Men cannot be women. Thanks for coming to my TED talk

Men cannot be women. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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Males cannot be females is what you mean to say.
Women is a gender role, so trans women are women if they fill that role.

Women are born with vaginas

They can't because they don't have unteruses (uteri?) because they aren't female.

my daddy said i could be whatever i wanted when i grew up

Females have vaginas and a uterus. The women gender role is a societal role that does not necessarily include procreation.
Most females do not go around procreating with every male they meet. They do however present to these people as female.

>TED talks
>bullsit soundbites and pseudo-psychobabble dressed up as profundity

Explain to me how you faggots can live with the idea that you're breaking down gender roles while also using them to justify your mental illness?

What about all this is breaking gender roles?
Transgenderism is not considered a mental illness anymore. However lots of people claim they are without an actual diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

>What about all this is breaking gender roles?
Don't bullshit me. You know as well as I that trannies are in full support of anyone doing something that doesn't conform to their typical "gender role" (eg women in the workplace, men being emotional). How can you mix that fuckwittery with then using typical "gender roles" to justify claiming to be something you aren't.
>Transgenderism is not considered a mental illness anymore.
Well it fucking should be. If I'm a doctor, and a 70 lb anorexic comes to me who says she think's she's too fat, my treatment isn't going to be to tell her to lose a few pounds.
But for some reason, if a person with a functioning penis who's gone through normal male puberty comes in telling me they think they're a woman, the treatment is to have them kill their organs with hormones and cut off their dicks?
It's bullshit. It's all bullshit.


Nothing is happening to the old gender roles. If you want to be a stay at home mother nobody is stopping you except your income level. Though I would argue mother is a different gender role to just Women.
We are at a point in time where societal roles are no longer needed as they once were. Obviously there are those that chose to stay with the old roles, and there is nothing wrong with that. To force everyone to follow your views of what society should be is the opposite of what our liberal democracies were founded on. Everyone should be equal and able to exist as they see fit unless it is infringing on the rights of other to do the same.
The founding fathers held to the fundamental tenements of liberalism when creating this country. However, back then, not all races and not all genders were considered equal. Now they are, as they should be.
There is no need to abolish the old gender roles. In fact that would be a bad thing. What needs to change is forcing everyone to follow them if the person does not want to.

Our understanding of mental illness has been updated as more science is done, and more treatments are discovered.
The treatment for the mental illness of anorexia is counseling to treat the mental part, and better diet to treat the physical part.
The treatment for gender dysphoria is counseling to treat the mental part. This would determine if the person actually has it. And if so, matching their physical appearance to what they feel emotionally.

>matching their physical appearance to what they feel emotionally.
That's the bullshit part. They're feeding the delusion instead of curbing it, and studies show that it doesn't help.

Remember, most transgender people do not want to get their dick cut off. That is only in the most severe of cases.
Even then, it is a cosmetic surgery that is meant to help the person cope with feeling alien in their own body.
If there is a doctor who will do the surgery for this person, in principle it is no different than breast implants. Though it is a lot more invasive to the body, and not reversible.

It definitely should be. And actually is, by basic criteria. Its maladaptive, its deviant, and its disruptive. Pity it was removed from the DSM because of politics, we could be finding an actual treatment for the suicide rate instead of chopping bits off

Hormone treatment is usually effective, and does help. Though I don't have any studies on hand for that.
Having the feeling of being in the wrong body has got to be terrifying for a lot of people. No wonder it has a high suicide attempt rate. Especially if you have gone through the list of treatments and still don't feel right.

At the end of the day though, these people need our help. Be that helping them transition, or therapy to help them come to terms with their body. And we should be using the treatment that works best for each individual person.
What they don't need is to be ridiculed and called degenerate for something they didn't chose.

They need to told the TRUTH by their mental health professionals.

Which they are already getting. The best we can at this time. Who knows what will change in the future.


Not really an argument my dude.

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