How can I play a part in breaking down the pillars that hold up our corrupt, toxic, slave like society

How can I play a part in breaking down the pillars that hold up our corrupt, toxic, slave like society.
I dont want to die, but I dont want to live like this anymore and act like everything's alright. I cant stand how much I hate humanity and its nature of destroying or controling everything for profit. Someone show me the light in the black hole of a world.

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Don't wanna die? Prepare for the end. Get fit, learn moar, find a stable job so you can fund your preparations. Live in a rural area and build an underground bunker. Get the people you truly care about into there. Plan out living a year or two in the bunker.

There's little we can do to fix things now. We can only do the thing humans are best at-- survive. Use the threat of the end to better yourself.

My fear isn't focused on the end or surviving. I fear the monster humanity has become, the devouring beast, the eating of worlds. When we consume this planet or destroy it, we will just move onto the next. Like a fly looking for another corpse to lay its maggots. My fear is humanity and the monster we all are. I dont want to die in the sense that I want to live long enough to see humans put back in their place

Vote Trump

How about we vote for a society that isnt run by one idiot, but a group of people with different opinions. Why do we give one person the chance to make discissions for us all in the hope they do something good. When we cant even hold them accountable for lying to our faces.

In all fairness, we've been worse.

Like I said, there's little we, as average citizens, can do (I'm assuming you're American because of trump pic). Due to how oligarchic our "democracy" has become, most Americans have effectively no presence in our government. The only thing can change shit is either a violent revolution (which is very difficult due to increasingly strict gun laws and people not wanting to give up convenience) or a near-apocalyptic event (something that would threaten most of the Earth but still give some a chance). And a new revolution at this point is impossible.

When the nukes fall, or disease consumes us, or climate change destroys our world, the people that are left will realize the common bond we all share. Survive to see that day.

baa baa

I'm assuming that gives you the perspective that things arent so bad, but that would also make you the type of person who will wait until things get to the worst they have ever been before you start complaining. But you wont ever do anything about it.

I'm not from America but I have lived their, I dont consider myself part of any country, but more a human of earth. The only hard part about a revolution is getting the normal sheep like people on board, because it involves convincing them things can be so much better. But as sheep, fear outweighs ambition. And I think we all know media is what makes them care about something and the media is controlled by governments.

I used the picture of tump because I watched a documentary about him recently the made it very clear that most of America voted for him because of his tv series the apprentice, and everyone thought he was a good businessman who would change things, when in reality the tv show was set up and gave people an unrealistic view of who trump really was, which points out how gullible the United states population is but also the world.

The sheep aren't scared, they're just oblivious. They're much too comfortable with their current state to actually feel the need to do anything about it. Why fix your country when you can play vidya, watch Netflix and look at memes all day? Plus, they're so used to seeing horrible shit on the news, so it doesn't actually matter to them any more, no matter how much they say otherwise. These guys need something traumatic to happen to them personally; that'll wake em up.

Rob the rich
Arm the poor

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Easy! Take off the blinders, take a deep breath, look around and realize how great things really are. Revel in the fact that they will only get better for the next 5 years!

You can do it!

Read ride the tiger by evola

Not necessarily, it's just historical perspective.

I'm not blind to some damage done to the general mos maiorum (civility, tradition, etc), or our global standing, and I am afraid, but I think it's very easy for me to predicate my feelings of the current situation on the fact that I'm here living in it.

While my state has done some stupid things in the last decade, I don't live in constant fear of political or religious extremism and I don't believe my vote is ineffective.

Now, these rifts we've created can still heal for sure. They can also not. I'm only afraid that these wounds will rot and inspire someone who is competent and has a cohesive anti-liberty doctrine to take power. That would take some time and indeed be cause for concern and action.

Depending on where you live would't an underground bunker not be so smart an idea due to flooding?

Is it possible that the "sheep" are comfortable because everything is going so well, and the man who made things Great Again is getting four more years? Is it possible that they aren't sheep at all?

Is it possible you are the sheep being herded by desperate negative losers who will lie to you using every avenue possible to regain power?

Is it possible?

That is far from the truth, the sheep are scared of real change, they are used to being part of society and it scares them to be anything different, like someone who has been locked in jail most of their life they actually dont want to come out anymore. They dont see the real horrible shit that actually happens in the world, they see the horrible things the government wants them to see to make them scared of the things the government wants them to be scared of. But you are right, people only care when it affects them personally, like a drunk driving running over their kids, then they care about drink driving

The jail is in your head, you built it of lies. It isn't entirely your fault. It is your fault if you remain inside it.


Optimism is as toxic as depression, if you focus on everything good you are blind from the bad, as is if you focus on the bad you are blind from the good.


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Good point user! A mountain bunker in a secluded range would be safer, but the building process potentially more dangerous.

Sheep by analogy are happy if their is green grass in a paddock, even if the paddock Is surrounded by electric fence and they can never choose what paddock to graze on.

I'm not in jail, but we all have a chain and ball around our legs, you wake up.

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>paid wages
>free to quit if you don't like it
>no one's property to be bought, bartered or sold
>I'm a slave

What's that faggot?

start killing democrats and you will be hailed a hero.

Why you gotta bring up the Iowa Caucus?

Read a book

Also a bunker feeds the idea that hiding away and waiting for everything to blow over is going to do anything. What if the world is completely destroyed and the rich move onto a new planet and leave you here with no breathable atmosphere or food.

Who are these losers, and how are they getting power? If you're talking about Democrats, you fail to realize that both parties are contributing to the same problems. If you're talking about doomers, at least I'm not whittling my life away in a shitty city apartment and actually working towards my aspirations.
Who the fuck am I exactly giving in to by improving myself and preparing for the worst?

We haven't managed to take a person much further than the moon, no one is moving to another planet anytime soon

>ride the tiger by evola
Even if they're hiding technology there's no way we have anything capable of getting to any planet that's more habitable than earth. They might kill off a large percentage of the population here to curb pollution/climate change a la The Coronavirus.

Nigger,what is your point?

You are owned, believe what you want. See how you're opinion changes when you're forced to fight in a war you dont believe in.

That's like 200 or 300 years in the future

A situation like that would have no solution for commonfolk. We're not sure as to how EXACTLY the world will be scarred, just that it will. We should at least prepare for what we can.

Based on what tv has told you?
Let's say they already have found a way but why would they tell you?

Chaos and Paranoia. Their friend Futility is along for the ride.

Its simple brother, come with me into the new age of humanity.

Google Andrew Yang.

Thats all it takes. You'll see what I mean if you truly spend a little time reading and watching.

The best I can do is point you there, you gotta do the rest friend. I believe in you because I believe in the future of humanity.

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You faggots have short memories or are just children.

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Have you even heard of chriogenics?

Because there's no way they'd have that technology without some dipshit revealing it, details being hacked or some nigger stealing it

Putting on socks wont stop you're feet being cut off.

You'll also find out that Andrew only got 1% in the Iowa caucus.

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You, you really think we are ran by the president and the president alone? You really think the president has that kind of power? You really think that's how all of this works? Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together....the liberal retard has spoken.

>slave like society
Well user there are three classes and 2 are slaves.
>the poor
This is hard (thanks Obama)
They dump their money in lottery tickets, cigarettes and booze. They get enough gov’t assistance where they can squeeze out a living maybe work park time and barely pay the trailer park fees. If they don’t have a drug felony they may qualify for section 8 housing. It’s generational and hard to escape.
>middle class
These are the true slaves that are driving the stock market 30,000
All have mortgages, huge credit card debt, large car payments trying to impress the Jones
If you are middle class then you see the constant “consolidation loans to pay off your credit cards” if they have multiple credit cards to pay off and they consolidate then this will not change their behavior.
This my friend will be the next financial crisis, middle class not being able to pay. Banks fail and we hit the reset just like 2008

>I don't want to die
See, it's this sort of mindset which makes you look so ridiculous. You believe that someone you dislike as president means you'll die before the term is up.

Here's the thing: It doesn't mean that at all. In fact, you think a POTUS has way more power than one actually has. So lighten up a bit.

Haha I'm very familiar with the term scapegoat.

for now, Vote Bernie
if the revolution does come
you'll know how to sign up

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Pure Fantasy.

If you need money handed to you to be a man, you are not a man.

Realize that.

>occupy democrats
Tho I'm sure Trump supporters are better shots than say Bernie Bros.

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I'm a slave because of your imaginary draft for your imaginary war?
The armed forces wouldn't take me on my best day, zero fucks to give there
Until that doesn't happen I'll just do what I want to, because I'm able to do so unlike a fucking slave

based on what sci-fi has told you?

The people in charge know how easily manipulated you are and picked someone you would vote in that they can easily control.

You're an idiot, I'm not American.

Wonder why Antifa didn't show up at the Virginia Gun Rally?

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I know, but we're much more likely to be hit with something that obliterate literally the entire planet.

I may have lost faith that we can stop the storm, but I still hold the hope that we can weather it.

Your are slave nigger because you have debt? Don’t get this yet?

So you're fat and have no qualities that can fight for anything? Why speak up.

>implying the president of USA only rules the USA

*won't obliterate

Warning: Thread is astroturf carried out by organized political operatives. A vast majority of Americans are political moderates and aren't trying to subvert constitutional values and American culture. Do not let these threads brainwash you into believing these beliefs are normal. This a coordinated effort of the few to trick the many. The exact same tactics are taken from Russian 'Active Measures' disinformation campaigns, read here to find out more about them so you can learn to spot falsified political narratives too.

Can you understand the concept the humans arent capable of immaculate ideas? That means humans can on use other ideas to make new ideas. Movies are based on ideas that humans have thought of that are entirely possible.

I was with you until "MUH RUSSIA"

Into the trash this goes.

Whats it like having a room temperature IQ?


>implying america isnt going to drag the rest of their allies through shit just for financial gain.

You must be a proud american

Sorry, DisInfoBot! I'll GO BACK TO SLEEP now.

To make money. You're fucking retarded of you think interplanetary travel would be kept secret because 'reasons' instead of being exploited for trillions of dollars

Just that it's the same techniques employed by Russians, and that documentary accurately outlines techniques to spot misinformation campaigns from all enemies our of great country, both foreign and domestic.

Go live in a sanctuary city like San Francisco, it’s perfect for you. The rest of us are living good lives and making America great again.

the NYT hasn't been a credible source of information since the 70s

Probably as good as you feel having a planet size arsehole

Is this some half- assed argument for Christianity based on the fact that they made movies about Christ?

I've heard these arguments, they are based on circular logic.

If not you are using a retarded argument that brainwashed Christians teenagers try to use when they meet their first atheist/ agnostic/ Jew/ Muslim/ non christian.

Spoiler... they get destroyed

And you must be a proud cuck
Why don't you go clean your wife's boyfriends cock?

You know, that would explain their recent attempt to make Pence president

Damn. That's some paranoia there.

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I think we should make mass shooters shoot up board rooms and senates rather than schools. Do something useful with your suicide, make it bigger than yourself. "ohh look at me killing a bunch of kindergarteners" is such a narcissistic and pathetic thing to do.

No debt, I don't spend money I don't have

Doesn't matter, MUH RUSSIA is such a dogwhistle now that even if it were based in reality, as soon as anyone sees it they ignore the rest of the statement.

You need to understand this.

You're retarted, if they could make money shooting people into space they wouldn't even need to prove they got anywhere? Just shoot them up like satellites and take their money, who gives a shit where they end up.

Watch the documentary and decide for yourself and compare to alternative sources. I wouldn't ask you to accept it as fact at face value. Use it as a starting point. Even the most biased news sources around accurately report some things.

Watching out for my Cred Forumsrothers and fellow countrymen. We need to stand together and have the strength to call out the lies that seek to tear us apart.

Corporations and the Senate have armed guards.

>The revolution
Remember, always keep your finger on the trigger so you can return fire more rapidly

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"You don't control me" is the name of the game. If the government is going to do something which is going to change an aspect of your life or how you perceive the world, or you think is immoral to an extent that the benefits do not outweigh the costs by a substantial margin, you reject it utterly.

You seek homogeneity. Diversity every day is goddamn torture. There may be times where exposing yourself to a new culture or a new idea might be enticing, but EVERY DAY is way too goddamn much, especially if you find that you often don't LIKE those cultures or ideas.

You harden your heart. There are 8 billion people and probably about 6 billion of them have a sob story. When 3/4th of the people you meet are trying to get something from you through pity or a sense of obligation, there's a desire to tell the entire world to fuck off. It's why conservatives are so anti-immigration. Even if they stand to benefit financially from immigration, or get to try new ethnic food, or find the women sexy as hell, they harden their hearts to the sob story that they inevitably come with and say "That's not my fucking problem. Stay out of my country."

I am much happier as a 30 year old conservative than I was as a 22 year old progressive.

Sounds like you need 4 more years.


You need to understand why you will always get this answer.


Religion has been the best media for control ever, even though if anything I consider myself interested in the balance, I dont follow any religion.

Cali-fag here, don't believe this bot OP. Uber-consumerism keeps us comfortable while we robbed by exorbitant rent and food. Homeless is slowly rising, and the education system conditions you into a pacifist.

Yep. Thats why our laws don't apply in other countries, you see

While the electoral results were not hacked in any way, Russia did attempt to influence the outcome of the election, even with truthful information, like when they leaked Hillary's real emails. Look at Guccifer 2.0, and the attribution towards him. Do not assume. Study and learn for yourself. They do this regularly across the western world.

>sees logical argument
>repeat ad hominem
Good boy! You deserve a treat for that response!

Gonna get it whether he needs it or not.

You mean the Tiny Prick Parade?

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That was really common in the 70s and 80s during the cold war. Turned out to be an enormous waste of time.

Don't fear death. The end will come. Either in a flash of light, or a fog of disease, or by hunger or the hand of another after 6 months of living in a cold, dark hole. Even with a well stocked bunker, you might SURVIVE but you won't LIVE. All the things that were worth living for would be gone, and all that would be left would be the terror of the deep dark that will come no matter what.

They only apply to the poor or blacks in it
So basically not applying to people at all

>interplanetary travel
Yes, Interplanetary travel means shooting people into space with no destination.

How are those remedial english classes treating you?

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You sound like such a fucking loser. You don’t have to show your tits, but are you a girl?

Toxic is opening the border to mexicans and then forcing the taxpayers to pay for it. I'm glad trump is going to win 4 more years

Not gonna happen, WOLF! has been cried too many times.

If you mask it by not mentioning the content, you might get people to go to the site, but as soon as they read the word "Russia" they will disengage.

Sorry, but that is the way it is now.

>believes himself to be correct in all his assertions
>IQ too low to realise he's both wrong and replying to a shitposter

A bot.. people are so scared of different thinking. Go hide in under your bed.

>We need to stand together and have the strength to call out the lies that seek to tear us apart.
You're joking.

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>common in the 70s and 80s
try 50s & 60s
nao go drink your juicebox
& have mama change your diaper

Most laws dosnt even apply to different states let alone countries.

He lives in Cali, either he can't afford a bed or a homeless has been assigned to it, and you don't wanna go near that.

But the weather is nice...

Someone is jelly.

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Oh whatever it is, I assure you it has tits.

If it's any consolation, I'm a cybersecurity expert and can definitively, absolutely, and with complete conviction, tell you that there is NO evidence of actual hacking.

The claims that Russia "hacked" the election are 100% hyperbole and factually incorrect.

But there's substantial evidence that they performed mass social media influence campaigns, including leaking Hillary's emails.

Don't take my words to paint a target on Russia's back though, I don't want this to slide away from my original point that OP is a political operative trying to sow discord among us through misinformation, and we need to stand strong together to call that out for what it is. God bless America, and God bless western civilization.

Doesn't interplanetary mean between planets?
If it's from one planet to another there is a destination, if its not to another planet then it isn't interplanetary, just stellar

You sound tough, can I see your muscles and your barbed wire tattoo.

Bill Clinton got 2.8% there the year he won.

My neighbor fought in vietnam. He has horrible ptsd and his name is Jerry. He cant work, he has nightmares and crippling mental damage, terrible damage was done to his body and he has trouble walking. His SS doesnt pay for shit.

He needed UBI years ago and still needs it now.

You and I might be strong men that can make our own way. I've got over a hundred thousand dollars in my bank account. I dont need UBI. My community does because not everyone is as strong and smart as I am, not everyone is born with a body as strong as my body, a mind as strong as my mind.

You'll understand when you're older but Yang will be president before that time comes.

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Mexicans work harder for what they have then you're mother did sucking cock to feed you.

Strawmaning, attacks on character, AND retreating techniques! You're doing very well, S-286! Keep this up, and we might just allow you another hour of simulated reproduction!

I think most people voted for him because he isnt a career politician, That's what people who voted for him say. The only people who bring up his reality tv show are the never Trumpers.

If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life

>Bill Clinton got 2.8% there the year he won.
And then earned 25% in New Hampshire. You think Yang is going to be anywhere near that?

Keep sucking then brother

Cool Story Brah

Well by the same standard, France and the UK and Germany and Canada and Mexico also engaged in election meddling, because they had a social media presence where they tried to sway public perception.

The email leaks were probably the most substantial single contributor, but even without that I'm inclined to think that Trump would have won just because Hillary was so incredibly disliked by rural America. I doubt most rural voters read those emails, or had more than a peripheral awareness of them. They saw "Clinton, democrat, pro immigration, pro gun control, wants war with Russia and Iran" and said "FUCK THAT."

Jesus, whoever taught you to argue must have had bad ass burgers
Stop using buzz words, you don't sound clever

Why don't you take some of your $100,000 and give him $20k so he can get out from under some of his debt?

Putting the impetus on other people because you're unwilling to be charitable yourself just makes you an asshat.

Hmm by the time this posts I will be older, and Yang is not President. Wait I'm older than when I started typing AND YANG IS NOT PRESIDENT.

WHA HAPPEN?!?!?!?!?

He'll be physically near whoever gets 25%, at least for a while.

It's not the hardened, partisan people who were targeted, it was the unsure voters in swing states. You may also very well be correct about the outcome. But again, the point isn't Russia, it's that OP is a political operative trying to sow discord, and we need to identify that and unite in our rejection of the flawed argument presented.

So does that mean Mexican's suck better cock?

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So you aren't saying it was MUH RUSSIA

But it was MUH RUSSIA


Over three million more people voted for Hillary than him but due to an antiquated system that gives racist hicks more of a vote than people in a populated area, he got in.

Not that polls are worth a damn, but he's not even top 6 in New Hampshire right now. He needs to just start handing out thousand dollar bills in Nevada to have any shot.

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Working as intended.

Do you know why?

trump is making everything alright, just sit back and stop whining.

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this. America is effectively a crypto-oligarchy, where people are led to believe they have a say in their government. A Second Gilded Age, only worse, as the top 1% own about 40% of the nation's wealth (up from 25% in the 1980s).

People voted for Trump because his stated goal was to put Americans first. The general attitude of condescending superiority as displayed by this poster just added to the number voting for him.

He's in whatever position the DNC says he is.

He should go ahead and turn his voters over to Bernie, and then in a few weeks/ months Bernie can turn them over to the Candidate(TM).

I think Bernie will do a better job of convincing his followers to vote for The Candidate(TM) this time, he has had four years to practice.

2016 all over again. BUT BETTER.

Does Bernie want a 5th house this time, or something else?

Who gives a shit about trump, he's just another gear in the clock of bullshit convincing everyone things are going to get better. Not doing anything about climate change and spending most of his presidency promoting his businesses.

Sounds like Hitler but instead of Jews it Mexicans.

Why should hyper-liberal metropolitan areas have dictatorial power over conservative rural and suburban areas? About 60% of the US lives in or immediately around a major city.

More people live in cities than in rural areas, and since city populations are also vastly more concentrated, there are more public services and political targeting being directed towards them that makes it much easier for them to vote and more likely to vote Democrat, since that's the party of public services.

Rural tends to vote Republican, because they've got things pretty well dicked under their own individual direction, with relatively little in the way of public services or infrastructure, and they see absolutely no need to tolerate an expansion in government which would overwhelmingly benefit cities at a direct cost to their ability to self govern. It'll be their children that are sent to war, and it's the fruits of their labors that keep the nation fed and supplied with raw materials. They deserve government representation.

Enter the Electoral College. In order to undermine the possibility of mob rule, where the cities will dictate political conditions to the rural areas at the point of a sword, a Republic is formed with representatives from major territories proportional to their population.

>How can I play a part in breaking down the pillars that hold up our corrupt, toxic, slave like society.
We already have a text book and a practical documentary on what to do.

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is this a serious post? You think this is a slave like society? how so exactly?

Sorry the global warming/cooling/ uh "climate change" farce has imploded. Find another way to redistribute wealth while crippling Western economies.

Might I suggest focusing on the EU (before it crumbles).

dude...has it occurred the monster is you? It's not normal to have thoughts this negative about your fellow man.

If it needs explaining this isnt the post for you, I'm not teaching a class here.
What's it called? How to be a radical for idiots?

Obama, Bush, and Clinton also said shit about Mexican illegal immigration, and almost all of the current enforcement policies regarding them were pioneered or refined by those presidents, and Trump is following a well-tread path in the enforcement of our border laws, including the use of mass detention centers.

No president has ever advocated for their death, Trump included, but he does acknowledge that illegal immigration places a substantial burden on the American people and institutions, which for some reason became "hateful and racist rhetoric" the instant Obama left office.

Nothing better than Democrats climbing over themselves to get that gold. Who said they don't believe in capitalism.

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He might be expected to work.


It takes a monster to make a monster. And I dont hate people in specific, i hate the race like farmers hate locust.

The US is a remarkably small contributor to the conditions that are touted as being responsible for climate change. Despite being massively more industrialized and populous and controlling a much larger set of territory, the US's net contribution is about equal to France, UK, and Germany combined.

Go bark at China and India.

I think you are suffering from mental illness, possibly you are very isolated and alone. Coming here is likely to make it worse. Join a local church or some other type of social group if you are against religion.

>What's it called? How to be a radical for idiots?
You seriously never heard of Fight Club?

I help him regularly. I get no compensation for it. If I were poor I wouldnt be able to do that.

I have a family in my town. The mom works, the dad works, and they pay for daycare that costs almost as much as one of their annual incomes.

This isnt right. Parents should be able to raise their children. Not because its moral but because it makes a country stronger.

We will either become the America of the future or another stepping stone for China. I dont need to convince you, you probably have made up your mind like many simple people who were never told they were smart or strong in their lives.

I'm one of the fortunate people with excellent genetics. I was gifted a strong mind and a strong body. Life has been easy for me. It wont be for 95% of our children, future Americans.

You either sell out future Americans now by voting for a candidate that has a weak brain and doesnt understand the importance of tech like AI or you vote Yang.

Its really that simple. Simple enough for simple people. The smartest people make up 5% of our society. The other 95% isnt listening to them.

Its our future to lose.

One man, one vote. Shouldn't matter where they live. Why did a small group in the middle of nowhere be able to have more power than the majority? It should be majority rule. Republicans expand government more than the Democratic party anyway. They just do it in different ways.

We realize that you hate yourself, we suggest that you get help.

I mean all trolling aside, get help before you hurt yourself.

Why care about climate change if you think we are evil and should die? You think the planet gives a shit? Once we are gone, this thing will keep on spinning fine without us.

Why does the Earth deserve your sympathy? All the Earth or any natural force has ever endeavored to do was to kill anyone and anything that was prepared for it.

If mankind spreads amongst the stars, that is an indication of them having conquered the natural forces of the world that sought every day to destroy them. It's a victory for humanity, and maybe we'll achieve it in a way where the Earth can survive, too.

because practically all domestic terror acts in the last fifteen years were carried out by conservatives?

They want to get out of their country because of good reason, they are more refugees than anything and all they get is ridicule from people like you. The cartels own more of the government than anyone else, and you best believe they own part of yours too. It's the people who want to mexicans out because "they took our jobs" and the government just tells you shit to keep you happy like a lollipop for kids.

... Did you just admit to living with your parents?

>Someone show me the light in the black hole of a world.
Do you know why people have 5 toes?

Oooh a God Complex! We got a superman over here folks!

Save us from ourselves! (With $1000 a month for Free*)
*Not actually Free

You shills have been barking about this for the past few weeks. What's the sauce?

Haha normal is something I dont strive to be.

We are a Republic, not a Democracy.

Do you know why?

Of course he has, but he's too much big brain to not look down on your pleb level tastes

Not saying they don't have good reason, I'm saying it's not America's obligation to help them, or to suspend our own rule of law or interests in order to do so.

And nothing that you said reinforces the idea that Trump is like Hitler.

I dont particularly care about it, any event that wipes us out would be our own fault. I'm not looking to fix it.


I have no sympathy, I have anger for being part of it blindly while being fed lies.

Not our problem.,, well shouldn't be.

Let them rot.


>The whole country should be enslaved to three states
Sounds like a fair and well thought out idea you have there

Attached: 3297CF91-243F-4FC3-9EE5-0B4344C25184.jpg (640x480, 97K)

phew! SO i guess that means you don't advocate for blowing up the economy and sending us all back into poverty in a futile attempt at stopping the oceans from rising a meter.

Wow how unique. tattoos and Piercings? I like Hot Topic as well!

Being fake weird is fine, being self loathing and suicidal is not.

So you hate humanity on the basis that they're destructive to the Earth, and will spread like a virus or a plague of locusts, but that's not predicated on sympathy for the planets they consume.

So you just don't like that humanity has the capacity to grow and spread? Even as every person you've ever met is a cog in an incredibly elaborate system that probably makes your life substantially more comfortable and enjoyable?

You need to get some goddamn perspective. Join some missionaries and volunteer in Bangladesh or something, and see just how wonderful your life is and how grateful you should be for the people that make it so.

Fight club is a good movie, but having a split personality with radical tendencies dosnt seem practicle

You'll be happier if you conform to fit into the group. Being an outlier, a black sheep, something different that doesn't stand above is something that literally no one enjoys.

Just ask the DNC


Attached: 1280.jpg (960x960, 324K)

American promotes itself as the land of the free but then gets mad at people for wanting to be part of it..

He's too good for a film about men taking control of their own destiny, while acknowledging their baser instincts. Tell him to grow a pair, start drinking single malt scotch and quit bitching like a prepubescent girl.

Attached: 12341243143.jpg (780x438, 58K)

It's incredibly efficient, look at how much shit Tyler gets up to in short spaces if time

Same fuck this cruel world

I want out fam

I moved to a small place in the woods & live as self-sufficiently & cashless as possible. I sabotage every aspect of human society I can reach from here. When I turn off my cell modem all of humanity disappears & my life is pretty much perfect. Works for me

People who live in the same vicinity will have similar priorities and needs based upon living in that vicinity. For example, people in Louisiana are concerned about flood control vs people who live in Nevada who are concerned about access to water. Electoral college was set up with this in mind so that national government is motivated to be concerned about every region and not just those with the most people.

Attached: 1479165142597.jpg (600x700, 75K)

Where the fuck did you come from? Sure wasnt your country before you invaded. You're pretty much the english in denial.

Well yeah. We worked hard to make it prosperous, and we work hard to control our government so it continues to be (relatively) free. Then they come in and wedge themselves in carefully constructed institutions in a way that damages our prosperity, and are so numerous that our government considers granting them representation so they can vote for things that make us measurably less free, OF COURSE the people of the US would dislike them.

So you're a badass on twitter but all you've actually done is run away and hide, albeit poorly

Who are you to define what is ok and what's not

The land of the:
Free Healthcare, Free Housing, Free Food, Free Transportation, Free Security, Free Education, for fuck's sake Free Phones.

We can't provide that to the entire world.

Be a part of it by fixing where you are instead of demanding what we have.

Or... immigrate legally... by having a skill we need.

Sounds like Hitler but instead of Jews Its the rich / 1% / corporations.

I pay my parents bills and my own bills. Not everyone is lucky enough to have made smart investments. Not everyone is capable of doing things that might be easy for us, and make us wealthy, but to them sounds like rocket science.

If you're not taking care of your parents then you're young or they died/hate you.

God doesnt care about us. Our president has a god complex. I'm lucky, I'm only amazing when speaking relatively. I won the genetic lottery. My brother didnt, its not his fault.

If you think everything you are is the result of hard work and not just the sperm that popped your mothers egg then you're an egotistical little shit and will someday grow up.

Its not your fault if your 5 8' and nobody listens to you. Its not your fault if you "cant read good" and nobody listens to you. Most of that ability is decided before you could even walk. This doesnt mean you arent a valuable human being, you're just not a lucky one. Maybe, someday you'll realize that the only people who are good at anything are the people in that genetic top 5%.

If the entire top 5% cared about everyone who rolled in the bottom 95% we wouldnt have a problem in America. Currently, what we have is year after year of China outpacing us everywhere from education to tech to manufacturing.

Its your choice. Lead the 95% of your society who can hardly fucking use a PC and save them, because you're better, because you're American, or join them and be another "white loser" for China to consume.

If you think there is a 3rd option then you probably never had a parent, teacher, or coworker tell you that you're the smartest person they know. Is that the case?

If you knew half of me I'd probably at least listen to what you had to say but it just seems defensive to me.

>i care about minorities and small groups until they go against me
the post

There are an infinite number of ways to interpret the world. The post-modern belief is that all of those ways of interpreting the world are equally valid.

That's retarded. There are a finite number of ways to interpret the world when you exclude interpretations that result in suffering and death. Walking through mid-winter Siberia while naked is a retarded way to live, because you will imminently die, and being resentful and ungrateful and self-destructive and angry is a retarded way to live because it imposes unnecessary suffering on you and everyone around you.

Utilitarianism vs Nihilism.

I assume "sabotage every aspect of human society" includes stealing shit so you don't have to work?

If so you are a parasite.

If you are not harming others, then Kudos.

I'm a man who appreciate my bad times because of how good they make my good times feel, understanding the balance is soothing.

Haha it's a good movie, read my reply shitstain

seems a lot better idea to encourage them to build something similar back home.

Did you seriously waste our time for a communism pitch?

Attached: 1575927241442.gif (360x270, 1.82M)

good post user.

I did. I was agreeing with you.

Even though his other side I'd trying to stop him? Dosnt seem efficient. He sabotaged himself in the end so how did it seem practicle

Attached: 1580624247001.jpg (750x666, 67K)

Like all success stories of human history, we conquered by killing the killers who conquered those who came before them. Fortunately we are civilized enough that we didn't kill all of those who we conquered, and in fact, provide for them to this day. Do you know how rare that is in Human History?

We won, (relative) losers don't get to creep in and suck us dry.

As I just said, sure wasnt you're country before you invade. Just because you made something of it why dont you deserve to be invade? As they say treat people how you want to be treated

>Our president has a god complex
and let me guess, he's literately hitler incarnate, unstable, man child with a small penis and looks like a cheeto right? i mean just look at those poor mexican children he's locking into cages and all the ring wing death squads bashing people in their faces with bike locks!
people like you, and all bernie supporters is why i will vote for trump. even if he was actually the worst president in history, i would vote for him out of spite against you. all my life people like you have done nothing but shit on me. made fun of me from being from the south, called me redneck, uneducated hick, bible thumpers and all that other shit out of one mouth while preaching from the bible about being tolerant and accepting of others. i can't stand you pieces of shit leftist. i never hated gays but you called me homophobic. i always wanted a safety net because i do care about people but you told me i want to throw grandma off a cliff because i don't support 100% universal healthcare. you cry and cry about racism but do nothing about the discrimination of rural southern folk who just want to live simple lives.
fuck you. fuck everything about you. you two faced hypocrite piece of rotting shit. take your bachelors degree and family and shove it up your ass you holier than thou trash. when you're on the side of the street after being bashed in the face by one of your own people thinking you're a fascist ill just stand there and call you a homophobic bigot.

And let's be honest all you states where fighting between each other for power for decades before you even go close to where you are now

China is a weird standard to measure against. Because even while they surpass us in education and tech and manufacturing, they routinely commit human rights violations, suppress dissent, oppress and censor their people, and lie about how well they're doing.

But even if we humor the idea that China is performing better benchmarks in those categories, it might be worth considering that they have 5x the population of the USA, and half of it lives either in absolute poverty such that the USA had to develop a new strain of rice that was fortified with vitamin A in order to save them from malnutrition or as virtual slaves. So maybe comparing us to China is a little bit retarded.
7 of the 9 acts of [according to the legal definition] domestic terrorism since 2012 were motivated by right-wing extremism, to say nothing of the dozens of other mass shootings which weren't explicitly terrorism committed by conservative gun owners in that timeframe

I didn't say you weren't OK, I said you are "weird" like millions of bog standard middle class US teenagers with access to tattoos, piercings and Hot Topic are "weird".

It's fine. Most grow out of it.

If you truly hang around the fringe you know exactly how normal you are. Does that bother you?
Be glad you can function.

Why shouldn't you kick out all the american citizens who arent doing anything and just leaching to make room for people who want to make something then? Most of you didnt do shit all to make it what it is today

>all the ring wing death squads bashing people in their faces with bike locks!

Attached: 1569943365604.jpg (541x541, 50K)

I don't steal anything. I find it sad that most people don't think it's possible to escape from consumerism & provide for their own needs

Dont think I said anything about the rich, another angry american changing what someone says to suit them.

Well good thing you care about us, since you have nominated yourself God. Please show us the way Oh Wise One.

If they're an invasion force, then we would be justified in treating them as an invasive force, but you already said that Trump is like Hitler even when he doesn't wield lethal force against them.

So either Trump isn't like Hitler, and accepts the invasive force with an absolute minimum of obstruction, or Trump SHOULD BE like Hitler, and destroy the invasive force for the good of the American project.

Sorry wrong person then, a lot of posts to keep up with on mobile

No. Not Wikipedia. This has been a talking point with you guys for the past 2 weeks. And don't tell me you just magically thought of it yourself. Where is the talking point from?

Ask your mom she can teach you a thing or two about it

Attached: nice-blonde-eye-contact-blowjob.gif (500x444, 1.49M)

You sound like a happy guy

Note that none of the Antifa riots are listed, even though they could legally be considered terrorism because they invoked terror and used violence in order to either suppress political opposition or to voice their own political agenda.

Are you a native Indian? Is that their opinion or an american who has most things handed to them

Sounds very stereotypical, you must be in at least grade 5 to join the dots that well.

Be mad bitch because it's true

2 reasons:

1. They either are already in a position to contribute to the American project, or
2. They were heavily invested into by the American people.

Immigrants, by definition, are neither of those things. And by your own logic, we should just kick out or kill all the children because they're useless.

No it's not Communism, he's really smart, his parents told him so!

It's totally NEW Kommunism that will absolutely work, where the Elites herd the peasants FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. (By the way he is the natural choice for Dictator, uh, I mean "First Among Many".)

See he's really smart, lots of people say so. The proof is he's telling us he's smart, which is what smart people do.

Waiting for him to demonstrate it though... maybe he's tired?

Anyway, KOMMUNISM will totally work.

Good girl. Yeah, keep sucking, keep sucking.

Have you really degraded yourself down to mother jokes? Have you graduated from high school yet?

Attached: 1575931549814.gif (192x192, 116K)

Attached: GIF-200205_170138.gif (320x240, 1.71M)

I don't understand this whole thing. Trump was impeached by a democratically elected body. He was subsequently acquitted by a democratically elected body. It sounds to me as though democracy is working. Why are liberals freaking out? Do they not support democracy?

Tell me more

Attached: rudy.gif (320x240, 1012K)

You have every right to defend yourself, and every right to shut your mouth if you lose to the chinese. You talk a big game when you think you have no threats

Kommunism has certainly never been tried before. We should totally give it a chance. It's such a new and fresh idea that totally hasn't either completely failed or resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people everywhere it's been attempted.

I want to be left alone, I do not try to force my way into other countries and suck them dry. Please treat me the way I want to be treated.

No! Rudy Giuliani is the best cock sucker around! Ask Donald!

Attached: tenor (3).gif (498x424, 1.44M)

So you think you have a right to just do nothing all day and live off welfare just because you're american even if you do nothing?

That Bill Clinton was accused of rape? Yes. That is true.

Attached: Cm4Bze4XgAAO3u4.jpg (697x1200, 235K)

Funny you post Norm. He endorsed Andrew Yang months ago.


Attached: MAC38_TRUMPCLINTON_POST.jpg (822x529, 188K)

Will being bolstered by Mexico help us against the Chinese, even as the Mexicans undermine our institutions?

If not, then by your logic there's no reason to not be assholes to them. If China is the end-game, then we should do everything we can to fortify ourselves against them.

Because they are here, and they are Citizens. You help your own, you repulse the outsider, unless they can provide value. (And I don't mean Democrat votes in exchange for Welfare).

But yes, we absolutely need to get our house in order before we help anyone else.

You cant see through that this isnt about trump and I'm not american.

You make it sound like they come into your house and annoy you. Go hide in your basement if you wanna be alone

You seem to a weird obsession with cock sucking and bad jokes.

Attached: 1576388710634.gif (220x180, 1.03M)

Attached: download (6).jpg (1160x629, 235K)

What is it with you fucks and mob rule? I thought you pretended to care about minorities?

A lot of good it did Yang. Poor Norm. He's never been the same after the incident.

antifa doesnt exist as an organization anywhere other than under conservative's beds

Attached: 171009105637.jpg (780x438, 75K)

As your mother about that. Son.

Attached: 1580810482175.gif (450x243, 1.52M)

Then Kudos*. I just didn't want you defining stealing as "revolution" or "sabotage" or some shit to justify your parasitism.

*Unless you get any type of Government support.

i really hate two faced pieces of trash like that op. never bothered to take the time to learn and understand those on the right or from the south. instead just regurgitates the bullshit hateful people at university says about the right and the south. preaches tolerance with one hand while screaming no tolerance for the intolerant (aka, those who don't agree with me) with another. take's one asshole and paints everyone as that person while simultaneously telling other people "not all gays are like that." never gives people he doesn't like the benefit of the doubt then goes on rants about intellectuals, education, and all that shit and how we all need to learn and be accepting of each other. two faced fucking scum of the earth and then expects me to vote for bernie? fuck him.

build killer drones
wipe out congress

Hey guys, thanks for the replies, good, bad and constructive. You know you're doing something right if you piss off a few people. I'll see you next time. Probably along the same lines. Good to see you can still have a decent discussion on this board.

So a bunch a faggots just happen to be in the same place wearing the same clothes?

Attached: 13412341234134.jpg (450x300, 50K)

You make connecting the dots VERY EASY PeNgUiN oF dOoM.

Half of adult households in the US utilize some sort of social service. Such social services include

Housing assistance (provision of public housing and housing rent subsidy payments)
Medicaid, the joint federal–state program that pays for medical care for people with low incomes
Public assistance or cash assistance from state and local government welfare programs, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and short-term emergency help
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
The SSI program that provides monthly benefits to disabled adults and children and to those 65 and older who have limited income and assets but are not disabled

The vast majority of them are one-parent households, ethnic households, elderly households, or households with a disabled head of house. The most common social program in use is Medicaid, at 84% of households receiving social services, with the least common being public assistance TNAF, at 9% of households receiving social services.

Note that none of those figures mean that those households don't work, just that they are receiving help from the programs that they pay taxes for. So they've earned them, in a way.

>I'm not american
now you've confused him lol

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Attached: a14.jpg (917x720, 238K)

Ask yourself if its better to have everyone choose or to have our smartest people choose.

I chose a candidate that is clearly my superior.

Do you choose to follow someone who isnt even better than you? If they arent better, why follow them?

Why let someone make decisions for you if you dont consider them your superior?

Do you let children tell you what to do? Should we allow an inferior candidate to even run for a nomination?

You'll ask yourself these questions eventually. I'm only proposing them to you now so that we can all save time.

You're on Cred Forums so I assume you have relatives asking you to fix their PC.

Would you want any of those family members deciding the laws that dictate day to day life in our society?

Do we let inferior athletes take up time in pro sports? Do we let low rank players take up spots in esports?

Eventually, we, the people who can understand tech, decide for the others or they decide for us.

If you continue to delude yourself with some silly idea of genetic equality you drag us all down.

Its simple. Either you can lift a couch or you cant. We dont live in 1200 AD. Lifting couches doesnt decide anything today. You're smart enough to make it here to Cred Forums and write a post.

Believe it or not that puts you in the top 20%. Its your responsibility to lead. If you fail in this, someone else will take your spot and it very likely could be someone incompetent.

We arent gods or elites. We're simply the best chance the planet has. People with weak minds have other contributions and its their responsibility to add their contributions to humanity and the progress of society.

Stop being ashamed of yourself. Stand up as one of the intelligent people in our society and play your part. Read. Research. Vote.

If you dont, you'll regret it. I'm not here to change your mind, only you can do that, smart people listen but they dont let others brainwash their opinions.

If you think you're living up to your potential, ignore me.


Attached: https___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_171009110559-harvey-weinstein-donald-trump-2009.jpg (1200x675, 101K)

Do you have any in the last 15 years?

Attached: 1570899451407.jpg (634x1110, 145K)


Attached: R1yB0w1.jpg (634x462, 60K)

I don't even have an address

Attached: 13241431243.jpg (1012x569, 140K)

An American Citizen has >0 right to do so, a non American Citizen has

Attached: 4521CB2700000578-0-image-m-46_1507665393319.jpg (634x509, 55K)

run it up, don't forget the name baby lou

I love the south. People are incredibly friendly there, the food's great, you're generally left to do whatever you want, land is cheap, taxes are low, and the governments are rightly afraid of the people.

I currently live in New York. As soon as I have enough money to get a decent patch of land in the Appalachians I'm getting the fuck out of dodge and heading south. And I'm not gonna bring any retarded New York politics with me, because I've lived under their yoke for years and seen them destroy a once beautiful part of the country.

Do you see any of that in yourself?

Is Yang a Communist? Is he a Kommunist?!?!?

I mean doesn't matter, he ain't coming close to being the one to lose to Trump, but I am curious.

That's refered to as black block & has been used for decades

Attached: trumpepstein.png (2000x1000, 1.15M)

Attached: 5d22123ea17d6c13417ead42.jpg (1100x579, 67K)


Attached: 1576000640143.jpg (900x1495, 244K)

Illegals don't come into my house (country) and annoy me? (consume my resources, commit crimes, vote for shitty politicians).

Hopefully we are done hiding.

To presume that your political representatives are superior is ignorant. They're just people. They might be SPECIALIZED in an area that you, yourself, aren't specialized in, but that doesn't make them superior to you. Your plumber isn't superior to you just because he knows plumbing and you don't.

Anyone that thinks that AOC is superior to them is the textbook definition of a piece of shit, because that lady is a moron who was a bartender until she got a lucky victory in a district she ran on on a whim that randomly won because no one ran against her and got a few votes because her name is vaguely ethnic.

Politicians aren't our superiors. They are just the people that volunteer to engage with politics on our behalf, and we make judgements about their character or objectives in order to determine if they are WORTHY OF REPRESENTING US AS EQUALS.

Attached: 20200205_222053.jpg (618x627, 463K)


I could go on there right now and make it say anything I want to so it's not a valid source for citation

That was in 2002 before the charges. Anything after the charges?

Not in office! Twit!

So much anger

Attached: (474x266, 22K)

God has a superior?


Join now before it's too late

Not in office! Trumptard!!!

So you dress in black and just chill.

Attached: 32142141341243.jpg (576x324, 40K)

Vote Republican

Guilt by association is not a recognized or legitimate facet of US jurisprudence.

Attached: 5dcea2247eece5342e3ae7c2.jpg (1100x550, 51K)

So. What's that supposed to mean?

Attached: IMG_20200205_214454.jpg (2048x1536, 520K)

>A black bloc is a group of protesters who wear black clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses, motorcycle helmets with padding, or other face-concealing and face-protecting items. The clothing is used to conceal wearers' identities and hinder criminal prosecution by making it difficult to distinguish between participants.

You know what, fuck whining on Cred Forums, something needs to be fucking done. Cred Forums should band together and start a revolutionary movements. The only way for a Star Trek utopia to happen is if we clear out the rot of our current society.

They only want to keep minorities in ghettos
The day we give up the Electoral college is the day our great nation comes to an end

Join now before it's too late

Your dad is gay.

Attached: 1580778202145.jpg (1022x1020, 114K)

You're not going to George Orwell anyone into thinking that Antifa doesn't exist. Especially when they have a robust social media presence, and wave signs with their goddamn name and sigil on them.

So Black Bloc is not Antifa, they just dress and act similarly?

Attached: fd95c5616bf64ca4823be69706b49083-articleLarge.jpg (600x400, 45K)

Omg two people shaking hands....I guess you have it all figured out user

Mommy left your pringles at the top of the steps

All Cred Forums really wants is peace & love


Cmon now we know they run backwards in mobs to remove bike locks from people's heads, suck fire out of trashcans and set them upright, and remove themselves from blocking venues for free speech after unbreaking windows... if you play the video in reverse.

It's community service, which is why Democrats love them and protect them.

Whatever helps you sleep.


Attached: coveringpotus~1580747952~2235798334059480634_8980549902.jpg (1080x1080, 111K)

what do your domestic security institutions think?

According to the Picard series, the Star Trek Federation is a communist government where all facets of individual production and industry and achievement are controlled by the State.

Fuck that. I'd rather live in the anarchy-laden Star Wars universe.

I am! With your dad!

Attached: RGRiKYt.png (720x720, 226K)

>domestic security institutions
Are you serious? Is that what you are calling them?

I note that sexual orientation and sexual identity aren't listed.

Because they're choices. And they're repugnant choices.

Who told you who those people are or represent?

If we can actually shoot people up into space, then why don't we just get rid of all useless humans by shooting them into space. Nobody that goes/has went to space has ever reached a "destination" then came back. Unless you believe the moon landing footy