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Wtf are these threads? Can anyone explain?

avatar fagging, legal on b, nowhere else

project what u want its either a little girl or someone pretending to be a little girl, they got a folder of 150 of these.

they look for attention, market fills it thinking its getting laid/xp talking to girl->wasting time cause lazy retard genetics and overpopulation

im just here to crush this board

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We just talk, nothing special


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you sound like a jew, doing jewish things

Hi mega man
Doing good today?

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Evening, everyone!

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why do I feel like i hate everybody Cred Forums ?
people are trash, my friends, my best friend, the girl I "love", everybody is a fucking human cancer

kill all male jews&nsa boom global ascension

Hi Konata. I'm Feeling ok. Had an interview job today but nothing else. How are you?

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Knight for me
Doing good, bored mostly
Everything is going ok?

Maybe you really hate them or just you are having a bad season
What makes you hate them? Answering that may help

An interview?
Hope you get the job
Im doing good, slightly bored, i may play something later

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I only see the bad in people, everybody always think only about themselves and even when they show compassion or selflessness its always so that they can feel better about themselves, how can I deal with this shit daily without getting angry i dont know fuck

So do I. Tbh my mind is kinda all over the place. I like to think it went ok, but there's always a smidgen of doubt. What are you gonna play?

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Good evening.
That's pretty normal my friend. There's a lot of idiots out there. Stay safe and find fun stuff to do and life will go smoothly.

~ Sin 罪

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Everyone wants to feel good and doing that makes them happy
Normally helping other makes you happy
Its just a human thing

If you showed confidence you are probably going to be ok
Im may play bomberman heroes or ocarina of time

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That's Cool, wish I still had my n64. Then again i haven't been playing much recently. Mostly just been watching movies.

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Just use an emulator
Talking about emulators, did you know that theres one of the ps3? Really cool to see that theres still being developed
Also can you recommend a movie? I havent seen any in a while

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Yeah there's always that option. Cool that there's one for the ps3. As for movies I've just been watching random stuff like 2000s godzilla, the og trilogy star wars, and a few other things. next I'm gonna check out the Mad Max series. If you want my recommendation, try The Truman Show or Adaptation. Both are good films with interesting premises.

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new site WHEN faggot