Femanon here yall wanna talk

Femanon here yall wanna talk

>tfw no bf

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i hate niggers

You know the rules.

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Im white

mfw not worth getting gf rn and volcel life

might become a orthodox monk and go live in the mountains

>just gotta learn greek

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Titts or gtfo.

New here? post.

k? i still hate niggers

What are you up to this evening?

When did you masturbate last?

Cutting right to the chase

Tits and timestamps.

What's on your mind, user?

how big is ur clit?

Hello larping basement dweller.

What do you want to talk about?

> tfw no gf

Pic related

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Why are you on Cred Forums? You got mental problems?


Tits and gtfo

fine guys here, now can we get back to the topic at hand

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How are you?


You're not cute or passable. Your axe wound is not a real vagina and your HRTitties make people want to vomit. Consider joining the 41%.

No. I just want to drink myself
To sleep.

sure, whats on your mind femanon?

>>tfw no bf
no wonder...

maybe you'd have a bf if your tits wernt disapointing

Fake and gay, timestamp or stop larping.

Alternatively, just tell us what's on your mind.

what are your thoughts about ass eating,would you let a guy spread your cheeks and tounge punch your chocolate starfish?

Absolutely, but only if he fucks me afterword

what do you want out of a bf? what makes a guy worthy?

ur fat and ugly as fuck. disgusting landwhale. as a chad, i'd never even come close to you lol



Nice quads

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