For all of US history, conservatives have been on the wrong side

For all of US history, conservatives have been on the wrong side.

Conservatives in 1776 were on the side of the Crown.

They were the Confederacy.

They were the KKK.

They were on the side of the Robber Barons.

They were anti-suffragists.

They were anti-civil rights.

They were anti-LGBTQ rights.

They're anti-healthcare, anti-education, anti-environment right now.

With their failure to address Russia's attacks on our elections and their refusal to hold Trump accountable for his crimes, they're also now anti-democracy.

They have always been the bad guys in US history. Every single generation we've had has had to fight them tooth and nail to make progress. We win, and we leap forwards with policies like the abolition of slavery, or the vote for women, or child labor laws, or civil rights, or abortion, or gay marriage, but their wealthy owners sit back and regroup and launch another attack on civilization after a few years.

And it works. Specifically because conservatives are tribalist cavemen who will do whatever their Big Chief tells them to do. They're authoritarians by nature who believe that right and wrong don't come from structured moral philosophies, but from whatever their chieftain tells them is right or wrong. What's true or false.

They're weak-minded children at heart, who yearn for an all-powerful father figure to provide easy structure to their world. Because they cannot handle the complexities of real life. Because the burden of free thought is too much for them to handle. And because they are fundamentally terrified of change. Change, above all, is beyond their understanding, and they know it.

It's time, for us freedom loving, justice-serving LIBERALS to kick their asses come November

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We won and you lost. If that's wrong, I don't want to be left.

lmao when this whole post is backwards, democrats have always been those things

>policies like the abolition of slavery, or the vote for women, or child labor laws, or civil rights,
thank you republicans

You're an special kind of stupid aren't ya, OP.
Btw, Trump is still your president...will be for another 1/2 decade.

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This is about conservative vs liberal
nowhere did I mention democrat vs republican

what a moronic sentiment, and igonral oh hstorical norms
>Conservatives in 1776 were on the side of the Crown.
conservates are 20th century political movement retard, the loyalist s wanted the crown, those same people are called the "conservatives" in the UK but they are to the left/center/center-left when compared to the usa's two parties
>They were the KKK.
pic related, wrong again. the democrat party glorifies the kkk, and hillary clinton, even morns high tier kkk member robert byrd, who never denounced the kkk even during his time as senator
>They were anti-civil rights.
republicans are the party of lincoln, they had the first ivil rights bill sintroduced that were voted againsts by the democrats in the late 1800's. republicans had the first black congressmen in the 1860's while the democrats were enforcing democrat created and jim crow laws
everything else you said is sloganeering ,and thus you are fag

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My god you're a moron! Everything you said is completely backwards which isn't surprising with you libtards!

>hillary clinton
She's a conservative you cum stain
Move forward from 1st grade political science

So Trump has dealt with the Russians that got him elected?
Post proof please

you got me good you fuck ass

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shills hard at work tonight

So pretty much everything you just listed was the Democratic Party, not the Republicans. Did you really not know that? Try google.

WTF are you talking about dipshit!?

you stand alone fag.
this is MAGA country!

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And the Democrats started slavery what's the point

Hey, no speaking truth around here buddy!

First thing i googled about kkk

I can see you are the one trying to twist history. OP is 100% correct.

Im a mexican and i want trump to win. Not because i agree with him, but because i want americans to suffer for four more years.

>lmao I cant read