Butterface/ ugly but fuckable

Butterface/ ugly but fuckable

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dear god they're huge

yes very much

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you have no idea what butterface means. gtfo.

kek you think shes not ugly af? Damn you must have a pizza face.

Amazing tits

sorry sweetie here is another pic dumbass

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she’s hot af the hell are you on about

Don't give a shit
Post moar milktruck

dud, i feel terrible for you if you think shes hot af....

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Moar please

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this isnt butterface bro this is just butter and she looks like she eats a lot of it.

why you even have this shit on your pc?

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Does it count if it's the result of a horrible disfigurement?

I know this chick, she was in a wreck

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need more of this fertility goddess

have plenty more saved but she has a shitty phone

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shes very pretty. youre very stupid and maybe gay

Drop her insta

more like butterlegs

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fuck yeah it counts

...dont knof if i'd fucke her, but it counts

>shes very pretty. youre very stupid and maybe gay

pretty..... jesus Ben.... feel terrible for you.
Hope you don't end up sucking cock.

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god stop!!!!!!!!!!

Damn she's stacked

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would bang

She doesn't look that bad to be honest

would totally fuck her in the ass against that wall

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This made me laugh out loud. What an uggo

who's this chick

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You must have impossibly high standards because you're a coombrained retard.
She's quite attractive physically but she looks like she has a bad attitude.

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Drop more

Okay, what the actual fuck guys.
90% of the girls are average, even cute, and some of them are just straight up attractive.
This thread is awful and you all might be retarded.

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>You must have impossibly high standards
you don't?

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Those tits are amazing

I just wanna spill those tits outta her shirt and fuck her on the rocks


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No. I like all kinds of faces, because they're interesting. I don't even like makeup because it makes women look fake and weird.

She's pretty cute.

Where can I find more?

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Them lips
Them tits

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>I like all kinds of faces
then get the fuck outta this thread user....

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I was curious about what anons consider "butterface". I guess I know now.

Gotta let those funbags loose!

yea its pretty much any female you'd fuck.

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all of these (especially OP), if you saw on milfhunters of kazaa in 2002, you'd watch it.

except for this one.


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Any more of her with less clothing?

what kind of trashy tat is that, a wreath??

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Yeah, nah not that one either

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not even a butterface, just a cow

Relevant to the thread?

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they're fake but...

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Kinda the opposite of a butterface tbh

supposed to be wings but it was done really bad so now everything thinks she loves christmas

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if steve sweet was fucking her

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Like this butter face?

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Her body is average but her face is cute. I’d face fuck her

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Good shit user

Firecrotch is best.

Cute fucking face. Nice dick sucking lips

From some angles, her face is great. From others, it's a mess. No matter what, I'd be all over that body.

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Good god I would love to nut on her face

Look at this fat ass and those cute tits.

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Any Insta or anything

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PrincessDust has a bit of a butterface without her makeup on. Hard to find pics though. All have of her without makeup is when she was preggo.

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I wish, I'm posting everything I have. If anyone knows who she is or has more, please do share.

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Looks like she fell asleep belly down on a chocolate glazed donut

And this is the last one I've got of this smoking hot fucking ginger.

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Left good for thread?

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That's a deep fake d00d

Nutting to her tonight

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Fuck yeah, bro.

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Bitch face look like an eggplant

More of left?

She got a name?

I have more should i post?

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Like the body below her eggplant face?

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Codi Vore apparently has a butterface.
Personally I don't see it but other anons always point it out when she gets posted.

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Wait, she has a face?

kek, it's more baby face than butter face I think
don't see what the problem is tho

Now we're talking! Legs are my weakness.

Your eyes m8. Her tits are distorted and have weird artifacts, and the nipples are way too small and out of place.
Compare them to they are nothing alike.

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Actually this one is a better point of reference.

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Would you use her? Total size queen. Used to be into outdoor sex and groups years ago

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moar? are you the one who knocked her up user?


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You like her preggo eh

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full body?

Depends how tall she is. I'm 5'10" so if she's taller which is totally possible I'm fucked lol. If she's way taller than death by snu snu is okay.

Unfortunately no

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Yep, nice firm tits, round belly, shows off nice.
Please tell me you sucked on those.

more tits?

I’ll bite
Got nudes?

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More of left

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Lots of her tits

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Any where they're both visible?

You have kik user? We should talk

Full body?

I fucking love this slut.

Like this

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like that but more tits lol


fantastic tits.
the teeth are the big issue

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Sure did

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Jay Leno says yes

Here then

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More? Name?

I'd take that little hard body to pound town


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Nice, depending on the personality I could easily put up with that face with that body.

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That's not interest you're felling, it's desperation.

Down to earth but very submissive

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How do you hit that without just cracking up?

Are her pussy lips attached to her asshole wtf?

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Submissive with that body sounds fun.

Very. She loved being tied and passed around

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Would marry, & make her my sex slave. Maybe slap her face a little so she feels like with daddy.

How the fuck did we get this far down a butter face thread before one of you basement apes posted the butterqueen.

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Shes perfect for it.

Fuckin retard, you likely were rejected. gtfoh.

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Yea. Would you pass her round a group? She liked it rough

Its a body that demands sharing.

You from Africa, mate?

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How many?

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Nigga that bitch is margarine


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Th Queen butter face.

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I think that's all I have. Is this her?

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looks cute enough. maybe you're just an impossible faggot?

Bet that pussy smells like corona virus

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Nonsense. Looks cute.

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This bitch reminds me too much of my ex wife.

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Damn I feel sorry for you

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oh WOW got more?

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won me over with the second - more?

These are top tier.

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She looks like dee from it's always sunny in philadelphia

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You’re posting chicks that have passable faces. Butterfaces are 3 and under with a 7 and above body. It’s not that hard.

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I personally love big fat areolas and nipples. Post more pancaketitty monster

She is my boyfriend’s ex, yea real cute

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More or kik!?

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I bet your boyfriend regrets breaking up with her

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Yeah I'm gonna need more of her.

The butter queen

>kissless virgin
>don’t know what a butterface is
It’s ok, kid

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I'd rather be a virgin than a retard who thinks ugly chicks are hot.

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She's too hot!

liking this

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This is not butterface, this is butter

Ikr what the fuck are those hands?

Damn dude if you cover the bottom half of her face she looks ok.

My butterface wife Georgia

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Attached: 20190613_190537.jpg (1415x2276, 1.26M)

Yea lol. Or bag her head?

Attached: 8D9275D3-A2BE-4607-84F7-1557C7C378BD.jpg (720x960, 91K)

Just to throw around

I would fuck the shit out of your wife


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Her tits grew by the time i dumped her

Attached: 20200206_053957.jpg (1080x1517, 777K)

Attached: 6tyt56.jpg (197x461, 81K)

Would fuck and impregnate

More of these huge tits, please. If you actually know any of these chicks and use Kik, feel free to Kik me at LittleHooptie right now, I'm on now and looking to jack my fat cock off to some good pics.

Beautiful girl

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Now I guarantee this bitch knows how to fuck.

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she’s not ugly
Fwb/gf material
jealous of her lover
so much want
fuck it, wife material
how old is she?
would smash
I’d enjoy breaking her
would smash
love your wife

Not butterface

From every angel she looks like a sexy woman.. op may be a bit gay.

New thread?


>they're fake
no shit they look awful


Winner of the thread

Runner up

Dude post more

She had videos on porn hub. Just search kitchen sink fuck

She has great tits and a small waist. Got nudes?