Could someone please explain how Trump being entirely acquitted and cleared of impeachment charges was worth the...

Could someone please explain how Trump being entirely acquitted and cleared of impeachment charges was worth the trouble of all this for the Democrats.

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>the year: 2024

>Could someone please explain how Sanders being entirely acquitted and cleared of all impeachment charges was worth the trouble of all this for the Republicans.

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He was impeached because he did things worthy of impeachment.
The Republicans are absolute lying scum so nothing happened .
Maybe you're not old enough to remember, but Republicans made a much much bigger deal over Bill Clinton getting a blow job

I assure you they have better things to do. As you well see.

>Impeaching a corps
4 more years

General cluelessness. Since they honestly believe that people only voted for Trump because they're stupid they thought they could be easily manipulated into believing their "evidence" and would turn on Trump

>he was not impeached

“The democrats” are a unit, they’re individuals. It was worth nancy pelosis time because she got to be on TV looking like she gives a shit about anything but herself.

it pointed out to many in the 18-36 demographic how corrupt powerlust driven the GOP is.

Is it worse than Republicans shutting down the government for months because they didn't get their way?

Or did we forget about that already?

the justice thought it might set a bad precedent to convict someone based on zero evidence and zero witnesses

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What is "perjury," Alex.

>because he did things worthy of impeachment.

just flat out incorrect and you know it. Neither impeachment article even clearly specified an actual charge, and nothing they were blathering about even rose to the level of an impeachable offense, as massively shown.
You will keep claiming this till hell freezes over, and always be as wrong as you are now.

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It's not
The Dims have realized their fractured party is slipping into a 3rd world cult, not being able to offer a viable solution for governing a giant like the USA. Squad? Bernie? Booty gag? Pocahontas?

The party of schizofrenia headed up by the mental patients in Pelosi Schumer Gnadler and Schiff

He made a fool of them and got more publicity doing it, now his victory is assured. They fucked themselves.

Gives another thing to run against in senate races. "Senator Soandso voted to acquit Trump even though he's obviously guilty, vote the bum out in November!"

All 3 impeachments were purely political. Clinton at least did something that's listed under criminal code "lying under oath" (the blowjob was only what led up to the lie) unlike the indictments for Trump. But it was a stupid reason all the same and started a very bad precedent. That's another reason to vote for Trump. Republican's found out the impeachment didn't help them at the polls after Clinton. Hopefully the democrats get stomped in both the presidential and congressional elections so the idea of using impeachment for political motivation gets buried. Otherwise we're going to have impeachment proceedings on a regular basis

It sets him up for a guilt free assassination

No Democrat was even a little bit convinced that Republicans would convict and remove him from office, or that any of this would be worth anyones time.
But when the president breaks the law you can't just let it slide and not impeach. It sets a terrible precedent and its their job to make sure he is not above the law.

It was worth it... for Trump

Highest numbers ever, Democrats in total disarray, salt production astronomical!

Wrong, he tried bribing a country at war with aid to start a fake investigation into his strongest opponent in the presidential race. Its grimey as fuck but his supporters have no morals so thats what makes it a moot point. Its the fact the US is such trash now we accept 3rd world politics.

Not Guilty


Cry more.

>too smalled brained to understand OP's actual question
>so brainwashed can only lobby talking points, can't add context
He asked WHY WAS IT WORTH IT? Fucking idiot.

He extorted an ally at war with Congressionally approved aid and instucted his cabinet to defy subpeonas.
Aka abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Make no mistake trump will be remembered as a piece of shit retard and all his supporters will fade in their support and act like it didnt happen and they werent sucking his dick. Straight white trash we know who you are

Still mad she lost?

So many people still buying tickets to the dog and pony show.

he wasn't cleared, he just wasn't removed
he's still impeached, and many Republicans admitted they believed he did what he was accused of
as for your gay ass question, non-affiliated/independent voters care about this shit and will not continue to vote for Donald Trump at the same level as before

After this and the Muller debacle he has more ammo then ever to claim that there's a Deep State conspiracy against him.
this is probably the only good answer. That it wasn't about obtaining a conviction, it was about going through the theater of pretending that there are still repercussions for transgressive behavior by the president.
Thin end of the wedge style.

kill yourself

This is the republican mantra do whatever makes smarter more successful liberals cry because im barely making it white trash and i deserve better. Im still gonna make 200k this year and have an amazing life. Your still going to be poor white trash voting against yourself hahaha. THe economic crash is coming look at the car market, tanking hard. Get ready for the bread lines.

>drumpf government BAD we have to SHUT IT DOWN
>bad drumpf man shut down government IMPEACH HIM NOW

Seen the polls lately? Apparently they will. Trump is polling higher than Obama.

nobody forced Donald Trump and his crew of mongoloids to lie about meetings with Russia, especially if they were no big deal

if you just think about these issues from a basic standpoint it's easy to see Donald Trump is a corrupt fuckboi that should be removed from office for the good of the nation

it's pretty simple for most people

Not wanting your government to act like a 3rd world shit hole in Africa is bad now hahaha fucking republicans.

Like the Democrats are any better? Politics is the business of power at all costs, not of being excellent people and the sooner you partisan identitarians figure that out the better. They all look out for their own interests as every political unit has done since the concept emerged. None of them care about you and the ones who do will never win because the native of politics demands selfish ideals and ruthlessness.

>broke the law
Pick the second, libby.

you gotta be honestly retarded to believe this
Obama polled at 59% approval at one point, Trump has never cracked 50%

like I am not trolling, you have to be totally stupid to believe what you believe

Yes they are better, republicans could only roAST Obama for wearing tan suits you fucking mongoloid.

That's funny, I thought he was acquitted.

>Its the fact the US is such trash now we accept 3rd world politics.
It could be worse, we could accept their people as well.

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The delusion is real.

Hey man, I hate to break it to you but they are all scum. No matter what label they chose to put on themselves. Left or right. They are all scum.

You DO realize that fucktards like you, with your mindless rantings, are going to get him reelected, don't you? Of course you don't.

Im smarter than you and make more than you. No need to air out your insecurities.

trump 2020

we have white niggers, they have the same intelligence and work ethic they're just fat pasty and white and think thats enough to live like a king

Why are you talking about that - this is a thread about what was the political capital gained by the Democrats, which sseems to be zero.
It's not about the actual case or allegations themselves. Why do you think I even want to discuss this - I'm with OP - I want to understand from a purley political point of view what benefit is this to the democrats.

>instructed cabinet defy
No, he claimed Executive Privilege and asked the Courts to rule. The Dems were scared that the Courts might rule in his favor, which would eliminate the Obstruction Article, so they rushed the Impeachment.
Then they sat on the Articles until the final edit of Bolton's book was ready to be "leaked."

I don't care what you think of Trump, the Dems fucked up the entire thing. And with the Iowa meltdown they managed to make themselves look like a bunch of impotent imbeciles.

Orange man bad! That's IMPEACHABLE!

2024 he'll be dead he's almost 90

In law the isn't a mechanism for half guilt. Either guilty or innocent. He was not proven guilty and is therefore in the eyes of the law, if nothing else, innocent.

Still mad she lost?

Lol im a microwave engineer its the most rigorous subject in electrical engineering so unless your a fucking nuclear engineer your probably not


could somebody please explain why the republican party has tolerated 4 years of this retard? they shouldnt of even nominated him,especially after he disrespected the bush family.i guess were suppose to be ok with republicans being a bunch of liberal retards now

Don't bother arguing with the Russian bots boys
its not worth it
fortunately most of the people here are too young to vote or to lazy
obviously they don't pay attention to reality only con artist lies

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And she STILL lost.

The dems would rather lose with someone they chose than win with bernie

You've missed the point entirely. Both sides are fucking evil.

>same intelligence and work ethic they're just fat pasty and white and think thats enough to live like a king
At least they're not living in the past...

(And reparations while you're at)

No I hated Hilary I jut wish the repubs would stop electing back to back worst presidents in history, its your guys thing lol dumb white niggers

Because he was going to win. It was obvious back in 2016 that Bernie and Trump were the best chances of winning.
In politics, you always want to be on the winning side. More influence.
There's no more nuance to it than that. It's about being on the winning team.

You misspelled lying under oath

Forget memes, libtards can't even math.

reeee we won you mad reee trump trump trump lol fucking retards. You guys literally love the same guy as our number one enemy Russia, isnt that enough to tell you your a fucking retard?

Good thing you're not a grammar teacher.

>shouldnt of
This is why she lost.

4 more years! Let's watch it burn!

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Acquited or not, he will still forever be known at the third president to be impeached

Still your president, libtard.

Good thing or else id be a poor fuck who spells gudd

It got most of the GOP on record for licking Trump's asshole while he blocked key witnesses from testifying. History books will call this what it was - a cover-up.

And history books will list trump as an impeached POTUS.

No one took so much as a swing at Obama, y'all lost the nerve to try

Stay mad.

And guess how relevant that is? Not very, considering he's going to win again.

Ehhh who cares? Most people don't even know who the first to be impeached was, I don't think that's going to be of historical significance. Especially considering how unprecedented Trump's presidency has been irrespective of where your opinion of him stands.


And the question is, what does that matter? There has been no measurable change in your favor but you're acting like you scored a major victory.

Russian Troll Faggots

No, he was acquitted of those allegations

Seethe, libtard.

I voted for trump dumbass.

The russians are coming!!!!

>History books will call this what it was - a cover-up.
History will also say that Obama presided over a era of mass unwokedness despite himself being a non-white man. That he was a remorseless murderer of brown people outside of the American Empire.
And that at the time the Empire's laws were made by a council of seven elders who were sage learners of the ancient laws and whose judgement held supreme over the land.
Who gives a fuck what the historical revisionism of some imagined future will be?
Chances are your morality will conflict with it anyway.

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That might be why she lost, libtard.

Clinton was impeached retard, just not removed.

God I wish that were me.

This is exactly it. Make the downtrodden and uneducated believe they're better than other groups(Mexicans) to get them on your side while simultaneously and systematically keeping them down in the same way as said group while improving things for the rich. They've been doing it since Reagan and it's a tried and true formula.

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HiStOrY bOoKs

Sure libtard.

Who's expecting delays on every vote where Biden doesn't win?

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I agree with this message.

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Theyve got presidents quoted saying it

As President Lyndon B. Johnson said in the 1960s to a young Bill Moyers: “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

Dumb fucking republicans

>I assure you they have better things to do
Wait the dems or reps? The fact I have to ask this speaks volumes.

>bribing a country at war with aid to start a fake investigation into his strongest opponent in the presidential race
Except Trump and Zelensky were talking about investigating Burisma as early as Feb 2019, two months before Biden announced his candidacy.

Still beat your braindead candidate, libtard.

>imagine being cucked by people you feel superior to

As a Republican voter, I fucking loved this.

As a Government employee, I fucking loved it even more.

I assure you all of the Democrat Government employees loved it as well (except for the ones with zero savings, but whose fault is that?)

If they ever had a shutdown where they didn't pay us back for the free vacation, that might change, but all politicians are ball-less on that one.

Another free paid vacation? YES PLEASE!

convince blacks that their iq is 100 and not 85 and you can put them in all kinds of social roles where they fail for decades

LOL ok he did it because hes a bitter fuck still a 3rd world shit hole thing to do .

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Too bad being a shitbag isn’t an impeachable offense. Case closed. Trump 2020 faggot

.000001% of democrats yes very representative

He broke the law guys. The law.
> libs are giving illegals driver licenses
> Doing away with 2a
> labeling speech they oppose as hate speech
> Banning conservatives from social media
> on and on and on

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who fucking knows user?

>broke the law
Actually he didn’t even do that

It makes the US look like clue less trash pushing our allies together away from us, the world isnt 1960 anymore the US could lose its position very easily being a dumb cunt fuck .

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Wow. You really got him there. You were totally able to prove him wrong with your introspective argument.

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Sarcasm b/r/o

Please don’t ask liberals to perform mental gymnastics, it’s exhausting to read and they’re just going to call anyone who points out an inaccuracy a Nazi

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That's how you've been seen around the world since Bush the second ascended to the throne

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>look clueless
How the actual fuck is burning out the corruption left behind by the previous admin gonna make us look clueless?

Am stupid. My b m8

If you didn't want to be called a Nazi, you shouldn't have voted for literally Hitler, drumpftard.

>Could someone please explain how Trump being entirely acquitted and cleared of impeachment charges was worth the trouble of all this for the Democrats.

Because even though Republicunts just proved how low they've scrapped, it still shows that Dems are not gonna put up with bullshit and it also keeps trump in line. Perhaps not exactly on track, but still, in line.

Iowa caucus called. Biden is nowhere close to being the strongest opponent.

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>I clearly haven’t paid attention to a single second of any of this

No it's Russian Troll in [current year]. They still haven't received NPC update 2020.2.

It is causing a lot of internal damage as long dormant logic centers attempt to engage.

The salt market is CRASHING.

>t. Seething beaner
Hispanics are only good for food, if you put one Hispanic on a job, they work their ass off, two? And they will spend an entire eight hour shift talking in Spanish about their thirteen anchor babies and accuse you of being racist for telling them to do their job

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>how corrupt powerlust driven the GOP is
Yeah, those rigged primaries really screwed Bernie. Oh wait, that was the dems

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It shows how corrupt and party first the republicans really are. This whole trial was a big win for democrats and it shows just how pathetic conservatives have become.
Just as the election of 2016 fully displayed how morally bankrupt evangelicals are.

I can tell by the way you type that you have at least a quart of dog jizz up your ass

Uh gonna need another recount. 3 years of planning went into this perfection, so trust us!

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Both parties do that every time they're in power. Sgutdowns happened under Obama, under Bush, under Clinton, ect

>look at the repubs and their noncriminal president HAHA DRUMPF IS FINISHED xD

their hormones are all retarded. no difference between males and females. end this plague.

>The year: 2032
>Could someone please explain how Trump 2 being entirely acquitted and cleared of all impeachment charges was worth the trouble of all this for the Democrats.

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Drink that koolaid

So he just "won" the Iowa Democrat primary?

the 14 year old maga-faggots here are too dumb to realize this

>watching polls
>watching fox, cnn etc.
I sure hope you are not this fucking this ignorant to believe this is real. I’m not going to go into details but please do not lower yourself to thinking this really what’s going on

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Weird, its almost like looking down on everyone despite having no measurable accomplishments has started costing you elections. Who'd have thought?

>This whole trial was a big win for democrats

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kek, you mean the government spent more money than was in their budget, so the Democrats threw a fit demanding they be given even more money to throw away?

Our allies may take the high road, sure, but in the end they are still too dependent on us for aid, military, etc.
>Ugh, I am too good to be working this street corner
>My pimp is a scumbag, but I am afraid some other pimp will kill me

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Well you libs seem to know your way around jizz so I suppose you must be right.

As an independent voter I think you're full of shit. People vote with their finances in mind, and the economy has been great under Trump. Argue that its Obamas economy all day long. The average voter is too tired of all the times dems have cried wolf to care about listening anymore.

You're right, given 2016 we have to assume his actual numbers are much higher.

Yes the high road we designed, built, paid for, maintain and protect.

Hillary Clinton acquitted multiple times
Republicans openly commit a coverup for DJT

Right wingers are partisan idiots. They think Trump getting away with murder is good for them because he "their guy" lol it's painful to watch them stupidly wiggle their bottoms in the air for the wealthy to keep anally blasting them.

Please don't bring sanity into this shitshow.

I find it comical that a dude who doesn't know the difference between your and you're claims to make over 200k calling others poor white trash.

You are so mad she lost.

It actually hurt them. I deal with seniors (baby boomers) everyday. Most were appalled by Pelosi's behavior during the the SOTU. They mentioned disrespect for the president, asked why have they wasted all this money. I had 4-5 people ask me if she was drunk. I live in a dem state they lost votes.

You do realize this happened months before Biden announced, right? You're an idiot.

Besides, I'd love to see a Biden/Trump race. Two senile pieces of shit just gaffing constantly

He meant 200k a year in Zimbabwe Dollars.

Doing good kid!

You wouldn't understand. You're too stupid.

Republicans have championed protecting Americans civil liberties, the constitution, and trying to improve Americans lives.

Democratic party just needed a side show to show their base of supporters they are committed to trashing the constitution, and trying to allow persecution and violating civil rights of ethnicity and demographics that disagree with them.
What's strange is that no witnesses were called about any of this, in America there is a civil right to face your accusers. If these types will cause a witch hunt relentlessly slandering the president of all people you can be sure they'll do it to anyone, perhaps especially anyone that is more vulnerable. Whom on planet Earth isn't more vulnerable than the American president?

>implying democrats care about the legal process

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I'll still take Trump over any democrat. When any independent or democrat puts America first, upholds the constitution and doesn't support the murder of innocent babies I'll consider them

Hit the nail on the head.

>haha you conservatards dont get it we lost on purpose xD
This is what libtards actually believe.

It’s a fucking shame user that we cannot depend on the people that are supposed to be reporting our national news are telling the truth.

Cool. You make 200k.
But you're a stupid piece of shit person with a miserable life. You can claim your life is amazing all you want, but you're propped up by delusions and negativity. You're miserable and your life is shit. In your dying moments you will be overcome with grief, sorrow and regret and there's nothing you'll be able to do about it.

Enjoy 'trigging the libs' you absolute retard, while you live in a 3rd world country that claims it is #1.

Meanwhile I am much poorer than you, but live in an actual 1st world country so technically I am wealthier. I guarantee you my quality of life is far beyond yours, because you are American and that is the reality of the world you've made for yourselves.

Question for lefties.

Why didnt they impeach him for
>violating the emoluments clause
>war crimes

Why? Why so you keep repeating preapproved talking points? Why do you refuse to dig deeper? Why do you believe corruption started jan 2017...?

I'm not a liberal. I'm not even American.
Good job on proving my point that you're too stupid to understand though. 'Losing on purpose' is not even close to having an idea. If you really don't understand, I'm sorry but you're just an idiot. It's not a secret. They told you why. Your dems told you why they were doing this despite knowing it wouldn't work. They told you why before doing it, while doing it and now after having done it.

Use your brain for once in your life, idiot.

tl;dr left cant meme

The Democrats don't realize the fundamental truth, that the USA is getting too big to be run with the current system. There is only 2 ways it can be run in the future:

1) Socialism/Communism, like the Chinese way. Unfortunately, Americans are not compliant like your average chink, so this model will never work.

2) Libertarianism - which is the way Trump is taking us - less regulation, less government interference in our daily lives - people getting back to relying on local governments and individuals to control their destiny.

These two principals are in direct confrontation with each other. What you are witnessing is a mega battle between differing philosophies, and currently (currently) the Dems are losing.

The economy is in the shitter. Just because gov makes up numbers to report and boast about doesn't mean its true. The populace knows the real happenings. debts are high, pay is low, suicides are up, rich get richer, poor getting poorer, but oh hey the economy is doing great. LOL

They're stupid and get off on being humiliated. That's how.

Curious what country do you live in?


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That makes no sense. If the US is getting too big to run with the current system, then why are the alternatives heavier government control or lighter government control? Are we supposed to be somewhere in an impossible middle?

Also, I don't see how Trump can blew up the budget by over $5 trillion in his first term, and you think he's somehow libertarian.

Imagine for a moment that you're a divorced dad with kids who you only get partial custody of, maybe one weekend a month or something.
Your oldest kid keeps blantently breaking rules but your ex obviously doesn't give a shit, she actually likes it because she knows that it pisses you off. So do you attempt to discipline the kid when you know that the punishment won't really stick anyway, or just throw up your hands and sit back while the kid keeps setting horrible examples for his younger siblings?

That's the position that the democrats believe they are in. There was basically zero belief that Republicans would ever vote to convict and remove him from office for anything, Mitch McConnell made that perfectly clear before the the senate had even taken up the issue. There were also many democrats that earnestly argued against it fearing that a failed impeachment attempt would only make him stronger. The bottom line from my perspective is that his behavior has set a dangerous precedent for the country's future leaders. So even though impeachment may end up helping trump, we still believe that we did the right thing even if it puts us at a political disadvantage.

So the liberal-controlled media is promoting fake
news to support Trump?

Here, I got this for you. Sounds like you need it.

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He's not guilty faggot

I hear that tastes as good as tide pods

Stay mad, libtard.

Well, if you want the real answer--he's going to commit more offenses now that he knows the Senate won't hold him accountable for anything. They've given him carte blanche to fuck up, and he will because he's a senile idiot, and that's ammo for their campaign against him.

Literally impeached dumbass

The largest news station by viewer count is Fox, which is the opposite of ''liberal'' however you define it. So, you're just wrong.

Sure libtard.

Oh my god, they've IMPEACHED HIM. How will we recover?

History is written by the winners. Guess what you aren't.

This site is 18+, kid. Go take a look at market trends over the past 6 years. I mean, if you're capable of reading a graph.

Heh. Seems like just yesterday she lost, doesn't it, brother?


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off by 99.999999%.

>Trump acquitted
>State of the Union speech made Nancy furious
>Rush gets Medal of Freedom
>Democrats can't handle Iowa voting mechanics

Such a 24 hour period as man has never known since VJ day.

>more offenses
You have to commit an initial something to have more of something

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Attached: 1579332431040.jpg (1598x869, 542K)

This picture is nauseating

Stay mad, kid.

This. The entire thing was a farce from the start, and there NEVER was enough evidence to convict him of anything.

It's crazy. Cred Forums used to be the most anti-PC site on Earth. Now it's just full of retarded leftist snowflakes.

... for you.

>What is "perjury," Alex.
It's what Trump avoided by not testifying.
It's also what Sondland did before recanting his initial "Orange man dindu nuffin" testimony.

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Not him however if you want some insight it's pretty simple. The democratic party is against most every libertarian tenant. Libertarian tenets are just typical classical liberalism, conservation of individual rights and liberties. As for the tighter or lighter government control he's likely referring more toward how in America there has always been a state vs federal level of rules, America is more like 50 individual countries where each state is it's own, but they're all allied the same and have together as one and convene to oversee equal rules overall at the federal level. This has had faults in the past under the Articles of Confederacy and was replaced with the Constitution of the United States. Now the constitution only ever gets added to, except for by the Democratic party whom wants to remove parts. If you had any liberal preferences anyone in their right mind would take this as a very big warning signal by these types whether they mean it intentionally or unintentionally because removing those rights is not a good intention toward anyone protected with those rights.
So again about the articles and constitution this sort of thing always comes down to state vs federal level control and it's traditionally the states which tend to do the most and the federal balances it out to ensure the policy works.
Very simple stuff.

>One news station.
>Zero significant news papers.
>Is proof the media isn't dominated by liberals
you're not just wrong, your oblivious

AHAHAHAHAH impeachment was “more than assured” only 2 months ago.

Why do Democrats lie?

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>Neither impeachment article even clearly specified an actual charge.
Also, witness tampering.

More importantly, he violated Constitutional limits on presidential power, literally unraveling the architecture of our government.
He should have wound up at the end of a noose.

>Now it's just full of retarded leftist snowflakes.
To be fair, it's also full of retarded rightist snowflakes.

Though it's about a 2:1 ratio.

>hanging an innocent man
So much for the tolerant left.

>America is more like 50 individual countries where each state is it's own,
In no way is this true.

Shut up, libtard.

Right wing folk weren’t the ones with cry-ins and therapy dogs when their opposition got elected

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Attached: 1574733770582.jpg (568x426, 96K)

That's not the argument, because I never said the Democrats were pro-small government. I just pointed out that neither are the Republicans. Neither party comes anywhere close to libertarian ideals.

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Isn't that the truth! No one was happy when obummer got elected we just dealt with it

It's intolerant to tolerate the intolerant and everyone but me is intolerant, so I need to hang them all in my tolerance.

They did burn effigies of Obama and shit tbh but that's nothing compared to TDS.

They wanted to guarantee his reelection so they have 4 more years to find a worthwhile electable candidate

>insult both sides
>get called a libtard
kek, I should keep count of how many times I'm called a trumptard and a libtard, see if they balance out.

Russia isnt our no1 enemy anymore grandpa, they're a distant second to China. Russia can barely deploy beyond it's immediate borders into adjacent nations, whereas China feasibly threatens major global trade arteries.

I dont recall that lol. Just the usual screeching of christian conservatives about how the world is going to end

piss off, trumplib.

They must have gotten zero coverage, because I don't remember a single news story. They didn't start popping up as memes until after Trump was elected.

Shhh. You'll attract the libtard bot's attention.

i bet you watch fox/cnn

Checked, but nope. I'm just a random internet asshole who's too cheap to pay 100+ bucks a month for cable/satellite.

>>hanging an innocent man
Most Senator/Jurors believe he was guilty.

Attached: 5CYxmBh.jpg (533x496, 58K)

>Could someone please explain how Trump being entirely acquitted and cleared of impeachment charges was worth the trouble of all this for the Democrats.

democrats believed a he said she said and hearsey was gonna fly in court. no actual proof was given.

Depends on which libertarian section you mean, if you mean anything less then Minarchists then you'd be correct, but you also wouldn't be a libertarian, you'd be an anarchist that uses libertarian philosophy as an excuse to violate other peoples rights.

ask the Republicans why they impeached Bill Clinton; they'll give the same answer:

4 teh lulz

52 > 48
But yeah, I know math is hard, since common core was implemented.

That moment when your heart breaks

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Congrats...? Too bad for you that mob rule doesnt automatically make a man guilty just like it didn't win her the election. If you want that shit, gtfo to some other country.

China threatens the whole world with the virus. fuck china, they aint shit now.

plenty was given, GOP likes trumps small pencil dick far to much to give it up early

Attached: 1408816180788.gif (245x180, 967K)

Bitter old lady mad now.

Attached: 1CC17ECC-19CA-4004-805E-379A48B78109.jpg (640x361, 79K)

You think the current government is the libertarian ideal, and any reduction of the massive constant grow in spending pushed by both parties would be the minarchist position?


>"p-plenty was given DRUMPFTARD are you BLIND ;_;"
>couldnt even list ONE

twas a joke, internet randie. people sperging accuse other people of watching either CNN or Fox, not both at once.

>52 > 48
Several GOP Senators said they were certain he was guilty, but voted "not guilty" anyway.

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she looks more constipated than mad
impacted bowel?

Depends on who has Congress and senate.
The dems set the precedence that "We dont like him!" backed up with hear-say is grounds for impeachment. So if the republicans have enough seats they will just impeach any democrat in their way till they get a republican in.

> Implying Bernie is as dumb as Trump and would fucking go mob boss on a country to win an election

Confirmed Trump sucking faggot

He was completely guilty of what he was accused of: being orange man. Fortunately, being orange man is not a crime.

...and that's in a sham trial with no witnesses or evidence.
If any of the GOP Senators thought Trump wasn't guilty, why didn't they hold a real trial?
Nah, partisan coverup, all Republicans must hang (except Romney, the only one with a conscience).

Attached: 26.jpg (605x978, 208K)

>"le drumpf is dumbf xD"
>still beat your candidate

Wait until Nancy Pelosi's Orange Man Bad bill is out of committee

Actually, “fake anger”. It’s all part of the game the ultra rich play for the sheeple. “See how angry I am everybody?” I hate it all.

You might want to compare our military to, oh, the next 15 biggest combined

They even had a "smoking Howitzer" on trump.

>what he was accused of: being orange man.
Daily reminder: He wasn't impeached for violating the emoluments clause, the ten counts of obstruction from the Mueller report, the "shocking pattern of criminal behavior" relating to his "charity", or any of the other countless crimes he's committed since taking office.
But keep telling yourself it was all a partisan hit job.

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I wouldn't call 3 years of crying being 'in line'

Technology and population growth has altered humanity significantly about what could be considered the minimum level of governance. Also Rome wasn't built in a day. Anyway there is a reason you don't see me calling myself a libertarian here, I stopped doing that years ago after a failure of a minimal level of governance to work in some cases. I consider myself an authoritarian now.

Seethe, libtard.

Never was mad she lost. I'm mad that blithering idiot made it so far as the ballot, let alone the fact that people thought that anybody on the ballot was worse than him. I'd rather any one of the idiots tricked into thinking he was a valid choice be president than him.

And if you're someone well informed and still think that this is okay, above board, and proper conduct for someone who leads our nation, before OR after he was president, than you're not one of those fooled. You're a nazi, and your opinion deserves to be buried in the pages of a text book, not put on display at the highest level.

>Seethe, libtard.

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Technology imposes no real additional burden on the size of government. Population does a bit, but the vast majority of government is waste and social engineering, very little is necessary. The only failure has been in reigning it in.

Dont worry user. The dems are already working on impeachment 2.0. They have until november to get their shit together before loosing congress.

They should have listined to Nancy and held the impeachment trial off for a few more months then they could drag him through the mud alot closer to the election.

But they were desprate to get bernie sanders off the trail to hurt his numbers as much as they could and the overplayed their hands.

And to top it off they did not learn anything form 2016 and are still going to fuck bernie over from the nomination thus shooting themselves in the foot as the bernouts will now just stay home on election night or even go vote trump to spite the DNC.

Only fucking correct take there is

>simps actually thinking their party stands for anything other than gaining power

the actual state of the internet

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You are so mad she lost.

Demonstrates exactly how corrupt the Republitards are ...they have literally spelled it out - our guy is guilty and we will do what ever it takes to cover it up.

Results will be lead votes for trump, who only won by the narrowest of margins .
But hey, ignore reality - it’s what conservacucks do best

By that logic Clinton and Johnson should have too. Maybe, just maybe, career politicians know more about law than you do

Emperors New clothes.
Isn’t the fabric delightful?

Retake civics bud

If the rule of law is to have any meaning, law abiding prosecuting parties must bring charges against offenders. The system is broken, so Bill Clinton got away with perjury, and Trump got away with obstructing justice which even the Republicans admit he has done, but ultimately, from a historical perspective this may play out to their benefit. Democrats get to spend the next few elections saying "the worst thing we ever did was get head and lie about it. At least were not traitors."

Plus conservatives like to claim to be the party of law and order and high morals. This shows they are full of shit.


>by that logic
Implying American politics is in any way related to “logic” and isn’t simply a mass emotional appeal to the lowest common denominator

While the person you were responding too is obviously spouting unfounded conspiratorial nonsense, it is worth pointing out that its the exact same kind of bs that Trump accused the Obama administration of during the 2016 campaign, I'm guessing you've forgotten that Trump quote about how the real unemployment rate was 42% during the 2016 campaign.

Anyway I can read a graph, even one further back than 6 years, and what they consistently show is that the economy is pretty much growing at the same rate it has been for most of the last decade, ditto for the falling unemployment numbers. This year's GDP was only 2.1 percent, which is a far cry from the "4, 5, and maybe even 6%" that trump was promising back in 2017. It must be really embarrassing for the genius billionaire and his supporters to have already used up all of their economic arrows slashing taxes on the rich and gutting environmental policies, and still end up with the same basic numbers as the community organizer.

Attached: nigger.jpg (1105x1542, 175K)

>trump literally not found guilty
>"haha conservies ignore realty xD"
Get help.

its funny how trumptards are as poor and stupid today as the day they clapped and cheered when donald trump got does it feel rednecks

Stay mad, libby.

>More importantly, he violated Constitutional limits on presidential power, literally unraveling the architecture of our government.
>By that logic Clinton and Johnson should have too.
Clinton committed witness tampering, but didn't steal power from either co-equal branch.
What he did was wrong, but didn't violate the three-branch checks and balances system.
He was also trying to not get called out for cheating on his wife, while Trump was trying to cheat at an election.

See also:

Attached: explaining.jpg (1920x1080, 138K)

Trump literally, personally sent me a check for like $20, libtard. Who's stupid now?

>system is corrupt
>system clears itself of any and all corruption
>must mean the system isn’t corrupt - because they said they weren’t corrupt

Faggot, every 30 years, there are papers released that show that 30 years ago , the government was breaking the law while lying about it .

You think now is any different ?

My dear sweet summer child. Never grow up ...retain your innocence

Still mad she lost?

says the trump supporter who has been mad for the past 4 years.americans are tired of trumptards,you lost house majority for a reason redneck

>calls me a libtard

>even though he collects welfare from the goverment instead of working for a living

the stupid ones are people like you,have fun with your president who has a 4th graders vocabulary


>Highest numbers eve
Still under 50% approval rating.

Sure libby.

Do you believe that people who break the law should be held accountable? Cause that isn't a liberal concept. lol.

Stay mad

>4, 5, and maybe even 6%" that trump was promising
Who cares what Trump was promising? Voter makes more money under president x, voter is more likely to vote for president x again. Affiliation or party in power doesn't really matter

>calls me stupid
>works for a living when he could get paid for doing nothing
Hahaha. Have fun with your TDS, libkid.

And let's not forget, the current economy is being propped up by deficit levels steadily rising during Trump's administration.

>Technology imposes no real additional burden on the size of government.
Yes it does. If a person attacks another person let's say Bob and Fred, Fred sucker punches Bob. Say Bob has a knife or gun, they end up with a dead Fred. If Bob doesn't kill Fred, Fred should be charged with attacking Bob as if he had Bobs gun or knife. Bob would legally be held liable above Fred for an unprovoked attack for being able to wield more potential force than Fred if Fred were killed. That's just a small part of it. Besides what you're saying is we shouldn't have rules about a truck any different than a bicycle, that's just non sense. I really don't think I've given up on libertarian but the anarchist flavor of "rules are bad because I don't like rules" is just immature and foolish. I'd really much rather just be considered an authoritarian if I believe in a minimum amount of rules but the enforcement of them is more important than having a bunch of rules that don't get followed.

Breaking the law is bad but there's literally no law against being orange. Show me the law if I'm wrong. You can't.

>rich get richer, poor getting poorer
The "wealth inequality" you guys are so buttblasted over is the result of high taxation, inflation (the invisible tax), excessive regulation, government manipulation of the money supply (yes, money printing) and a bloated welfare state making it unattractive for companies to manufacture products in the United States.

At the same time, the companies that DO manage to do well here are mostly tech companies which generate huge profits with low overhead, which means that the people at the top and the handful of engineers and programmers they employ get incredibly rich, without creating any additional jobs for unskilled/low skilled workers. In addition, the cost of living in the cities where these companies are located skyrockets, without an additional increase in average income.

Meanwhile, the same people who brought you the high taxes and excessive government regulation that killed off most of middle America are simultaneously opening borders to allow hordes of immigrants to swarm in and scoop up the handful of low-skill jobs that ARE available, which not only makes these jobs more competitive, but also ensures that wages remain low.

Why do you think Apple and Facebook and Amazon and all these faggot Silicon Valley companies support the Democrats so much? Because they actually give a shit about black people and tranny bathroom rights?

Attached: doller.jpg (1764x875, 334K)

No, I’m saying the unconvincing liar and obvious conman “Donald J Trump” is obviously lying and unconvincingly conning America .

You’re taking the governments word that “Government dindu nuffin”

How low the Republitards have fallen - now literal cheerleaders for big government

stay mad libcuck

cope, dial ate, seethe, my republitarded friend

Attached: 1462753317090.jpg (900x952, 271K)

Wait, I thought bread lines were exactly what the Bernie bros were trying to make happen. You haven't given up on the dream, have you comrade?

Wait 30 years - then repost this

since the majority of americans wanted it gone, it put the highlight on all the shit GOP senators who fuck them over. it was a move to secure a blue congress.

Stay mad, libby.

Plus, you know.... the stock market isn't the fucking economy. As it stands, farmer bankruptcies are through the roof, it doesn't fucking matter Apples stock is breaking records.

Stay deluded Drumfite

Probably gonna be dead within 30 years, fam, but I'll make a note just to own your libtard ass.