When you're talking to a girl you like and she has a boyfriend and she wants you to be friends with her boyfriend...

When you're talking to a girl you like and she has a boyfriend and she wants you to be friends with her boyfriend, should you do it if the girl is really cool?

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wtf is this cringe ass bullshit op kys fucking faggot bitch ass

I guess not. The only way I see it working is if one day they want to have a threesome with me

I second your comment!! OP needs to go fuck off and suck the mausberg

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I've had two girls tell me to meet their boyfriends and idk if I fucked up or made the right decision

It was a shit test to see how much she can get you to do her will. You have failed.


He should be fucking stoked he failed lol. That kind of manipulative behavior is not partner material.

put her in the fucking oven

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That's what I thought. Females are fucking crazy


Just pointing it out. He'll do what he wants anyways in the end. People NEVER listen to advice. Just hoping for someone to agree with what they want to hear

Get youre shit to /adv/

I agreed with you guys anyway and plan on doing what you guys said. I'm just going to start fucking guys because girls are crazy

Is even possible to be this beta?

the OP's meme is old as fuck and I still dissolve in peals of laughter every time I see it.

How can you not? It's hysterical! If youwere ever so awkward you did dumb cringe shit hoping for a chance, when you had none, and you were like in HS so you had no frame of reference and so you couldn't understand that she was never giving you none of that sweet P, lol. I laugh so hard at this meme because of that cringe. Fucking awesome.

And that dude in the picture probably is that girl's boyfriend. But, let's be real, he looks douchey enough that he may actually NOT be, in which case he really is a giant pussy and is getting used, lol. too fucking hilarious

Yeah idk what the guy in that pic was thinking

that bitch has a horse's face
that dude could get a chick 10000000x hotter
I hope he's not a pederast, he could be a predator

I saw this on reddit like 8 months ago. I looked for this profile for over an hour tonight... Part of me needs to know if they got together.

Be friends with no-one. Concern yourself with bettering yourself. Let people come to you and direct themselves to accord with your reality. Do not accord yourself to their whims.

bruv, you can in your 30s as be as beta as the OPs pasta: pic related: my so is friends with this bitch...

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