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You have ONE opportunity.

If Donald Trump wins re-election— it will be the mark of a new era, that the president can break the law and get away with it. The same ability that dictators have (name a dictatorship that isn't a 3rd world shithole.)

Trump is not an inherently evil man, but a product of his environment.

Much of the older generation and the rural population will stick with the GOP and Trump's actions without question. We will see the complete deconstruction and ultimately the demise of our great country if we do not vote in opposition.

Why should you vote Bernie Sanders?

1. The end of private prison systems.
2. Tax equality— everyone pays their fair share.
>70% tax on the wealthy?? Doesn't that meant that the government will take 70% of their income??
3. Federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. (This hasn't been updated since 2009.)
4. Public college/university tuition paid by the Wall Street Speculation Tax.
5. Elimination of the Electoral College. A system that was best suited for the 1800s and not the modern era.
6. Universal background checks for weapon purchase and a ban on anti-personnel weapons. Weapons that are designed for killing humans as effectively as possible. (The current system is not protecting us.)
7. Universal medical insurance. Healthcare is a human right.
8. Marijuana legalization and the rescinding of previous convictions.
9. The military budget reduced. We will still be the best-funded military in the world.
10. This is a man that cares about YOU and wants to see our great country flourish. The system and plans that Bernie has in-store will accomplish a lot in his term and will get us moving in the right direction.

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I personally cannot wait to vote for Trump in the NH primary on 2/11. I'm going to see him at a rally on the 10th. No laws were broken. ur a fucking loser.

I'm not American but your a faggot

Vote for Bernie to finish burning this mother fucker down.
Vote for Trump to buy time.

Counting the days until I can vote for him wasted my vote last time on Hillary

No rules. No laws

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Trump wins 2020 faggot #Inthebag2020

Do you have to be retarded to be American or are you retarded because your American?

Every president breaks the law. All presidents are criminals. This is a criminal nation. Wake up.

Believe it or not, breaking the law as president isn't normal. You wake the fuck up.

fuck you trumpshit

inb4 obama hillary

bernie wont win without great turnout for the Primary, so get out and vote now peeps, or get reigstered ASAP cuz the deadline to register is in a few days/weeks depending on your state. BERNIE 2020

found the fucking campaign bot.
Cute that theyre trying to infiltrate even Cred Forums now lmao.

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The retards voted for Trump. Try to keep up.

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>I'm going to see him at a rally on the 10th.
I'll be there too.

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Too long; Didn't read; Voting Trump.

Its going to be a big haul this year

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>No laws were broken.
fuck you trumpshit

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And neither of you get my rage against the machine reference.

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>that the president can break the law and get away with it.
Where have you been for the last half century? Dems and Reps having been doing this constantly.

>implying bernie wont get fucked by the DNC

voting for the pussy-grabber who banned bump stocks

What laws....

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Should tell Biden and obama that.

Yeah, I'm not voting for a dying communist. Fuck off and neither are most people, Besides, that pussy is going to get pushed out again. They're probably already doing it. He can't beat the DNC. They're going to choose one way or the other. Your vote means shit to them.

Have fun with those losers.

1) Alright
2) citation needed
3) Alright
4) lol this wont happen but ok
5) Campaign only in super cities ok
6) No
7) Healthcare is not a fucking human right, it is a privilege at best.
8) Alright
9) Alright
10) This old fucking jew doesn't give a shit about anyone except himself. Bernie is a good "idea" but he's just a fucking showman. He'd die before any of his goals got accomplished anyway.

>durr biden and the nigger are the rill criminulls
you should slap your face repeatedly

with all of the retards in America... trumpx2 gwx2, and the retards' contempt for the vast sums Blue States give them, maybe it's time to let the GOP end America.

Take our skills and money elsewhere, and let them starve.

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The state of the left in the US.

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have fun electing trump dipshit

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>2) citation needed
Green New Deal has a 70% tax rate on the top earners

Weak drama whoring, OP. The last President who didn't blatantly break the law and get away with it was Jimmy Carter.

What laws.

>This old fucking jew doesn't give a shit about anyone except himself.
nice that are willing to approach a Sanders candidacy with an open mind user

Dipshit assumption. All dipshits do that.

Weak bait

Here you go shitbag

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>Take our skills and money elsewhere
Please, the sooner the better.

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>sea lioning
eat shit faggot

that kind of meant "shut up dipshit"

It's not bait. Sanders is going to get the nomination this time.

>name a dictatorship that isn't a 3rd world shithole

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Well biden is facing charges so um.yeah lol.
Just becouse you ignore what they did does not make it legeal

I'm voting for anyone to get trump out just to watch Cred Forums jockeys sperg out.
Fuck off fucks no use (you) me I'm not returning to the thread.
T. Lurker

Sanders will get the DNC pick. He is the most remarkable of all the candidates. But it's going to be a close run for him to win the presidency.


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So just to clarify, you can't tell me which laws he broke?

>Mainland China is not a shithole
>Mainland China doesn't have significant moral and ethical issues with its population and culture

You're lost, man

>durr biden kommittud krimz
shut up trumpshit

Fucker looks retarded wonder if he can suck a good dick

>it will be the mark of a new era, that the president can break the law and get away with it.
oh please, shut up.
Impeachment didn't even accuse Trump of a crime to begin with, how can he "break the law and get away with it" if there's no law broken?

Please shut up and go away.

>durr trump dindu nuffin
>pwoove it wib
>pwoove it pwoove it pwoove it

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What even is this post? Complete cognitive dissonance.

>impeachment didn't even accuse Trump of a crime to begin with

user knows exactly where he is:
at his mom's house

Nope DNC is in the process of fucking him right now. You think that mayor likes it in the ass got all those votes from Iowa corn farmers legit

How does it feel to be in such denial.

Is that you and your wifes boyfriend? Cute

Trump wasn't charged with any statutory crimes. I hate Trump, I think he should resign but I'm not a brainwashed lunatic. Trump's basically been a republican as most Republicans are except for the fact that he's a raging asshole, a bully, and a narcissist. He's been exceedingly honest about everything he's gonna do and why he did something, while he lies his ass off about how great a person he is and says anything to make himself look better or his opponents to look worse. I'm left libertarian, the only reason I don't vote for Bernie is because of him endorsing identity politics, donated to him last year and literally threw my vote away by writing him in.

At least he's used to getting fucked by them

Can't regrow until you burn it down lad

The rope is coming. Remember you were told, you didn't listen.

It didn't, it accused him of shit bimut nothing that's illegal.

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I'm not saying I agree with the ruling regime in China, but I don't think you can call the PRC today a 3rd world shithole. Sure, there's plenty of poverty in the rural regions, but the major cities are very prosperous, more and more people are experiencing living standards comparable to those in developed countries, and China's an international economic powerhouse that stand poised to dominate the world in the near future.

Kind of gross to post this and not have a single damn link or any way to read more on this.

Makes me think it's fake.

>>"Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest and, mostly, you're right — your election is in the public interest," Dershowitz said. "If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment."
See: Autocracy

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Look into it if you want then.
Shouldn't be to hard.

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No the burden of proof is on you. If you make the claim, substantiate it.

Otherwise don’t be mad if we don’t believe your Bolshevik bullshit

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when you definitely know how primaries work

The economy is long overdue for a recession. Honestly, who do you trust to help you when things get bad? Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders?

Professor Ronald Trunk was born into a family of ku Klux Klan members with mafia ties. He was a bum who didn't even try to earn money until he was 38 years old, at which point he tried laundering his father's money by buying property. He managed to bankrupt his company, Trump Entertainment Resorts, 3 times before it was bought out by someone competent. He has repeatedly been in court for violating basic worker and human rights. He believes wealth should be distributed to his own pockets and uses your tax dollars to achieve this. So he tried politics, starting his own "republican" party.

not so sure I'm gonna trust Russia for US economic advice

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bernie won for the third time tonight

folks, you love to see it

Rick Sanchez is reporting on a study produced by MIT, you know, an American institution of higher education.

no bread lines in socialist norway friend

how about you go somewhere without social programs like uhhhh the antarctic or somalia

Why are you trying to reach out to these retards with compassion and logic? Their brains are completely fried to a crisp by memes and performative cruelty. I appreciate the effort but, you know they're just gonna snarkily insist that you're wrong with no sort of discernable argument.

Good point, user.
No hungry people in Trump’s America.


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2020 alright.

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Makes sense, most trumptards are borderline illiterate.

I love how faggots like these literally trigger trumptards to tears. Kekkekk they are obsessed with them.

>suck a good dick
Well you’d know

You're wasting my time, but here goes.

>1. The end of private prison systems.
That's a good thing to you?
>2. Tax equality— everyone pays their fair share.
Tax equity, you mean. I believe in treating everyone the same.
>3. Federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. (This hasn't been updated since 2009.)
There should be no minimum wage in the first place.
>4. Public college/university tuition paid by the Wall Street Speculation Tax.
Learn a fucking trade.
>5. Elimination of the Electoral College. A system that was best suited for the 1800s and not the modern era.
Wrong. It is best suited now. People are more like a hive mind then you want to admit. Why should 6 liberal arts drop outs sharing a one room apartment in New York have more voting power than a farmer in Wisconsin? They shouldn't. They're the same person. Different regions with different economies need to be represented, and the electoral college does that.
>6. Universal background checks for weapon purchase and a ban on anti-personnel weapons. Weapons that are designed for killing humans as effectively as possible. (The current system is not protecting us.)
>7. Universal medical insurance. Healthcare is a human right.
No. The only thing that could possibly be construed as healthcare being a "right" is the "life" in "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Warping that to mean "healthcare" is a gross misunderstanding. If your "right" imposes your will on another person, it isn't a right. The government exists to protect individual freedoms. It does not exist to provide a moral compass for people. Tax payers should not have to foot the medical bills of strangers. That is your will being imposed on others. End of discussion.

I'm watching your elections from affar, and I can't believe Trump still gets the amount of backing that he gets, he's literally a laughing stock elsewhere but the US (kinda), don't lump communism with democracy with a social sense (the one Sanders seeks)

Bernie is an old white cuckold
His policies will destroy jobs and our economy
You idiots treat Obama like a god and he created the industry of student you want to destroy that industry
Obama also saved Healthcare to the point you idiots were dancing in the you want to fix Healthcare again

Grow the fuck up already

Vote Republican

>8. Marijuana legalization and the rescinding of previous convictions.
Marijuana, and all recreational drugs should be legal for use on private property. However, no one should be allowed to appear in public under the influence.
>9. The military budget reduced. We will still be the best-funded military in the world.
It won't need to be reduced if the other retarded ideas don't take money from it.
>10. This is a man that cares about YOU and wants to see our great country flourish. The system and plans that Bernie has in-store will accomplish a lot in his term and will get us moving in the right direction.
No. He cares about himself and virtue signaling. Bernie will push us toward the collapse of civilization. The only way forward is freedom and personal responsibility.

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>Why should 6 liberal arts drop outs sharing a one room apartment in New York have more voting power than a farmer in Wisconsin?
The EC makes it so that only people who have voting power are people in swing states. You live in a solid blue or a solid red state and your vote doesn't matter.

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Well said user

A sane and reasoned response on Cred Forums?

I should go buy a lottery ticket

Rick that fucking Beaner has a food truck downtown selling rat meat tacos

Democracy used to be about selecting the most competent person to lead your society. Apparently nowadays it's about selecting whichever ancient, drooling person your "party" tells you is "best"

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You know how to Google comrade
Don't be a fag

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No they give us bountiful keks. It’s fun to laugh at subhuman scum. That said, they can do what they want

Casual racism doesn’t win you an argument, not even on Cred Forums.

That's simply not true, also you are free to move wherever you like user

>If Donald Trump wins re-election— it will be the mark of a new era, that the president can break the law and get away with it.
Are you on drugs? That's the way it's been for 140 years. The United States you idolize hasn't existed for more than a century. There is no political solution when your votes aren't even counted as cast. They never were.
Take the accelerationist pill.

>muh champion of labor

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>politicians lie and break the law
>vote for Bernie Sanders who will make sure the same politicians get more money and power

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It’s almost like you are jealous of their free lifestyle....

>everyone pays their fair share

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Faggot, you know damn well that nothing is going to change. It's nearly inositol to get anything done in government on purpose for this exact reason. Trump will do his reality show for another four years, all of us will continue to go to work/waste in a basement on Cred Forums, then the four years will pass, and some normal asshole politician will take his place, and will continue doing exactly what we are now. Nothing of any importance. Nothing will change.

How is it not true, and that seems absurd to suggest that I have to move to another state for my vote to matter.

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I always wonder about how the rest of the world sees Trump, whether they have gotten used to him or still see him as a menacing joke.

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>Well biden is facing charges so um.yeah lol.
Really? Interesting that there is no report of any charges against him anywhere. Almost as if it isn't happening and you're making shit up.

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Trump did not break the law, and was acquitted. You’ve done nothing but boost his approval rating. America will not elect a socialist.

Cant wait to see the berniefags and the trumpfags cry after berhman wins

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This is the most autistic assumption ever made

imagine thinking the guy with $2 million from selling books and owning a few stocks is comparable to the guy who got 1000 to 5000 times that much by inheriting his daddy's money, evading taxes, laundering illicit foreign cash, stiffing every contractor he ever worked with and stealing from all his investors and partners lol

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If we abolish the EC, why should anybody outside of New York or California bother showing up to vote?
To take it further, say we abolish the EC and New York and California now run the country. Why should a farmer in Nebraska plant crop and send food to the people that are now dictators of his life?

Also, Trump seems smart enough to realize what I'm saying is true. He beat Hillary by outcampaigning her in the exact states he needed to. That's how he won despite receiving 3 million fewer votes.

>rich people are bad
>no wait not those rich people

>It didn't, it accused him of shit bimut nothing that's illegal.
That's incorrect. The second charge accused him of contempt of congress. That is a federal crime. It's in the US Code. He also 100% did that, there is no legitimate reason for the senate republicans to have acquitted him of it because the evidence of him having done so is public, he literally declared loud and proud that he would not comply with subpoenas. Him crying that it's a sham is not an adequate defense against a constitutional process.

total fiction haha

. Private systems only waste tax money into the privatized pocket. So, yes.
. If the government could control the economy, it would every time. It actually can't, though. The economy is an entity into itself. Any politician claiming they can "fix the economy" is a dreamer that shouldn't be elected.
. Yep.
. "Arms" is undefined. Everyone has the right to own a sword.
. It should be in the government's best interest to keep its citizens alive.

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Your witchhunt is phony and wildly unpopular, nobody cares.

Trump runs such an oppressive regime

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rich people are bad, and the richer they are the worse they are. sanders is one of the least wealthy people in congress. wild but true

I wouldnt go within 500 feet of it let alone have sex with it without protection.

more than half the country said he should be removed from office in multiple polls but go off

I guess you donate all your excess money to the poor hey? And go without food sometimes because you’ve given money to the needy.

That half will lose the next election. You are in one or two cities. You are irrelevant.

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Because everyone's vote counts in popular vote?????
Also New York and California have a combined population about 50 million out 300 million in the US, so if we assumed that every single voter in NY and CA voted Democrat, what you're still wouldn't make sense, but it becomes more stupid when you realize having a popular means that everyone's voice is heard no matter where they live, while the EC does make so that literally everyone in NY or CA may as well vote Democrat, and everyone in Loisiana and Alabama may as well vote Republican, because the results are the same either way.

He’s not wrong though

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Democracy isn’t about what the people want though user. Its about who SHOULD have won according to determined narrative, not votes.

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it helped to be contracting with a company that was stealing everyone's data from facebook to pinpoint target the exact messages to the exact people in the exact places he needed

that company no longer exists because every single thing it did was wildly illegal

made up lol

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this is a dumbshit argument. also what's excess money lol

hush, children

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The DNC won’t even let Bernie run. Look at what happened in Iowa. Not that it would matter, normal Americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist.

Why wouldn't they? Their vote would count for exactly the same as another person's vote no matter where they were from. The only reason they would be convinced otherwise was if they were retarded enough to think that New York and California voted, rather than PEOPLE in New York and California.

Representation is uneven.
>It takes 750,000 voters per electoral vote in California. A Californian gets 1/750000th of an electoral vote. That's 0.0000013 of an electoral vote per person.
>It takes 300,000 voters per electoral vote in Wyoming. A Wyoming resident gets 1/300000th of an electoral vote. That's 0.0000033 of an electoral vote.

0.0000033 is nearly three times larger than 0.0000013. A person in Wyoming has 3× the say in who gets to be president. Without the EC it's 1:1, everyone is equal.

this is fake

Sure, kid.

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I'm not defending Trump, and sure he might've been working with companies that were doing illegal shit that you described, but I think he won because he knew exactly how to appeal to people in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and the rust belt, while Hillary basically ignored those voter because she assumed everyone who voted for Obama was just gonna vote for her too.

>Not that it would matter, normal Americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist.
Have you been asleep the past 5 years, user?

Your liberal professor is so proud of you pupil
But again you are not living in the real world
You earlier complained about blue voters that live in red states. Those situations are microcosms of what the country would be like if we eliminated the EC

This is why we are seeing massive amounts of people fleeing places like New York and California. They are made to feel that they have no voice in anything going on in their they elect to leave

wow u faggots are really butthurt about not ‘lockiing her up’ aren’t you? Kekkek
You so mad you even posting fake shit. Smh.

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Are you trolling or were you dropped as a child?

do me a favor and google aquitted and look whose picture pops up, get the fuck out of here with your conspiracy bullshit no one is taking it anymore

We don't live in a democracy
She lost


The United States is a country of many different kinds of people, in many walks of life. Californian cities are as far culturally from farmlands as they are to other nations. Every type of people from all walks of life get a say, no matter what.

Because if you start only valuing the opinions of 2% of the landmass of the United States, you start getting some seriously angry citizenry. When people feel their vote is worthless, that’s when the guns come out.

Warren did not begin her job until 1995 due to “family reasons,” but shortly after she started, Harvard Law School News Director Mike Chmura began touting her as the first woman of color to be given tenure at the institution. Here are just some of the references to her minority status:

1996: Spokesperson Chmura identifies Warren as a native American professor in the Harvard Crimson.

1997: In the Fordham Law Review, Chmura touts Warren as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color.”

1998: Chmura, in a letter to the New York Times, stated that the law school had appointed “eight women, including a Native American.” Three days later, the Crimson reiterated that “Harvard Law School has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.”

1999: Harvard begins publishing its affirmative action plan on its website and lists a single Native American professor.

Public reports continued to list a single native American professor at the school intermittingly until 2011. The U.S. Department of Labor requires large employers like Harvard to collect diversity statistics annually. Based on public reporting, it is likely that Harvard reported Warren as a minority to the U.S. government during her time.

Looking at a timeline history from the law school’s own website, it lists many minority achievements, such as the first female president of the Harvard Law Review, the first black president of the Harvard Law Review (Barack Obama), and the first woman dean (Elena Kagan). But the school is noticeably silent on something it so publicly touted for decades – the first tenured female minority law school professor.

However, as of today, Lani Guinier claims on her Harvard law bio that she is the first tenured woman of color. There has been no public statement from Harvard recanting its false report that has lasted for over 20 years.

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I said normal. Swing voters. Moderates. Normal people. These are what wins elections.

When was America great?

The level of troll here is pretty funny


Attached: wu88liza.jpg (531x474, 88K)

Source pl0x

If you believe a fraction of the bullshit you're spewing here, OP, then you are one truly miserable soul.

What a dumb argument.
If a candidate can’t put together a platform that appeals to both rural and urban voters, that person doesn’t deserve to be president.

Until the 1930s

>You earlier complained about blue voters that live in red states. Those situations are microcosms of what the country would be like if we eliminated the EC
Explain why, because so far, you not providing any explanation for how a national popular vote, the voting system that literally gives every voter the same level of input into the election, would take away some people's power relative to others, and to say voters in more population dense cities would have an advantage is not a good argument for that, because everyone's vote is still equal on the national scale, which is not the case with the EC.

Good point user, she wrongly assumed everyone that voted for Obama would vote for her
Also to the user you replied to, does he really think people only voted for President Trump because a Facebook post told them to? Lol

Easily a typo, or another Elizabeth warren.
Nice taqquia trumptard.

Attached: l0o).jpg (866x582, 85K)

lmao kek

Healthcare should be an American right. Seal the border, just give the poor illegal nonviolent bastards amnesty so they can pay taxes and let's fucking party.

Yeah, in 2008.
Wealth has polarized because of the Bush/Obama response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis and as a consequence, political opinions have polarized as well, with the center pancaking.
Donald Trump has a near 50% approval rating. A centrist candidate just won’t cut it against him.

But people like you don't care about rural America, those are the backwoods racists that voted Trump to begin with. So now you want to punish them for not agreeing with your highly educated and evolved views

Donald Trump will be rightfully reelected and there is nothing you can do about it. You’ve done nothing but bitch and moan since 2016 and regular Americans have noticed. The economy is back in shape, we are entering an optimistic new decade, and your temper tantrums and infighting and division is simply unelectable.

Shooped. Nice taqiyya tactic trumptard

change from caucasian TO native american lol

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Nobody will. The left can’t win this election with anybody besides a miracle. Michelle might have been able to do it.

No, I just want each voter to have the same impact on the election.

So obviously shooped is retarded. Fuckoff with your false flag shit.

So you value the differing perspectives of every physical segment of America, and are in support of the Electoral College.

Sure, kid.

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i will vote for bernie he's good, he's gonna legalize weed unlike trump's pussy ass

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Sure, kid

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More shoops. Does warren scare you 8ncels that much? Just give up already.

No, I support the system where everyone gets the same vote, and if more people across the country vote one way in a Presidential elections, they do gain more power than those who vote the other way, not because anyone's vote is worth more, but because the in a representative democracy, the elected candidate is supposed to represent the majority of voters.

Last presidential election, we had candidates that knew the rules of our elections. One candidate played to the rules and won, the other wrongly assumed anyone that voted for Obama would vote for her...she lost
President Trump has even said if we didn't have the EC he would have only campaigned in New York and California.
This was not the first time that the person who won the popular vote lost. It happens from time to time

You will learn that sometimes elections don't go how you wanted but you get up and go about your life

Trump is president and is doing good things. In November we have another election

Those are stale divide and conquer tactics to make rural and urban; Black and White; college educated and non-college educated voters fight with each other.
What makes Bernie’s campaign special is that he has appeal in rural and urban areas, among all races and religions, and among all ages, support among everyone except White Nationalists and the wealthy.
If you abolished the electoral college, then you would force candidates to appeal to all voters, like Bernie is, rather than targeting a few select demographics of the country

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Nigger we all know you’re gonna stay home and smoke weed on election day.

Kek the little incels are running scared from warren of all people. Who would have thunk it. Lmfao

You have no understanding of the function of a representational republic. You’ll never win.

as a non american i hope trump gets reelected.. we live in competition to each other and this guy is so bad..its good for any other country that he is ruining everything he touches :)

Trump won the electoral college fair and square, I don't disagree with you on that, but's not democracy if the who the majority of people vote for is not who becomes President.

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We aren’t a democracy. We’re a constitutional republic. Non city folk will not be beholden to your whims, no matter how much you seethe.

Trump is a con artist, and only someone genuine can beat him, someone like Sanders.

>Record economy

No Bernie in fact appeals to a very small segment of our population. Typically younger voters that are seeking the easy way out. He speaks to them of taking away all their worries and all their debt. He is a snake oil salesman and a vast majority of our population sees through him.

I hope he wins the democratic nomination this time user, it was wrong what they did to him in 2016 but at least he got a beach house out of it

yoy say all this as if every president hasn't been a murderous shitlord and a product of the garbage society that makes up america. the US is like hitler on steroids.

Lmao, no refunds.

Are you trying to say that person who elected leader of the whole country isn't supposed to represent the majority of people in the country?

I'm not wrong, though. Californians are underrepresented, fact. Not in absolute numbers, but per person. Nice nothingburger replies.

Checked double dubs. Currently Californians are underrepresented. 1 Californian, 0.0000013 votes and 1 Wyoming resident, 0.0000033 votes. In a no EC system nobody would be underrepresented. 1 person, 1 vote. Landmass doesn't have an opinion and this argument remains the stupidest defense of the EC I have seen.

fuck you bitch



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no he represents the people that elected him (representative) republic

The numbers have spoken and OP is a faggot.

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such a wasted roll

>We aren’t a democracy.
Thank you. You proved my point. I'min favor of abolishing the electoral college because I want democracy.

fuck you faggot

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Yes, we are not a Democracy user
All the candidates should know this and understand our election rules before running for office

Good day to you

Fuck man, we had a get thread going.

Go back to /pol


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wasted quints, checked anyway

Dear fucking god this roll though wasted on this post of all things top kek

What is he ruining?
You're just being led around by the clickbait media.
If they weren't on a total rampage whipping everyone up for their own gain it would just be some moderate president who says stupid things trying to renegotiate our trade deals.


In a popular vote nobody is beholden to anyone's whims. 1 person, 1 vote. My vote has exactly as much impact as yours no matter where I am from or where you are from.

Full house 8s and 9s


The electoral college isn’t about landmass, it’s about valuing the opinions of the many cultures that make this great nation. Some city cuck living a completely different life with completely different needs then you will not decide your destiny. The Electoral College means that candidates are required to campaign and appeal to all kinds of Americans all across this great land, not just the biggest population center.

You’re just mad that you lost, because your candidate in 2016, and your candidate in 2020 are unelectable in the current system, because they only care about one kind of American, instead of all Americans.

Bernie just won Iowa despite the media and the DNC trying to fuck him over. Saying he has limited appeal flies in the face of all available evidence.

We don't live in a Democracy user

You’re almost as fucking retarded as the people who are gonna vote for trump because he’s gonna ignore any attempt to control guns despite domestic terrorism at an all time high

So he doesn't represent the people, he represents the electoral college, who don't represent the people evenly.

Which is my entire point. EC lets the will of a person in Wyoming trump the will of a person in California. A Californian has less power. Right now the whims of those in Wyoming are dictating how others must live their lives.

Good, proves he actually represents want people want despite what you hear the establishment and assholes like Joe Scarborough.

Taking away the electoral college will remove the pressure for candidates to appeal to Americans from all walks of life. We’d be having Californian state elections on a national scale.

When people aren’t represented, that’s when you get war.

We should change that, in my opinion.

The Californian has the benefit of a lot more Californians that have a say in the matter. His local interests are equally represented, even if his specific vote is weaker.

You’ve been laughed out of law and out of history, you will never change the rules.

Yes, it's been almost 4 years user. Time to move on and get over it.
There is another election coming up and we will all see how it goes
In the meantime try to see the good things going on in our country, don't watch so much news, go outside. Find romance. Build a life

How is the US Hitler on steroids when faggots like you are still breathing our air?

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That's good user, last I saw they were still reporting mayor Pete won Iowa
I will not be voting for Bernie but I hope you can find a way to see there is more to life than politics

the electoral college prevents one state from deciding a whole election, namely california. on population alone it would have more voting power than the next like 30 states below it. We dont do 1 person 1 vote per candidate, we vote to decide what state goes to which candidate. if u wanna see what mob rule looks like then remove it and ull see what a 62.6% white majority mob looks like on every election. protip obama would have never been elected with only 12.1% of the vote

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>I want the mob rule of the majority instead of the historical requirement of universal appeal to all walks of life
Aren’t you the party of caring about minorities?

Mayor Pete couldn’t even beat Bernie by cheating.

You guys do know that Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing for the people of America, right? Everything he has done, with the exception of things that will appease the masses, like banning bump stocks, has been in service to him and his cronies. I defy any of you to name one thing he has done that you can say in all honesty has positively affected your life.

I see your opinion user, I disagree

>The electoral college isn’t about landmass, it’s about valuing the opinions of the many cultures that make this great nation. Some city cuck living a completely different life with completely different needs then you will not decide your destiny.
Instead, some farmer in bumfuck nowhere has more political power than 2 city dwellers combined. No city cuck will decide anyone's destiny in a popular vote because everyone's vote will be equal. You were the one who said it was about landmass. I reminded you that landmass doesn't vote.
>You’re just mad that you lost, because your candidate in 2016, and your candidate in 2020 are unelectable in the current system, because they only care about one kind of American, instead of all Americans.
Trump himself said we should abolish the electoral college, before it won him the presidency. You brianlets seem to forget that. You also seem to forget that there are red voters in, say, California whose opinion means nothing simply because of where they live. Under a popular vote the city dwellers would no longer own their result. Do you not care about rural Californians?


All walks of life matter. You will not instill a mob rule of the greatest population centers over our 50 states. Cry about it.

lol wut
Are you saying only niggers voted for Obama? And 1 person 1 vote is objectively more democratic than each state voting for a candidate.

You guys do know that Donald Trump has done absolutely nothing for the people of America, right? Everything he has done, with the exception of things that will appease the masses, like banning bump stocks, has been in service to him and his cronies. I defy any of you to name one thing he has done that you can say in all honesty has positively affected your life.
Do nothing Donald (or I guess do nothing for the people of America besides say things to piss off the opposite party ) will not win the 2020 election. This time, it’s not a choice between two pieces of shit. It’s between a piece of shit and potentially an actual fucking politician who has the greater good of America in mind.

Faggot, You have ONE opportunity. Give us back our quints.

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hes ruining your countrys reputation. my god guys wake up hes a complete moron and yet your fucking president :D
at least everyone else in the world woke up and realised better leave the us aside and start doin things independently..who cares what mr president thinks..before trump most ppl thought you'd "need" the its clear us is way less important to the world than assumed and the longer trump stays president the better for everyone outside.

Your true colors are coming out user, you hate rural America because you view them as below you and you want to punish them for not voting your way

My life is fine, thanks for your concern. There are some Republican voting farmers in California whose life isn't fine, though. Spare them a thought and abolish the electoral college so their vote actually counts.

We’re not a democracy, ergo, more democratic is not positive.

This is beyond silly trolling

Nice discord pasta. We all saw the State of the Union, you mong. We know he’s turned the economy around, destroyed our enemies, secured our border and protected our rights. He will win.

well, us is hitler on steriods. time to pump out a shit load of art

jim carrey has a head start

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Good for Bernie user
I hope he wins the nomination
I will not be voting for him in November though

Imo more democratic is a sign of a more developed culture, at least by Western standards.

Missing the point, although Trump is seriously nowhere near as radical and xenophobic as Hitler. He more so embodies the scared middle American white man who is in danger of losing his job to an immigrant. At least, that’s what he displays himself as, to mask the scummy shit he’s doing to swell his pockets up and puppeteer other political leaders.

False. You are arguing for a system that is far older and more flawed then ours. What do you think happens when multiple large groups feel they aren’t being represented in their government?

No there is no need to change federal election laws because California farmers have a California problem. That's a state issue user

Wow, you got me hating rural citizens from a post where I called for a better voice for rural citizens who are underrepresented? Remember, rural citizens in Wyoming are overrepresented compared to those in California. By nearly threefold.
>You also seem to forget that there are red voters in, say, California whose opinion means nothing simply because of where they live. Under a popular vote the city dwellers would no longer own their result. Do you not care about rural Californians?

Looks like you hate rural Republican voters in California because YOU see THEM as beneath YOU. Abolish the EC, give Republicans in California a voice.


What is this preachy bullshit? It's so unappealing the way you proselytize, the language you use, the way you expose the case for a vote. Good God, if I were American I'd vote for Trump out of spite. Such feminine arguments, same thing you did last time begging everyone to vote for him.

Idk why that posted twice
Also trump inflated national debt as much as Obama did in half the time and you don’t hear the conservatives shitting their diapers about it the way they did when Obama was in office. Not that Obama was perfect...

We will find out when the Republicans gerrymander literally all cities to hell and turn city dwellers into a majority with no voice.

If they feel they are unfairly represented in their state, the impetus is on them to move to a part of the country where they can be represented. If you abolish the electoral college, there will be no place to go when you are unfairly represented.

Their lack of voice in national elections is not a state problem. Why do you hate rural Republican voters in California?

It's not about cities vs. rural, you absolute tard. It's about House district size, and the population of your state. The reason why some rural voters have more voting power is because they come from sparsely populated states like , but the citydwellers in those states have exactly the same voting power. Conversely, the rural people in California have the exact same voting power as the citydwellers in the Feces State.

>that goalpost move
Concession accepted.

If you abolish the electoral college you will never be unfairly represented because no person will have a stronger vote than you. There are lots of farms in California. You can't pick up a farm and move it. Why do you hate rural Republican voters in California?

Must be whatever happening now cause 70% of Americans support Medicaire for All and 67% support cannabis legalization, but apparently our elected officials aren't acting according to the will of the people.

I think you are replying to multiple people user.
I agree with the user who said federal election laws do not require changing because California farmers have a California issue

Why do you hate the very thing that gives them an opportunity to move to a part of the country where their views will be represented?

You think you’re being clever, but ironically your solution to California urbanites oppressing Californian farmers is to allow Californian urbanites to oppress EVERY farmer in EVERY state.

Fortunately, people aren't farms. In fact, people don't even have to wait for someone to come pick them up, they can pick themselves and leave all by themselves.

Yeah, the straw that broke the camel’s back was the Soleimani assassination. Not only was he the second most powerful government official in Iran, but he was traveling using a diplomatic passport.
What makes this situation worse is that around 50% of Americans supported Trump’s assassination. This was shocking, especially since Trump hit some isolationist themes during his campaign. I was surprised his support didn’t begin to corrode.

>Conversely, the rural people in California have the exact same voting power as the citydwellers in the Feces State.
I.e. 1/3 of the voting power of anyone in Wyoming. Unequal representation.

Talk shit get hit, bitch

>Hey, rural Republican voters in California, abandon all you own, that's the only way things can be fair!
Why do you hate them? Why not just give them equal voting power?

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But many times the people. Equal representation.

You rat.

How do you know rural farmers of California vote Republican?
Are you insinuating that rural voters are somehow less evolved and enlightened than highly educated people like yourself

For president, sure. But do you really want another Calfornian president?

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Not a goalpost move. Pointing out a fact. A large group is already underrepresented by its government and you do t seem to give a shit about them, nor the fact that Republicans give them even less representation every chance they get.


But in the EC No. of people doesn't matter.

>niggers are too stupid to get an ID
Why are demoshits so racist bros?

Their lack of federal election weight is not a California issue.

How many electoral college votes does California have?

It’s that kind of gangster mentality that has already turned the world against the United States.

And? Kneel.

Except nobody can oppress anyone else in a popular vote. Everyone's vote is equal. Why do you retards keep arguing like the cities themselves are entities with a vote?

And some American citizens have zero voting power in presidential elections, just based on where they live. Do you even care about them?

Reagan was a great man

what part of this is not a democracy dont you understand this isnt rome we dont do 1 vote per person, we are a collection of individual states that for 1 big country, you are more a citizen of your state than a citizen of your country ergo why we vote to determine which state goes to whom


Gr8 b8
He's broken no laws. Trump has done everything right within the laws. You leftist scum just don't like him period. I get it but you can love what he's done

Almost 4 million jobs created since election.
More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.
We have created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since my election.
Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES.
Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.
African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.
Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.
Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century.
Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma.
Under Trump Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years.
Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election.
The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans. We are committed to VOCATIONAL education.
95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future—the highest ever.
Retail sales surged last month, up another 6 percent over last year.
Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.
As a result of our tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.
Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer We have begun BUILDING THE WALL. Republicans want STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. Democrats want OPEN BORDERS which equals MASSIVE CRIME.

How many people are those votes representing?

I doubt you're the same poster.

Pure democracy is oppression of the minority by design. We will not live in a rule of the mob in the 21st century. Appeal to ALL Americans, or perish.

People? Maybe 10 or 20. Wastes of space? Lots and lots.

My point is that it's doesn't matter how many people in CA vote, the end result is the same.


Reagan was a great man


Bill of Rights, motherfucker. Limited government for the win.


No, I'm looking at fucking election results in California and noticing that many rural divisions leaned more Republican. Facts don't care about feelings.

Why do you hate them and want them to abandon their lives rather than making the system fair? Are you a Wyoming voter, don't wanna lose your cushy triple voting strength?

Give everyone equal say. There is NO ARGUMENT for how that is unfair. Land does not vote.

So you want to turn that from a California problem to a country problem?


I live in a blue city in a blue state, and vote red.
I live in a red town in a red state, and vote blue.
because nobody I vote for in local elections will ever get elected, and in the presidential election my district and state will always vote the opposite way I do.
My vote doesn't count, and will never count,
I have no representation at all.

So again, each Californian is worth 0.0000013 electoral votes. Each resident of Wyoming is worth 0.0000033 electoral votes.

Unequal representation.

That's how a democratic election works.

Get absolutely fucked you mob mentality oppressive douche. You will never strip the voices away from the people all across this great nation.

You're getting silly user, your candidate lost the election in 2016. Nobody else wants to change the rules of the game because your candidate lost

LOL this isn’t 1991.
This isn’t a unipolar world anymore. The US can either be a constructive member of the world community or risk getting isolated

Good thing we’re not a democracy.

Then break up Calfornia into multiple states, say Fecesada, Fecesia, Feceshoma, and Shittington.

You don’t have a choice anyway, you’re already kissing the ring.

that's my point

first where are u getting 70% support medicare for all shit? second, do you really think ANYONE in government has their constituents in mind beyond securing votes? for example, congress and the president KNEW the nsa was spying illegally on our citizens. they had the power to stop it but didnt they are all fucking corrupt to hell and back

We don't live in a Democracy!!!!

Depends which ones you mean. Criminals? Not so much. Forfeiture of rights is a feature of criminal justice. If you mean territories, then yes, all innocent citizens resident in areas under American rule need a vote. An EQUAL vote.

I despise HRC. I don't want to get rid of the electoral college because of 2016. I want to get rid of it because it's inherently undemocratic.

No, it's not your point. You're obsessed with unequal representation at the electoral vote level. I'm pointing out that doesn't apply to individuals.

And there are more Californian voices, so it balances out. In your world, the Californian perspective would be all that matters. In the real world created by people smarter than you, the Californian and Wyoming perspective are both represented on the national stage.

You're not going to change the electoral college.
It would require nearly 2/3 of the states to decide to give NY and CA total control of the Federal Government.
Only an idiot gives up power willingly.

We don't live in a Democracy user
Nobody else agrees with you that we should change our government
You can't shame people into agreeing with you by insulting their intelligence or accusing them of being racist

The Electoral College allows you to move to a state that will reflect your values and will be taken seriously in the next election.

Yes, I was referring to territories. They have no influence on the presidential vote, and it's purely based on where they live. If someone from Puerto went to New York, they suddenly gain the ability to vote for the president. But if you went to live in Guam, you lose your ability to vote for the prez.

Though you're still discriminating against one territory in your grand proclamation about EQUAL votes. Do you know which one and why?

>leftoids think they’re smarter than the founding fathers
>they don’t even understand that we’re not a democracy, and why that’s a good thing

>You don’t have a choice
The world does have a choice.
It can take shelter in the loving arms of Chairman Xi Jinping.
The Chinese are offering the world the Belt and Road initiative, while the United States is offering the world a reality TV game show host President who assassinates diplomats on a whim. How do you think the rest of the world will act?

Yes and no. You can move to a state that more closely approximates your values, assuming there is one. But your vote still doesn't matter. No presidential election has been decided by a single vote, and if you move to a state that's solidly red or blue, even if a vote came down to the line your vote still wouldn't matter because 1 vote won't swing your state. (Except for the couple states that don't cast their electoral votes as a bloc, but even that just shifts it down to the House district level.)

But their professor told them orange man bad
Their parents told them they are most special
Disagreeing with them means you're racist

Have fun with the bateaters. We’ll be there to plunder your wealth when the chink bubble bursts.

enjoy the white mob rule then

Lol yeah because NBC isn't a paid wing of the

Goalposts moved, dismissed.
>if it doesn’t matter, don’t vote, leftoid :^)

I didn't move a single goalpost. I'm explaining how voting and elections work, and using that to illustrate how your conception of fairness doesn't make things fair for individuals. I can think of a few valid arguments you could make in response, but you ceded the argument.

And how in the world did you decide I'm a leftist, topkek.

The Left:
>We speak for the underdog! Go minorities!

Also the Left:
>The largest group of like minded individuals should have power over all minority opinions in national elections

There are concerns about whether or not the Chinese economy can service its debt overhang, but we’re not doing that hot either. Our stock market is artificially pumped up because of cheap money from the Federal Reserve, and there are questions about whether we can service our debt overhang.

Reuters conducted the poll.
And if you think the DNC leadership backs Medicare for All, I’ve got some bad news for you.

They've been doing those surveys for decades, and the result is always the same. If you just ask if people support Medicare for all, they say yes. If you start to ask them specific questions about the details, they say hell no. It's one of those things people support as long as its a nebulous concept, but as soon as it hits the bright light of day, they cringe and turn away.

That plan would destroy us lol


Reminder, in a democracy (unlike a constitutional republic):
>The majority race is the only race that matters in the election
>The majority religion is the only religion that matters in the election
>The majority median income is the only class that matters in the election
>The majority sexual orientation is the only sexual orientation that matters in the election

So we could start throwing gays off buildings like they do in Iran?
Hmmm maybe this Democracy thing user is advocating for isn't so bad

Right, because old people scream and shout and throw a shit fest when they get subsidized healthcare, and demand that the private insurance companies go back to gouging the,.

Anons brain malfunctioned and he didn't finish typing