State your personality type, and then tell us a few of your character traits. I'll start

State your personality type, and then tell us a few of your character traits. I'll start...
>Narcissistic, although I'm working on this
>Lazy and undiciplined as fuck
>Cold and calculated
>Have good moral integrity (have a code and stick to it)
>Social recluse by choice
>Good at faking confidence and talking to people if I feel like it
>Don't care much about what others think
>Strong and fast (passable)
>Half gamma, half sigma male. Working on becoming sigma

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>will steal your gf
>will dump her after obtained
>will make you pick up the pieces
>will steal her again and repeat

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>King shit BUT of being Goth
>hates everyone almost as much as self
>Cannot even ever.
>Still wants to be king
>Only enjoys drugs
>Basipally You're Socrates
>Press F to Drown Someone Else
>While Cackling in the Night

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OH YEAH Alpha except Loner so it's like mugging people for Funbucks (TM)

>Then tell us a few of your character traits.
>Schizoid personality disorder.
>No close friends
>Couldn't care less about family
>Only ever had one girlfriend. It lasted 2.5 years, but ended by her.
>Now I just use whores when I can
>Too depressed/anxiety ridden to work
>Before I got to bed, I make the same wish every night
>"I wish that for the rest of my life I had the ability to effortlessly and instantaneously manipulate the universe in any manner of my choosing simply by thinking with intent."

Lol nigga you gay.

Not in the slightest, no.

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You're clearly just a fucking NEETMAN of epic proportions.
Do you genuinely think that people will do everything for you for the rest of your life.

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That's not possible so yeah you're really gay.

>Too lazy to work
Fixed it for you. Be honest with yourself, faggot


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If I could make decent money from home, I'm open to it.

>Why yes, I AM a massive loser.

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So you can't find a typing job online or just grinding characters in an MMO and maybe learn some Turkish to make it easier.

Learn to code, faggot. Use GitHub, that's what I'm planning to do

He would rather die than do work bro.
Im opening an Etsy to make shit for D&D players in way of props myself.

I NEVER "stole" a girlfriend. They all came willingly.

Most them dudes will just go "yeah no i stole the bitch."

Never said I wasn't.
From what I've read, the work isn't steady enough to live on. You could have more than you could do one day, then nothing for a week.

>He would rather die than do work bro.
You say that like it's a bad thing.

So there are just no jobs you can do from your house?
>I'm way more mentally ill than you btw.

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Dude you need to think about how you're not always gonna feel that way.

Not that I'm aware of, but I'm open, sort of. I'd have to move if I did find something because I'm living in subsidized disability housing.
I've been this way for a long time. I don't see an end in sight.