the 90's