His penis is less than 7"

>His penis is less than 7"

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>has a tattoo
>fucked a nigger before
>goes to parties regulary
>consumes alcohol every weekend
>regular drug use
>pink/blue/green hair
>she wears piercings

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Women have absolutely no perspective.
I'm 6" and I'm bigger than every guy who have fucked me in the ass.
And I've been plenty bigger than every guy I've fucked.

Fact is 6"is above average, and the one guy I met who was 7" had a soft dick that felt like a balloon, no stiffness at all.

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You in Pittsburgh? I’ll tear you up and don’t have a baby-dick like you’re used to

Sorry not anywhere near there

I love cocks that have more girth, length doesnt really matter, most of the stimulation happens at insertion, although I'll admit I havent had anybody bigger than myself inside me, so I may be ignorant to a deeper g spot

Also if you were hoping I'm some trap you'le be dissapointed.

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"What a cervix?"

thank you for your valued input, based gay user. we appreciate it.

Thanks Hon

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>less than 7"

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fuck you it’s not like I specified I wanted a tiny dick

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It's reserved for good girls that don't parade themselves around like a street whore. Fuck this liberating modern culture bullshit. I work hard for what I own, and I'm gaining muscle every day.

I'm not gonna waste my time with some whore that only cares about my big dick. This shit is EARNED.

You know, for all the talk of BDE and penis size envy... i've spent 25 years (i'm an oldfag) with a 8.5" dick and it's only seen one pussy. And that pussy would complain it hurt. Having a massive dick hasn't helped me at all. Having a fucking personality, looking decent, and actually making an effort to meet girls matters ALOT more.

would you suck my 4.5"?


>Also if you were hoping I'm some trap you'le be dissapointed.
I offered to fuck a dude, it’s very sad you would say this. The 6 inches is barely enough, if you were any more girly than that we’d have a problem


bait clown world

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6.9x6 or 6.5 is a big fuckin dick
I’m 8x5.5 and I’d make that trade in two seconds

w-why am I so turned on by this Cred Forums?

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i feel alright rockin that cusp but having such a shit wet cardboard personality makes it never matter anyway


Hearing a bitch say “fuuuuck your cock is sooooo fat” is way hotter than her saying “your cock is soooo long” too.

One downside to having a fat dick is you will never experience a good blowjob. No girl has ever been able to open their mouth wide enough for my 3 inch fat monster.

>Her cock is more then 7 inches

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That's her without my dick in her mouth, wait till we get to the anal

>is fat

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I'm about 7" which most girls are very happy with but just thick enough that most girls won't let me near the ass, current gf is no exception, she's borderline scared of the idea which sucks because I really enjoy it. I end up having to find the trashier or slightly depraved/crazy ones that will let you do whatever you want for the attention but you can't keep them around lol I'll admit hearing that they're 'so full' or it's 'too much' or that different sort of moan you get when you know they're having trouble taking it or when you're smashing their cervix is hot but I'd actually be happier with trading that for a more ass friendly size.
tl;dr 'average' dick size is not a problem-as long as you can get you and them off with it, it really doesn't matter in the slightest.

>she doesn't use the metric system
Why even bother?

>her weight starts with 100lbs

Of course Seth likes when she bites his microdick

Completely disagree mate. If she’s using her mouth and hand it’s still a blowjob, just as good (or bad) as the blowjobs other dudes are getting. Blowjobs are about skill and technique. Getting the head all wet with her mouth and stroking the mess all over the rest your dick is a blowjob, potentially a fucking awesome one. With a fat as fuck dick you just get the ADDED bonus that she can barely fit the thing in her mouth while she’s doing it, which is absolutely hot as fuck and not any kind of detriment to the blowjob overall.

What does that face even mean? OP is aware that facial reactions are relative, right?

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based and redpilled

Why? What does that body language communicate?

>I'm gaining muscle every day

My penis is less than 3"

from the floor

a straight man made this post 100% guaranteed

And you the guarantor are in on it because...?

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gay men dont care and women dont go on Cred Forums posting about dicks.

Nobody cares.

I got a 6 inch dick and I'm dating a prostitute.

She fucking loves it.

Case dismissed.


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