I have schizophrenia and I sleep 12-14 hours a day ask me anything

I have schizophrenia and I sleep 12-14 hours a day ask me anything

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what are the voices saying right now?

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Are you me? Is this you?

Their just singing this song
No this is me not you m.youtube.com/watch?v=wUZPXSH0RwI

Why don't you take your medicine

do the voices bother you?
I am accused of being schizophrenic, but I disagree because I am not bothered by the voices.

Sometimes they do but they are mostly encrypted messages by the military. So sometimes I struggle with their true meaning. I take medication

you know they're not really messages from the military right?

Military, gang, or freemasons. It's one of them

troll thread established

No troll, if you think that this technology is out of the realms of reason you are retarded. It's called voice to skull

but like if you know you have schizophrenia you know they're not real

I know they are real. Everything consists of matter and therefore is real.


Yeah yeah I know, stupid phone.

not how that works but okayy

so what do you think having schizophrenia means buddy?

its nsa via pine gap/menwith hill/fort mead

google occultphysics

targetted individual (bullshit nsa made up shit)
remote subvocalisation monitoring (uses earth penetrating radar like in mining engineering to record larynx/vocal cord change and reverse engineer to get ur subvocalised thoughts)
harrass you with emf covertly u could try look up prism/haarp

basically run by fragile x syndrome descendent of thomas woodrow wilson, who was also retarded. this is what started 1900s eugenics see virginia 1924, sweden, iceland eugenics

they are "managerially entrenched"
"big stick fallacy"
"appeal to authority"

bl dude, check ur genetic history, dont do any drug that isnt weed including ur meds, workout every day, stay busy, ignore the environmental harrassment. who knows could be ai by now less ur a big person of interest and its gone on 24/7 for months

dont tell doctors if in WASP nation of one of those 3 military bases they comprofuckingmised.

try live a good life project + career progression based

if ur a general/admiral in the military=murder all nsa genetically

What drugs are you on and what are your reviews of antipsychotics

occult physics pine gap*

why are they doing it? trying to hold onto usd collapse like rome did in third century under debasement. usa about to explode/implode and its all this issue related-causation

dont take the meds and take an anti-tumor diet/alkaline diet

They are shit they give you parkinsons like side effects

ignore all else, its retards looking for attention even the doctors. people werent meant to be born. over population

georgia guidestones transcript
venus project

see hp lovecraft, thomas woodrow wilson, fragile x syndrome. thats the level of operator ur dealing with/107 years since usd founded 23 dec 1913 epigenetic compromisation/enablement

no such thing as voices, just u having violence done against you by someone who wants u to internalise it as involuntary communication

rest is fake bullshit

get off meds
anti tumor/anti radiation/anti emf/ alkaline diet

google parkinsons cannabis patient

it cures

just smile and nod at docs

do the rest

if ur on bloods look for cbd oil delivery in ur nation/state

(cbd's 100% legal)

Many do not.

This guy knows.

That's not schizophrenia, that's bipolar depression

Everything about this thread is literally textbook schizophrenia. Very hard to fake this.

me 2

I knew it

ur genetics are judged thats the real game going on, the retards lieing about it also trapped

Listen to fragile x syndrome guy. Rest are mainstream spoon fed faggots that wish they were right.

Do ketamine u fag