How do you feel about Millie Bobby Brown?

How do you feel about Millie Bobby Brown?

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In favor.

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sorry she didn't get to do the remake of Pretty baby she auditioned for.

That was made up.

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r u calling enty a liar. enty does not lie. we all know millie loves to get naked for older men. ask henry

that makes me sadder.

10/10 Feet, would poke.

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It's disturbing how many /btards are obsessed with a child

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millie aint no child. shes 30 kek

when did she get tits?

Keep pretending to yourself pedo. The judge won't buy it

Sounds like she's Hollywood's next future broken/discarded starlet. Her parents make her work constantly, and she's already looking drugged up.

I think she's on the low end of what I would consider to be average looking. I would say that she is border line ugly. Idk wtf everyone is so excited about when it comes to her. By far the most overrated celeb I see posted here very frequently.

she has some talent but they are not in front of the camera

she is trying to outdo jennifer lawrence. will she succeed or fail

what say u user


oh no, he's gonna get busted for being attracted to a girl who's nearly 16, what a fucking pedo!

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It doesn't even matter. Lawrence started stronger (see Winter's Bone), but in the end that meant nothing.

It's called pedophilia, user.


Personally, I think she seems fun with a happy vibe. All the sexualization gives me the cringes, not that I find her ugly or anything. Also her british accent is nice.

>It's called HOLLYWOOD, user.


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Bruh Drake one lucky mofo

Her findings out Kobe kill?