Fixes censored Tifa

>Fixes censored Tifa

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I'm not a FF fan or anything but she looks so much hotter on the second pic, and it's not just the boobs: the detail on the hair, the eyes, the position of her arms are more relaxed and natural, her nose, her lips... I've instantly fallen in love.

Where is the first pic from=?

Remake shills defend every problem with FF7R, like them changing Shinra to be the ones blowing up the reactor.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1.

so many nuts have been busted to tifas monster tits back in the day

Oh, i thought that was an older one. Then where is the second one from?

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I laugh at how all the fanart of nuTifa gives her old tit size back.

Photoshop. Some guy on Cred Forums touched up on it.

I have Tifa's tits.

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Fuck now its depressing to know that it will not look as good


Aerith > Tifa.

Sure, but a still picture can't be as good as a cgi animation.

>changing Shinra to be the ones blowing up the reactor.
Absolutely disgusting.


Ye, in the Remake, they made Shinra blow up the reactor instead of Avalanche.

Join now before it's too late

How many parts are these greedy fucks going to make? Part 1 is just midgar and that's like 3 hours max.

I didn't see that in the trailer. In which part do you see that? Sounds weird, what would happen to the whole intro of the game? The story would be completely different...
Arent you confusing shinra destroying one of the sectors of midgar to kill avalanche since they blew up a reactor earlier?

If what you say is true then the fuck the remake

They’re saying around 50 hours in part 1

that's not Tifa. Tifa has bigger tits

> Playing a shitty ass version of a censored game without tifa tits or cloud cross dressing

Im good areis was hotter anyway and hacent enjoyed a console since psx/ps2

Are they going to let you explore the other sectors or something?

That isn't censoring, that is poor deforming. It's caused from the rig and the mesh not being correctly weighted.

There was leaked gameplay of the demo on YouTube about a month ago before it was quickly taken down by Square. This is what happened:
>Cloud and Barret plant small bomb on reactor
>It blows up
>Does jackshit to the reactor
>Shinra orders his robotic troops to blow it up
>Blames it on Avalanche

Apparently, it's not open world. It plays in chapters and there's 18 of em'. Each chapter has you explore a part of Midgar. And it's only 73 GB with an assumption of 13 hours:

This was the only site I found that discussed most of the leaks.

Fucking Google being retarded.

Meh, I dont hate it. From your other comment I thought the plot changed. Thanks for the info tho

No, recent trailer had cross dressing scene. They added an LGBT message when he was getting make up on and whatnot:

Damn, I hate these chapter oriented games. Might cancel my preorder and just wait for bargain bin sales

no you don't thot

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The voice acting is absolute garbage too. They replaced the old VAs with literal nobodies and Aerith is voiced by some Twitch thot. They fucking got rid of Sephiroth's iconic VA.

Aerith new voice sucks ass but her old voice was absolutely terrible as well.