Rekt thread

Rekt thread

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god that guy looks so depressed. Hes not even angry, hes just is tired of the bullshit already.

I wish we could segregate again. Liberals are doing it only in colleges though.. muh safe spaces from evil whitey

Dumb fucks all. The gun is jammed the whole time.

Someone post the one with the pitbull eating the dudes genitals that one has me scarred for life

piece of shit

pack dogs

Handed it over while he was jammed haha

dead thread, no one gives a fuck about dead niggers.

This thread is shit! I'm going to save it

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isnt that the incel stalker/murderer??

but he actually dindu no thing

a fuck whats his name

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What stupid fuck robs a sandwich shop lol how much cash do you think youll ge

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Ahh gotta love watching another useless nigger die.

Around blacks....

The world would be a better place if all niggers died

fuck niggers

That's really sad actually

It's a good thing crabs don't feel pain

Nigga just wants to be free

fucking monkeys

There's something very satisfying seeing someone die because of their hubris

What I got from all of this is that niggers can't fight for shit lmaoo either sucker punch or a jump

This was the exact moment he knew he was fucked

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Did this nigger ever get caught?

that poor printer never saw it coming.

Which one was this?

How unfortunate

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yea, be nice and gentle setting it down in a dumpster to die, smfh

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Not necessarily.
It would probably trigger world war 3 with major powers fighting over African land.

It's so eerie how he just sits there in the exact same position like that.
The dude clearly has something very fucked in his head.

Stephen McDaniel

iirc this one wasn't America, which is why you don't know about it.

iirc this nigger went to prison for it even though hes a minor

niggas gots to learns to keep yo pance tite sun its like your turn off your super power of running away while you robbin shit niggaz please

you want to to steal the change too nigga? HAHAHAHAHAHA

That cashier looks like he has a 'another-day-at-the-office' vibe

This was in Mexico. Only the teacher and the shooter died.

niggas cant fight they pussy sneak attack all day long little black bitches

black price :-D

run nigga he got the corona virus!

I don't usually do laptop in coffee shop, but I'm going to keep mine locked to something while I'm there from now on.

Saw the whole interview, pretty crazy.
His jewfro.

more pussy nigger sneak attacks

What about the first one he shoots in front of him. Shoot to the head.

i was gonna say reverse the video but it was reversed lol

fucking evil demons


What a tragic misfortune

Looks like he turned her off with a push of a button.

He is still because he can actually fit properly in a regular size chair, unlike these obese guys

Why do black people see violence and theft as a justifiable means to solve their problems and end arguments?

Then when the victim (especially a white one) finally fights back, they turn it around and play the race and victim cards

It's played in reverse. Don't worry the baby's safe

SJWs validate them.

Homie how gay you gotta be to paint to nails goddamnme

> why are niggers niggers
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder

Everyone plays the victim card when they get caught

The ends justify the means

stole 32.07
was it worth it for the prison time?

you know, due to IQ distribution in females (much lower variance than men) i usually expect them not to be piece of shits, but i guess this one was a 1%. on the left side of the gaussian bell.

Why did God make a nigger? When most of them aren't being used as slaves, why does God let them live and reproduce? Oh wait, they are starving on their home continent. Maybe it's because people let them into their countries and homes. I wish we could just ship all blacks back to Africa, just to see how many would actually make it across an ocean to come back to civilization.

uhm, what?

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not all, there's quite a few humans among them. look at UK blacks for instance. many of them are just normally functioning members of society.

the rule here, i believe, is "brought up in a ghetto". if, from childhood, you learn the only acceptable behaviour is to chimp out 24/7, then you won't be anything but a nigger in the future.

A smart thief is proud of his work, and would openly admit to his crime, knowing that it takes intelligence to pull off. Dumb thieves (usually a nigger, because they have lower IQ than every other race) play the victim card because it makes them look especially bad if they act like committing such petty, useless crime that only ever gets them a few dollars at most actually made a difference in their shit tier lives. They say "I needed the money, I'm po" because then stupid white people will feel sorry. Whites won't even bother with that, a white thief caught red-handed is guilty, no excuses. They wouldn't even act like they "needed the money" because they have an actual brain that tells them that they deserve to be punished for being so stupid

And what`s funny is that many African Americans hate the US and elevate African culture and their heritage and talk about how "great" Africa is, yet little to none actually move to Africa. There were even black supremacist leaders that said all AAs should exodus back to Africa, but even those leaders never did that

By not posting rekt but instead posting people just talking. Thank God you were here I have no clue what we would have done without you.

UK blacks are no different, just because they all sound like gentlemen from foggy London town with their dapper accents, doesn't mean they aren't African. Africans are not civilised, and UK immigrants, of any race, are not civilised. How can any immigrant be civilised when they cannot identify personally with the rule makers of the country they live in. Then we put blacks in power and the world goes to shit. Just look at South Africa

nig mating ritual

Fuck, even Latinos play the victim card less then blacks when they get caught. They`re even more organized and somewhat more professional.

There is a reason nobody wants to live on the continent of Africa. No infrastructure. Nobody wants to shit in the bush and have no internet.
Nobody likes skinny cows with next to no meat on their bones. Nobody likes living in a mud hut with no climate control other than mother nature herself. Mother nature will fuck you in the ass with a dildo if you aren't intelligent enough to sacrifice time and energy into harnessing the power she offers. Only a white man understands this, or a non African non white

And yet white people are stereotyped as being pedophiles...

Even the Arab-run parts prove that. (Except Lybia, of course)

Man, Latinos are hard workers, in crime and civilization. They know they have no excuse. But blacks somehow always find an excuse, maybe it's because blacks are very lazy. Many blacks don't want a better life. I feel like every Latino I met wants a better life, that may be the difference

the fucking gun was jammed kek

Exactly. Stay woke

Unfortunately the bad ones like ms-13 and other cartel scum make the good ones look bad

Kids are like sponges people

i think Cred Forums has officially stooped 1 notch lower

you're saying why?

I think the cashie knew but didnt care. At least he got an excuse to get a few days off or get off eary. Unless is a buisness that doesnt give a shit about employees

ya fucks wit im sayen bruh? im just finna rob sum ol white dud down da street he got a rollex fuh real

Hey I just came here to say nigger


Literally an ape

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Cred Forums Always provides the wisest answers for such questions.

its pretty quick, quicker than robbing a bank or a jewelry store and bet the owners don't care about 50$ in cash being stolen

>error matrix



fucking crime nigger

Why the fuck is he running like that?? Fucking stomp his fucking head to the concrete over and over until there is NOTHING LEFT

its quick, quicker than robbing a bank or a jewlery store at least. I also bet he owners down care about 50$ being stolen by some porch monkey.


This is standard at hardcore shows, which judging by how the other people were acting, I'd have to guess it was. Enjoy some of the music, cannot fucking stand the shows. Crowd killers need be thrown in a fucking meat grinder.

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I dunno. Small buisnesses (assuimg that is one) usually need every dollar. For small buisnesses $50 is quiet a bit.

Also, that also shows how little they are willing to kill. Then again, we`re talk about people who will kill you and your family (or threaten to) just for looking at them weird


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Though that video was not available...

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Some German fags talked about their fetish for cannibalism and this was the end result. One wanted to be eaten the other wanted to eat. Can't remember the names of the guys.

I think the dead dude only agreed to let his dick be eaten but the other fag wanted it all.
He ended up getting life in prison

Prepare to be grossed.

bulletsponges, yeah

Nigs are gunna nig

>gave to eat the dick to his dog...


its a mosh pit u fag

Deservedly so.

Ok and?

This is why i dont get upset when a black kid is shot by a cop.

lololol when the fat guy brings in a large soda ahahahahahahahahah

Another racially divisive motivated thread.. I've been been so embarrassed to be white before in my life. Bunch of incels.

Neanderthal culture

No u

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they gonna respek him now

Lol? I can't see this video...? what's in it? Has Cred Forums started banning people from watching certain videos all of a sudden

I didn't know Clark Kent used Grindr.



also, dubs chek'd

It is just the video where the Cannibal guy slaughter that man to eat him



Some guy work in his garage, somebody throws in a nerve gas container. Also yeah you are banned from watching certain videos

He hasn't been banned you fucking newfag. There's no sound for me either. Clearly the systems fucking up today or some shit.

Damn, Corona virus is really advancing and mutating fast

i dont know...

Some Legolas sht right there

>gun jams immediately.

way to fuck everything up Jamal.

holy fuck

This is one of the oldest rekt posts on here so it is factually incorrect to correlate it with the recently discovered corona virus. You are wrong.

the way you worded that sounds like you have autism.

Have you seen the movie bone tomahawk where the dude gets bisected?
It's like that except a lot less impressive


I believe it takes one to know one so the fact you were in instant to identify myself as having autism suggests to me that you are well acquainted with such disability.

That trigger pull when the thug is already on the ground is going to put the man in a cage for at least 15.

Holy fuck ownage.



I bet a chad wrote this. Props to you user.

This is now a confirmed rekt thread.

Somebody call the MODS! There's been a fucking brutal pwnage!

DAYYYYYYYUMMMMMMMM there's no coming back from that user.

cant even see his face. how is it we all know that guy is asian?

Feature a disclaimer warning before you engage in an epic wipeout in future my good Sir.



What does he toss onto the table?

its biological, blacks have the warrior gene and a low IQ. when u combine a propensity to violence and ignorance your goin to have blacks chimping out.

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rdr3 is unrealistic as shit

Inkjet lives matter!

user, that tape was fucking destroyed after the trial. Either this is fake or somehow you have a replica of the tape. You have to explain user.

No sound on Cred Forums webms. You'd know that if you weren't also a newfag.

Just Cred Forums webms. /gif/ webms have sound.

haha you're smart...i like you

Holy fucking shit, rad as fuck

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I'm not even into rodeo stuff but that is impressive

die fag

lol calling me a fag? you do realize you're pathetic, wow a big man behind a computer monitor. in real life you wouldn't be talking out of turn. wanna know why? because i would have you on the floor eating my shit. that's why.

Ah look, a Hi Point. Fucking nigger special right there!

what relevence does his skin color have? go be a racist dickhead somewhere else you fucking incel fuck

You do know where you are, right?

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>Defending a nigger that is literally on video robbing a store
How's the UK, soyboy? Tell your wifes boyfriend Jamal I said hello.

another day, another US cop murders someone

>that piece of paper he Kobe's into the trash at the very end of the video
man doesn't give a FUCK

Thank you for your service, officer.

This is what delusional losers sound like

Dumb nigger anyway, deserved it, learn not to run from popo you fuckin gangly monkey

True, godly based fast-food drone.

hes in shock.
he had all these plans .. the perfect murder
he totally shuts down

some kind of gyroscopic force

fuck you piece of shit.even the most seemingly innocent humans usually deserve to die for the skeletons in their closet. (myself included)

but dogs have NEVER done anything but love unless they're taught otherwise.

Planet of the apes

>gets called "fag" on Cred Forums

fucking kik. Die fag.

likely was a suspect hiding in the store during a robbery or something

Nigga calm down, you ain't a white knight. It's just a fucking dog, chill the fuck out.

This breaks the neck.

hope this nigger got gang raped in prison

It's okay if your in dog roast denial mate. I'll roast your dog for ya.

likely so low IQ the monkey was emulating the whites thought this is legit what you are spose ta be dooins"""

top jej

Horror movies and shit have desensitized me and others so much this doesn't even look shocking or scary for some reason. its just like meh... saws more gruesome.

Know your place fag

Based. It was revealed the cam man paid these people to burn the dog alive in public to get his story. Vid is on youtube. The dude doing the burning looks really uncomfortable once it starts. Fucking animal activists

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I like how they run away like the oven's about to chase em

kill your self nigger.

I did thia once, apparently girls dont find it funny if you dont tell them your going to nut

Some filenames give off a sense of humor, some give off an asshole...

Worst one

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its obviously reversed you nong

Is there a reason why? Even a retarded nigger reason? Wtf man, just get rid of them already

black friday ?

kek i get it. because the majority of the people entering the store were of african-american descent.. which is why you made the comment ''black friday'' - not, one would think because you were haphazarding a guess at the day/date of this event, but actually making a humorous comment about the ethnicity of the people appearing in the video. A thrilling kek indeed.

if you find a nigger baby in a dumpster, dont save it. Its children will kill your grandchildren

cunts cunts cunts, hope someone burns them alive too



Less talking more rekt

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I can watch people being decapitated, blown to bits and all the hard gore while esting my sandwich without being bothered by this. But when dogs are the victims it triggers me and I just wanna do the same to the fucker that does it. Dogs are better than most people

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Poster could literally be any race

exactly what i was thinking

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Was he shot? Hard to tell if that was a taser deployment or a firearm in that grainy ass video. Should have been a taser deployment.

what did they post?

chop chop

Gross milk of another species mixed with so much flavoring and sugar it makes it unhealthy too. Unless its soy or almond milk then I applaud this man for his taste...but wonder why he do ?

>multi million dollar company
>small business

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So that isnt the same shit.
This is another video. Gives me the fake vibes now.

>Death penalty for petty theft

based retard




picture quality is ass

do better

Don't kid yourself, your already know that's bullshit

pls commit the suicide

Someone at his school was recording him

Current scientific consensus is that they do feel pain.


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In summary.
You're retarded

the formalin tests are pretty interesting but also just one in thousands since the eighties
and losing limbs causes similar cascades of drugs on nociceptors as in lizards or mammals, learning experiments with electroshocks also show high aversion to those and chosing considerably more dangerous options just to avoid them

when tiktok goes wrong

Bath salts. Homedog ate his own tongue

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pretty sure the first vid was outed as fake

>a person dancing & enjoying themselves is a rekt

didn't even bother watching to the end fuck off


You seem to know more about it than I do, I've only read into it a little.
It seems to make sense to me though, that the vast majority of animals would feel pain, as a form of risk aversion, and that only animals with no memory (without brains) to learn from mistakes wouldn't.
Which a quick google search seems to validate, I'm no biologist though.

The new GTA looks good

Play it to the end.

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hate people who think they're clever posting non-rekt to a rekt thread.

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Don't bother, she just dances for the full 22 seconds.

Did he dead?

Why can I hear the KOTH theme?

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Look at how soulless and driven down this man looks. This is a man who has been cucked into oblivion by wageslavery and niggers and society and no longer gives a fuck.
One day all this shit is gonna stop bros. I'll make sure of it.

Fucked if I know.

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We can always go deeper you shithead

Not if he lives in a red state.


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Notice how white guys dont gang up and ape out when the guy is on the ground.

White people have true respect.

Is he deded?

I'd snatch that shit away. That shit more jammed than a welfare office

He had a weapon and could've still fired back while on the ground. Justified

I rest my case

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Wheres the KKK when you need them

sturdy advertisements

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Jesus..How deep were they? Like 50 deep? , and here i am without a gun license.
Id be better of using a fucking sword if i were attacked by that many .

based croc with a triple

Nah, just wave a job application in front of them and they'll flee like cockroaches.

a couple of fags pretending to get attacked by crocodiles... yawn

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Did it right. HEAD SHOTS.

The cannibal is the guy on the left isnt it?
That fuking guy on the right gave the white guy the ok to cannibalise him, anyone have the source?
I wonder how did he initially kill him did he shoot him or something?

I fapped to this. Help me someone please!!

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Not really, they're mostly dead. You can't show anyone respect once you're deceased. A factually incorrect statement which you should withdraw.

Needs the Benny Hill Show theme music

How is this rekt?

well known fact, nignogs cant swim, they underestaimated the depth and pull each other in panic and its done. fun fact: chimps dont like water

very satisfying. fuck that kid

Bowling 7-10 Split !!

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See this one all the time but Idk if it's real or not. Can anyone verify? Just seems like he would be twitching for a lot longer

Newtonian Laws of Inertia 101.

safety belts and airbbags are mandatory in every car except when there's like 50 people at once

shut the fuck up edge lord, no one cares

kek i get it because bump is the terminology that refers to when you contribute to a thread but also is relevant to the video you posted, because it appears that the passengers in the footage have experienced a bump of somekind, albeit an extreme & likely dangerous one.

a thrilling post & caption. you get a +1 from me.

> I watched Saw 2 and now think i'm an edgelord from the deep web



The fact that the victim willingly went through this is insane.

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>victim willingly went through this

he didn't. He agreed to be strung up and have his limbs removed but not to be murdered.