Impeaching donald trump is cool and all...

impeaching donald trump is cool and all,but what are we suppose to do with his supporters who think getting rid of immigrants is more important then freedom and the constitution?

the republican party isnt worth voting for anymore.thank donald and his supporters for that

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We care far more about the Constitution, the impeachment was a sham from the house

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Thank Us?

You are slightly misguided though, but all in all you are welcome!

who is "we"?

and the house turning democrat was just a big "fuck you" to republicans who thought donald bone spurs was a good choice for president

You’re going to be so triggered in November

the fact he can badmouth the bush family and get applause from republicans should of been the first clue for republicans to get rid of this idiot and his supporters.but nope,you had to listen to the extreme morons in your your suffering the consequences,have fun when you lose the senate and presidency this year.good fucking riddance

says the trump supporter,who has been triggered the last 4 years straight

another reason why real republicans shouldnt tolerate trump and his bad your party is a pile of shit compared to what it used to be

Just leave a trail of beef jerky and Budweiser towards a large camp and then put all the filthy Trump supporting niggers into ovens. Or... pump as much Liberal semen into their wives and daughters and wait 20 years.

we need a democrat who will have a stance on illegal immigration and boarder security
if not we are going to loose
Biden is the only one talking about this

Good news! Four more years of fucking coming right up!

It will be enraging to see the country getting better and better, won't it?

You aren't supposed to show your power level Comrade!


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>getting rid of immigrants is more important then freedom
Getting rid of immigrants *is* freedom

the country was better with george w bush and republicans.the country is a pile of shit with donald trump and his ignorant redneck supporters

there's a reason republicans never bothered to vote for you in the midterms and you lost house majority.and no,it isnt the news media,obama or you snowflakes have whined about for the past 4 years straight

your to stupid to take the hint

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freedom is something trump supporters dont want to support

plus,news flash redneck.white people are immigrants when are you rednecks going to fuck off back to europe?

Hwy OP how about you quit being a cucky faggot and protect your country from foreign invaders. Come on get on the Trump train! Next stop, economic sovereignty!

You sound like a fag

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Yeh.. but both of those kids are too old for a Trump supporter to fuck.

...even though most major gun laws have have republican backing and the current "republican" president has expressed ant-gun ideals for decades

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>protect your country

oh ok,i get it.the people who support a draft dodging pussy think there country will be about this,ill protect my country from people who hate the constitution,meaning.trump and his supporters

let them continue to live in squalor

>republican backing

im sorry idiot,but trump and his supporters are not republicans.america,still as dumb and poor as they've always been

You have to go back

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>who think getting rid of immigrants is more important then freedom and the constitution?

Missed the word “illegal” in there, bud. But I’ll tell you what, go travel to another country and just try to set up shop and live your life without citizenship or a visa, and see what happens. Here’s a hint, you might be surprised how heavily any non 3rd world country enforces immigration. I guess they’re just racists tho, right?

both of those kids arent even old enough to vote,or didnt vote for trump to begin why do you snowflakes make fun of democrats when you act the same way as they do? this is why i hate republicans who voted for donald trump the most

says the person who voted for a guy who's wife is an immigrant,and father

i swear,every day you trump supporters remind me why america is such a shit country

whatever,keep bitching about immigration,this is why republicans got sick and tired of trump and his supporters shit and lost the house bad you dont pay attention to reality and only care about trump's fantasy world

Yeah, LEGAL immigrants. Idk what it is with liberals that cannot wrap their mind around legal and illegal immigration. Like it’s truly not a hard concept


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>Implying Melania is legal

Once again, illegal immigration. Even the most die hard Trump supporters can articulate that illegal immigration is what they are against. Please, it’s really truly not that hard to understand. It just makes you sound so retarded. Wahh my immigrants wahh we are all families of immigrants wahhh.

What are Trump supporters triggered over? Winning the election?

You Bernie idiots having a constant fit?

The democrats sealed their fate in 2020 after the Brett Kavanaugh shit, and further sealed it with the failed impeachment. You will be crying again at the end of the year.

You never voted Republican anyway. Who you tryna fool, fool!

What do you mean “what are we suppose to do with his supporters”
Something should be done to Americans who vote?
Are you sure you’re on the side of the good guys?

Why do deranged commie idiots like yourself support shit like this?

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But they are not illegal immigrants. So, they get to stay.
Come legally and you can stay too.

>republicans ignore the constitution
Democrats introduced a bill in Virginia to criminalize criticism of government officials (neutering the first amendment) and are trying to convince their supporters in every state we need the ATF to doorkick every fudd with an AR and throw them in prison (completely ignoring the already affirmed right to private ownership (DC vs Heller)), and sorry, you being scared of guns doesn’t negate the fact the bill of rights is meant to serve as a roadmap for what the government ISN’T allowed to do. Face it, the democrats are corrupt, they routinely sabotage candidates with unique ideas and reinterpret the constitution however they see fit that specific week, not to mention every law they propose involves obligating more taxation or directly increasing central government control.

>What are Trump supporters triggered over? Winning the election?
considering that they're still screeching about Hillary at every chance they get


>What are Trump supporters triggered over

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Sure married to an American citizen. Please learn the laws of this country before you open your retard mouth

>considering that they're still screeching about Hillary at every chance they get
But they're not? They laugh at her whenever she opens her mouth, because she's still seething hard, just like you.

Marry a citizen. Presto! You're legal! Just ask Omars' brother.

>getting rid of immigrants
Why is it alright for a Democrat to talk about cracking down on illegal immigration as one of the largest influences of wasted tax dollars and sources of crime, but it's not alright for a Republican to say the same?

Of course, the only argument the Left has is to say he wants to deport all immigrants, and end all immigration, when he wants to stop illegal immigration only, and to send the current illegals within the US back to their home nations.

I'm not saying he's right. I think we do need different immigration laws in this country, and some very different laws related to immigration and citizenship. But I don't get how people want to change the narrative when they can do so much more good using actual facts.

Your own straw arguments betray you.

I'm glad to see MSM has now conditioned the sheepole into calling illegals immigrants.

>Implying trump is a citizen
Gonna need to see his birth certificate

>But they're not?

Don't need a birth certificate. Again, just ask representative Omar.

>your to stupid
Fucking hell dude.

That sounds like Nazi speak to me.

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>What are Trump supporters triggered over?
Brown people having rights.

And that has to do with his legal immigrant wife how?

Have drugs rotted your brain?

>Voting an nigger to office wasn't worth it ethier faggot

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I fully support their right to fuck off and not infringe upon my rights. What the hell are you on about?

nigga you bald

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But they're not? Most Trump supporters have no problems with black people. There is also a growing number of black people outside of California and New York voting for him.

>Still implying trump is a legal citizen

How stoned are you? You actually mean illegals. Trump has done more for this country and anyone has done in decades.

He's too busy shitting on the street in San Francisco to think straight.

Every trump supporter I know in person uses "nigger(s)" exclusively except for my dad who only called Obama nigger.
Half of them use "wetback(s)" frequently even including legal mexicans.

I didn't imply a thing. I don't need to imply anything. He is. No one, literally no one disputes it.
Except you.... Apparently.

Like what?

you trumptards keep pretending like your ok with legal immigrants,yet you arent

>Every trump supporter I know in person
Which is 0.

You're a deranged Bernie commie from some lefty shithole like California. You don't know any Trump supporters because you perceive them to be evil.

I say spic, thank you very much.
Except never to my friend Juan. Why? Because his parents came here legally, and he is a citizen!
And yes, his name is really Juan and he loves his guns and he loves Trump. Myself, I think Trump is the best option we had, and he's an idiot. It is what it is.

But if they are illegals then wetback works better as it implies an illegal crossing of the Rio Grande.

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Every 'trumptard' I know is all for legal immigration.
Jesus Christ, most our border control agents are Hispanics who hate illegal immigration. And God Bless them.

Currently live with 2
Most people I know are republican. Makes sense since I used to be a republican as well

Uh huh

Uh huh.

>Currently live with 2
No you don't, LARPer. Keep seething about the election result, and save some extra rage for later this year.

>hurr durr laws

coming from the crowd who wiped their ass with the constitution for 4 years.fuck off trumpshit,the republican party was better off without you snowflakes

>Implying liberals have enough T to be fertile
Sorry but you're taking the wrong kind of hormones for that

Take that libs

You mean fucking criminals who entered into this country illegally and leech off our social systems?



trump supporters are not republicans,republicans support the constitution.trump supporters wipe their ass with the constitution and think kicking the non white immigrants out is more important

this is why america is such a shit many idiots.the first step to making america great again is getting rid of everyone who voted for donald trump in the republican party

Warning: Thread is astroturf carried out by organized political operatives. A vast majority of Americans are political moderates and aren't trying to subvert the Republican party, even if Trump himself isn't the most popular. Do not let these threads brainwash you into believing these beliefs are normal. This a coordinated effort of the few to trick the many. The exact same tactics are taken from Russian 'Active Measures' disinformation campaigns, read here to find out more about them so you can learn to spot falsified political narratives too.

Good luck with that.

I don't even know how to respond to this incoherent nonsense. Are these kids 16 years old?

trump supporters are triggered because after 4 years they finally realized that 95 percent of the republican party hates them and donald trump

also,im not crying.i think democrats would of been better if they tried impeaching trump years ago.when it mattered,or even better.if the republicans who voted for him had half a brain and realized how big of a leftist pile of shit he is

>incoherent nonsense

dont worry trump supporter,nobody cares about the incoherent nonsense coming out of you and your "god emperor"presidents mouth.apparently your to stupid to understand why you lost the midterms

Absolute nonsense.

No one is kicking out legal citizens. No one. Name one case.
As for Visas. Visas do not make you a citizen and can legally be revoked at any time.

>name one case

does it matter? you retards will only believe it if it came from trump's twitter account.since everyone else to you is "fake news".another reason why the republican party is a disgrace for putting up with trump and his supporters shit

>also,im not crying
Yes you are.

When the fuck did Trumpies wipe their collective ass with the constitution? Are you seeing that Trump was impeachable? Because the impeachment process is political not criminal, as we well know because there was no crime alleged. In the constitution it leaves the process up to congress to do what the fuck they want, and guess what, they decided to do what their constitutional rights allow them to do and vote against impeachment.
This is not hard. You're just retarded.

They hate him so much they acquited him in the impeachment.
That is indeed a lot of hate.

no,im not.but keep thinking you arent even though on a weekly basis you'll bring up the media or some sports player

even my trump supporting idiot father made a comment during the super bowl about kaepernick even though he doesnt play with the 49ers anymore.this is how pathetic the republican party has gotten since they tolerate you trump supporting babies

I lost nothing. I didn't run for office. How did "I" lose the midterms?


Well, I'll give you that. You are correct, to libtards, facts do not matter. So no, I guess it doesn't matter.

gee redneck,i dont about freedom of the press and the right to bear can stop talking about the constitution if you voted for donald trump,because you wipe you ass with it

also,the impeachment is meaningless.the republican party has already been destroyed thanks to trump and his idiot supporters

>no,im not.
Nah, you definitely are. Take some more heroine to ease the pain of losing.

>facts do not matter

your implying the party who shouts fake news at everything that makes their president look bad cares about want a fact? donald trump lost his party the house majority in the midterms and will lose even more the next election.and you rednecks dont even have a clue

The republican party is dead. It has been completely taken over.

Hilarious how the 2 most hated Republicans now are the two previous Republican nominees before Trump. John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Why would you want to turn your country into another Latin American shithole?

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Only citizens losing the right to bear arms are the delusional Dems, since they're not mentally stable enough to handle firearms. Every time they do, a school gets shot up.


like it matters,donald trump has given america everything your evil hillary would of

i hope america gets some common sense this year.because the country is as big of a pile of shit as it was under obama

The Republican party nor the Democrat party has been worth voting for since 1913.

Well, I guess I'm happy for you user. You seem pretty confident and Happy about the Denise of the Republican party. I'll let you have that... Sleep tight in your dream world, user. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

why is john mccain hated? because he had the balls to serve his country while donald trump decided to win a bowling trophy instead

You need to stop crying. Accept the result and move on,

>accept the result and move on

like you did with barack obama? oh right,you still bring him up.take your own advice snowflake,im sorry i think the republican party has been a pile of shit with donald trump.its not my fault he continues to prove how dumb the country and its voters are

>republican party isnt worth voting for anymore.thank donald and his supporters for that

sorry brah you feel that way. i will never vote for the whiny cry babies who stomp their communist feet everytime they dont get their way.

Accept the result and move on, stop crying.

>democrats want to empower people like this
Well, that's one logical reason to never vote for them.

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Still larping as a disgruntled right winger, and not very well. Just stop. Salvage whatever self dignity you think you have.

And his approval rating just keeps going up. So much hate.

He is hated by the current Republican party for disrespecting Trump. And anyone who does is booted from the party. In the House and Senate election 2 years ago, anyone who did not back Trump was replaced by Trumpers.

>i will never vote for the whiny cry babies who

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Fake news

Right? Lol

No answers from democucks. Each times there's a rebuttal, the cower in their NPC routine and ignore everything else.

Nothing new.

Personally I liked McCain. Never liked Romney. But the Republican establishment disliked them because they were/are RINOs to some extent.

> Source: Dude, trust me.

Obama wasn't a legal citizen though and should have been impeached, removed, and ejected back to Kenya. We dropped the ball on that one.

And thats my point. How does that make any sense whatsoever? How can the Republican nominees, who literally represent the entire Republican party, be considered RINOs? Its not them that changed, its the party itself that changed.

Ironically, I also support trump, but for the opposite reason

Praying for 4 more years so I can continue to watch burger country go down the fucking toilet, you Americans are trash and you totally deserve it lol

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Parties do that. The Dems changed from Clinton wanting tighter borders to any talk of border security being racist. All politicians change with the weather. All we can do is vote for who happens to be the least worst.
Douche or shit sandwich. Take your pick.

Well, then your support is meaningless. But hey, keep trying.
Guess what... We don't even care where you're from because it doesn't matter. Not one little bit.

They were always RINOs. The conservatives have just taken the party back and expelled most of the RINOs.

>The conservatives have just taken the party back and expelled most of the RINOs.

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ever been outside america? your country is the laughing stock of the world

>convenient without audio

Why would Trump supporters be triggered? They won?

And thanks in no small part to the DNC (once again) he's gunna win again. Biden can't beat him. Sanders can't beat him. Warren can't beat him. And a big part of why, is because instead of unifying against this "great emperor of evil," they shit talked each other for the last six months. So now, since the DNC keeps surfacing more and more dirt on their fellow runners, everyone is apprehensive about anyone other than their own brand of feel-good candidate.

So yeah we're pretty much looking at another 4 years

I thought democrats want the one on the right to be able to vote

Yes, he was at one time a Democrat, but as long as he pushes conservative agendas he will be accepted by the conservatives. Where he will lose support is if he starts to backslide.

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America will deport trump supporters (aka white supremacists).

The next time dems have a supermajority (soon), we'll find an excuse to deport them. For instance, 2/3 of all terror attacks have been by the right wing in the US.

They WILL be dealt with lawfully. The US govt has been watching them for years and years.

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says the person who voted for a woman who's husband is a pedophile drug lord and and brother

i swear,every day you Hilary supporters remind me why Cred Forums is such a shit board

Actually that was taken after he was teargassed. But if it makes you feel better ok.


>he was at one time a Democrat

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I think Trump is a dick, and not so bright. But he keeps proving me wrong.
Yeah, he said "take the guns first, then investigate." Which pissed me off. But I think it was a troll. He trolled all the Dems and gun grabbers and shut them the hell up. He gave them bumpstocks to suck on, which who cares, really? Those two things shut down the media talking about gun bans day after day after day.

Now this whole Barisma impeachment deal results in the Dems looking like idiots and the frontrunner Biden, fucked.
The SOTU address was perfect for the situation. Lies? Propaganda? Doesn't matter. Perfect.
I have to give this guy more credit.

Riiight. Just try it. #1 you can't revoke citizenship of natural born citizens. #2 you will never get enough support to go against White Nationalists. There are more of us than you know.

Nay you niggers are ruining that as we speak

He was a racist troll online and some reporters caught up to him in person and he could own up to his shit and broke down in tears upon realizing he done goofed


Actually, I'm wondering how plausible it would be to get the GodKing to declare the left a terrorist organization and have them removed. Shouldn't be too hard to do.

Everybody knows they’re just Jew Soros schil’s it’s just fun to fuck with them hey they gotta pay the rent somehow

Sure. I've been to Great Britain many times. Very similar, Mate. They are just as divided.

Trump may be laughed at, but not too hard. The world still respects and fears the economic power that is the USA. They know our every move affects them.
And even if they didn't, I wouldn't care. Why should I?
You do in your country whatever it is you do and it affects me not. Apparently that bothers you enough to be concerned about who my president is, and yet you claim to laugh at us.
Sure kid, sure.

You missed an adjective there. Theres definitely a fringe that hates immigrants, but most only have an issue with illegals.

>whiny cry babies who stomp their feet everytime they dont get their way

sounds like donald trump and supporters, not your "brah".perhaps you should focus on getting through jr high school before you focus on things that adults decide

okay, glavset

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He has already declared antifa a terrorist organization, so not hard at all.

not missing anything,they dont seperate illegal immigrants from legal immigrants.they just take any opportunity they can to badmouth people who arent white,conservative and ignorant

The 7s of trump truth

although,you'd know this if your knowledge of the country didnt only come from your redneck conservative blogs just like every other uninformed trump supporter

>trump truth

coming from people who shout fake news at everything that doesnt kiss their presidents have to actually believe the truth

Perfect. Just gotta get the DNC declared a terrorist organization, then they'd be felons by default. Patriots win.

and what has he done about republicans who are just as bad as antifa? nothing

No such thing.

>patriots win

so you mean people who support the constitution instead of trump's bullshit? not sure why you think people who dislike freedom of speech,freedom of the press,and the right to bear arms are patriots.go figure your another example of why people think trump and his supporters are retards

Sounds like your typical Cred Forumsflake

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No one crosses borders anymore and drugs are going to get in anyway with all the paid off border patrol

>no such thing

tell that to charlottesville

coming from people who shout fake news at everything that doesnt kiss their favorite blue checkmark's have to actually believe the truth

>No such thing

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oh,and the bundy ranchers.trumptards apparently only support violence when their fellow right wing rednecks are doing it


>blue checkmarks ass

funny,he thinks donald trump is any better then the left flash retard,he's just as bad as the rest of the left,maybe you should replace that lump of shit between your ears with a brain

> Dude, trust me

White Nationalists aren't tearing up college campuses and beating up journalist. The most we do is buy up towns to create pro-White havens. We don't even get violent until we are attacked first.

You simply have this fetish that we hate non-whites. Yet we fully realize that most whites are not even 'white'.
Degree of whiteness has nothing to do with it. Obeying our law, does.
I know that fucks up your fantasy but it's true.
Oh well, you'll be fine. Fantasy is in the mind of the beholder.

OP doesn't know immigration is legal under Trump. How funny.

Only after we were attacked first.

I think you are confusing the term triggered with rolling on the floor laughing...

Gotta break a few Dems to Keep America Great.

That and the fact they are already declared as terrorist organizations. Minor splinter groups even at least by the SPLC.
Can't declare what is already declared.

you never voted rep, liberal crybaby. Find a gender and a job

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I'm not defending Trump, you fucking retard. I'm literally pointing out how much the left is as bonker than the right.

But you, as any typical degenerate obsessed zealot from the left, think you have the moral high ground to belittle anyone who doesn't agree with you and your opinions.

#1 Aryan Brotherhood is not accepted by any true White Nationalist organizations because they are a criminal organization. #2 your meme is screwed up because it mentions AB but shows NSM. You can't even get your information correct.

>suck dat orange peepee

t. Deranged lunatic

Bundys didn't have any violence. They just exercised their constitutional rights, as any good right wing conservative Patriot would do.

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Go back to Twitter.

Oh, I didn't know your dick was so small. Poor little thing.

Govt. and especially Dems love to become thought police when it comes to weapons.
>They are guilty of having a lot of ammunition on hand. They are dangerous and are obviously planning very naughty things!

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Attached: theft tv.jpg (529x482, 29K)

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SPLC isn't a government agency dumbass. And they are now mostly defunct after all the leaders were thrown out over Dees's sexual harassment.

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Trump not guilty
How mad are left tards rn?

Attached: nigger beaten at gas station after hitting woman.webm (512x288, 856K)

Attached: nigger parenting bj.webm (224x400, 1.64M)

Funny how when cornered in their own BS, retards like this fag start posting shit as if it's an argument somehow.

Doesn't invalidate my claim.
But, yeah. April 20, 1871 was a long time ago so I can excuse you for forgetting.

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As I said. AB is not acceptable to any mainstream White Nationalist organizations. We don't condone criminal activity, drug use or violence except for self defense.

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fuck the immigrants and u don't like ur freedom? go to some other 3rd world country an let me know how that goes. whats the problem? afraid ur not gonna be able to open carry? LOL.....

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If you dont like trump you should probably shoot yourself in the head bc you cant see whats right or wrong in this world

Fucking nigger retard fag they just need to pass a citizenship test or else they get confused with the large amounts of Mexicans that actually smuggle in drugs

dilate, and cope

The government never designated any White Nationalist organization a terrorist organization. So yes, your claim is invalid.

Funny how you say that as the shills are showing up to dump their propaganda

This isnt real is it?

How convenient

What others do is completely unrelated to what I said. What's your point?

It's Cred Forums
grain of salt

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Lol, please do elaborate how the impeachment, which was based on the testimony of the dudes who Trump picked to be his guys, was a “sham.”

Lesbians? Sounds like a reasonable argument.

Because the de facto state media told them so

Fucking foreign shill

The Republican Party "wasn't" worth voting for. You can thank the mainstream Republicans for that. Donald Trump made the Republican Party worth voting for again, that's why he wiped the fucking floor with absolutely everything else the party had to offer and shrugged off everything it threw at him to try and avoid letting him lead the charge.

And the dirty little secret is, he wouldn't have won the general election if the Democratic Party was worth voting for either.
More fucking people missing the point...

Sondland? He was directly asked by the house about Trump's pressure over Ukraine and admitted on parole that it was only his perception of what happened, or whatever the president was doing.

Have you found him yet?

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How do you think court works typically? Like, do you think if you tell someone you’re not extorting them, but then act like you’re extorting them, and you’re guy says they thought you were extorting them—that you’re going to win that case? Lolol, good luck.

Good point user

I can’t wait till that little red hatted smirking shit shows his face in public and gets a proper ass-whooping. I would love to beat the shut out of him and stand over him, pissing on his face and his stupid hat as he whimpers for help.

Just sayin....

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Hey look, it's one of those primates that can't figure out who the image in the mirror is.

Hope it's reinforced against soy arms! It could hurt itself.

Shit posting moron....bottom tier hobby user lol

Nazi speaking user
Libtards prefer to abort babies stupid

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And? I called you a faggot, now you're a faggot forever. It'll affect you life about as much as being impeached will affect his

Attached: lead_720_405.jpg (720x405, 63K)

Kek triggered

Attached: FDBC9009-4B17-4BA6-8A79-5557A4EE464B.png (640x610, 247K)

Soy has been shown to have no effect whatsoever on production of female hormones such as estrogen. Soy is infact an excellent source of protein which will build muscle mass. By saying someone has soy arms you are saying they are jacked.

Third in history

Exclusive club lol

Then you have to prove the extortion occurred beyond any reasonable doubts. Not that your perception about something you think happened as extortion is as such. If you fail at that, that's on you because you're accusation didn't hold any ground.

I could find quite a number of people just in this thread thinking you're a fag. Does that makes you fag?

That isn't the stereotype and you know it. But good try Soyboy.

Lemme guess you watched a propaganda movie and now you are vegan?


I’ll just leave this here.....

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The only propaganda I’ve watched recently was the pathetic state of the union address



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That depends, did I say I wasn’t a fag and then proceed to act like a fag and suck a dude’s dick? If so, then yeah—you should probably believe other people because clearly whatever I think the word fag means isn’t the same as what normal people think it means.

Let’s be real clear here. The dude’s buddies didn’t just make shit up. They observed his behavior, other people corroborated his behavior, we have evidence that he did behave that way, and his excuse/defense was the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. (If this was all about corruption, then why didn’t he work through normal fucking channels and/or fire the state department sides who had already determined that Ukraine had passed the not-that-corrupt metric we have in place - that someone has to pass - before aid can be approved for release?)

you boys have a macaw whispering in your ear what we never said

> Still not proving his point.
> Resorts to ad hominem because there is none.

Also, this isn’t criminal court buddy. Reasonable doubt isn’t the standard. Impeachment is firing someone from their job. The job’s important and isn’t a regular job, but he’s not going to jail. So reasonable doubt is just some bullshit legal jargon that the GOP throws around to confuse people. (Sorta like how they knowingly just use the term hearsay in a way all the lawyers know to be incorrect.)

He's impeached and will be forever. Seems that is the point

>> Still not proving his point.
>> Resorts to ad hominem because there is none.

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Good point user

I do agree Trump could have used the usual channels, but then Biden is no normal citizen either. He was Vice President under Obama when his son got his position in Ukraine.

Besides, behaviour alone is not a proof of a specific act, unless that's what you're trying to prove. We're not trying to prove that Trump was acting suspiciously but rather that he asked for an investigation on the Bidens BECAUSE he wanted to harm Joe Biden's campaign (and by extension process). The house brought plenty of proof for the former but failed completely regarding the latter.

Anyone suspiciously is one thing. Acting suspiciously BECAUSE of something else specifically is another.

If reasonable doubt isn't the standard, then any accusation is good as is, even if they are completely made up.

> Still not proving his point.
> Resorts to ad hominem because there is none.

It's 100% real. Look it up yourself.

Sorry idiot, there's a conflict in your brainwashing. Every bit of information related to that is fully available.


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Everybody knows he got an impeachment trail.

What's next?

The Sun is bright and apples falls on the ground?

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Fake news

> Twitter pics

>The sun is bright

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>He doesn't know

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>impotent seething rage

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love it how your kind all do this "no u" with everything. If someone calls your kind on something you just do a "no u" with the word even if you don't fully understand it. It's like you guys are incapable of even thinking on your own and just type out what your hive mind tells you.

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no u

Why are you posting the face girls do when they see your micro penis?

LOL die mad about it kid you'll never do shit in ur life

This is a bitch ass argument. If you name a case and it's something accessible to look up and they have the entire case and reasons laid out, you can't really argue it. Don't be a bitch, post a case or go fuck yourself. Less talk more action pussy.

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>Still doesn't know

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2 scoops, 2 terms, 2 acquittals. Stay mad.

> Still doesn't know

OP you're working overtime posting these asshurt threads after the polls released today have Dems down over a dozen points after the impeachment flopped. You really think crying on fuckin Cred Forums of all places is gonna save the Dem's from the impending Trump landslide? FUCKING KEK!

OP's a senile far left boomer struggling to understand why the Dems keep losing when his Twitter friends assure him Trump is literally hitler.


It's getting rid of ILLEGAL immigrants, aka illegal aliens, you idiot.

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>what are we suppose to do with his supporters who think getting rid of immigrants
Try and convince them that immigrants are fine, its just the illegal aliens and their 'anchors' that need to be gotten rid of. We can at least try to get them to agree to deport foreigners that break American law, but let in those that followed the correct process and will be good citizens to join us here.

They will see that the real immigrants are already vetted/competent enough to work decent jobs and pay their own taxes instead of a bunch of unknowns leeching off the welfare system while committing endless crime.

Hi OP. Your dentures done soaking yet? Gotta get down stairs fast, Gramps. Your retirement home's havin Salisbury streak for dinner.

Thanks for bumping the thread for me buddy.

You're the real MVP here.


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> Still doesn't know

The right can't meme

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> Still doesn't know

Isn't it funny that it's always the democucks that have the biggest mouths it's all I hear is them with there opinions yea we get it yours young uncertain and scared of being an adult but damn