Post the metal albums that you most respect and admire

post the metal albums that you most respect and admire

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Obvious choice is obvious.

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My favorite metal album

So we're building up to non-shit taste then?

also can i get a big F for this list lmfao

fucking murder enterprise earth btw

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If you don't like Sabbath, you don't deserve to like any metal.

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Oof the edge.

Suck a dick, boomer. Ozzy sucks major hairy ballsacks.

fuck off watson you autistic little bitch boy ass meat

screamo cunt u cut more then my sister

>Suck a dick, boomer.
I'm 28. Geezer is a god.

GWAR is all we know

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fuck yeah. RIP brockie

gwar is terribad poser punk-rock

And now for something now completely shit.

Master tier black metal

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Gotta agree, Ozzy sucks.

Obvious troll is fucking retarded.

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This is the real one!

Why do some metal albums try to come off so edgy and dark? Can't you make heavy music without being an eighth grade wannabe goth?

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I hope you listen to nothing but country music the rest of your life

That's nice.

Americans cannot do this. So it is written.


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Black Water Park is boss af!

Meh. 6.6/10

Oh shit I rolled quads.

Chimaira is a good album.

Here's a sample:

Americans invented Glam Metal, you gay anal retard.

Never heard of this, seems fucking sick.

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Glam? Ok. Have fun with that, you spandex wearing fuckface.

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Hard to say which one I admire and respect the MOST, but this has to be up there.

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Back in my day you put on women's clothes and sang about the devil. Now that was music.

Artsy fartsy crap.

This band isn't bad. Reminds me a bit of In Flames. Haven't listened to them in awhile, but they're great.

And that's exactly why I love it. Here, alternative that isn't too "artsy fartsy" lol

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You might like Wolfheart too as well. A bit heavier. I don't get the In Flames correlation, but that's up to you, my guy.

Oh yes

Not my thing. High school was a long time ago.

I like metal with melodic vocals thrown in. That's always good. In Flames does this.

Death metal and pig squealing screaming shit is just lame.

>Why do some metal albums try to come off so edgy and dark? Can't you make heavy music without being an eighth grade wannabe goth?

Because they are selling their albums to 8th grade wannabe goths.

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I have a hard time staying away from this band at all times.

Hey! I like you.

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Based Scorpions

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hey babe xx hugs today and hug me back xx tis cold want snugglesxxxxxxx

Omnium Gatherum and Be'Lakor are similar if you're interested.

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This man is a legend and my inspiration in everything artistic ive done and have pursued.

makes me teary eyed just typing it

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It was only a matter of time.

this guy get’s it.

i love both of them, and also Mors Princpium Est and In Mourning.

I get that some people like the all-out guttural scream all throughout, but to me it's just unpleasant noise. At least have the juxtaposition of the melodic vocals going through all the heavy metal stuff.

Being able to hear what the person is saying is always nice too, but I did used to listen to stuff that was basically a pterodactyl on a mic with instrumentals.

Fair enough I suppose, growls aren't for everyone, especially Cryptopsy, about as extreme as it gets in that department lol. When say no death metal, I assume you're not a fan of early In Flames, then?

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What the fuck does it even say? Can't read that shit.

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Nice feet bitch.


Eyes Wide Open is the new In Flames that doesn't suck btw.

Fuck yeah, my nigga. First time I saw these guys was in '89... blew my mind!


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Thanks for introducing me to this shit. Very nice. I’m not a huge black metal fan, but enjoy a few bands/artists like burzum and summoning, so I rarely find new shit in the genre that I like.

Bow down fags

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this means you’re missing out on half of metal’s catalogue. Such an utter range of brilliance, never to be understood.

A great inspiration.

I don't really recall where along their journey I liked In Flames, but probably not earlier stuff if it was death metal.

Nothingface was a band I loved that broke up, but they're not quite as heavy as the other bands mentioned here.

I transitioned to more orchestral music and movie/show scores over time, as a preference for something to listen to. I still like metal when I hear it, but I don't gravitate towards it as much.

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Squealing like a stuck hog isn't music.

Bro, if you like Summoning, you gotta check out Caladan Brood and Aquilus. Amazing symphonic black metal in the same vein as Summoning.

one of the best in the black metal scene

Thanks for the Reccos I’ll check them out. Land of the dead is probably one of fav songs of all time.

>if I don’t like it it isn’t music
What you like is commercial, buddy. what I like personally is art.

Yeah, I honestly feel bad for people who can't get into it. Like, there's a lot of great albums and experiences that a lot of people won't have. But not like they can really change it. If they can't enjoy it, oh well. Hate when people try to make someome feel lesser because they don't like really harsh vocals. Just cause someone does jive with something doesn't mean they're not cool lol.

Pic related

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Never liked In Flames, much preferred Dark Tranquillity, lol.

I feel that. I was really into a lot of metal awhile ago, but I've been vibing with punkier stuff as well as a lot of ambient. But I still appreciate a good metal album fairly frequently, just nowhere near as often.

Bar fucking none.

That is a tough nut... I go with this :

can't go wrong with where it began, love this album

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Oh come on, don't be silly. Just because something isn't at the edges of music doesn't mean it's commercial. Even then, who cares if it's "commercial"? That doesn't mean it's any less artistic than something like Discordance Axis. But, yeah other user is even dumber for saying it's not music, agreed there.

this was my first metal album. A true classic

That opening track is still one of the most haunting tracks in metal, over 50 years later.

This is the single, greatest death metal album ever made.

People who can’t process a particular sort of music should be ashamed, and ridiculed, for not having the mental maturity to understand all humanity’s art, without regard to individuality. The same goes for people who can’t into system of a down or screamo and shit.

Also this one, slayer kicks ass

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unironically think mine was tool 10000 days 2005/6, downloaded a lot of music until i started working and was rich enough to afford it. bought best of beastie boys 3x

A solid choice indeed.

so good


The Absolute best

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and it's got saxophone

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weak fags get out

I can understand that mindset and I used to be there with you, but if you truly want this amazing, visceral, and intense artform to spread and be widely appreciated, having such a exclusionary and aggressive mindset will do nothing but deter those who are curious. If I was curious about heavier music, but was hesitant due to the harsher vocals, as I once was, and someone called me a pussy and shamed me for not liking it, I'd steer clear of that shit; no one wants to get involved in a toxic community like that. Instead, suggest bands whose vocals are harsh, but not incredibly so, and let them find their way into heavier and heavier music. Sharing music is one of the most rewarding things one can do, but pushing people away while doing it isn't a good way to go about it.

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Shit goes.

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IA - The Battle of Yaldabaoth - FULL ALBUM W/ LYRICS [OFFICIAL]
00:00 - 01 - Childchewer
02:46 - 02 - Three Bastards
07:04 - 03 - The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Beneath Thine Hollowed Heavens (feat. Trevor Strnad)
14:11 - 04 - Ov Sacrament and Sincest (feat. Storm Strope)
17:31 - 05 - Feast ov Goreglutton
19:54 - 06 - Plaguebearer
24:57 - 07 - Swinaecologist
28:34 - 08 - A Rape of Sirens (feat. Alex Terrible)
33:14 - 09 - Empusa: Queen of the Damned
38:21 - 10 - Ere the Crimson Dawn
41:51 - 11 - Thy Faith, Thy Oblivion
45:21 - 12 - The Battle of Yaldabaoth (feat. Alex Teyen)
51:29 - 13 - Necropocalypse
57:00 - 14 - Paedophilic Legacy

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pg. 99 is my SHIT. Screamo may be my all time favorite genre, up there with metalcore and emo (not like Fall and Boy and Panic! At the Disco shit). I got to see City of Caterpillar when they reunited, shit was cash, sounded jusy like they did when they first formed.

I agree entirely that being dark or not dark is not a prerequisite for artistic integrity, however commercial music is driven by the intention to be popular, while art is driven and only limited by sheer imagination. Props on knowing who Discordance Axis is, however while that isn’t a great example of artistic brilliance, it is certainly a clever example of the of myriad of metal offerings that is underrepresented in the mainstream.

I only recently leearmed pg.99 existed.

Saw Kaospilot at Fredericia hardcore though... Wild shit !

Why haven't anyone posted "The psyke project" ?

BRO forgot about them, they slap

>let’s water down the music so we can share more, that way everyone can like it
If your primary motivation for liking music is so you can make friends, then you never grew up.

Can’t go wrong with the first three Ulver albums.

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While I do agree, I think assuming that just because someone doesn't enjoy harsh vocals in their music that they only enjoy commercial music is pretty reductionistic and pretentious. Also, dismissing all commercial music as unimaginative or lacking in any artistic merit is a bit elitist and exclusionary. Sure, Nick Jonas isn't pushing boundaries like Ved Buens Ende or Kayo Dot or some shit, but I think there's still a certain amount of artistic integrity in making pop music. The starving artist is not very glamorous and is overrated in the long run. I apologize for maybe being a bit presumptuous here, but I feel we may just fundamentally disagree in viewpoint here, so I think we can leave it at agree to disagree. However, feel free to continue to voice your opinion. You've been cordial and thoughtful in your presentation. I'll likely not respond as I'm heading to sleep quite soon, though. Have a good night user.

nice feet

Fortress by Protest the Hero is one of the greatest Metal albums I never hear people talk about.

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Never said that the music should be watered down, God no. Just that instead of calling someone a pussy for not liking a band like Cryptopsy because they're a bit too extreme to show them a band like Death where it's a bit more accessible and open the door instead of slamming it in their face. Personally, I find sharing the things I enjoy to be rewarding and positive for the scene, but if that's not your thing, you do you. I like the music I like because I like it, not because I think I'm gonna make a ton of friends by liking Full of Hell lol.

Man, Bergtatt is a stone cold black metal classic. Absolutely amazing.

I really need to listen to more PTH. I used to jam Volition a lot back in early HS, but haven't really delved into their discography since then.

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Chuck Schuldiner was a god.

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>The starving artist is not very glamorous and is overrated in the long run.
And the grammy award winning mtv fueled radio act inherently is? fuck that. Just because they only have 2,000 followers on spotify doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing thing to listen to..

I remember my 12th birthday

Good choice!
I think I might listen to some Kayo Dot on the way to work now.

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I'm a long-time metalhead and I have a friend who listens to rap and some punk. Over the last few years, I've been getting him into heavier and heavier shit. We recently had the mutual realization that he's gone from listening to literally zero extreme metal to actually having a list of favorite tech death albums in rotation. Here's a list of the favorite tech death albums of someone that doesn't actually listen to extreme metal:

>Atheist - Unquestionable Presence
>Death - The Sound of Perseverance
>Mithras - On Strange Loops
>Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel
>Persefone - Aathma
>Blotted Science - The Machinations of Dementia
>Horrendous - Idol
>Cryptopsy - None So Vile
>Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

No offense, but most of the albums posted here don't really qualify as "metal" but are instead trying to be distant subgenres. Fewer still even have technically proficient musicians, nor anything inventive, let alone the song writing.

Op asked for albums you "respect" (admire means almost nothing with respect to subjectivity), and I only see one other album posted that actually changed all metal going forward.

It's hard to argue with Megadeth's Rust In Peace, which showed the world the metal could be fast, yet precise, and with a level of techinical proficiency and complexity that caused all others in metal to aspire to.

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>Grandmaaaaaaa what was it liiiiike?
I listened to this so loud today my neighbors got to enjoy it too.

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It's always been Vol. 4, it was the only metal album in my parents record collection, apparently, I loved to listen to it when I was 4 or 5, rediscovered it when I was 13 and it felt like home.

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>These are subgenres and not metal herp derp
>Posts a thrash metal album cover
>Fails to realize thrash is a subgenre
Was it hard growing up retarded?
Are you really this fucking stupid?

>extreme metal
you mean the garbage that morons who smoke pot all day are too braindead and sensory-dulled to discern from actual talented bands that don't need to play static and garble everything in order to make it even sound like "music" as opposed to monkey slamming on things?

fyi, not one fucking band of wannabes on your list is even mediocre
that shit is just noise

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Nice Reddit spacing faggot

OK. What do you recommend?

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Supernaut makes me want to run through a fucking wall, gets me amped like I just did a fat line and then wheels of confusion makes me want to kill myself. I love Vol.4

should you even be allowed to post?
that is a list of garbage only a moron would listen to
screaming vocalists with shit voices and all kinds of effects on instruments with horrible licks and kiddie rhythms does not even qualify as music

OK. What do you recommend?

Ok boomer.

this one

I feel like gojira, death, iron maiden, and electric wizard all changed metal moving forward, as well as black sabbath which pioneered the genre. Also bands like crytopsy, demilich, and gojira are more technically proficient than Megadeth. Further, bands like death and electric wizard have better overall song writing.

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>Kiddie rhythms
Top kek. Ever listened to the band Death? They're on the list that guy made and they're fucking amazing. You won't like their vocals because you're a faggot, but if you don't like the guitar work you should just kill yourself or at least stop pretending to be into music. Even my 65+ year old father who "hates thrash and death metal" will listen to death just for the guitar work alone.

Favorite album on the planet. Truly a masterpiece.

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Probably the best intro mastodon album, but I wouldn't even put it in their top three overall. Leviathan/Blood Mountain/Crack the Skye is one of the most satisfying sets of three consecutive albums I've ever heard.

>Mastodon will never finish the Elemental Cycle

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>More technically proficient
You sound like a little try hard. It's music, not a dick measuring competition. Listen to tornado of souls and tell me that's not "technically proficient". Mustaine is an asshole, but he can play and he always surrounded himself with great musicians like Marty Friedman, Nick Menza and now Kiko Loureiro. Death is an amazing band, but a different genre and style. Chuck Schuldiner was an amazing guitar player but I'd never compare him to mustaine, they're too different.

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not him, but apparently you are retarded
"Megadeth is an American heavy metal band"

it's true that Megadeth developed and refined thrash as one of the big 4 and prolly did so far more than the other 3 by most rock historians views in terms of influence, but Megadeth jumped all over

oh yeah, and "thrash" is a genre of metal
he said "subgenre"
subgenres of thrash are NWOBHM, speed metal, black metal, death metal, groove metal, grunge, doom metal, gothic metal, grindcore, industrial, etc.
then theres the fusion genres of it like funk metal, metalcore, deathrash, nu metal etc.

none of those subgenres or the even later fusion genres, all of which fall under thrash came out until much late--and all were a product of thrash

this , this , this and some of this is heavy metal

all the rest of the shit in this thread is subgenres or fusion genres, which don't even really qualify as metal per the original post

outside of those only megadeth , parts of slayer and this (the last decent album metallica did before selling out, ironically yet another album that was mostly written by mustaine and what lars and james did in recycling the hundreds of tunes mustaine wrote prior to even entering metallica)
even qualify as "metal"

the op called for
metal bad that weaves in and out of thrash, at best

that’s the most soi driven, reddit normie collection of metal I’ve ever seen.

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>Infernal Coil

>the rest of the death metal picks
ok i guess

>everything else
gay as fuck

>doom is a product of thrash.
Eat shit, faggot. also everything else you said is wrong, too.

haha holy shit lmao

listen to pissgrave you fucking fags

I agree with this. Nobody rocked harder, faster, or more intense than Dave Mustaine. I've seen literally over 300 metal concerts in my days and nobody compared to Megadeth live. They were always tight. Most of the rest of the bands here except the original metal gods, can't do shit outside of the studio without a shitload of special effects and a million takes and even then they sound like shit and make your ears bleed with fatigue.

Mustaine wrote shit tons of music, wrote all the instruments too even like drums when he doesn't even play them, invented chords that nobody used before him, has no equal on rhythm guitar, and did plenty of 10/10 solos. Oh yeah, and he also sang at the same time. Musician x100. Not some feedback noise glutted studio shit with special effects. Just try playing at that speed and doing all those things at the same time. Then try it with tunes as complex like Megadeth's stuff and see if you don't have a heart attack halfway through the first tune. Very few top notch guitar players would even try to play Mustaine because they've tried and failed.

Source: me a session player for nearly 20 years who has been on stage before thousands, including stadiums, many times.

fuck u nigger you listen to shitty dadrock

All metal is a product of rock, which is a product of jazz, which evolved from blues, which came from ragtime, blah blah blah, Africa. Fuck genres, and mother fuck sub genres.

1. what are you into?
2. do you have an ear (most that listen to metal actually don't and can't tell the difference between shit-tier and quality, somehow thinking that if they "like" something it is good; listening to anything over and over will make you like it on some level due to mere familiarity just like the stray mutt dog you took in and feed everyday but it doesn't mean it's good)

this one of the top 5 albums in metal of all time imho
and i am not a megadeth fan but this one is pure polished metal and front to back a masterpiece

Came here to see if I know any bands!

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i have a jane doe tat. whole top of my left foot.

>I was wrong, and now I can’t be right

i rocked this today.

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10/10 dancers to a discordant system is mind-numbing.

Not him, but he's right. Your list looks like a fucking moron made it who is trying so hard to be edgy with hurr-durr I like bands nobody ever heard of and therefore I know something.

Dipshit: if nobody fucking knows them, 99.99% of the time it's cuz they suck. I just gave a listen to literally everything on your list and it's really immature noise with everything so fucking muddled on purpose to cover up a lack of talent. That's the hallmark of a zero talent metal band. Lack of clarity in sound. No good band needs to do that and make it sound like shit you are listening to through your neighbor's wall that has to be played so fucking loud in order to make it all become one big mess. By the way, I play guitar. The bands you listed from what I heard have rhythm riffs that are all within 5-6 frets and you can hear the fucking fingers sliding all over the strings (not a good thing; my 1st years guitar students learn how to actually move their hands correctly without such sloppiness and lazyness). Sorry, but you are just clueless and have no taste at all.

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>1. what are you into?

Death, doom, sludge, some black, some thrash; mainly stuff that is either prog/avant-garde or just really sick DM. Examples: Ulcerate, Inter Arma, Oranssi Pazuzu, Bell Witch, Vektor, Jute Gyte, Dodheimsgard (specifically A Umbra Omega), Scorched, Fluids, Khthoniik Cerviiks

like most, i've never understood how anyone finds them even good
the production quality of their albums are also widely reconized as absolutely horrible in the industry, but they don't seem to care
if you want to put up with that level of hiss and a decreased dynamic range, listen to meshuggah
have fun living alone in the mid-range

>jute gyte

Attached: Jute Gyte.jpg (1200x1200, 189K)

Jute is my favorite thing to bring up when someone says that I listen to noise that anyone could make on a guitar, because Jute literally plays on a custom 24 EDO guitar that almost no-one else in the world has. You literally can't just make noise on a guitar and have it sound like Jute Gyte.

What the fuck does it say tho

All that screaming. All through voiceboxes. Not vocals. Unlistenable, unless you are on speed and lacking ear drums.

I think MM is their best.

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Burzum is fucking B A S E D

this and . . . if you need that level of distortion on your guitar and pickups, you suck on guitar
plus, they have to tune down but claim it's only a half step (it's not) which everybody knows is done only to cover up shitty playing
that, and all the special effects they have to use render meshuggah more prog rock geared with death metal sound all filtered through your dad's brief case

Jens is definitely the weak link, but the band is tight.


Tune down? They use 8 string guitars.

its like someone condensed all of the retardation of every YouTube metal video comments section into one thread lmao

Well, no one has posted this
For shame.

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>death metal

legitimately laughed out loud

good job, user

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Trash Talk Destroy fellas

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Hard to beat this

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i appreciate your list but bro, your ear is fucking shot
you'll graduate out of that stuff one day
do yourself a favor and buy yourself a high end set of cans (quality headphones start at $500) and a headphone am ($300+), then actually try to listen to anything on your list compared to a band that is actually tight and you will understand what we are talking about

hint: the spaces in between the music are as important as the sound it to a discerning ear

i note that you didn't list gojira, and i agree with this a bit but only on a few of their tunes where they understand that less is more but the rest is just fucking noise and gets stale
maiden is same thing, and i like them, but they are difficult to listen to and they had no albums that were solid front to back which is the point of this thread
electric wizard is a nonstarter for most, myself included; nothing original there and done better
nobody who knows what they are talking about would dispute sabbath as a pioneer
as far as any on that list being more proficient than megadeth, you are simply dead wrong and no experienced musician would agree with you, including the members of the band you list

OK, so no recs?


Invisible guest is riff boner fuel

>hint: the spaces in between the music are as important as the sound it to a discerning ear

haha you don't know what half the bands i listed sound like do you

Ummm, he's right about Doom Metal being a subgenre of Thrash Metal. Doom Metal is at best a subgenre because it is nothing more than Thrash Metal with much slower tempos and the guitars tuned lower. That, and vocals that are typically distorted to sound satanic and/or depressing. But that "sound" with the rhythm guitair up front and the drums playing in sync in the rhythm section originated in Thrash. Nothing Black Sabbath ever did or anything in what was only called "Heavy Metal" back then had a rhythm section like that. It was defined in Thrash. Doom, as we recognize it today is not even close to the early 80's so-called "Doom" bands and was instead defined almost entirely in the late 90's and hasn't evolved any more to this day. Thrash was defined in the late 70s and solified in the early 80s".

Frankly, only an imbecile would suggest Doom Metal is anything more than a subgenre of Thrash. Without Thrash, there would be no Doom Metal today. At all. If you are into Doom, thank the Thrash Gods. The big 4 were the ones that took Metal in a completely different direction and all came out of that. Prior to that it was Sabbath and all things lumped into "Heavy Metal".

FYI, this is all documented in Joel McIver's Book--widely considered the most famous rock historian and certainly the most prolific.

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Doom predates thrash, retard.

Just logged on and read this thread. Honestly, you sound retarded as fuck. How ironic that you are calling all of them retarded. If you have issues with all the comments from rockers on youtube, you are not one of us. Apparently everyone else is wrong and you are right. I'll bet that works real well for you in real life too. Fucking idiot. No wonder you're a loser.

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Yes, indeed.
You absolutely do have the gayest post of the day.

all i need is this city and this mind and i will get by

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He said death metal sound.

Oh, and by the way, good job being wrong again:

"Meshuggah first attracted international attention with the 1995 release Destroy Erase Improve for its fusion of fast-tempo death metal, thrash metal, progressive metal and jazz fusion elements."

Did you read that, imbecile?
Meshuggah is death metal fused with progressive metal and thrash and jazz fusion elements. That's exactly what he said. It's also what everyone else has said, everywhere, ever.

>death metal
>legitimately laughed out loud

Confirmed for retard.

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jesus, you fucking retard
you've gotten the shit kicked out of you all over this thread and your are still coming back all bloodied to shitpost again?
what a fucking joke you are

look, if you don't know a fucking thing about metal, that's cool, but you sound like a fucking moron to all the rest of us
maybe you should go actually read up on some shit
you legitimately sound retarded

Holy shit you are the biggest faggot in this thread and that’s saying a lot

they suck live
i used to be a fan
then i saw them live and they suck badly
also known for short sets which is a ripoff
you leave with a fucking headache from all the smoke and lights tryna cover up the shit play too
so fucking distorted and so sloppy

why the fuck did this take seven minutes to begin

Hmm, actually he's made me think about it. You calling people faggots and retards is unhelpful to anyone here. How ironic that's all you have to add to our discussion.

My buddy has a set of high end headphones and he says the same thing to me. We used to listen to the same stuff all the time and he moved on once he got into higher end equipment. I've actually heard that from a few different people now so it must be true. To be honest, I can't listen to Meshuggah for more than a few tunes anymore. I used to think they were edgy and different years ago. Then I started expanding into other groups outside of this fusion subgenre and it gets harder and harder to listen to them compared to groups that play with precision without all the feedback and special effects so I totally get what you mean. Any other recommendations?

>Any other recommendations?
yeah, avoid this samefagging idiot and his "advice" like the plague
he's cancer

Darkest music ever.

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I fucking love all of portal.

>why the fuck did this take seven minutes to begin
uggh, just listened to it and agree
they suck ass
somebody actually thought was good?

Except "dark" does not equal better. That shit is pure noise. You should be embarrassed to listen to that if you have an Ear IQ over 50.

i respect your opinion but disagree. doesnt matter though i love every album in their catalogue


fuck yes

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Does "You Won't Get What You Want" by Daughters count? Still one of my favorite albums.

Holy Fuck! He fucking shreds like a motherfucker!

But look at this solo at 4:30 switching and playing rhythm and lead back and forth at the same time

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surprisingly heavy, but no. It doesn’t use metal distortion.

lethe might be one of my favorite tracks ever

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fking best

Attached: CF278973-57E2-4BEB-8DAF-15463EDA5958-207-00000022D1D290EE.jpg (622x622, 61K)

Chuck was the best

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Love this album

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both albums are masterpieces. I can’t decide which I like more.

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get on my level, scrubs

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Oh yes, bro

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Still listen to this album

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27 here, you’ve got shit taste

There is beauty in simplicity, and Iommi is a riff god. Virtually anything he writes is instantly recognizable

Genuinely god tier. Some of the only music that seriously gives me chills. The timing changes alone are so badass

That album is fucking sick. I mostly listen to Burzum, Xasthur, Mayhem, Ulver and Striborg among some others.

Never heard of this band / album til just now and it's excellent.

Also this. Melodic death metal.

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I fucking love Leprous

Attached: cover_93615862018_r.jpg (1000x1000, 144K)

I've always thought None so Vile is fucking amazing too

>no Cattle Decap


Attached: Dimm Borgir - Stormblast.jpg (474x472, 29K)

this is the only respectable dimmu borgir album

Attached: Arpitanian Lands.jpg (1200x1200, 149K)

Attached: Bolt Thrower - Mercenary.jpg (1400x1400, 394K)

i would avoid you like the plague at a festival

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Vektor - Terminal Redux
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Death - Symbolic

I feel these albums have been the most influential for me

>maiden has no albums that are solid front to back
what about this one

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Attached: nocte_taverne.jpg (230x230, 17K)

Even though my taste has changed over the years, i still consider this the most important metal album

Honorable mentions :

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Methinks The Way of All Flesh is better


It's probably bc despite having some good tuned they're pretty faggy

I never understood them despite being reccomended by many people with musical tastes I respect.

I've tried to listen over and over and I just can't make myself like it. I really don't like the guitar tone/play style. I feel like their guitar has no low end and they don't use any vibrato or anything.

Attached: after_the_burial-rareform_vinyl (1).jpg (320x285, 36K)

I can understand where you are coming from, but let me tell you that what you listen to is pure shit. If at isn't extreme it isn't metal, period.

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Why the fuck is everyone falling for this guy's shitty bait

Arent you the same guy who was shitting on the artisan era a few days ago ?

No shit, it doesn't even attempt to be realistic and the samefagging is blatant.

Just came

Agreed. Something about this album I've always found interesting. And the cover is 10/10

those are all great except for Aborted, which is completely soulless commercialized death metal. Decapitated is definitely respectable shit, but it’s grown dated.

Wtf, I own that vinyl and it's not orange.

good shit

This is banger for sure. Another classic album cover.

*Oldies but goodies

Hello father

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It's the 10 year Anniversary UK release

Seems like we share a somehow similar taste. What would you add to this list ?

My dude, you should check out the album "Griseous" by Aquilus. Beautiful orchestration perfectly juxtaposed by instrumental brutality.

is this really metal tho? feels more like rock


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its great to scroll through here and see some of these favourites in your own cd collection. But my all time most respected from my teens was and still is MAYH by Opeth. looking back its seems so cliche but it is missing from this post

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Marduk Panzer Division Marduk Is a fucking classic.

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Ascended Dead, the new Analepsy album, Contaminated, Slaughterbox - The Ubiquity of Subjugation, and Infernal Coil - Within a World Forgotten.

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Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read

Man i really wanted to get into Portal because of the sick album covers and the praise they get but i couldnt. I listened to outre' multiple times and all i hear is static. How can i make myself enjoy them ?

And also just because a band has 22 million followers on Spotify doesn’t mean they’re shit sellouts

Try Seepia

Gotta agree, their three best

Chaosphere by meshuggah

>infernal coil


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Good driving music this

Attached: Screenshot_2020-02-07-00-44-47-55.png (891x885, 445K)

Masterpiece, just perfect

This one is seriously a good album, I would recommend even to those that don't usually like -core elements.

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Oh yeah
pure album

Satan has spoken, this is the best album.

One of the greatest yet most underrated records of the modern death metal age. This record is pure perfection.

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fuck nicce foots

im new. i like metallica enter sandman

nice, was there back in 05 I think.