Why does the US military give out so many medals? It seems like even the raw recruits have at least one or two

Why does the US military give out so many medals? It seems like even the raw recruits have at least one or two

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I believe you are meaning ribbons, the most likely thing i can think about is that some are easy as hell to get, and others might need to be made for special operations or some bull shit, either way the main reason is morale and to show achievement and try and get people to work hard. Now if yoy meant medals, those are insanely rare to get and are usually achieved via sacrifice, bravery, ya know stereo typical American Patriotic shit

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Vets get fat sometimes after service. Its like when football jocks stop playing and balloon up. Especially if its due to an injury.

You get two ribbons right out of the gate:

>National Defense Service Medal
Technically, it’s for joining during a time of war. But since we’ve been in a state of perpetual war since 2001, it’s entirely meaningless now.

>Global War on Terror Service Medal
Even more meaningless than the NDSM. You got it after you’ve been assigned to your first unit for 30 days.


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Even the slowest retards can read and understand that is a “young” Marine ribbon chart. AKA The USMC Middle school program. Why don’t you get off your ass and learn something about the real world faggot.

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Young marines is a school program, not actually associated with the Marine Corps.

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Rush Limbaugh has one now too. It appears that spreading anger and blame to receptive fools is enough to earn the highest civilian medal in the land. Medals are quickly becoming less valuable than the metal they are stamped from. To be honest, I would be surprised if every bit of them wasn’t forged and assembled in China, and stamped here by an underpaid immigrant for minimum wage.