Post butts

post butts

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My girls asshole.. rate?

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I'm bored
what do?

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the ass was fat

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Here’s mine (no homo)

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You have nice big cheeks

how the hell does one take a decent picture of their own ass?
asking for a friend
especially when their ass is boney and non existent

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Work out and eat moar

I second that


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can you zoom out?

God tier butts.

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lol it looks nice but now you're upside down

need more femboy/think butts

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Dont you have to roll dubs first?


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Double dubs, it must be a sign
Thanks tho

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oh fuck

please, discord? kik?

ill drop mine if you want, im pretty hung

Bruh i shouldn't have complimented your butt. i dont wanna Post my ass.

Holy fuck that was a close one again lmao. This thread is doomed for butt spam.

D o i t
I don’t usually but fuck it I’m bored

My butt

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Nah Bruv.
I came here to look at ass and not to post my own twink ass. smh.

Also. Dubs again. Post Butt again!
I'm telling you. Your butt is cursed


10/10 Lighting Bruv

Oh well, fine

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Thanks user. Wish the light was that nice always

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Thank you. I can now Sleep with your Butt in mind.
Much appreaciated, Bruv.

Np. But you certainly seem like you're good at photography. So i'll give you that.

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not as nice as some of these cuties but here's mine

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I want a Coke all of a sudden


Certainly Not bad. I'd give it a Solid 8/10 tbh.
Would use as Pillow

Just as a pillow?

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A Pillow can be used as much more than just a "pillow"
(But yes. primeraly as an actual soft pillow. Dont shame me on that)

Why the fuck is your profile pic a Deepfried Minecraft pic

I want to raw fuck your cute ass, and then sleep like a baby on it

God please, I want to feel full with cum leaking out of me so badly

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We Could discuss the Usage Else where Bruv ;)

Hopefully somewhere like a comfy bed ; )

beautiful butt

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Hell yea Bro.
Comfy bed with a Comfy Pillow for use~ ;)

Here’s me

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wait dude butts!? fags...

Add me on Ps4 and 1v1 me in Rocketleague. Winner gets to Eat the Loser's ass

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there isn't much to feel since cum comes from body to body. it's neither hot nor cold. it tickles when it runs down the balls though.

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god please more


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Bro what is that waist. I want it. Please tell me that its somehow possible to get that shit with Exercise

It's a win / win situation haha

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I walk a lot but I dont really exercise. just born with a big butt lol

Join now before it's too late

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Mmmm True. But Atleast i get to Beat your butt in Rocketleague So it's a win win win for me hahaha

Oh for real? Damn i wish i was that luck :c
I have a Squishy butt but i want the thighs and the thin waist.
My friend tells me enough exercise can do plenty for your waist and Hips. so im working on that.

Ngl. Super cute Taint and Seems super squishy. I want to poke it... for some.. reason

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i want to suck on it and lick it

Why are you telling me this. i just wanted to poke it

It really squishy :3
I wonder how that would feel!

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If it's so squishy. Can i request a Short video of you Poking it? c:
It would make my night

because you should feel the same way

But i just wanna poke it :c

well..that's a good point haha. Still a good trade tho
This is's so smooth

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Then It's a Date~

smother your face with it

Fine fine ;o kik: Lewbth

It’s smooth ! mMmmm juicy^

Damn bro. I will only Smother my face in it if i get that Video :Triumph:

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Me, plugged and pantied
Motherless /c3ECC4B

I made a thread for this but here is my ex’s ass.

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Are those tits i see? Bug angry.

this is Boy butt thread

whats the thread
also no its not, it was just hijacked by fags now enjoy the girl and boy butts together

My butt

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Fine. But only Cause You werent a Buttcheek about it.
I'll enjoy the Female Butt.

just control f for “ass” and you should find it

kys I was too lazy to crop

also fags need to die ty

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Would fuck (no homo).

Nice dick, and i love the Thong.
Apply onto my face please c:

i need to fuck a guys ass so bad

Glad you like it :)

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This Pic is Exactly what i wanted. thank you. I can imagone that cute butt and dick on my face

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Would stick my penis in for sexual pleasure while notarizing a signed affidavit that clearly states I am gay (no homo)

I’d gladly cum there right now.


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oh god, i fucking missed this ass.

Oh yeah?

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wow the camera quality Died lmao
Still hella nice

I've jerked off to you before and had one of the best orgasms of my life, you are way too sexy

Blurry But nice

Oh wow! Thanks :)

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Damn more like this

Yeah, i even tributed you
God, i love your ass


My wife likes me waxed but still won’t peg me. Am I fuckable?

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damn right that ass is fuckable

Got kik?

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super squishy by the looks of it

Nope, but I can make one
Maybe you remember those pics with a big load of cum on your ass, but it was a long time ago, heh

wifes ass before riding me, OC

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I’d let a guy try if he wasn’t too huge.

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It looks so squishy, i'd love to eat you out

She rims me but it’s such a tease not to feel it being penetrated deeper.

Why not buy a dildo ?

Post it if you make one

I use the plug when I’m trying to cum.

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That ass should be fucked by a real dick

I’ve never tried but if you went slow I’d be ok taking cum.

I'd be so nice to see that bubble butt filled with cum

Any chub fem butts?

Once I got going you wouldn’t have a choice. Pretty sure I could hold you down until I blew my load.

Yo. Fukin, I would die for Having that cute squishy Butt to be sat on my face. I'd eat it out like i dont know what

Also cute socks. Post more thigh highs c:


Guess I should be careful what I wish for, but honestly losing control like that sounds kinda hot.

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How do I get twink bf with great butt if I'm neither twink nor Chad type of guy?

Dip balls in soy sauce

That ass looks so soft i just really want to slide my cock inside

How long do you think you would last?

Hard question
I'd try my best not to cum fast to that great ass

what are you

Your Butt looks so Wiggly. i wanna Play with it and just squeeze it.

More of a bear type on chubby side

Fag wanted everyone to know how much he loves to have his ass filled. His name's Tom Bremer. Kik wl1991

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