Steroid user here. Ask me anything

Steroid user here. Ask me anything.

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Do you use steroids?

How's your small testicles?

Has it been worth it

hey user, how easy is it to acquire anabolics? ive been wanting to get clenbuterol for a while now but im a little weary of ordering online from out of country..

Which lab?

Why are you so insecure?

what's your current stack?

how much does a full run cost you?

>wut is HCG
google it.

Funnily enough, I've not noticed a difference in size

bout three fiddy

What side effects do you experience?

not bad, not bad at all

I've become a social liberal and am planning on voting for Bernie.

How do steroids compare to weed or alcohol? Which one would you recommend most and why?

how's ur lower intestines doin bud?

Yes, not noticed any negative side effects, if you cycle responsibly you'll be relatively OK.

How much is your arm in cm

What is it like to jerk off on the steroids

I've been buying drugs off the dark web for over a year now, thats the best way in my opinion because you can judge the quality of the product you're getting from reviews.

fuck off

Staying safe with 500mg test E per week.

No, I will not. Apologize.

Less than £60 for a full cycle + PCT

steriods deffo works better than weed or booze for building muscle, but if your goal is get drunk or stoned you should prolly go for weed and booze.

that's a pretty mild run I'd say, but with clever training, discipline and diet it's guranteed to yield nice results. Using any AI and/or HCG?


Lmao you have no idea what you're talking about.

bout three fiddy

I don't jerk off because I'm not a coombrain like yourself.

not him, but wtf is wrong with ½ a gram of test E/W? I've done that plenty times, it works.

Weed is for degenerates, alcohol is a shit tier drug.

Bigger than yours.

Would you say you loved yourself and had a healthy relationship to your body image before you started steroids, and are simply improving beyond, or is this definitely the reflection of an emotional deficit or some charterer flaw? I've known users who were both.

>buying the Cred Forums hype
fukkin just wank your noodle like a normal person before you flip your shit and rape a choir boy

Shut up soyboy

Nobody in your life likes you, I promise.


So you take a precursor to estrogen? Also how fat are you?

"HCG is a protein-based hormone produced during pregnancy that tells a woman's body that it's pregnant. HCG helps maintain the production of important hormones like progesterone and estrogen, which are essential for the development of the embryo and fetus"

Ok coomer.

t. OP

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im a mental wreck
my parents hate me
my older brother raped me repeately
my first wife cucked me and took my child
I went to jail on made up charges and got fucked by tyrone and part of me loved it
fuck you
you wanted me to cry and now I am crying

oh god pls help

I'm high right now and have made almost $400 in the last 3 hours. How does it feel that a stoner is more successful than you are?


Yep, wanted something smooth, not needed an AI or HCG so far.

Hmmm... avoidant. Question answered.

Do you just ship them to your house or do you have a PO box or something

but you jerk off to the thought of that big dick tearing your asshole, don't you? don't you?

Im on Test, not HGH

HCG triggers the testes to produce testosterone, thus keeping them active (and big) on cycle and making it easier to restart the endogenous testosterone production. It doesn't make you fat, and it won't raise your oestrogen.

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maybe I do, but something tells me you do to.


To my house. Never had a problem with it. You can go the PO box route if you want to be extra safe.

so we gonna fuck or what? cmon bro lets bro down, do some squats, suck some dick, fuck like a real MAN

How does roid rage feel like?

500mg test a week is like the most common cycle wtf are you on about

I was insecure when I started lifting. NGL I have had body issues before but now I'm a lot better, mostly due to acceptance and not necessarily gear usage.

Insecure stoner detected

Bf% stats?

Like you just want to experience bloodlust. You fantasize about smashing heads. It must be what ancient barbarians felt like.

Shit gear then mate

6ft 220 8.5 bf, 7.5 cut, mostly a bottom though

Post a pic of your torso

do you masturbate?

why dont you try some tren?

Can you record and post your roid rage scream in this thread?

do you inject into your ballsack for extra gains

You're getting ripped.

Me at a past show

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Why not pharmaceutical vials what brand is it what lab?

I get straight bull semen for $25 per 500ml vial.

How long training?

38 years.

What does your body look like and can you post pics?

how small do your balls shrivel up?

No disrespect

But man who isn't high these days? Everyone I see at dinners, meetings, and modern business interactions I know has a weed vape in thier pocket. Other shit too, like coke. It's not that hard to be a "stoner" and be successful

Just down it in one or do you bake in to a cake and insert directly up your ass?

The stoner meme kek wastes of space nobody likes

Smoking makes me lazy. I just do edibles 2-3 nights a week. It's made me calmer, sleep better, and able to get more done.

Either or. Sometimes both if I want to get swole quick. Usually drink in green smoothies.

Post a timestamp pic now then?

Solid advice any more golden nuggets of rare info?

where you getting your test from?
>not a FBI fag
im looking for new shit

Don't eat chicken, it's a weak bird. Eat the sex organs of strong beasts. These are the best bodybuilding foods - even the female organs, like horse uterus.

Test was and has been the best "drug" ive ever done. Feel good, look good, high energy and ready to bang at all times.

its like being in the best mood of your life always.

Horse uterus it is my man, I will hunt for one now. Will shetland pony suffice?

Understandable. My perspective is this: It makes me more easily want to feel lazy, but a strong mental discipline will break it. You could say the same about many things, junk food, smoking cigarettes, or other bad habits.

You pay for you're play, I guess. If you wanna get high, be high, but handle it.


Post pics you fucking faggot larper with timestamp