Eternal waifu bread

Eternal waifu bread
>no butts

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Also, someone call Doom Slayer

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comf. I'd prefer the other way round, but you already got that idea. I mainly like it for chilling outside, I guess.

pun not intended, mom.

Shidd, what game ya playin'?

haha, same!

perhaps it was mine too, but I forgot. Let me search up shits and see if I start getting memories.

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Cat appears at party. Shows butt. Try to mate with human. Fight off doggies. Share guy with gun girl in the end.

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Congrats, using your shit joke of an explanation of the show actually brought back memories. Unironically. Good job!

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Sounds boring.

Now bend over

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God damn clock.

I'd like to see a guy do a better resume than that. You actually can't that's the whole god damn plot. But the actual characters are enjoyable... even if the plot is written by an autistic japanese nagasaki offspring.


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You just did

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Is this a claiming thread? I'm claiming Lagoona Blue

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Ngl i laughed at that pun
Weebshit of course. Girl's frontline. Straight up /ak/ game. Learned about it because of one of my friends. And sop.

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oh boy yes please more grown men roleplaying as anime girls

That's more like it

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That's the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do!
Oh, Girls' Frontline. Ain't played it before. How is it?

Thanks, I'm gonna watch it right now and lose some brain cells but regain memories. Lovely!

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Not gonna lose any brain cells. It's quite enjoyable and wholesome.

Also I prefer the english dub over the japanese dub... at least in this particular case. Also go for the uncesored version, not a shitload of ecchi, but it makes it even more wholesome.

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more butt

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No butts

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That's still a form of butt

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Post butt

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No it's not. Stop spreading lies about kitty

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>no butts

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I'm going to hold your h*nd

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Im going to destory that

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I'll lick your butt

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> licc

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I hope you all die horribly painful deaths. Faggots.

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You would want that

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not again


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It's sort of a tactics game, Top down, but not RTS. You control echelons of anime guns(Best way I could put it lol) and move them from one point to another. When in an engagement it's a side view sort of thing. It's actually pretty fun and I could see how strategy will come into play when I get further on into it.
On top of that, the grils are cute
Pathetic dubs

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ban me faggot you won't


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Only the best

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eternal cringeposter

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Mmmm now we're talking

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yummy taste

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Offtopic but how does one cope when your waifu has CANON sex scenes or official porn?

Incase your wondering my waifu is from MGQ and this question has been bothering constantly..........

2D cuckold.

Finally gave into the lewd I see

That was my last butt picture

Get a waifu that doesn't have sex scenes

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like your butt

Meh, if you can't beat it, join em

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Hah. Buttless.

He was not into feral foxes I see.


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Join now before it's too late


rekt lol

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>The breeding season in cats is practically year-round


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I rather breed with fox

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I lied

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Yay fox hunting for breeding.


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Now give me fox butt

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RIP Kaori Miyazono
Born 2000
Died 2015

I see no foxes in sight.

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Just comfy cats

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>join the cat side

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>first post tries to claim my waitu


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>all of these lewds

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It's claimed already. NO STEALING nigger.

Too bad, Charlie is mine

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pizza is tempting

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Big fat meanie

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Hey you're the one luring me with pizza

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All you care about is food. Meanie.

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Have you ever seen your waifu in a dream?

>mfw Charlie is in my dream

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Correction, all I care about is booty

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Yes try to think about her just before you sleep

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Even worse. You're just a big fat meanie. ~meow

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And you post butt just as I wanted~

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belly then

She's an anime character so

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No I didn't. You're the meanie who pics the lewdest angles to look at me.


navel juice

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She can't help it

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WHatever you say buttcat

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lewd clock

Don't you just whatever me, buttocks.

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Clock is getting lewder

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lewd lewd clock

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quit posting lewds

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Ur lewd

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She's lewd

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nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice

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that's a lewd

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