My girlfriend got beat up by her dad. What do Cred Forums? I'm literally shaking right now

My girlfriend got beat up by her dad. What do Cred Forums? I'm literally shaking right now

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Buy that man a beer

Try to convince her to press charges

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old man must be a lefty

Tell her that if he was willing to do this to his own daughter then he has and will do it to other women

Finish the job

Go suck his dick, he had a hard day dealing with the little slut.

Get her naked to get photos of all the bruising on her body, then post the photos here just to make sure they don't get lost otherwise.

You mean she's a makeup artist?

pee on her to show dominance!

he could have hit her with his cock.

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Why are you the one thats "literally shaking" and not her?
Sounds like she has more spine than you do.

Go confront him so you and your girl have matching black eyes.

You could kill yourself so I don't have to read your stupid posts..

Convince him to talk with you privately about the situation with him and his daughter punch him in the face a couple of times then proceeded to rape him it will be a win-win situation for you and your girlfriend

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He'll probably end up in the trunk of the Dads cadillac and headed up to the Catskills to dig his own grave.

Thank him for breaking her in for you.

There's a tendon in the back of the leg called the Achilles heel. Take a knife and sever it on one of the legs.
That way yu don't have to fight her dad because you're now a cripple.

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That is some really good make-up.

Tell her to stop doing that thing with the ears. She could just get a dick tattooed across her face with an asshole on the back of her neck.

hit her again for wasting your time

This. Do nothing
Really depends on the situation faggot.

Dump her, she is too weak and thus not good for breeding. Only the strongest of females should be allowed to breed

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Beat his ass and break her yourself.

Hitler please, really good people and really weak people are worth defending. There is everything wrong with this theory.

Convince her to stay off incest sites and to stop trying to suck his cock. Id hit my daughter if ahe tried to have sex with me.

take your chance andbeat her a little more, there will be some bruises anyway

Not be a beta cuck and kick his teeth in.
Not be a beta cuck and pretend you have a girlfriend

I would suggest cumming on her face. The cum will help soothe the wound.

you got two options you deal with it (kick his ass)
or let the police deal with it

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If she was good, she wouldn't be so damn weak. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this simple truth, breeding with weak waifs produces weak offspring.

I would suggest to stop using the word literally.

If you can get away with it, and the girlfriend approves, kill that motherfucker. If not, file a police report. He will have his life ruined pretty quick

Stop shaking in fear.

Sometimes a father has to hit his kids. You'll understand that when you have children of your own...

Now if he keeps beating her for no reason then you should call the police

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Stop posting pasta you boy molester.

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> Get a wrench and turn his water off at the street
> Throw drano on his car window
> Trump bumper stickers on car
> Rub shit on door handle of house
> film gf sucking cock and leave the usb in mail box
> Seed his grass with soil killer
> Sign his email address up on pedophile sites, black baby adoption agencies, telemarketing and so on
> Make a craigslist add at the library for rape gay fantasy by breaking in his house
> Email his work a picture of his daughters face
So many options besides shake and Pelosi seeth.

No swelling. Literally makeup.

Does he have a patreon

beat me to it

Poor girl, that’s about once a week for her isn’t it?
Shake shake shake but does nothing, just asks for advise, week in week out week in week out

>My girlfriend got beat up by her dad. What do Cred Forums? I'm literally shaking right now

Punish her for back talking her father. It's not like any fresh bruises will show up any more.....

Bait faggot you couldn't get a gf

Ask her what it was that was so important that her father was trying to tell her twice because she clearly wasn't listening.

What did she do wrong?

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just because it's posted multiple times doesn't mean it didn't really happen
maybe if some fags gave OP decent advice he wouldn't need to repost

Well, don't just stand there. Finish the job and then beat him up too.

Teach the bitch not to burn her dads steak and she won’t get her ass whipped

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just go and beat him up

Continue shaking, faggot.

fuckin twat