Sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:

Sexual experiences thread. Post stories including but not limited to:
>first times / young love
>truth or dare, experiments with friends
>secret fwb
>summer camp or other institutionalized pederasty
Whatever it was for you, when did you first start having sex, user?

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my first actual sex was when i was 18.. so..

but i used to chase girls around the block and pinch their asses and kiss them all over.. just never actually did anything sexual because i was a retard and didn't know shit about it...

I cringe to think about how bad I was at romance and sex at first. I didn't really get much better until I married my first wife. I also curse myself for passing up opportunities I had in grade school, girls who wanted it and I just didn't catch on. Yah kind of autistic.

My sisters boyfriend used to casually molest me when I was 9
By the time I was 11 he was so welcomed in the house that he would come over even when my sister wasn't home.
He was really nice to her, everyone liked him, and I didn't want everyone to hate me for ruining that.. so I just kept quiet and tried to make myself scarce.
After a few months at my twelfth birthday party I realised that I missed the attention. That fucked me up for a while.
I did stop hiding so much.. not sure if that was the best idea. When I started to be around him more he started to touch again.. but I started to lean into it more.
Before I turned thirteen he'd done everything to me. I don't even know what I felt.. just this emotional whirlwind. Still messes me up when I dwell on it. Definitely affected my dating life later on.
I have a huge Little fetish.. puts a lot of guy's off. They eventually got married, and I feel like I have a part in that because as far as I know she's kind of vanilla in bed. So every few months we hook up.. he works through his rougher desires, and I get fucked really hard (it's the only way I can cum.)

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>be 11
>older sister is having sleep over with her friends
>they tell me to come into my sister's room to show me something
>pic related
>they all hold me down and giggle
>one girl pulls my bottoms off and they all laugh and look at my wiener
>sister's fat red-head friend isn't wearing panties and squats over me with her pussy in my face
>everyone tells me to kiss it and they'll let me go
>I do
>I get up and pull my pants back on while running back to my room
>don't tell my mom cause for some reason I keep thinking I'd be the one to get in trouble
>now I'm 24 with a HUGE femdom fetish
>thanks sis

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If anyone did any gay (consensual) group experimenting on sleepovers, camps, school trips, etc. those stories are very much encouraged here.

sounds like you are in a good place now.

what's the problem?

What even is sex anyway?

>Be me, 15, 10 years ago
>Have a super hot sister 2 years older than me
>Fucking spank bank material constantly
>We share a bathroom, always leaving thongs on floor when she showers, etc.
>I have smelled her panties more time than I can count.
>One day, was super hot, I was mowing lawn, she was laying out
>She would get in pool, then get out and lay out more
>So damn hot in bikini. Wasn't a thong, but high cut.
>I finish up, and jump in pool too (was mowing lawn in board shorts)
>I am in pool and realize that from that vantage point, can see outline of pussy as bikini is tight and wet.
>Totally spring boner.
>I can't get out of water quite yet, she gets up and goes inside.
>Finally realize I am good to get up.
>I go in, and go to our bathroom to change
>As i'm doing so, she is headed out, now wearing cutoffs and a t-shirt
>When I get in bathroom, her still damp bikini is hanging on shower door, dripping water
>Grab bottoms, smell them, mostly smell like chlorine from pool, but if I imagine hard enough, I can smell her pussy
>Take a quick lick. I've licked her panties before.
>Don't really taste anything, mostly pool
>Still image of them tight against her, I'm hard and decide to rub one out.
>Getting close to cumming, decide to cum into crotch of bikini
>Dumb, but I'm horny
>Cum all over the crotch. A lot.
>Immediately filled with regret.
>Cum is clumped in crotch. Try to rub it in so not as noticeable.
>Since they were damp, the water is not letting the cum soak in. Fuck.
>All of a sudden, hear her back in house with two friends.
>She tries to open bathroom door, locked.
>Knocks and says, "I need to get in there."
>I hang her suit back up - freaking out
>I walk out, she pushes past me.
>Her two friends are in bikinis in our living room.
>She comes out of bathroom, back in the bikini
>They all head out to our pool.


>I have a huge Little fetish.. puts a lot of guy's off.
So what I'm hearing is, you are only getting good sex from the guy who messed up your sex life. I for one wouldn't be at all put off by a "little" fetish, by which I think you mean roleplaying as a child or very small girl. I'd like to think there's someone like me for you that would treat you right and make you happy.

Besides literally not being able to say "No" to him regardless of if I'm seeing somebody or not?
..probably the codependence and realization that I'm the biggest whore I've ever met.

have a friend. invited to stay the night
> but 13
> his sister as a friend over as well both 12
> they keep bugging us all night
> around 1 am they suggest a truth or dare game
> we agree because fuck it
> sitting aorund in a circle in his very large walk in closet in case his parents uddenly walk in
> pretty innocent at first. think like i dare you to lick his shoe or truth like how many times have you actually lied to your parents
> things ramped up by my friend, even though he was the least into it
> he dared me to flash the girls
> so i do because i wasnt no bitch
> pull down pants and flash them
> that opened the flood gates.
> next dare was the sister to show us her butt
< then for my friend to lick sisters friend arm
> then i got my revenge by him picking truth and asking how many times a day he jerked off
> told us like 3 times
> girls wer giggling

yeah. that kind of thing is the best. there is nothing hotter than a girl who cant say no to you and craves you enough that she'll fuck up any relationship she's in just for a few hours with you.

its kind of beautiful.

> then they hit us hard. i got dared and it was to kiss my friend
> and the made it clear they meant a full on the lips kiss for ten seven seconds
> he said no but after a brief struggle and alot of giggling by al lof us i got him in this weird bear hug and planted a kiss on him
> felt weird having my first kiss with a guy, and felt weirder that i wa ok with it
> a weird small piece of me didnt want it to end despite me acting grossed out and spitting after we were done
> friend liked it too, actualyl smiled at me when the girls were whispering to each other giggling.
> next was some random stuff i dont remember
> biggest next dare was my friend asking me after a truth how big i was hard
> tell him i was 4 inches at the time
> they tell me to prove it
> tell them thats not part of the dare.
> friend says he'll show his if i do too
> after some arguing we end up sitting on our knees with the girls watching anf pulling our pajama pants down together
> i was bigger but he had some pubes. which i didnt yet
>both hard as rocks and laughing with embarrassment
> friend then dare sisters friend to show us her pussy

Whoa, girl, you need to get to a therapist quick! Textbook self-esteem and self blame issues.

> didnt ask his sister but they did the same thing we did. sitting up on their knees and pulling the pants down
> wasnt much to see at the time, they were hairless and it was kind of puffy but nothing very much so
>still it had our attention as we examined it
> dont remember who suggested it but someone said dare everyone to get completely naked
> and we all did.
> sitting there bare ass naked on his cloest carpet, feeling the weird carpet fibers tickling my butt and legs
> my turn was next so i asked his sister and she wanted a dare. so i dared her to touch her brothers dick
> they both ewwed and said no
> tell her if she doesnt she has to do a double dare no saying no
> she says shell do that
> and i pulled my friend ot the side to dsicuss it
> he was the one to suggest it so i know he was ok with it. but it was weird how into he was
> so i dare her to stick my dick in her mouth like a lollypop and suck it for a solid twenty seconds
> she gets scared and tries to back out. friend and her friend and i gang up on her and say she has to.
> so i find myself leaning back on my elbows and she crawls between my legs and lamely sucks on it for about ten seconds
>tells her friend it doesnt taste that bad
> so friend asks my friend if she can try it to
> he says yes and we find ourself sitting next to each other on his bed as his sister and her friend give us our first blowjobs
> it felt great but neither of us came from it. they stopped because their mouths were getting sore
> asked us if they could see cum,
> so since we were both horny we jerked off together next to each other on the bed while the girls watched

> was the hottest wank of my life honestly, i was young and horny and the girls watching and my friend next to me wtih his naked thigh next to mine
> we came and the girls were amazied
> afterwards both me and my friend were feeling guilty and digusted and kicked them out of the room
> didnt talk for the next day. but we both eventually admitted it had happened and it was weird but felt so good
> we ended up sneaking one of his dad pot brownies a few months later and had full on gay sex to try it out because we were curious
> thats how i found out i was bisexual and thats how he found out he liked men and having a dick in the ass

jesus thats fucking hot. As a dude who is a dominant male, you shouldn't stay reserved to one guy forever, there are tons of guys that arent predators that can engage in this type of sex without it being bad for your mental health

how old was he during all of this? Like how much older is your sister and her bf than you?


Yeah this is very unhealthy and you can easily find men that aren't like that. Check out /r/rapekink on reddit.

Re-posting this in every one of these threads...

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Started at 9, my friend had some porn he stole. We watched it and I was kinda lost at the time on the aspect of what cum was. He was around 13 so he offered to show me some. He jerked off for a while and finally finished.

He had this large rope of cum hanging from the head and asked if I wanted to smell it. I leaned in, sniffed a bit and lapped it up along with licking the underside of his dick. Scares the fuck out of him, but he liked it. Turned out I loved the taste and having the head of a warm cock on my tongue. the hopes vol 3 magically appears one day

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Awesome story, wish i could have experience bisexual shit like this when i was younger but all i could get was best friend dick lol. oh well

>She keeps messing with her bikini bottoms
>Says to her friends something to the effect of "don't you hate putting a wet bathing suit back on? Feels so weird when it is cold against you."
>Realization that my cum is against her pussy gets me immediately diamonds again
>Go back into bathroom
>Look for her panties to smell while I jack it again
>Grab her cutoffs, no panties there. Fuck, crotch of jeans smells like her though
>Decide not to spank it quite yet
>Go into living room, look in the bags of her two friends, just cutoffs and t shirts for them too. One of the has a huge rack, has a bra
>Watch them swim and lay out from my room.
>After a couple hours, they get up, go inside, all change
>They are on couch watching something on E or whatever
>I go into our bathroom, three bikinis now hanging
>Smell all of them. Was more laying out than swimming, so the crotches smell like their pussies (other than my sister's, smelled like cum).
>Went out to room where they were watching
>They are sprawled across couch and chaise, realize all three of them are commando under cutoffs
>Spend next two hours trying to get peeks of pussies
>Saw my sisters and the busty friend, didn't get peek at other one
>Have spank material for next 10 years

That's exactly the fetish.

Last serious guy I let in on my kinky side claimed he understood roleplay..
So I'm thinking I'm finally going to be able to get into it.. soaked in the tub with cocobutter bath bomb, shaved everything but my head, got the pigtails, baby powder, the whole shebang.
Pleated junior school outfit.
It was really a chore.
So we got into it but his default idea of younger was highschool.
So we start..
..between sucks I'm whispering things like "you know what would be really bad? What if I was only a freshmen?"
That got him more into it..
Then I'd try.. Knocking it down to 7th grade.. he stopped playing along verbally around there. I'm about to cum, and I told him he was a bad babysitter. Full.stop.
He asks me how young I planned to take this. When I told him only 8 or 9.. he fucking LOST his erection.
Then he ghosted me.
I never got fucked when the molestation started.. that took years to happen.
But that early age is where it started so I regress to it. The only guy's down for it only want that and not a relationship outside of the bedroom. Every time I want a relationship and to be satisfied it implodes. Fuck my life.

I have a similar story
>around 11-12
>im a femanon for context
>older sister’s sleepover birthday party with all her friends
>my mom forced her to let me stay in her room with them and sleep there after much begging from me
>happy to be with cool older girls
>not sure how it started, but one girl got the idea that everyone should strip to underwear + undershirts/bras
>me included with a bit of pressure
>eventually get idea to start “practicing” for when they really “do it” with a future bf
>watch a bunch of girls hump each other missionary position with a pillow in between them in their underwear
>kind of want to join but don’t ask
>remember specifically my sister (?) saying “if you’re turned on then leave”
>didn’t know what “turned on” was so I stayed
>definitely was looking back
>years later I come out as lesbian
>have a BIG humping kink (with pillows, balloons (bc of separate incident), etc)
tl;dr: sister and her female friends humped at her sleepover while I watched and it started my lesbian awakening

Oof, i wish we could meet in another life, as i wish i could be with a girl who could age play that young without freaking out on me! LOL

anyways keep your chin up, you will find someone, if you stay with him, your mental state will decay over time and eventually you two will be caught and your sister will hate both of you forever.

8 is the perfect age to play. below 6 or above 12 it gets boring or difficult (I'm a big fucking guy but making someone feel like they're 3 feet tall takes some suspension of disbelief)

plenty of people into it though, fetlife is a fucking hole but you can find lots of dudes who'll take you down to diaper and paci level there at least

>be 15
>dont have a date but go with a group of friends
>3 male 3 female (only one pair was actually going together)
>get high in my bathroom and get picked up
>get pictures taken
>go eat at rocknes
>having a great time
>we have a shit ton of cash
>decide to pickup some shrooms
>put shrooms on my sliders at rocknes
>everyone but the females also drop them
>go to homecoming and dance my heart out like never before
>its like 11 and parents are gone so we all have a little party at my house
>get there and invite like 8 other people
>this is my first time doing anything like this btw
>collectively have about a zip of weed
>fit like 14 people in to my bathroom and hotbox
>order pizza and drop more shrooms
>we all chill and watch harry and the hendersons in the living room
>decide to smoke more with my original homecoming group
>we all get back into the bathroom and smoke
>one girl was like i gotta piss
>friend says no balls
>stands over toilet and pisses in front of us

It was a good night. First time i ever dropped shrooms too.

>be me, 15
>invite gf to my house
>dad drives her over
>been together for 2 years or so at this point, im getting imapient
>dont want to make her uncomfortable
>alone in my room, door is closed, we start making out
>grinding on her, she can feel my cock
>i think its a good idea to sit her in my desk chair, that way if anyonr walks in they wont see her naked
>it was dumb, but i was 15, whatever
>she doesn't want to take her shorts off but still wants to show me her pussy
>she gets an idea
>pulls up her shorts and pulls the crotch to the side
>my first look at pussy
>14 year old semi-bush
>wasnt expecting beef curtains
>dive in anyways and do my best to eat her out with limited room to work with
>ended up just licking her
>after, she gives me a blowjob
>she has braces, so it sucked, but still awesome
we're still together after 4 years together
>tfw she still has braces

What he said. I would RP you at any age you wanted. So there's got to be someone out there for you.

God I wish that, a. You were real. & b. That I knew you.

I was molested by a babysitter when I was 9 and she was 13. (Turns out she was getting it from her preacher, and she touched several boys she babysat.) Fucked up my sexuality all kinds of ways. Have wanted someone safe to roleplay with for years.

nice, did you end up doing more with him or other boys you knew? any group experiences once you hit puberty?

Younger Sister and I watched American Pie when we were still in Grade School. It gave us ideas we'd later regret doing.

Which ones specifically, please share

Shit like this is exactly why the ratings system exist. Why do so many people criticize it anyway?

The first two. I still have the DVDs we watched. Not sure if I should go into more detail because underage.

>Had sex with my cousin
>Both in our early 20s, travelling together on a road trip and end up sharing a bed every now and then
>Get physically close because she's always cold and I'm always really warm, bond really well over the course of the road trip
>Tell her during a drunken night on the trip that I'm a virgin (after she asked about it)
>Last night of the trip and we're in bed together
>One thing leads to another and I'm on top of her
>Kiss her
>"Ok, that happened. But I'm ok with it if you're ok with it"
>"Yeah user, it's ok"
>Keep going, making out, and my hands start exploring her body. She's thin, with small perky breasts.
>Keep touching. Find out she's got a completely shaved pussy, which is also super wet
>Go down on her, she tastes amazing.
>She's super into it. Moaning.
>"user, you sure you've never done this before?"
>She then sucks on my dick for a little while. I'm precumming buckets.
>Puts me on my back and climbs on top. Guides my dick into her.
>"You can't cum in me, ok?"
>"Got it."
>After two weeks of being on the road and not having enough privacy to fap, finally nutted the biggest load I ever have in my entire life. Missed my chest and soaked the bed.
>Fucked a couple of times that night, and again the next morning in the shower.
>Sad to have part ways the next day, but then I went up to visit her in Canada a couple of months later.
>We road tripped again and fucked every day.
>She eventually moved in with me and we lived like a couple in secret.
>Things turned sour and she moved out a couple of years back

>Be me, 20
>Working as kitchen manager at bar and grill
>End of month, all-nighter for extra paperwork, inspections, and timesheets.
>Graveyard team is working, one chef, one kitchenhand, a glassie and two waitresses
>Glassie is 15, long golden brown hair, not skinny but not overweight, big ass and nice tits, freckles everywhere
>She comes into the kitchen office to check her area's cleaning schedules, sits down at desk opposing mine
>Office has two desks, one on each wall, a shelf on the back wall, my desk has a clear window facing into the kitchen.
>Turns to face me, asks something about cleaning chemicals
>We start talking, she puts her feet on my lap
>Go on break together, eating leftovers sitting on a dingy couch cuddling and talking
>we're alone in our semi-outside break area
>She rests her head on my shoulder
>I look down at her
>She kisses me, smiling gently
>I laugh a little, kiss her back
>Feel her tits
>She loves it, feels me up too
>puts her hand down my pants and rubs my cock
>Pulls it out, sucks it, while kneeling beside me
>Pull her jeans down, gently rub her
>She has a tight, slightly hairy, chubby little pussy
>She is moaning onto my cock
>She sits up, her jeans around her thighs, and sits on my lap.
>rub my cock on her big ass cheeks
>Slip it into her tight pussy
>She's loving it, put a hand over her mouth
>She giggles, rocks her hips on my dick
>I reach around and rub her clit
>She climaxes, starts shaking
>I cum inside her
>Sit there, still inside her for a few seconds, kiss a little more
>She pulls her panties and jeans up, works the rest of the shift with my cum inside her

Why did things go sour?

The sex is beautiful but is more on point. I actually have seen a therapist. Whom advised me to stop. Which I did for almost 6 months.
Then I ran into him at Starbucks and he told be to get in his car, drove me to a park, and unceremoniously fucked me in the back seat like a hooker. The fact that I needed absolutely no lube because knowing what was about to happen on the drive to wherever the fuck he was taking me literally turned my panties into a water park. I came twice in the five minutes he was pounding me.
Then he just drove me back and dropped me off.. I wasn't even that late to work.
I couldn't go back to my therapist after that.

>It gave us ideas we'd later regret doing.
Sorry, didn't mean which movie. Which ideas you'd later regret doing.

I wasn't saying it was easy for you. but you've found your place in life.

>advised me to stop. Which I did for almost 6 months.
did they try to replace those needs with something else, or help you build the mental framework you need to say no? or was it 'just stop'

Just because it turns you on more than anything doesn't mean you should engage in the behavior. He's getting so much more out of it than you, while youre just getting more and more damaged. The sooner you start a new with someone that didn't abuse you, the sooner you will shape your sexual apetite to a balanced and non-damaging sex life. What you are doing is addiction to a feeling you had no control over at a young age. Don't beat yourself up over it but don't keep doing it just because it feels good in the moment.

She started sleeping with someone else and lied about it.

Well at least it ended normally.

He was a highschool senior at the start.
I'm 23 now.
I understand enough about what happened to know my mental health is damaged. I'm not going to play the victim or look for some protector Dom. I want what my sister has.. a husband that loves her. I just want his dark side for myself as well. Which she doesn't have.
I don't care if she hates me.
Personally I think if she was less of a prude I wouldn't have become his back-up. Eventually it may get out, but what my family thinks of me already isn't going to change too much.
I tried fetlife.. creeps everywhere.
I am 5'2" though.. playing the role is easy.
a) am real
b) you can sympathise with me then
c) not sure two broken people together would be a healthy would be fire though. Say what you will about us "victims" but we can FUCK.

Actually was refered to a psychiatric doctor and given a serotonin drug to lower libido.. guess the dose wasn't high enough. Ironically I felt worse taking it than not and stopped after that park trip.

Fetlife sucks, but look, you're never gonna get what your sister has from him, and hes going to abuse someone else eventually. Just sayin. Find someone else before you're implicit, ya knaw?

damn he was senior?
Why am i so turned on... Ugh

>lower libido
>assuming physical rather than psychological causes.
you could be dry as a bone and you'd still have let him fuck you because it was him. you got a shitty therapist.

>I tried fetlife.. creeps everywhere.
like I said, its a terrible fucking place. I avoid it, you don't need it to find people into ageplay. just handy if not being able to find creeps was the problem.

Because it's wrong, and what you can't have feels good.. even if it's a fucking mistake.


Anyhow.. I have opening shift and need some sleep. But you've all been so kind, so..

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Maybe we'll meet in another of these threads.. but for real.. I need sleep. It's 10pm and I have to be up for 5am.
Second and last pic.. Thanks again.

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Was that the only time you saw your sister's pussy?

>be 12, at friend of friend's birthday party sleepover
>maybe 10 other guys our age there
>watch the fugitive, fucking glued to the tv, best movie ever
>gets late, his parents tell us all to get our sleeping bags laid out on the floor in the basement, turn out lights
>do stupid boy stuff, talk about chicks that we like, make weird noises and giggle and shit
>people are finally falling asleep, i'm 1/2 asleep when i hear someone jumping around and running back and forth over the top of everyone
>sit up, can't see shit, too dark, but looks like pale white retard buck naked
>someone turns on the light, its the birthday boy in his birthday suit rubbing up on people in their sleeping bags
>no one knows wtf to do
>i shout that he's gay and to knock it off
>he starts crying and runs upstairs to his mom
>everyone gets mad at me, but i can tell they're glad at least the gayness stopped
>i'm never invited to friend of friend's house again
>who gives a shit he was weirdo with a rat-tail haircut

>I am 5'2" though.. playing the role is easy.
Awesome. My wife is much younger than me, is 5'-0", 90 pounds and has daddy issues due to crazy family growing up. She takes no shit from anybody, but she loves me to be in charge in bed and RP being a child.

one last question, is that you in the pic or nah? And if you ever post you should share your stories on /r/rapekink

True. It was basically my first real intimate relationship with someone from the opposite sex though. Before that, I swear I was on a path to inceldom.

Getting "cheated on" hurt a lot, but I learned a lot about myself and relationships in that time.

In fact, I started seeing someone new very soon after, and I'm currently picking up signs now that a long time friend might be interested in me. It's like I broke a curse or something.

Where's this image from?

why would we want a picture of a sex doll

Yes.. and I'm not an author, but thanks for the link anyways. G'night!

>Maybe we'll meet in another of these threads
sure. just post and I'll see you there.

sleep well.

Did it ever happen again?

Ok so first time I tell anyone
>was 15 and some
>typical virgin but not really geeky and somewhat fit, just had no game (and still dont)
>go to my friends house to do a school proyect
>oh hi user yeah your friend is upstairs in his room just go
>I start going up the stairs silently because I was autistic and wanted to surprise him
Then I see it
>the door to his bathroom was about three quarters open and inside his 11yo little sister, completely naked, staring herself in a big ass mirror
>small tits and a pink twat
>she sees me in the mirror, and I run downstairs redder than my dick
>his mom tells me not to be shy and accompanies me to his room, the bathroom door now closed
Ive never told him how fucking hot his sister is, shes even better now
I really should try hitting her up, Im told shes a huge slut now

Where is the story? What ideas?

Don't have a greentext user but balloon humping is hot as fuck think that looks like a sex doll?
Holy Fuckin Virgin Lad

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Just got a creepvid of hot sister coming out of the shower naked.

You're just a weak individual.
Impatient, weak willed and immature. Self care and recovery from trauma involves building character and restricting ones desires.

Your "devil may care" attitude speaks volumes on how little you care about recovery, you're happy in your position so don't sob over here about progress.

Fuck off redditfag

You should.

>be me in 5th grade
>walk home the same route because school is close
>route had an arcade and a grocery store on the way
>hard to explain what an arcade slash grocery store is to you guys
>used to stop buy after class almost on the daily
>the cashier always gave me free shit
>one day he took me to the back
>it's my favorite memory from childhood
>makes me go on all fours
>fingers my asshole and pussy
>takes my virginity
>was so loving while doing it
>giving me kisses and hugs
>i had a huge crush on him
>day after day he'd take me back and finger me
>i used to spend the entire day at home just anxious
>why are my fingers so small and his so big
>used to finger my self in the bathroom daily
>a week goes by
>he shows me his dick
>he puts it in my pussy
>one quarter of it goes in
>he cums inside me instantly
>spends half an hour scraping me with a tissue and cleaning me
>this went on for a while
>one day I had pain in my pussy so i got scared
>never went there again

This is it.

Tits or GTFO M'lady.

You fucking faggots know the rules.

Where's the image from?

When I was 22 a Mom shared me with her XX year old daughter (separate, never together). It lasted about 6 months. Her daughter had a crush on me apparently. The mom was a client that came into the place I worked and I got to know the family over a few months before hand was always nice to the whole family, professional and cordial. They were really wealthy.
Finally the mom invited me to their summer vacation home for a weekend trip.
The mom would "have me" a couple times during the day and the daughter would just stay in my guest room at night.
After that I was sort of an on-call FWB with the daughter and "Serviced" the mom maybe twice a month.
I never had a threesome with them but I know for a fact the daughter and the mother watched each other at least on one occasion each at least. I didn't get the sense I was the first man they shared, but I didn't care.

The first time on that introductory weekend or rather the first day, I got to the place late in the afternoon and the mother had a drink ready for me while dinner was being prepared. After I was loosened up she brought me into her bedroom and the whole thing was wild because it was very obvious what we planned to do and the daughter was just by herself fixing up dinner. Mom was not quiet.
There wasn't much talk at dinner and mom retired to her own bedroom early/soon after dinner, excusing herself.
Daughter showed me to my bedroom and straight up disrobed right there.

Fri night, sat night, Sunday night, fucked multiple times.
A couple times during the day sat and Sunday with mom.

After that I'd be invited over every once in a while by the Daughter via text (this was before smartphones) to their normal home - likely waiting for the rest of the family to be out of the house. There was 3 daughters and 1 boy. Never knew/met the dad and don't know if she was divorced. Dad was still alive though. About once every three invites the Mom would be there expecting company. 1/2

> Anonette posts vag & tits
> still gets "tiTz OrE GtFo" from retards
Yikes kiddo


>XX year old daughter
Interesting. I hope you know there's absolutely no reason to not say how old she was.

Not much to add but wanted to add context. I think the Mom and daughter got off on sharing the same man. It lasted 6 months and sort of tapered/off ended - but it wasn't a normal relationship - between either of them. I was not looking to make a relationship out of either of them and just had fun.
I was definitely not the daughter's first.
It was all raw between the two of them.
We never talked about anything beyond surface level bullshit and we never did anything but screw and have dinners/late lunches.
You would never guess in a million years the mom/daughter were like that if you met them.
I was definitely being "used" but I didn't care.
This is in FL
I've told the story before.

XX is 20 you faggot, op is italian

Italian isn't Roman faggot.

My sister and 1 of her bffs for me, mainly just the sister
>be me, 10 older sister 13.
>sis and I stay up on weekends in living room watching tv
>sis keeps putting her teddy bear between her legs while laying on her stomach and grinding on its nose
>after shes done, runs to room, comes back new panties on
>as she grinds away one night, she notices me watching her
>"is that your penis?"
>embarrassed as hell
>" does this when I got to pee" I say
>"what else does it do? Just that?" She asks
>take dick out of pjs, make boner pop up and down with no hands
>"it moves on its own?!" She asks in shock, grabbing my dick in her hand
>pump it with blood again to make it move in her hand
>she giggles and kisses my dick on the head, just holding it still and grinding on her bear
>cums her panties and runs off to change them
>this goes on for months, her touching my dick, rubbing it, kissing it, then her friend A sleeps over one weekend
>she decides she wants to show A her secret
>makes me take out my dick for them
>sister shows her how she grinds on her bear while kissing it
>"you dont kiss it, C, you put it in your mouth" she tells her
>"like this" says A, putting my hard 10 or 11 yr old dick in her mouth
>she gives it a good suckle, then holds it tight and tells my sister to try
>they both take turns sucking my dick and masturbating all night and every time she comes over after
>few more months of this, my puberty is hitting harder. I've learned from my own time, I can rub my dick and shoot out some nut
>want to show my sista new trick
>"watch this C" I say
>spit on hands, jack off
>sis on knees watching
>doesn't fly far, but far enough to land on her hands
>"ewwwwww" she screams, before licking it off her fingers
>"I wonder if it will do that if you rubbed it" I say
>little while later, she starts to suck my dick, gets it all went and then Jack's me off.
>as she is re lubing with her mouth, I nut
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My hs friend and I were fwb for a long time. People would always tease us saying we should date but we would say we’re good just being friends. I loved burying my dick inside of her tiny frame. I don’t think any other pussy will ever feel as good as hers

Did you see a fucking timestamp you closet fag

So first human to make me cum, and first human body I've cum into is my older sisters

She eventually shows her friend A again, and they both take turns jacking me off and blowing me for weeks and months. All the while they keep humping pillows and teddy bears while I watch

This goes on for a few weeks only this time until my sister wants to go further
>all 3 of us are private school kids, pre internet in every home
>sister is humping her bear per usual
>shes probs gunna experiment on me in a few, so imma go use bathroom now
>coming back from shitter and I see her from behind for once
>as she grinds her bear, she has her panties pulled over, and is also fucking one of her makeup brushes
>I start to realize that "hey, I think that's what my dick is supposed to do..."
>ask sister "does the penis go in there?"
>she freaks out a bit, but says yes
>gets idea in her mind
>"sit down right here"
>sits down with back against couch bottom
> sister backs her ass up toward my face, grabs dick
>is trying to hump my dick like she does on her pillow
>winds up just mainly rubbing my dick over her soft, hair just forming, wet slit
>she cant get my dick in because of angle
>still have panty fetish and pantyjob fetish 20 years later because of her
>head pops in and out of her hole, but only a few mms in, under her lips and what not
>neither of us know how to properly do it so we just do it like this for a few weekends until A sleeps over again
>of course, A knows the secret
>"user has to lay flat on the floor, or you do C, only way it will line up right" A tells sis
>"user lay down" A barks
>pulls her nightshirt up around her stomach, takes off her panties
>A then puts her whole ass on my face, pussy right on my mouth, and shakes her ass back and forth, in a teasing way, which of course gets me hard as fuck
> I tell them/ask them not to do that anymore hoping they will ignore me
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Sister's ass.

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For months after they would rub their pussies on my face, in panties, no panties, while bleeding, after cumming, whenever they felt like trying to embarrass me, not knowing I was loving every minute of it. Back to the story though
>"See C, this way you sit on it, or you can turn around this way" as she turns to face me this time "and you can hold onto the couch like this"
>she explains as she shows my sister.
>A reaches down and takes my dick out if my PJs
>I've stopped wearing underwear on weekends by now
>A sits down on my dick, taking her time until it's all inside her
>"see?" She says hopping off as fast as she got on
>sister comes over, takes off panties and rolls up her loose undershirt
>"take that off too" A tells her
>sister looks confused but complies with her bff
>I've seen my sister naked since she was 9, always made me unzip her school jumper as she dropped it to the floor and flaunted around in her panties, and when we bathed
>now however, I notice her breasts are developing, not just awkward fleshy mounds on her chest
>nice tiny A cups like pic related
>my instincts tell me to grab ahold of them, but I wait
> A grabs my lil dicky, telling sis to slowly sit down onto it
>sister lowers her ass down slowly as A lipsticks her pussy with my cock
>can feel my sisters juices mixing with As on my dick, staring at sisters perfect little a cups
>all of a sudden, dick is back to warm and wet, sis let's out deep moan, but just sits there with my dick in her for a second
>stars grinding her hips
>sense my moment, reach up and grab both of her breasts
>soft, silky,peachfuzz contrasted to silky smooth and rock hard nips
>"okay C my turn" says A
>sis hops off, and in comes A, taking off her top now
>she has big ole tiddies, large c cups compared to sis
>grab handfuls of her tits as she giggles
>tells sister to grab my dick and line it up for her like she did
>sister listens, puts my dick in position
>A starts riding

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> Be me, about 14, mid 70's
>Mom thinks I'm stupid, so she sends me to a tutor during the summer
>Tutor has about 10 in a class for about 4 hours a day for 6 weeks.
>6 goofy, but hot, early teenage girls and 3 geeky boys and me
>tutor likes to have us sit in a circle on the floor
>Next to last week of class
> 4 girls show up in short shorts, remember it's the 70's
>Girls in shorts sit across from me
>Best looking one isn't wearing panties
>Shorts bunch up to the side
>Can see her bush
>instant teenager boner
>She doesn't notice because giggling with friends
>Next thing I know I can see her slit. Big meat curtains
>this goes on for 5 minuets
>Me going nuts. Feel like I'm going to explode
>Try not to stare all the time
>Her friend finally notices me and tells her
>She leaves room for a while and they all stop being giggly
>After that she doesn't come back and her friends start being hateful bitches to me
To this day love big meat curtains

my 45 year old mom is such a milf. i found a bunch of pics and sex tapes from when she was in her 20s.

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Some context So this happened last summer with 2 of my friends they were both gay so I had no chance to pipe but they were good company

> Be me 19
> Neet sitting in basement playing vidya insurgency sandstorm I think
> Get Snapchat from friend (we'll call her A)
> " We are gonna come pick you up bring booze we'll party"
> They only wanted me there for my booze but I was still down to go insurgency isn't that fun anyways
> Tell Mom I'm going out at midnight she lets me cause she thinks I'm a loser who doesn't party
> Friends arrive ( other friend is driving we'll call her E) get in car with booze I snuck out window an hour earlier
> Drive was boring nothing happened
> We arrive at E's road walk was boring we had a police scare but it was just a utility truck
> We get to a 3 way intersection at a dirt road this is where we decide to sit down and start drinking
> We crack open the booze it's fine gin stolen from my dad's reserve
> We all get sloshed E is the most drunk A is still pretty fucking smashed and I'm definitely very intoxicated but not as much as the other 2
> It's a humid summer night so I take my shirt off I'm a guy so there is nothing wierd about that
> After I take my shirt off A immediately says "do you want me to take my shirt off"
> Fuck
> She's got some nice B Cups not big but definitely not small
> She's very liberal about her body she doesn't care about her breasts she always says to her her chest is no different than mine
> when I'm drunk I'm very affectionate and so is she so I ask for a hug but we are both sitting down
> So she crawls over and sort of sits on my lap but she's facing me with her arms around my shoulders and neck my hands are around her waist to keep her from falling backwards and we just sort of hold each other
> But she starts moving because she realizes that she doesn't need to hold on to me because I have my hands around her waist

So they take turns fucking my dick like a dildo all night, going back and forth for a minute or two each. Teasing me still with pussies in my face from time to time, which I loved
Few months go by, more fuck sessions pass, all 3 of us back together one weekend, C does the pussy in my face thing, but this time, I grab her hips, and lick her hole from stomach to asshole
>c let's out a moan as my tongue passes over her clit, up to her hole
>try to get my tongue in her like my dick
>sis pushes harder
>"what the fuck was that?" She laughs
>"do that to A!" She demands
>"okay but you play with me while I do" i ask
>a comes over and sits on my face
>sis sits on dick
>sucking and licking on her clit while my dick gets rode
>a and c facing each other
>start kissing and giggling
>kissing turns to them making out
>switch positions, sisters pussy firmly pressed back onto my face while a takes her turn on my dick
>I cum in her and she keeps going
>starts to hurt so i tell her to stop
>gets off, cum drips out of her hole
>wipes it off with my sisters panties or a sock, forget which

Things go on like this until I'm 13 and they're both 16. Since A only comes over about once a month, mostly me and my sister. This also turns from a weekends only thing, to a nightly thing In her bedroom, since mine was closer to parents room. Hers was on the other side of the house, and isolated.
We would try positions out, practice oral on each other, and then show A what we learned for her to show us the right way when she came over.

A was being molested by her dad while being shown porn, found that out a few years back when she came out on fb. Didnt mention our 3 somes in our teens, but did apologize "to those lives her sickness touched", assuming ours

Once sis hits 17 and starts dating, no more free orgasms for me. But she does walk around the house wearing loose fitting clothes like pic related.

I have to make due with flashes from sleeves or shirt necks..cont

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Not a sexual experience pussy
Post that shit somewhere else

So when she is passed out, I sneak into her room or next to her on the couch, jacking off while playing with her tits, or her slit when I can get to it. Still longing for the fucking and attention of 2 girls I now miss

Wind up developing a sleep fetish too. Sis eventually gets heavy into drugs. Has new group of junkie friends. One is a hot blonde hippie chick named Sarah. Sarah and my sis like to shoot up and pass out in my living room, so I start sleeping out there more, hoping they come home and pass out

Sarah sleeps on the couch since my sister refuses to sleep if she is not fully stretched out, which is okay by me. Sarah has nice small titties too. Looks like girl in pic related but all blonde

I start molesting her in her sleep, playing with her pussy and tits while I jack off. Sometimes using her hand to jack me off, sometimes using my sisters.
What's nice about heroin, is you can basically strip them naked and fuck them and they won't do shit. I'd routinely strip them both down, and pose them with hands on pussies, or on my dick, etc. God i wish we had cell phones with cameras back then. I'd have so much gold to share.

I only stopped mid freshman year when 8 start dating an equally kinky catholic school girl from another school.
I stopped molesting sis in her sleep, still went for her friend time to time though, and still stripped them down whenever I had a chance, just stand over them and jack off, leaving them doped up, naked, and covered in my jizz.

Only times we ever got caught was when we were still in the early days. Our old man stormed in once and I had my dick out with sis basically sucking it. He didnt see that, but we got yelled at, and punished. No one explained what we did wrong or why it was wrong-catholics are fun like that- all they said was "that is is what 2 people who love each other do"..well i love my sister, she loves me, so its okay! Was our train of thought

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A and E drinking story cont.

> Because of the way she was sitting on me and that i had her pulled close to me when she would lift her arms her tits would get all in my face
> I'm enjoying myself but E is just sort of sitting there we are having a nice conversation but e is fully clothed and sitting 5 or so feet away
>So A dismounts me and crawls over to E
(E is very shy and quiet when sober when she gets drunk she's still pretty quiet and shy but just to a lesser extent)
> A somehow convinces E to remove her shirt and drink more
> So now none of us have on our shirts and we are all drinking more
> Since A and E are both lesbians they start making out I couldn't see because it was 1 in the morning and pitch black but I could hear and infer what they were doing
> A says she has to use the bathroom so she walks off for a second E goes off in another direction and I go down the third path we all only go like 20 feet away so we meet back where we were like a minute or so later
> As soon as we get there E wanders into a patch of tall grass some shrubs poison ivy baby oak trees throws up and passes out
> She falls over on her back and is unconscious throwing up on her self
> I'm glad I thought to flip her on her side because if I didn't she probably would have drowned in her own vomit
> So it's just me and A since we are drunk and retarded we sit down and say we will wait for E to wake up on her own because if we get her up she will just go back down
> So I spread my arms to A because I want to cuddle and she comes over and gets into the same position we were in before
> About 15 or so minutes pass of us talking like this with her tits in my face just chatting while listening to E unconscious vomiting on her self
> A then says that her back is tired and that she wants to lay back so A just lays back we are now essentially in like a missionary position her legs are loosely wrapped around my waist
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So i grew up in a big family, i'm talking BIG. I had 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters, and on top of that, we lived with my grandparents and two female cousins from my Dad's side (their father was a notorious alcoholic, and their mother committed suicide when they were about 2). Me and the two cousins were the youngest of the family, and as such, when we grew old enough to not shit our pants we had to be a bit more self reliant, most of the family tended to ignore us, being busy with school and work, and the old folk were pushing late 90's at that point.
We lived in a village, with the nearest city being 2 hours away by car (we also had a bus stop, but i have never actually seen a bus stop there), the population didn't breach 500.
So we lived life as you do in such conditions, hanging out, playing in forests and shit, sometimes took a small trip, and life was pretty good. But eventually we hit puberty, and life got a whole lot weirder. One thing we did as kids was bathe together, and i think it was a bath when i noticed my first erection. At first i didn't know what to do, since my parent's never really bothered to explain the birds and the bees to me, but eventually i was able to find some info in the biology book of one of my brothers. And that's when it began, being a general autist, with only a vague understanding of what sex even was, i simply asked my cousins if they wanted to try sex. They, being as clueless as i was, said yes.
At first we were scared, i mean, one thing i did manage to catch in the book was that i could get a girl pregnant, so we tried to look for alternatives. One of the girls figured out that she could stimulate me with her mouth, which was probably the best thing that has happened to me so far in life, but as for them, all i could muster was some rubbing and sometimes inserting my fingers, i was certainly having a better time than them. cont?

I had my 1st sexual experience at 15.
It was a handjob from my 11 y/o sister. I paid her 20 dollars to do it.

After that I would pay her to give me handjobs, lap dances, blowjobs, and to let me fuck her.

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Cousin creepshot

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A and E drinking story cont. 2
> I start touching her body I run my hands up her waist towards her ribs I bring my hands over her Solarplexus and down her stomach to the top of her pelvis I grab her waist and slide her closer to me
>This continues for a minute or to just feeling her body exploring
> She then says " you can grab my tits if you want user I can see you want to"
> I'm too drunk and retarded to formulate a vocal response
> So I just run my hands up her ribcage to her tits
> They feel really nice but I'm hesitant because I didn't know if she was actually cool with it
>"Go ahead user massage em it feels good"
> So I start rubbing and squeezing and massaging her tits
> She closes her eyes and exhales deeply she seems to be enjoying herself
(Oh and while all of this is happening we are having a friendly conversation about another friend of ours who we had both hooked up with in the past)
> I started playing with her nipples whenever I would do that her breathing would sharpen and she would bite her lip that was really hot when she would do that
>This continued for about 10 or 20 minutes can't really remember how long it felt like a while
> It got interrupted by E trying to talk it was just mumbles but she was coming to
> A gets up from under me and we help E find her shirt and we go back to E's house
> A crawls into bed with E and I have to find a way home
> drunk Call my dad (who is 800 miles away) for an uber shamelessness
> Make it home fine at 2am have a fine conversation with mom while absolutely wasted she is none the wiser
> Jack off go to sleep
> Wake up next day realize I left him at E's house
>A ends up stealing it

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I had a fucking critical spelling error in the last green text in the last line I meant to write
>Wake up next day realize I left Gin at E's house
Gin not him I'm a retard

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>got drunk a few months ago
>walk around my city
>blackout and wake up in bed with a girl
>literally have no memory of bringing a girl back to my apartment
>awkward as fuck but nice
>we make small talk and try to keep it light
>tells me she missed her curfew the night before
>find out she's 16
>i'm 29
>she leaves and goes home and i never heard from her again

a girl contacted me off fb and told me she thought i was cute. i recognized her from working at the same place i was fired from. i went over to her house, smoked the devils letuce, listened to lil peep and cuddled. then we started fucking and after that i found out she used to be a porn star. YIKES

There were probably red flags that you could have seen beforehand. You need to learn how to spot this shit.

yeah she is batshit crazy. made me fallhard. funny thing is is that i listen to the dsame songs that we fucked to when i feel sad about her

What songs? and who was the pornstar

be me, love fucking around with tards and psychos for fun.
> I have a bad habit of adding random chicks on facebook when I'm bored. Yes, my feed is fucking cancer.
> one day a girl hits me up asking about my bro, he looks like a downy but girls love him and i have no fucking idea why
> she's asking questions about him and like the retard I am thinking I'm playing wingman I answer them.
> questions getting weird so I ask her why she was asking about him, expecting a "I think he's cute" or something.
> bitch was blocked by him for being an attention whore. My friend says just tell her she's too young so she'll fuck off (2 years younger than him)
> Next week messages me back trying to get me to invite him to the fair for her. Laugh at her.
> few days later full on mental breakdown on the timeline (this is why i use facebook) so I message her to hear more of it.
> says she got kicked out of her foster home for threatening the foster parent's kids
> then says she also tried to FUCKING drown 2 boys for making her mad.
> I know she aint fucking with me cuz the comments on her breakdown was bout this shit
mfw i've just been fucking with her this entire time
> she says shes gonna kill herself then logs off before i can write shit
> few days later sends me a "surprise, I'm alive" message.
> rants about her family for a while then fucks off.
> gets to her birthday and no one is wishing her one and i feel... bad? wtf
> message her wishing a happy birthday
> fucking rants about crying in her bed all day and how the only other person who even talked to her was social worker
> tells me about her incest fantasy... again, wtf?
>tells me she's sorry for being like that she just trusts me fore some reason
> she says she's now old enough to date my friend making me say that it was his polite way of telling her to fuck off
> says she knows then starts talking about how ugly she is... shes actually hot
> pity her, tell her she's cute.
> she seemed into it.
> mfw
> send help

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my (could have been) first experience,

in a field with three femanons, one 8/10 one 7/10 and one -100/10... wore tight trousers that exaggerated my size, all three notice, ask to touch... idiot me says, no.... regret it every day.

When I was 16, I had sex with my 14 year old ex-gf at the time. Was awkward as fuck. Pretty sure she was as disappointed in the experience as I was ecstatic to cum inside a chick with a condom on.
What is it with small titty women and the daddy calling?

Me, younger sister and neighbor girl used to play stripping games when we were younger. Strip snap, strip gin, strip trivial pursuit and more.

You would have blasted in about 3 seconds and they all would have laughed at you. You made a good decision.

I got my step brother sent to prison and the incident caused our parents divorce. I was 15 he was 17 and we got into an argument. I don’t even remember what. But we went from screaming to pushing each other. He pushed me down and when I got up I grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it at him as hard as I could. It turned out to be scissors and they hit him point first in the groin. One testicle was hit and almost cut in half internally and the other blade went through the middle of his scrotum. He panicked and pulled them out but closed them at the same time and cut his left testicle completely in half and cut his sack open. When he saw his testicle fall out of his scam he fainted. I called an ambulance and he got to the hospital in time to save his life but his testicle wasn’t salvageable. Eventually police got involved so I said he tried to rape me. My dad believed me and his mom believed him. Unfortunately for him the cops and court also believed me and he got 4 years in prison and sex offenders registry for life. I’ve always wanted to tell him I’m sorry and even tracked him down online but I’m to chicken to contact him.

>JH, German, 20yo
>Very confident in her body. Youthful curves, full in the right places. Happily grabs my cock and declare “I want sex”
>Now and then, with her on top and in the dark, after grinding till she was really wet, she’d tell me to stay exactly where I was. She’d raise up, then lower down to push my cock into her urethra. So, so tight, just the tip of my cock inside, incredibly hot. Stretching her, squeezing the head, pushing my own head skin back, opening my own hole. Then she’d hold it there as far as it would go inside her, hot hot hot, tight, gripped.

>Then she’d frot her clitoris, and pour juices over our groins. She’d frot and I’d also get all the vibrations, shaking, trembling the head of my cock through our thin membranes. And hold me there, in rapture, on and on.

>The sensations were alien to my cock and not the type to make me cum so we’d go for ages. I’d float into a trance, on and on. I wonder if this is as close to a female orgasm a man can get, edging on the surface, not plunging into full orgasm.

> Wake up next day realize I left him at E's house
What did u leave at E's house? :p nice story, got more?

I raped my step sister for three years. She moved in when she was 7, I was 12, and right away she started with show me yours, and games of doctor that went very far. Eventually all games ended with her jerking or sucking me off. And for two years that’s all we did. But sometime after she turned 9 that changed. I remember the day, she was sucking me on my bed like usual but today it wasn’t doing much for me. I’d been wanting to try sex for awhile but she always said no when I asked. I told her I was going to have sex with her today, she shook her head no. I threw her onto my bed and we wrestled for control of her panties. I won and threw them on the floor. I got on top of her and put my weight on her and tried to get my dick in her. It took a few attempts but eventually I feel my head going into her. Trying to push inside of her is a mix of the sweetest pleasure I’ve ever known and just a little bit of pain. She was so tight and I didn’t know a thing about lubing. Every inch of her pussy felt like liquid fire, molten steel gripping my dick. I was still trying to get all the way inside her when I felt my cockhead start that familiar tingle and I could feel my balls pulling up close to my body. About the second after I got all in I came in her. When I looked at her she was just staring at me, when I got off her she grabbed panties and put them back on. She went to her room and was quiet the rest of the night. She didn’t stop coming into my room and when our parents were gone she’d often ask me if we could go to my room and have sex. She didn’t ever say to me that she thought what I did was wrong. Sometimes when we had sex she said told me she loved me, other times she was quiet and didn’t look at me. When I was 17 our parents got divorced and I lost all contact with her. It didn’t occur to me until I was 27 that what we did wasn’t sex, that I had raped her.

the songs are
girls by LilPeepxHorsehead
hellboy lil peep
Spotlight MashmelloxLilPeep
honestly Lilpeep
as for her name i cant say as there is colateral involved

No you didn't 'grab the closest thing' you're still diverting blame form yourself. You grabbed fucking scissors and threw them at him like a ninja star then immediately fell back to rape as a defense because you're a disgusting whore. I hope this is bait Jesus christ

This hurt me:'(

I had a very odd relationship with my aunt. My dad and my aunt were having an affair. My aunt was in love with my dad. And when he died she took it harder than my mom. I’m my fathers only child, my aunt didn’t marry or have children. Instead she volunteered to watch me every chance she could. After my dad died things started getting weird. I was 9 and old enough to bathe myself but she insisted on bathing me when I stayed with her. She would spend extra time on my dick and balls. She would tell me I was my fathers only boy and it was important to keep my balls clean and safe. And never to let anyone hurt me down there. I had my very first ejaculation in the bath in front of her as she cleaned me. I was 11. I was scared and embarrassed but she told me not to worry it was natural and that I’m a man now. More specifically I was her little man now. After that she was more agrresive, touching me outside of bath time. It felt good and I trusted her so I never questioned what we were doing. By the time I was 12 Was no longer a virgin. I knew what we were doing wasn’t normal but it didn’t feel wrong. I also knew if I said anything to anyone it would probably stop and she or both of us might get in trouble and I didn’t want that. After college I moved into her house to “save money”. She was a great aunt and living with her was almost like being married. She even let me go on dates and have gfs. She said I was young and she wanted me to have the opportunity of a full life. When she died all of her things were willed to me including the house. My wife and kids have no idea what I used to do with her in this house.

Moar please

I've masturbated a few times along with various friends, watched each other cum, and been jerked off by a friend but considering he had experience with a cock, it was the worse one I've had, had to tell him to stop.

thanks user, that has made me regret it not so much. I think the only thing that stopped me was the -100/10 monster that was present.

I want to believe this but its sounds like a pg13 lifetime movie

do you wish you would have gone further with these friends or done stuff a group together?

I grew up in a very abusive house. My father considered noise of almost any kind disrespectful and beating worthy. My mom was worse than him,not as frequent but more cruel. Our babysitter molested me and my sister and forced us to do things together to. She also made me fool around with her cousin who she also babysat times. She would masterbate us or shove her pussy in our faces but mostly she liked to make us do things. We never told anyone what she did to us because it was a almost a guarantee we would get a beating for it. They hit us for less. So the options were take a beating and have it continue anyway or just go with it and feel good. When I was 8 and my sister was 6 she grabbed one of my sisters dolls and cut a hole in the crotch, then she had my sister lay down naked and put the doll on her pubic area. She then showed me how to fuck the doll with my sister under it. When we got caught repeating the act later my mom poured Tabasco on my dick and made me sit in the front yard. It burned so bad I sat outside screaming. After only a few times with the doll she took it away and made my sister and I have sex in front of her. I was to young to ejaculate but I had many dry orgasms. Unfortunately my first ejaculation was in the babysitter. It’s weird I know but I always wished my first time wasn’t with her, I’d rather it had been my sister.

So you're saying you're 17?

I did go further with the one, that I had to tell to stop, ended up plowing his face, but still no release.

one friend I wanted to go further with, but not actually with him, with his mother. always tried to get her to catch me in the bathroom or changing.

I will never forget the time I spent with my sister in the closet.

P..please show milkies i..I nn..need to coom

Tell us.



Nailed it.

What the fuck kind of dental nightmare lasts for 4 years

If your teeth are still growing, you have to keep wearing them. Everyone is different.


I fucked a topless waitress for the first time on a bachelor party, mate tried to come in the door and had a bit of a chat with him from behind the door, he kicked it and it swung open and split my eyebrow open, fair bit of blood, but I just kept shagging with it running down my face

Bitch gave me the clap though, not a bad experience for a first time fugging

Sister and her friends.

Attached: 0056.jpg (1080x810, 78K)

had a bunch of one night stands/ hook ups in seattle when i was homeless

Any stories?

Literally everyone in that friend group is attractive. You just know they are constantly bitchy and competitive with each other.

Met a delicious girl in a nightclub, she told me she'd go home with me if her friend (MTF trans) could join. The trans friend wasn't that passable but what the hell, I always wanted to fuck a trans so I said yes.

When we get home, the girl tells me she wants to watch me play with the trans first. We start making out, at this point I'm horny af so I grope the trans and I see she's already hard. Without thinking I pull her panties off and start sucking. The female is watching and rubbing her clit and things escalate from there.

Long story short, the trans girl fucked both of us, I came while being fucked and didn't end up putting my dick in either of them. Still a fucking memorable night.

Cool fantasy bro.

Jesus Christ. Hope you and yours sister aren’t there anymore. Do you still mess around with sister now?

Yo sister is a ho

>one day when I was...
Nevermind, I'm a kissless virgin. I'll keep lurking

Never tried to contact her again?

My first of two gay experiences I was 17. I had been feeling super horny and curious about dudes for a while. One night while I was suuuper high, drunk, and horny, i posted an ad on craigslist as a inexperienced 18 y/o. I posted a pic of my dick and ass, and replies flooded in. I sifted thru all the weirdos and selected a basic looking 30/somethin white guy. I was incredibly nervous and reached out, cuz he gave me his phone number. We talked a bit and he told me he'd drive 45 min to meet with me. I gave him an address a block away from me. When he got there he called me and I left the house. We got in the car and talked, he immediately made me feel comfortable. He was weird, but so was I. He told me how he'd show his sons porn. We ended up in the backseat and I sucked his cock. He told me what a good boy i was and kept stroking my hair. Eventually he told me he was going to bust, and came in/on my mouth. I licked it all up and went home. I still wish I kept in contact with him:/

I had a pretty cliche experience when I was younger. I grew up in a small religious town in Georgia. Town was so small it barely had an identity. So every Sunday, we all went to church, even if no one played attention anymore. Well there was this girl there named Allison who was a lot like me in that she got bored easily. She lived with her mother and brother. She and I hung out during our free time. We would make fun of old people, come up with fantasies about what we were going to be when we got older. Nothing really too different than kids in any other small town. As we got older we started talking about sex and what it feels like. Well I somehow managed to convince her to try it with me. So one day in church, we managed to sneak off and find a secluded area. She lifted her skirt and wasn't wearing any panties. So I pulled my dick out and asked if she was ready. She said yes, and I went for her pussy. But since this was my first time, and I wasn't watching the whole way, I ended up going in her ass. She didn't seem to mind.

And that was the first time I tried anal.

retard. she's used like a sex doll, use your pre-school context clues "lad"

Can't you read? 2 year in at 15, now 4 together.

It never happened in the first place

my first sex was with a trans boy when i was 18, i was super fucking nervous and worried about his dysphoria too when i fuck him, but the second time it all went well and we really enjoyed it both, he even came from vaginal penetration
we're married happily now

When I was 8 years old and sister was 11, we used to mess around a bit the way brothers and sisters normally do. Play wrestling, kissing games, etc.

One day when we're both bored during the summer with nothing much to do (countryside), she drags me into her closet with her. It's pretty big and can easily fit two people inside, but no light whatsoever. She whispers me to take my clothes off, and she does the same. From there, we messed around in a very different way, and it became a routine for us that lasted years.

How are you this lucky?

When I was 12, I was so constantly horny that I would get in situations where, if anyone other than my mom had found me, I'd either have been arrested or beaten to death. It got so bad that my mom had a complete break down one day and asked, begged what it would take for me to stop. I, being a horny preteen with no sense of morals, saw an opportunity and told her the only way I can stay out of trouble is if she lets me do it with her instead. She absolutely blew up at me for that, but later agreed to it if it meant I didn't try to get girls drunk or force them into sex.

So you got to have sex with her? How long did that last? You get to cum in her?

Sounds like you have hypersexual disorder.

he's larping

Regularly until I left for college, and semi-frequently afterwards. And yeah, she tried to make me wear a condom or promise to pull out, but I came in her nearly every time at first.

Did that work to calm your libido?

Damn well might. I would hump absolutely everything that moved, from furniture, to pets, to kids. I schemed and planned ways to get girls either drunk or passed out and try to get it in them.

Calm, not really, but it did keep me out of trouble. Any time I got the urge to do something stupid, I knew I could take it out on my mom in at worst a few hours. But conversely, the availability made me even horny for the first couple of years.

How was the first time? Did she dislike it at first or was she into it early on? You were 12 when you started having sex with her?

You retards get baited in by momcest so easily, jesus christ.

She was equally as disgusted as me as she was with herself for agreeing to it, not that it bothered me. I wanna make up some whimsical story about how it went, but truthfully, I threw my clothes off in a flash, watched her strip and get on the bed, and went at her at full speed. Can't have lasted five minutes before I came inside of her. Heard her crying in the bathroom afterwards.

Did she ever eventually enjoy it? She look like anyone in particular?

I sucked my first dog dick when I was 8.

I fucked my first girl when I was 10.

I sucked and and was fucked by the first and last human cock when I was 12.

I fingered my first horse when I was 14.

I fucked a girl in the ass for the first time when I was 16.

I fucked my first dog when I was 18.

I fisted and fucked my first horse when I was 22.

I sucked my first horse cock when I was 28.

I was first melted and tied with a dog at age 34.

I fucked my first goat when I was 38.

I fucked my first donkey when I was 40.

I penetrated but didn't nut my first deer 4 years ago when I was 46.

I fucked and was fucked by my first homemade robot this year.

At some point she did. Can't tell you exactly when, but I think it's after I started really growing. I went from under five feet by a good few inches, to nearly six feet tall in like two years. I can honestly say there's no public figure or pornstar that I've seen that she looks like.

Never tried to jerk off a horse and take its load on you? Tell me about getting fucked by a dog.

He was a fixed cockapoo still had a sex drive though. His not with small enough to pop out so I wasn't tied for a full 20 30 minutes

Ever thought of trying it with a more size appropriate dog? My family's thinking of getting a dog, I'm trying desperately to get a dog I can get knotted by.

>Years ago
>Be me 16 year old fag
>Mom gets married to some fuck
>Has a hot ass 19 year old daughter
>Not much of anything goes down the first year and a half because pussy beta fuck
>Not sure how but she asks to fuck for fuck one night
>Become fuck buddies ever since
>Parents found out and kicked her out
>She picked me up almost everyday after school to fuck

Attached: 067.jpg (958x960, 443K)

>be me
>be raised to believe my mum is actually my older sister
>she was 15 when I popped out
>she's bat shit crazy but hot as fuck
>she comes and goes in my life as she pleases
>when I'm 14 she shows up after a long time not seeing me and asks me to call her mum
>my surrogate mother (really gran) kicks her out the house
>her and her bf (really crazy dude) keep picking me up after school and buying me loads of shit
>she's really hands on with me and it turns me on a lot
>one day her bf gives me his old laptop as he's getting a new one
>go on it, search through his old shit
>find a treasure chest of homemade movies and pics they've made
>I'm now 21 and there's still not a woman I've dropped more loads to than her

I gave my best friend's daughter a summer secretary job so I could have an excuse to bring her with me on business trips to fuck.

Fucked my wife last night. One of those great half-asleep deals. We were asleep cuddling and I woke up already fondling her and pulling at her pajama bottoms. Only lasted like 2 minutes but fuck it was great

normally never post but this happened a few years ago

>be like 17
>we had exchange students but like university students age like 20 ish
>this mainland chinese girl was with us for like 2 year
>was pretty ugly and 100% a virgin
>i had only started dating and stuff and lost my virginity to a girl i knew
>she never dated or anything always very quiet and secluded
>she used to hang her underwear like semi wet near her closet
>few times id take them and sniff them and rub them all over my face and jerk off with them
>few months later i was doing that and she FUCKING CAME HOME
>here i was in my fucking room cock in hand with her panties wrapped around my dick
>quickly shoved them under my bed and put pants on
>now she used to come in and get movies and stuff because she wasnt tech savvy so i offered to give her movies
> about 10 minutes after she gets home she came to my room to return usb and she would ask me to find her some stuff......
>she fucking sees her pantie lace sticking out the bed
> i shoved them under in the dark and panicked as my door was open , my dick was precumming aswell so they were wet urgh
>she grabs them and is absolutely FURIOUS and loses her fucking shit and tells me shes gonna tell my mum and her uni to get her moved
>panicking cause this would be super bad for my household
>i run after her and apologize but she just slams the door
> hours later she says shes sick and doesnt want dinner
> around 10pm i walk to her door and her light is still on
> i knock and say yo open up
> she opens up and says she doesnt want to talk to me and that im a fucking wierdo freak (fair)
> i go in her room and sit down and apologize and say it was out of line and that im really sorry and i hope she forgives me
> she gives me a lecture and says thats fucking disgusting and gets up
> she grabs her fucking panties and holds it infront of my face
> i fucking go ROCK HARD
> she keeps shoving them in my face and goes is this what you like!!


When I was in middle school, my older sister would come back from parties black out drunk regularly and pass out on our couch in the basement. I'd take the opportunity to fuck her every time she did.

My first sexual experience was at some party when I was 7. The drunk women said I was so cute, sat me in their lap, hugged me, etc but later that night when they were wasted they started embarassing me by looking at my penis and laughing at it. I ended up being masturbated while on their lap while the others cheered. When I reached orgasm they cheered, I got passed around and everyone got a turn. 2 of the women masturbated while watching me and made out with each other. It was a borderline orgy. Now I'm a virgin on/b/ stuck being afraid of women with femdom straight shots fantasies.

>be me, young, about 17.
>Always had fucked up relationships with my parents.
>Long story short I get out through emancipation. I have a solid job paying me 22.45 an hour (after my raise) I can afford a solid apartment for 850 a month minus util.
>We had a huge gathering with all of my family for the 4th of july through the 14th. Meet my older cousin there, hot as fuck SOLID 9/10 in the right clothes, maybe even a 10.
>Me and her get to talking more and more at the party, she hears about me living alone since 16. Already drifting since 15. Finds me fascinating.
>Side note she's a psych major.
>She tells the family that she'll hang with me for the night, it's daytime at the time btw. Which seemed odd to me because she didn't even ask me, she just assumed I would be okay with it. So I spin some bullshit about how I need to "handle my business" and that she'll have to wait till tonight for me to pick her up.
>Really I go home and prepare my apartment for ANY chance at fucking her.



>she sees my boner and goes "omg you fucking sicko youve got a a a , ( she didnt know how to say boner) and just points at my crotch)
>i grab it (about 7 inchs) and shake it abit
>she o faces >:O and puts her panties back in her draw
>im like, im sorry im gonna leave,
> get up and she pushes me in the chest and stops me
> she grabs my FUCKING DICK
> keep in mind shes abit taller than me (wierd)
>she like strokes it abit and i could see in her face she was enjoying it
>she gets abit closer to me like body to body still stroking my cock from the oustide of my trackpants
> i reach over and grab her ass (was decent for an asian)
> immediately pulls away stops
> and pushes me to get out her room
>fast forward a few days
>absolutely dont talk to her at all during those days, she does join us for dinner so its not awkward
> 1.5 weeks later she comes into my room at around 11pm and asks for movies really quietly
> im like, ohh ok no problem
> 5 minutes organising some movies
>she closes the door behind her and turns the light off
> i only have my pc screen shining
> she pushes my chair back and grabs my dick (semi hard )
> im like oh shit
> she leans over and starts kissing me
> getting harder and shes stroking me
> really good kisser , nice
> gets on her knees and pulls my pants down

>10 years ago
>be 15 year old sperg
>so fucking autistic
>mom still cuddles with me
>that is happening
>she is drunk beyond recognition
>cop a feel of dem tiddies
>she pulls me on top of her
>coom inside her
>roll off
>fall alseep
>never spoken of
And that's the real story of how I lost my virginity, not the official story which is that it happened with my gf when I was 17(which did happen as well).

My parents let my older brother sodomize and rape me and pressured me to not tell anyone because it'd ruin his entire life.

Fuck off with these shitty fake stories

Autistic Cousin Pt1

>Me 17, F cousin(17) 10yrs ago
>Lived w/her for 5yrs till uncle came
>Nonverbal autistic, rages easily
>I'm mainly the muscle keep her from injuring herself and/or others
>Had to sponge bathe her a few times
>If it wasn't for shitty hair and autism, hot
>Her mom(aunt) does what she can
>We mainly medicated the fuck out of her
>Always ask if I can have some days off for personal life
>She always pulls sad bullshit, I'm the only one that will help
>Pretty sure drinks & The Price is Right proves otherwise
>Testing new meds, idk name
>Knocks her the fuck out 45min, TKO!!!
>I can actually keep the house clean!!!
>Online gf dumps me cause she can't deal w/only talking & hanging out on stoop
>2 months down the fucking drain
>Aunt gone for 2weeks on "family emergency"
>Now I'm stuck w/the fusion of The Jackel(13 Ghosts) and Epic Tit JLO!
>5th day in, seeing red. Chevelle: The Red
>Been: bitten, punched, scratched, head butted, screamed at
>DBZ Abriged: she keeps kicking me in the dick! Why?!? Why does she keep kicking me in the dick?!?!?
>6th day, angel from God
>Uncle comes cause he hasn't heard from aunt in a week
>"Who u?" He explains "Help"
>He helps for a day and explains "I'm sorry, but you've got to hunker down. She needs the "propper" help and I'm just starting med school for this. When I'm done with school, I got you!"
>7th Day mentally exhausted, barely enough meds, Aunt comes back in a week, only she can get them, 2mo dry spell, forgot to pay bill so no porn FML
>She's finally asleep, laying spread eagle, stress got the better of me "Fuck it!"
>Poked her leg, nothing
>Lifted & dropped arm, nothing
>Being brave yet thorough, rolled her on her side. Rolled back. "She's dead Jim."
>Grabbed baby oil. I'm not going down on the source of my rage.
>Opened cap, spread pussy via 'peace sign'(oh the imminent irony)
>Spray & finger a few times
>Slick and ready to go

Attached: IMG_2481.jpg (848x820, 60K)

> pulls my dick out my boxers and strokes it
> proceeds to suck my dick
>i grab her head and hump towards her head
> grab her chest abit between sucks but she pulls away doesnt like it too much ok, np
> continues to give me head for like 3 minutes
> im about to cum and she stops sucking and just jerks me off to climax
> i cum all over myself and abit on her hand
> she gets up , grabs a tissue to wipe her hand throws it in the bin
> grabs the usb and walks out
>leaving me their cum all over my self in the pitch black
>well she went back to china like 2 months later
> since that night nothing much happened and she didnt ask for anymore movies and stuff
>stole a set of her panties and used them for a while until i got a gf and yeah.
hope you enjoyed
was great

I wish it was fake, I used to be cwc tier with my autism

More for the love of god

Yes you tard. Always continue

Autistic Cousin Pt2

>Use gap between teeth & cheek, don't need my dick bitten off
>Tightest pussy ever! My dick has never been harder
>No hymen due to flailing her legs like a damn gymnist
>Her body reacts instinctively and squeezes constantly
>She came before I did, I then cum inside her.
>I already knew her meds made her infertile, so no retard babies!
>Used her inner cheek to clean myself up
>She seemed to enjoy her flavor and started to blow me
>Only for a bit till the flavor's gone, nearly bit my dick off
>3 times in a row, best 2hours of my life!
>Following 6 days were as such
>Fight off morning rage, strap down, feed, she watches TV, clean, fight to bathroom, fight back to chair, clean, lunch, fight to bathe her, fight to give her meds, strap dinner, drag to bed, clean, rape
>I hate fucked that tight pussy for the years of torment
>Every creampie was as deep as I could thrust it, her body would convulse on my dick the most
>Was thee most fucked up therapy. 5hrs of her 10-11hr sleep cycle was abusing and filling her pussy with my hate
>She knew something was up by the 2nd day
>I smiled more and she was more calm when I cleaned her pussy while bathing
>When she was down for the night I continued to get dreamy blowjobs
>She stopped trying to bite it on the 4th day of sex-capades
>Her tongue went nuts when I jizzed in her mouth. Made the same moans for candy
>I moved her into doggy & absolutely destroyed her pussy
>She made these ungodly animalistic moans
>When she was about to cum she would wimper like she was in pain
>Gave the incling of "please stop!!"
>Only made me ram her pussy harder
>Her constricting pussy muscles felt like another mouth
>Gentley gnawing and sucking my cum out
>I wish this wouldn't end, but its the 6th day, only 2 days of meds, aunt is back in 2days
>I get her to bed, clean as I wait for meds to kick in
>I oil up & go in. First nut good, 2nd nut better, 3rd awesome nut and her eyes shoot open as she cums . . . SHIT!

Attached: IMG_2414.jpg (200x200, 8K)

Rude. I'll stop then.

Moar please.

i found a bunch of my mom's old pics and sex tapes from the 90's

Attached: d.jpg (1373x729, 159K)

Then stop you fucking faggot

Yes please


Post some more and also nudes

Go on!

I'm at work, so can't go into a long, rambling greentext. Short version is I offered my friend to let her have the job to save me time dealing with emails, texts, etc. and in exchange she gets to go on small vacations on my company's dime whenever I travel, which is often. This started just before her freshman year of high school and continued through all but her last year at college cause she actually needed an internship relevant to her career. Anything else?

>Our eyes lock, with a look of "WTF!?!"
>I already knew I was going to hell for uncountable rapes of an autistic teen
>3 agonizing seconds and I resumed pumping
>She seemed to be in a trance
>Somehow it turned me on more
>I railed my cousin like no tomorrow
>I covered her mouth as her orgasm wimpers started
>This made my dick harder, her pussy clamped down harder than usual
>Damn near pushed me out, slammed my dick in as hard as possible.
>Our back arched, the orgasm was so intense my vision blurred
>I wanted more. Lust, greed and rage filled me.
>I didn't go limp this time and went w/it. The sound of our wet bodies slapping together. Magical
>Slapped her ass caught up in the moment, her pussy clenched. Hard!
>I slapped her ass only a few more times, didn't want Aunt asking about bruses
>5th & best nut getting closer, her animal noises, muffled by hand
>Crunching pussy floods as it milks me
>Her moans die down, her pussy stays clammped
>I pull out, done cumming, still hard
>Most satisfying pussy pop sound, burned into my skull
>She cleans me up, eyes are closed again
>I'm in her mouth, think it's just a fluke, she cleans me up
>Satisfied smile on her face this time
>Think "Oh Shit . . ." Clean up
>Sponge bathe her
>Sleep, sponge her again in the morning
>After lunch sponge her again
>Give her meds, put her in bed
>Aunt comes home, sex-capades sadly end
>Cousin now stares at me with a blank face. Neither smile/frown
>Aunt brushes it to side effects of new meds
>I'm now scared for my life.
>Conflicted between: thank God she didn't talk! & Wish to violate that tightness again . . . and again
>My current gf likes rape Role Play, it's not the same.
>I miss fucking my human animal. Pounding her pussy harder as she begs me to stop . . . or for more?
>I'll never know

Attached: IMG_2574.jpg (640x960, 118K)

But eventually i started to crave the real thing, i had to try sex, and didn't care about the consequences. So on a hot summer night, i went into my cousins room, and confronted them. We lied in bed naked for a bit, not sure how to begin, when suddenly, one of them climbed on top of me, and started to slowly try sliding onto my dick, the second one just sat there and watched, and i, feeling like i was just lobotomized couldn't do anything but just stare at her. She was slowly going down before suddenly spiking back up, she tried to say something about how we should wait or some shit, but i got my first taste and wanted more. I quickly got up and used my body weight to lay her down, the feeling of her nipples rubbing up against me, and her sweaty skin sliding all over me is something i remember to this day. I laid on top of her for a bit, before finally slamming it in full force. She almost screamed, but her sister came in clutch and shut her mouth, i didn't waste any time and started pumping, she struggled a bit, but her pain didn't last long, since i busted on like the third stroke, i'm honestly surprised i lasted that long. I apologized to her, she wasn't really mad, just shocked. We lied there for a while before i suddenly noticed my boner rise up again, now it was time to break in the second one. This time it was pretty smooth, all tho she wanted to yell out too, but it didn't last much longer than the first time.

Attached: 1580692557005.png (1855x3712, 430K)

What did you do to her ?
Did you have sex before the trip ?
Did she knew what would happen or did you convinced her/ raped her?
What did you do to her ? Casual sex ? Anal ?

You can't "take care" of her again ?

my story

>be me
>moved into a new town in 2003
>9 years old
>befriend and crush on this girl that was my neighbor and in my classroom from kindergarten up in middle school
>one night my parents were sleeping and i was watching weird channels late night
>find a channel that aired porn after 12 am
>get turned on but don't jack off to it because i didn't know what that was
>fast forward
>explain to girl what i saw while i was at her place
>"that's cool user, think we should try it too?"
>try fitting it in her pussy
>dick to stiff and too dumb to know what im doing
>try sticking it in her ass
>go at it for a while
>childhood cum
>do it repeatedly for a couple of months
>try sticking it in her pussy again after a while
>fail again
>say fuck it and never do it again
>mfw i was too autistic to know how to fuck

we are still best friends and ended up dating each other for a bit, then broke it off
she became somewhat shy about her sexuality, don't know if she got fucked yet
i turned out fine

We never had sex before our first trip. I got her nice and tipsy off some nice liquor and made my move. For a while it was just regular vanilla sex, but we got pretty kinky over time. She had a pregnancy risk kink that resulted in a few abortions over the years.

Lost my virginity in 7th grade to a girl called Jessica.

i was hard as fuck
then you started talking about drugs
and i immediately lost it
thats fucked up bro

Fucked my cousin after she past out from a crazy night.

Attached: IMG7355.jpg (910x917, 84K)

Do you feel any remorse ? (That you fucked your friend's daughter)

Kill yourself, faggot

My man

Lord no, that was like 90% of the reason I gave her the job.

>>try sticking it in her pussy again after a while
>>fail again
why? was her pussy to wide or what?


I'll take where is Rome for 500

I'm in a strangely similar situation, how did you two move in with eachother without raising too many questions from your family?

Thoughts on this one?

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>be 13 year old me
>summer time vacation
>go to local park to play some football(soccer for the burgers out there)
>meet black kid bit older than me
>play football together so we become friends
>older sister and i always had a good relationship
>she is bored at the house so i invite her to go with me to the park
>She meets my friend and we all get along
>she keeps coming with me when i go to the park
>at the time i just thought she liked to hang around with me
>black friend and sister get to know each other better
>eventually i start being left out as they hang out more and more by themselves
>one day black friend comes up to my and says he likes my sister and ask for permission to date her
>i say im fine with it
>he asks for help to date her
>Ask my sister what she thinks of him. She tells me he likes him too
>suddenly become middle man of the relationship
>tell him things my sister likes and vice versa
>bring messages from one person to another
>id help them out here and there
>they start dating
>one day invite him over to my house and then leave them two alone
>sister just told me they made out and got to third base
>found out from friend the next day with graphic detailes, that they had fucked
>this went on for all summer
At the time i just thought of it as helping my sister and a friend. Now it seems like a cuck thing

my mom was involved in a drunk threesome with two guys I know that were my age. Also twins.

So every older brother wants and tries to deflower his siblings, right? Or is it just me?

Dude, Latin is a dead language, look it up faggot

That’s a wild ride

I made this screengrab

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Fucking mash the keyboard you spastic

>I've been acting as my best friends fucktoy/sex relief for the last 6 months. >We've been doing it behind his girlfriend's back.
>His gf is a bit of a prude in the sack
>Won't try new things, hates the taste of cum, freaks out if he gets cum in her hair, etc
>Friend is only getting like one lazy and dry handjob a week
>He's over one day, we're chilling and drinking
>He complains to me about it the whole time
>I ask what he wants me to do it about it, hinting that he should let it go, try to relax
>He jokingly said suck my dick faggot
>We go back to chillin
>Later we're both a bit more drunk
>Tell him I'll take him up on his offer is it still stands
>At first he doesn't remember wtf I'm talking about
>It wasn't until I was rubbing his leg that he got it
>He's hard as all hell
>He hasn't pushed me away or said no yet
>I go no further than light teasing through his pants until he makes the next move
>He pulls his pants around his ankles
>I get on my knees and take him down to the balls (he's thicker than he is long, it's nice)
>Use my tongue a bunch, massage his balls while he cums straight down my throat
>Had him fuck me that night too after taking a quick shower
>Woke up in the same bed next morning covered in cum
>We've gone from there

He's talking about breaking it off with his gf. I keep quiet about that because I'm not going to be the driving force behind his decision. He can stop fucking me any time he wants and she'd never know. But he doesn't.

>cop a feel of dem tiddies
Solid reference

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So you are real faggot now lol

I always was. Since freshman year in highschool. I used to let the boys on the football team who were still in the closet use and abuse me in any way they saw fit. It's why I'm so good at sucking cock.

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Only if you got to watch

Late to this but my first time was inside a drainage tunnel by a ditch with my ex because everywhere we go our family was there to keep us from having sex, finally I lied to my mother and told her my friends are picking me up when it was my ex's sister and her taking us to the mall and we decided to do it a few blocks away by the ditch. Couldn't see shit it was dark in there so I had a hard to slipping inside her plus it was her first time too so we both had no idea how to begin I eventually did it tho. I was 16 at the time.

Women are so beyond stupid.

Rough first time, user. How old was she? How long were you together?

My first time.

>be me
>19 yo
>not-quite-kissless virgin
>autistic af, have crush on taken girl for months
>girl starts talking to me a lot
>says fiance is abusive
>I encourage her to leave, she tells me lots of abuse stories
>she leaves fiance
>3 days later she asks if I want to date her
>fuck yes.jpg
>literally my idea of a perfect woman at the time
>I go to college far away
>we decide she is going to fly down a week before I drive home for summer and we'll meander home together as our first date
>terrible idea, but it worked out
>I go to pick her up at airport in door/top-less Jeep
>this fuckin 11/10 girl comes out, throws backpack in back as she runs up, hops in, and we make out with me stomping on the clutch and brake hoping I don't have to move my legs
>We go to a drive in movie and make out a lot more, I can't even remember what movie
>we go back to apartment, she puts on silky lingerie and we sit on the floor talking
>suddenly, she bends over
>pulls out dick
>starts sucking
>I start shaking
>it was the most incredible feeling of my life to that point
>for the next week, we drive across the country exploring Route 66 in my classic car and giving each other tons of oral sex
>I was still afraid of PIV sex, very sheltered Christian boy
>I get horribly sick at one point and she nurses me back to health in a shitty motel
>we get home, I have a summer of bliss going to visit her a couple hours away once or twice a week, in there we try PIV sex, but I ruined it being afraid/autistic

Wrote up a greentext of the rest of the relationship too, I'll probably post it even though it's not directly relevant.

Rest of relationship

>together for a year and a half, next summer now
>she thinks we should live together, I'm not ready for that until after college
>I intend to marry this girl
>I ask her to wait a couple years for me
>she gets severely depressed, dumps me via text while I'm at work, gives this as reason
>I quit my retail job and spend two weeks sitting in bed watching anime
>move across state, get better job, start to get over it
>back to college
>after a month back, she starts talking to me again
>she begs for me back
>I take her back
>together another 6 months
>up and down, her depression is worse
>have actual sex in this period, cum inside while drunk
>she stops taking her meds
>starts drinking heavily
>becomes alcoholic
>drops acid
>starts smoking
>looks into heroin
>becomes severely depressed again
>I try to convince her that alcoholism and drugs are bad
>she breaks up with me again in person, heavily implying she intends to OD to suicide

>I leave and get scared, should I talk to her parents or something?
>Go get drunk with aunt and uncle instead
>Decide to leave her alone
>start getting super down about it myself
>look to friends for help
>start into three months of my own depression, can't find job, gf is maybe not gf anymore and is in self destructive spiral
>friends encourage me to try to talk to her, want us to all be friends at least
>attempt to talk to gf a couple times, she ghosts me, I give up and cut all contact
>cutting all contact is the best decision I ever made
>get good job again
>apparently during this she's been telling my friends I was abusive
>apparently my best friend had been pretending to be on my side for the past month and was actually dating her
>reveals this to me
>I tell him to go fuck himself and block him on everything
>other friends go with him, apparently they believe the abuse stories
>I continue slowly feeling better without any of these people in my life
>Here I am, a year later, doing well financially and pretty okay emotionally
>I still have no friends
>utterly no desire to date
>kinda wonder if her ex-fiance was actually abusive now

Probably not abused by fiance, probably abused earlier in life by relatives. poison either way. Find a girl you can love in easy mode.

Didnt get to watch, just to hear them fucking in the next room and then they would tell me about it later. Sister never told me much but my friend told me everything. Now i occasionally bring it up to my sister and we talk about it

>be 12 year old me
>cousins are living with us for a while because they just moved to town and are still finding a place to stay
>one day my cousin, she's 16, tells me she found a cool book in my dad's study and wants to show me
>go with her into the study
>she shows me the book, it's pic related
>it's just sex positions and roleplay scenarios and shit
>she tells me to flip to a random page
>the page in question describes how to give a titjob
>she takes her shirt off
>she lets me play with her tits for a bit, i ask if i can suck on them and she says yes
>she slides her hand down my shorts and plays with my cock some
>then she lets me finger her pussy for a bit
>hear adults come back home, we put our clothes back on and go back to normal shit
For some reason neither of us ever talked about it again or did anything else but I still think about it when i jerk off sometimes.

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This sounds like a great coming of age movie.

IIRC he started a job so won't likely be posting Vol 3 for at least a few months

Yeah, I learned a lot from that relationship. I do regret taking her back. I should have cut contact the first time. The first time was a fairy tale story, and if I'd left off at that, I would've had a much easier time getting over it. And I'd have still been in college, so I'd have had opportunities to date other women easily. And might not have lost my friends, and definitely wouldn't have moved across the country after college to be with her. Now I'm stuck here and friendless, but I did learn a lot.

When I was a wimpy 16yo my parents hosted another family for 2 days because they just moved from eastern Europe and their house temporarily had no furniture or beds for some reason. Our house had only one guest room so my parents figured I should host the others' 13yo son in my room on a blow up mattress. Guess they thought I'd be a good company to him or something. Dude was a bit odd and didn't speak almost any English so first night we just watched a movie to kill time and barely interacted.

Cue nighttime, I'm half asleep when I see him look in my direction. Few minutes of pretending being asleep later, he starts wanking. Don't think he came, but I didn't mention it the next day, he spent it downtown with his parents.

Another evening movie later, I'm pretending to be asleep to see if he'll do it again because I'm kinda turned on, he checks for a while to see if I'm asleep and this time walks up slowly to my bedside and wanks over my head, then shoots on my face. I flinch. He freezes. He notices. I notice he noticed. Few very long seconds later he goes back to his mattress and I wait for him to sleep so I can go to bathroom to wash my face and wank. Diamond hard cock and got cramps from cumming. Neither of us ever mentioned it and we barely interacted after that.

And that, b, is how I discovered I might be a bit submissive.

I started fucking my teenage sister when I was in college and caught her in the middle of a bunch of dudes blowing them.

We still hook up occasionally. I related the story in another thread a couple days ago.

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Hey Dumbfuck, this isn't algebra, make up a name, don't use letters for people.

>fucking in a drainage ditch
909 detected


My best friend is a cuck and he let me fuck his gf a few times... We were all in the same friend group and kept it a secret from everyone... especially my gf

My step mom took my virginity while we were drunk and gave me my first blowjob

Fucked my best friends crush on christmas. We've all known eachother since highschool (2016 graduate) and it was fucking amaing!


I would like to know more about this.

Got really drunk on st patty's day 2018 and fucked a fat dominican bitch :(

Thanks fag

Quads btw

>be 27, together with wife for 10 yrs now
>both find out we're bi, so we decide to swing about 3 yrs into our relationship
>start with same room play, move to soft swap (oral with other partner), and same-sex swap (gay af)
>eventually shift to group play but wife hesitant to do hard swap
>totally ok with that as we're having tons of fun at this point
>get introduced to couple interested in playing through mutual friend
>couple is HOT; police officer and navy chick, so they are in superb shape
>we hit it off with them as friends as first and slowly chat about it
>husband is kinda hesitant about it as it's a new thing for him, but he is sooo hot for my wife
>get invited to superbowl party (literally this last weekend) at their house
>husband gets pretty drunk that night and chats with my wife saying they are good to go
>everyone leaves at end of night except for us
>take them up to their bedroom (we have to take lead as they are super nervous about everything)
>wife let's me know she'd be down for full swap this time (aww yiss)
>my wife seduces the guy and I start making out with his super tight navy wife
>she has super cute face with luscious lips and a banging body
>he's hot too, but 100% straight, so I don't push it
>wife rides this guy and he's having the time of his life
>meanwhile I'm fucking his wife doggystyle and she is just insatiable
>end up swapping back to cum in our respective wives bareback (always wear condoms for swaps, kids)
>go home super late, but super satisfied
>wake up Monday morning and bang wife while we dirty talk about the night before.
>10/10 Sunday, folks.
Pic very related

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First time I asked my girlfriend to humiliate my cock I was so excited I was shaking.

>>start with same room play, move to soft swap (oral with other partner), and same-sex swap (gay af)
>>eventually shift to group play but wife hesitant to do hard swap
Tell some more stories about this?

If you turned Forest Whitaker’s eyes into boobs, they’d look like these weird things.

I am working to set this same scenario up with my work and friend's daughter. She has had a crush on me for a couple of years so it has to be well-framed.

I had no idea about ddlg until this girl from tinder told me she was into it. Just reading on it made me diamonds. She liked the more nurturing side but I think that nmafe it hotter

>wife and I are super into power dynamics in our play
>she's super domme and I'm a switch depending on the situation.
>find submissive chick to play with so I have an opportunity to fuck a subby girl
>she's super nice when we meet up, a bit chubby, but curvy in all the right ways
>says she's recently out of a sex-starved relationship and wanted to let go and be really used for once
>plan play date at a sex club a few weeks out
>play date arrives and we get to the club a little early
>our date shows up
>takes her coat off once inside and is wearing this hot red strappy lingerie set
>wife loves it and I let her take the lead to make the girl more comfortable
>take the girl upstairs to the open bed.
>I've been lugging our bondage bag around this whole time btw
>wife has the girl sit on the bed on her knees and helps me put leather cuffs on her
>girl is breathing heavy and irregularly
>we check in on her to make sure she's ok and she quickly says yes
>says she's never been this turned on
>wife loves this and has me keep going with the cuffs while she starts
wife drops her panties, stands over her and pulls her face into her pussy
>I finish putting cuffs on while my wife enjoys her
>latch her arms behind her
>wife says it's my turn, so she lies back to enjoy the view while touching herself
>we've collected a crowd
>I stand up in front of girl
>she's still panting from the situation and I can tell she's aroused af
>I slide my cock in her mouth slowly at first and begin to facefuck her
>she gags on occasion, but takes it like a champ
>wife has an idea and leaves to get her strapon from the locker at the club
>girl takes the opportunity to ask for it rougher
>I oblige and push my cock until it *pops* down her throat
>she gags and struggles a little, but cant pull away due to her positioning
>I start throatfucking her and her eyes start to water
>she gags and i tell her to shut up, slapping her face with my cock

>>I've told this before but here it is: when I was about 12 my mom adopted her 9 year old niece (her mom killed herself with heroin, literally). So we were supposed to raise her like a sister which I thought was stupid. I remember just being a dick to her and basic garden variety bully for the first couple years. My mom gave me shit for a while and then just kinda gave up, it wasnt anything unusual I just either aggressively ignored her or played pretty mean pranks and comments. My folks went through a divorce around then so Im sure that didnt make me any nicer. Anyway be around 15 and in high school, school sucks, girls wont talk to me, usual shit. That year we spent the whole summer at our cottage in Wisconsin, pretty much a shit hole but we we loved it when we were younger. I was bored as shit from the first day with nobody else around and started to take it out on 'sister'. The cottage is tiny and not air conditioned so we were outside all the time sweating balls or swimming. Anyway i'd toss her around in the lake or hold her underwater for a few seconds just to freak her out, and she kinda just went along with it . Anyway one of the first days i kinda grabbed her to toss her and instead just bear hugged and grabbed her barely existent tits to see what she would do. She just froze for a second and looked back at me like wtf? then she slithered away and just got out and left. I figured it wouldnt be a big deal if she told, just horseplay. Anyway, she didnt and I just kind of escalated that kind of shit from there, slapping or grabbing her ass when i could, leering when nobody was looking, I dont even think it was that arrousing to me, more just dickish shit teenagers do. Anyway she threatened to tell a couple times and i gave her my usual 'your not even her daughter who you think she'll believe' speech, and insinuated she'd have to go to foster care

>this gets her going as she immediately swallows my cock and deepthroats it
>wife returns with her strapon and watches for a bit
>wife brings a leather furniture block over and asks to interrupt
>she places it in front of the girl and pulls her over it so she falls onto it (hands tied behind back)
>wife says "proceed", so I go back to facefucking her
>wife moves around behind her with her strapon
>as she starts putting her strapon in, she exclaims "wow...someone's fucking wet!"
>I'm already close at this point, so I slow down and just edge myself with her mouth/throat
>wife starts fucking her calling her dirty names
>"fucking like being used, huh?" etc
>girl is moaning now - vibrating my dick...almost lose it, but keep it together to keep the feeling going
>wife gets this focused look on her face as she starts fucking her harder
>wife has a bit of penis envy so she gets fucking HOT when she uses the strapon
>major psychological turn on for her
>audience is watching us spitroast the girl and I'm just slowly edging myself
>girl tenses up and looks like she cums
>wife keeps going until she fi wishes shaking
>whole thing is super hot so I lose it and start cumming in her mouth
>she swallows like a champ...every load just down the hatch
>girl is a hot mess; she collects herself while I eat out my wife
>10/10 sex club experience.
Again, pic very related

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Ummm you NEED to green text that gay shit, dont just close over it.
We want to read how you fucked you friend.

>>That I guess scared her enough not to rock the boat, which gave me the green light to escalate things. She started avoiding me, but there wasnt really anywhere to hide unless you wanted to sit with my mom when she was around or boil to death inside. So I would find her and just kind of menace her, grab some tit etc. One day we were all swimming and mom ran in to make a call or something and i just turned on her and grabbed her, she must have seen something in my face because she just froze up. that scared look got me diamonds and she must have felt it through my trunks, i basically pushed a hand down her bottoms and grabbed some pussy, tried to push a finger in but no luck- she must have freaked the fuck out when i did that. This kind of shit goes on for weeks really, just escalating and she must have known it kept getting worse

>>I got ahold of a bottle of whiskey at some point and had it hidden down the creek so I was hitting that, made me brave/stupid. Pretty much the only game was to find girl, chase girl, tackle girl, try to get a finger in (I got into her butt before her vag lol, she started crying). She never told though. One day it was pouring rain and mom was out for the day, I knew I had the whole day, and i ended up raping her ass on the couch. Like, she fought and then just quit when i got her pants down. I got my dick in and came in like 2 pumps, was rock hard about 10 seconds later, then really fucked her ass. She was just defeated after that and honestly i got bored. Went to college, fake sister got knocked up at 17 by some loser and married to a different loser a year later. Turns out we're not close these days.