Warm Bed, Cozy Celebs

Warm Bed, Cozy Celebs

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Any Araksya Karapetyan fans?

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is that nancy??
whats this from?

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I think i just became one

I had an ex that looks a lot like miley

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Delicious flat chest

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I can live with that. & yeah she's a hooker by many, many metrics

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I need a celeb face to worship tonight lads

Your waifu is a whore too

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I hate that this whore gets me so hard, i should have higher standards than this but my dick is gonna tear through my jeans

no way Felipe

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We both know she's better than any girl youve fucked irl in all ways.

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Really need to blow a load to Demi Lovato

Pretty hot at this weight

I do love mileys eyes, jerking to her face is easy. You could stare into them so easily

Thats a whore my friend.

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She's a straight hottie

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I remember when she was all the rage

In all ways? Sure i'll admit miley is hotter but the way you act is a big part of attraction

Tight prostitute tho... i like daisy too!

Don't look her up now, just don't.

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Naw nigga

She didn't lose that boose did she?

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Shame she went full sjw

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whore or not she got blacked. thought you had better taste than that.

Id still fuck her. Is not like she lost her vagina you know

Bro, why?

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she gross

get that nigger dick off your brain, bruddah
how was the chicken broth you had for dinner, serbbro?

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Wouldn't worry though. KG did the same for Guardians (pic related) and all that beautiful hair is back now.

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>how was the chicken broth you had for dinner, serbbro?
It was beef bone broth, you cocksucker. And it was pretty fucking good.

Miley is more fun than any girl youve fucked

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Short hair=dropped. Damaged goods. See Katy Perry.

Yeah, the girl, too.

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She had a good style with it, ASR looks like a cancer patient.

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This guy gets it.


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Sooo into karen gillan

obvious samefag

Show her pucci

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lmfao the samefag is strong with this one

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Sokin kok

She's the girl from the sex and the city show right?

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Carrie diaries or something. Yeah. Shit show, great ass.

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Haha yeah!! More please

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Sorry, should've been gone ten minutes ago.
Have this as consolation. And hopefully someone else will pick up posting her.

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I almost dont want to admit it, but im sure she knows exactly how to fuck. Shes trashy but it makes her feel better...fuck

Obviously not

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No mames!!! This is karen????? Im gonna cum

Yeah this is the era I remember her getting posted on Cred Forums all the time and it being great

I want to sit Vicky on my lap and tell her how pretty she is while I brush her hair.

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Naw bish


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She knows exactly how to make your cock throb. You might as well just accept how much she turns you on.

I asked honestly cause i haven't seen nudes of karen gillan

same tbh

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uses phone and pc to post so he can pretend isnt samefag LMFAO
now thats what i call cringe

Still want to put my dick in there

No but now it's filled with nigger filth

Yeah, like I'm that fucking ambitious.

of course

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She's just so perfect.

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Not a racist myself so again, would fuck no problemo

completely agree
She's a literal 10/10 cannot find a fault.

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Okay jerking for this

uhhh? kek

Her biggest flaw is that she's not my wife.

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>those mule searches

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Who dis? What do?

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sorry to say user. But I'm gonna make her my gf.

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Some of us have hobbies and interests beyond this place.

You seriously don't know Goddess Victoria Justice?

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I think i might have to..i keep watching those webms and my cock cant take much more. I hate that she makes me want to cum but fuck does she make me want to cum for her

I think she's a vapid bitch

But holy fuck I want to fuck her brains out

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Remember! Entering in b is like going to the zoo, you watch, but you don't feed the monkeys.

Not gonna happen.

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and thats how it should be

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I mean she might be a little vapid but she's still be cooler to hang out with than Like kim K or Britney

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I seriously don't my friend. Care to red pill me?

are u sure user?

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Suck my cock for Katy you fag.

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I like her feet tho

She is the most perfect woman ever. She literally has no flaws.

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Her eyes and lips..pants are coming off. I want this

we both know what you want

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She has perfect curves

Fair enough I guess, that body is killer

Also a fair point, Kim is a bitch and Britney is off her rocker

wouldn't mind "hanging" out with kim myself

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The real truth is she isn't really a celeb anymore, just an Instagram girl. She is kept afloat solely by the 4channers who worship her. Her name is Victoria Justice she was in the show "Victorious." She is good looking, shame she's a Mexican.

Ok.... but does she sing? Act? Model? Disney ? Im not american so really have no clue

Thank you! Im mexican, and still didn't know her lol. Don't be racist bro.

I can only image how that tongue feels. And her piercing eyes

Fuck i do want it

Even with that slutty expression i know how good itd feel

its the outside that matters

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singer, actress used to be on the Nick show Victorious with Ariana Grande.

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She totally teasing. Hore.

thats pretty much it

Thanks. Never knew.

The sluttiness just makes it better, don't try to fight it

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Good boy.

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And she certainly knows how to work it

She was on Nickelodeon as a kid. Unfortunately, her career hasn't taken off like it should because she refused to fuck to get ahead. (She is a contemporary of Ariana Grande, who did fuck her way to the top.) She has released music, but is mostly known as an actress.

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You can't just say that.

she works it for you to work 'it"

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Guilty, its working

Ok. Thanks. Good to know at least someone doesn't fuck their way up. Too bad the world punishes that. And then people cry to the fact no one i s worth nothing

She isn't mexican, she's half puerto rican. The rest of what you said is true tho.


She does have amazing eyes. Probably her pussy tastes good despite being a whore

Ughh..god youre right, she wouldnt fuck like anything id ever known

Because shes a slut

Fuck im jerking so hard for her

it happens

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Nasty puercochina

I hope you don't plan to stop

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yeah i bet itd be very yummy

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nah, she still most likely fucked around, just doesn't work for everyone

Attached: victoria-justice-at-5th-annual-zoeasis-at-coachella-2019-in-palm-springs-04-12-2019-8.jpg (1200x1812, 184K)

I hadn't really intended to right now, but here I am

Oh? Why not?

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No i cant..i need this so bad. I want to see those sexy eyes looking up as she works my cock..

katy a common target for you?

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Join now before it's too late

You think? Shes hot. Why wouldn't it work for her?

Damn thats a good gif

Yeah, I always seem to come back to her, and I don't even do the whole "celeb" thing that often

You're right, it doesn't work for everyone, see Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy. Both of them laid down for Dan, but it's well-known that Vicky refused and her career has suffered for it.

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God the way those lips would feel, those firm kisses, hnng

Hotdayum!!! She fuuucking tiiiiight!! She surely likes being punched and spat and pissed on

idk she seems like she has a lot of self respect and she's a literal 10/10 so surely it'd work.

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I've only done so to katy about a dozen times roughly but every time she draws out huge quantities

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So vicky didnt fuck then.

Like perfection

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Join now before it's too late

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not gonna lie, i've gotten off to her video for Dark Horse a few times. Not even her sexiest look but something about that vid does it for me

I'm not saying she's a virgin or anything, but there was a blind item awhile back about how her career never took off like it should because she's been blacklisted because she doesn't spread her legs when asked by the people in power.

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oh dear, she did porn :O


Dont like lolis mister. Pass. Thank for offering

It would be...the way she bites her lip there is so fucking sexy. The faces shed make while i was deep inside could almost be too much

What does she think of herself ? Does she even think? Is it all for sales? Is it because hollywood raped her?

Ride me, fuckk

yeah I get u
She is saving herself for me though.

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fake fake fake

You should cum all over her face then, shouldnt you

Attached: miley lick.gif (500x225, 918K)

probably that sultry Egyptian theme too it, along with the song kinda has a beat that goes well to stroke towards

Attached: kp jiggles.webm (196x236, 384K)

No, for me.

Attached: victoria-justice-out-in-nyc-81418-16.jpg (1851x3000, 687K)

I should, my cock pumping her sexy slutty mouth

Her eyes make it feel so good..im close

true, true

also fuck, those latex looks are the best...

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So there you go. That was my point. Good to know someone doesnt fuck their way up. Too bad the world punishes for that. Then people cry because everyone is a slut. At least thismexa puerto rican american whatever girl stood for herself. Respect.

Do it, no holding back. Miley wants your balls empty

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think ya got confused there user.

Attached: 1537010006925.jpg (1280x1024, 523K)

I'd probably pick dark horse or roar for fapping but I think her concerts she gave better material

Attached: kp live.webm (640x640, 1.69M)

Is she still hemsworhts gf? Poor asshole

Oh mileyyy yessss


For sure, I'd probably lose it if I saw her live. even now, really

'fraid no, fren. We're in love and it's forever!

Attached: MX0Oo6C.jpg (682x1015, 168K)

just started to jerk off

Attached: bf83f1cc7051cb98db3fea827328adfb.jpg (1163x2024, 335K)

no they got marrried and then she left him like 5 months late. these were actually posted like right after she left him

Attached: 1565413060217.webm (480x600, 1.91M)

Let it alllll out for her, user

Attached: miley surprise.jpg (2060x1236, 217K)

nah she's in love with me.
I think Mads might like you tho so u can have her.

Attached: 1580381691946.jpg (1024x1024, 266K)

tbh her body is still pretty on point, its mainly the hair people don't like but she just mainly wears wigs I believe

Attached: katy bts.webm (970x702, 276K)

she looks like white trash tbh, she could have a mullet and look exactly like a meth-addicted retard from Oklahoma


Ya decia yo. Shes really fucked up. Wouldn't mind to fuck wih her don't get me wrong. I do like her.

Thinking about staring into those eyes while i nut was too much

I fucking exploded

Amazing fucking pics, fuck

Sometimes I like the blonde. I actually thought she looked fine as hell in Bon Appetit

The three of us were talking about this the other day, about just how confused you are. Vicky cares about you, but she's in love me with me.

Attached: 523c451324950144.jpg (1590x2400, 679K)

And still she would be the very best fuck of your life. Shit, id buy her some meth to fuck all her holes

You're not going to stop just because you came, are you?

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Attached: 1574844787636.png (1280x720, 959K)

not really a fan of her music but I'm sure I'd be throbbing through her concert

Attached: kp twerk.webm (360x640, 706K)

Same, I'd probably be drooling just next to the stage, lol

I think some wires got crossed that shouldn't have cause I spoke to them the other day. Vicky said she loved me and only me but Mads wanted to take u out.

Attached: 1580633857518.jpg (1080x1350, 278K)

help me cum

Why are you two spreading lies about my fiance? Smh

Attached: IMG_20171102_113223.jpg (1316x2048, 488K)

along with "drooling" elsewhere

Attached: kp red.webm (1280x720, 363K)

She does have nice eyes. I had a girlfriend who resembled her. Was a slut too.

fuuuck, you're right. I'd probably have so much pre you could see it on the front of my pants

You poor delusional souls. How about this? You guys can both be groomsmen at our wedding.

Attached: 45132.jpg (1080x1350, 133K)

fuck got another imposter talking about my girlfriend.

Attached: vjflowers.jpg (1080x1080, 695K)

Attached: sabrina cheer.jpg (3600x2025, 1.1M)

probably best to bring along a lady friend to help with that afterwards

Attached: kp green.webm (394x700, 79K)

I'd rather get backstage with Katy, but I'll take what I can get

ones more likely lol
unless I guess you get one of em vip passes, she probably gives out some handies

Attached: kp cmon.webm (336x528, 292K)

idk what ur on about user.
I haven't even proposed to her how can she have a wedding

Attached: piem17e7j7f41.jpg (1361x2048, 397K)

I'd do anything to get one, seriously. The experience would be worth it

She's mine and all mine, fellas. I apologize for your broken hearts, but I refuse to apologize for our love.

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Attached: -9084386854991760039.jpg (800x1000, 85K)

Attached: 1284375.jpg (1916x2500, 640K)

would be a pretty great awesome moment

Attached: katy bath.webm (1920x1080, 517K)

I swear I think she just looks better and better, whats that scar on her leg though?

Keep talking like that and I'll uninvite you from our actual, soon to happen wedding
Don't be silly user, she's just polite to everyone she talks. Simply smiling at you does not make her your girlfriend, she's still mine

Attached: IMG_20180708_230743.jpg (1242x1198, 169K)

you two can argue over Mads tho she's interested in both of u. I'll ask Vicky if Ariana or Liz might be interested in one of u guys.

Attached: qqsy1pvq72f41.jpg (1080x1320, 231K)

fuck. im gonna have to go watch some music videos, lol

Attached: billie-eilish-grammys-2020-awards-feature.jpg (1200x720, 187K)

you should

Attached: katy smug.webm (500x500, 61K)

those lips..

Caesarean section

you're right. fuck

Eeeeeee i must admit i like billie eilish a fucking lot

HOW cozy?

You guys are all so polite. You should put aside your differences and become Victoria's brother-husbands.

Attached: 9741532.jpg (1080x1350, 192K)

gonna have to head off soon so you better treat her well

Attached: kp bikini.webm (1200x675, 176K)

nah user ur the one confused. She likes you as a friend and wants to find you a nice girl but she doesn't like you that way.

Attached: ZokRXTo.jpg (684x1024, 193K)

my only wet dream was to katy

good. sexy bitch

Attached: billie-eilish-interview-a-620.jpg (1200x630, 63K)

how could I not?

and thanks, even if I didn't intend to do this, it feels good as fuck already

Nah. Im more of a lizzie olsen kinda guy


Attached: Screenshot_20200206.png (480x800, 230K)

solid, only had a few of them but to no one in particular
I'm sure it does

Attached: Katy_Perry_-_Sexiest_Photoshoots_Compilation_1.webm (1280x720, 642K)

She looks like she could beat you up and fuck you. Love it.

I'm going to steal Laura if you keep talking nonsense like that!

Anyone got that collage of some random guy proposing to her while she eats? Lost that a while ago and can't seem to find it

Attached: IMG_20191212_073923.jpg (740x1110, 132K)

Attached: 451245214521452.jpg (1080x1350, 73K)

Pedro Moreno

yeah man, was pretty goog

well, her shirt says ellie. and if you follow the link it's reality kings, then if you go to the actual reality kings website and find the video, there's 2 chick names one of them is ellie eilish. i think that might be her.

Attached: Cleveland-brown-family-guy2.jpg (512x384, 125K)

she almost died from complications from lupus or something and got a kidney transport or something

Attached: 1284377.jpg (1917x2500, 418K)

Attached: 852_1000.jpg (667x1000, 75K)


Kidney transport, yeah those transports are dangerous. Lol just messing with you user. Love.


Attached: katy sexbot operational.webm (402x520, 230K)

Attached: 997_1000.jpg (667x1000, 95K)

Ay wey

>a kidney transport
>mental image of anthropomorphic kidney riding the bus all happy and shit pops up
Man I love autocorrect sometimes

Attached: IMG_20180319_162443.jpg (1364x2048, 561K)

Uy pezoncitos

katy? well if youre offering...

i mean

more wearing kimonos please


Attached: 2DQxUgh.jpg (1023x1424, 366K)


you like that?

..you're using swype and fudged it up.

Attached: 85299407.jpg (500x666, 152K)


pretty lewd poses there...kinda does a thing

Mega mommy milf ultra fuck

Attached: 530_1000.jpg (667x1000, 107K)

this is a cool combination of words


u can take Laura if I keep Vicky.
I see ur plan user and I will not be a pawn in it.

Attached: 2xm34LcFHIzf03z3pxlwfbvtc381u6rAal8ymMuCbqw.jpg (1470x2116, 293K)

Attached: i64h7kojlld41.jpg (512x768, 57K)

so smooth

Si, mui caliente
It wasn't me, buddy

Attached: IMG_20190713_041120.jpg (1574x2048, 343K)

you can have anyone, im fine with just her ass

Thank you. I love that power ranger.


im cumming

prove it

Attached: 1473883342390.jpg (500x373, 27K)

i want her to control me with her mommy body

fuck yes

Jajajajaja i like you buddy

your get says BZOOBBOOB

Attached: i krame.jpg (500x402, 35K)

Whos dis? Shes burnin

Fine, FINE. But just for a weekend
Katy is fine and all but I'd never post her

Attached: IMG_20180801_071534.jpg (2048x1844, 538K)

Thanks user kys Kip

Kys Kip

She looks twelve man comeon

words cannot express how little that proves

Attached: times new roman.jpg (600x432, 36K)

Attached: 5452154216352.jpg (1080x1350, 103K)

Attached: 1567993377970.jpg (682x1024, 103K)

nah u keep laura forever and I keep vic forever.
Take it or I keep both.

Attached: 1564258527433.jpg (1280x2022, 255K)

You don't seem bad yourself if I may say so
No less than a screenshot since that (You) could be edited out in 30sec

Attached: IMG_20190909_160459.jpg (1365x2048, 310K)

Uhh no she was born in the year 2000

Attached: Ellie Eilish yH3uT1.jpg (1500x1000, 305K)

I like la g├╝erita

>like you work for pixar

Attached: 1492195960455.jpg (1080x1273, 158K)

still LOOKS 12 dude...
careful, your pedo tendencies are showing

You may say so my friend. Good night. Sleep tight.

How about I take your head off and keep it in my trophy room inside the house we build with Vicky?
You're weird, I like you

yeah, who doesn't?


Vicky would never approve of that user

Lots of people, I assume
She would after I explained how you tried to steal her from me and that we need to make an example out of it so nobody tries to do such a horrific thing again

yeah, get in line.

nah she would never harm a fly

new thred pls


Go to bed, user. You're drunk
You underestimate her love for me

vicky is my favourite slag

you don't believe in her love for me.
Yours is a dream user