How do I contact Vince McMahon? I have a bunch of ideas that will make the XFL be a success

How do I contact Vince McMahon? I have a bunch of ideas that will make the XFL be a success

>less penalties
>mandatory steroid use
>head hunting is okay
>get JR to be a commentator
>no timeouts

Dude I got thousands of ideas

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I'm listening, send me a pm

Try Twitter, I'm sure he's on there

Oliver Luck is actually the commissioner.

Why bother when AFL starts in March?

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>encourage hard hits
>nonstop metal
>no corporate sponsorships/or bare minimum
>no trades
>mandatory 2 point conversions

The list goes on

Yeah but doesn’t matter Vince is the real one in charge and he’s gonna call the shots

Fuck the AFL

>Less penalties
>No timeouts
>No commercials except between quarters
It's great!

That’s what I want for the XFL. will the afl make steroids mandatory?


No, but they should. Look, we both know the XFL is going to fail. AFL has been around since the 1800s. Make the right choice, OP.

>Closeline a wide receiver.
>wide receiver's larynx is crushed.
>your arm is now broken.
I'd watch.

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Yes that’s what I’m talking about

Upside down football is pretty fun to watch.

Replace helmets with these.

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Right? It's like soccer, but for men.

Spiked leather jackets instead of jerseys.

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>mandatory steroid use
All you need and more.

>there are no pass interference
>there are no personal fouls
>the word nigger must be used when qbs call audibles
>extra crispy chicken sandwich if a nigger scores
>1pt awarded if opponent gets a concussion
>No punting
>real musicians play in the halftime

>No punting
Opinion discarded

they basically already have the mandatory conversion rule

Why faggot?

Because you don't understand football at all. You probably assume that eliminating punting will make games more exciting, but in reality, it will just make games more one-sided. You need the punt to control field position.