Paid $114.99 plus tip for 5 of her pics. Did I get ripped off?

Paid $114.99 plus tip for 5 of her pics. Did I get ripped off?

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How can you be so whipped by females you'd PAY for nudies and not even get any pussy? Like fucking really, do you have to ask if it was a rip off? If you payed her a penny it'd still be a rip off.

Not if you dump them


I would've sent you my dic pics for a steam card

wtf dude lol

Could have fucked her for free if you had used that money to buy a gun

Depends, whats the other pics?

Not if she’s 14.

Where are the other 4 OP?

post the rest there, might as well.

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>trying this hard to advertise some shitty pictures you have for sale on your harddrive

Fuck outta here pajit

I wish I was dead anons.

No one really believes this right?

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Stop eating food. Your brain will reset in a few days and you'll want to live again.

And u wont show the other 4, this is bait

This bitch has the same mouth from the alien in the movie "Enemy Mine"

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Could've fucked a bitch for that price

dank reference, bro

holy shit, no kidding. I misread it as $14.99.
this nigga paid $100 + $14.99...for 5 photos that she sent to Chad for FREE. kek

If its a chick you know in real life and have no shot with why not. $115 is pocket change.

theres free boobs online user.
dont be a faggot

This is the most retarded thing I have ever seen.

very little research and found this is bait.
stop feeding the trolls people

onlyfans com/bbkelc

That is obscenely overpriced, even for the snapchat prostitutes

>Did I get ripped off?
god yes

>plus tip
you are absolutely fucking retarded

The minute you pay for a nude, you get "ripped off" That shit is free you know.

I hope this is bait. Please let this be bait. Who the fuck pays for low grade amateur porn? I’m too old.

I remember those braces from years ago, surely a grandmother by now? Please ask

Yes dude wtf you got infinite amount of boobs for free on the internet

>paying for pics with no chance for sex with her

Yes you got ripped off

This bitch's pics have been floating around for years.

You make a good arguement for coomers being fucking stupid.