I need someone to get some snap wins from a person i know. will pay $5-15 depending on the wins

I need someone to get some snap wins from a person i know. will pay $5-15 depending on the wins.
her snap is luckimou
If you manage to get wins
kik me @ fakenames213 for payment and sending of wins
thanks in advance

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"i will pay you fifteen dollars for nudes of a girl i know"

son, i can't tell if you think life is that easy or just her

nice get

also shes pretty easy, just not in the position to ask myself


You really think this person you know will accept a random snapchat add from a stranger, and then proceed to send said stranger nudes?
OP is clearly a virgin

Need some background info

lmao you're a fucking dumbass

she goes to my college, but i only see her a few times a week so i dont have really much

Talk to her you pathetic faggot. Get your own wins

i got some wins, respond on kik

do you share a class with her or is this just some random girl u see in the halls, and you asked around to get her snap?

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nahhh i just see her in the halls every now and then, but when i glance at that ass im rock hard everytime

does she have a boyfriend? it'll be easier if she doesn't

ah so youre just a stalker got it


idk, she dresses like shes not trying to impress so probably
but im always impressed

damn, how'd you get her snap then?

Well how’d u get her snap then op? How do u expect random strangers to get wins but not you who got her snap??

asked a friend of hers

shoot us the name of the friend and we might be able to get the nudes, i'll try to get her to think i know her

A whole 15 bucks! Gee golly thanks mister!

yo, get any wins yet op?

Bro I think I got her, reply on kik