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my brother said i should go on here to meet a nice bf, i don't know what im doing lol

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This is bait

also, he told me not to put shoe on head so i won't do that lol

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Tits and timestamp

what's bait? sorry, im from the Netherlands so the translations are a little weird lol

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Photo with paper timestamp or gtfo

Tits and timestamp Or GTFO

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like this? lol

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fake shit

Fake and gay

Close enough

larping as girl y?


thanks, im new so idk what im doing lol

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trap definitely a trap

Damn bruh look at those hands. What's your fuckin 1rm deadlift?

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i am not, i cook, clean, and will let you have friends. i won't trap you lol

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Needs timestamp. Fake and gay

How did the lighting change so fast??

Tits and timestamp

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You should leave this place, it's not for you.

You are very cute, the fact that you got a dick makes it even better.

Wrong date bud

what's not to like about it lol

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hi periwinklett

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i was going to wait, but i guess i have to prove it to be worthy lol

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I’m looking to get your snap mind using Kik to send it to me want to take you out sometime

didn't she die of brain tumor?

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Oh boy! Another LARP from OP pretending to be random people asking OP/Himself for specific images that OP found of some chick on photobucket. My favorite!

Most like fake reposts or amanda is off her meds again

supposedly moved to ireland to get married but im sure it was all made up

nah that bitch wasn't made to live this long

she dead

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sure thing, it's amanduh1994

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>Based oldfag brother

Sharpie in pooper plox

do you have feet?

I remember you. We used to talk when you were in Toronto just off Spadina. You sent me an archive of nudes. It was dope. You’re cool.


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