Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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10/10 more?!?

I just busted a nut and I'm about to go to bed.


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11/10 please fuck my girl with that huge cock

How's mine?

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Nice, would in a second!

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8, would prefer it cut but great size


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Did u reply to the wrong one cause I'm clearly cut lmao


Damn that's nice.
10/10 for size, foreskin, and complexion

Fuck haha sorry I mean would prefer it uncut but love the size

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Not a lot of veins on me. Some like some don't.

Ok no worries thanks for the rate. I always wondered what my foreskin would have looked like though.

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Like my duvet... thick and soft.

Was meant for you


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I like it. A lot. As in, sweet perfection.

Can you post a bulge pic?

>I like it. A lot. As in, sweet perfection.
Looks good soft too...

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r8 please

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8/10 Nice girth

Yes, yes it does.

rate my cock

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10/10 Beautiful plumage


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Hairy motherfucker / 10

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tough but fair

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Bump ing