What’s your biggest regret, Cred Forums?

What’s your biggest regret, Cred Forums?

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Had the chance with multiple girls and was too nervous to take it

Had the girl of my dreams and fucked it up

Could be worse. If you had tried and were too nervous, you could’ve embarrassed yourself.

Work on that self esteem and try again.

Not shaving my first gf before I ate her our. Shit was like licking razor blades.

I took every chance and fucked up a lot of girls lives in the process. I feel shitty every day about the people I've hurt.

What’d you do?

Not fucking my sister´s ass when i had the chance, still regret

Being born alive.

Stole alot of pics off of friends PC's when I was in college, now everyone I see them all I can do is think about them naked

my ex

well idk about that guy but as for me, she came over looking for my sister and i told her she wasn't home and she wanted to come in outa the rain for a minute, so i let her but it wasn't raining too much and she asked me how long my sister will be and i said iuno and so she gave up and left

I got some shitty breast implants trying to become a woman and now the hourly dilation has helped me to forget.

I should have taken more pills. I'd have died truly happy...


Framed a man for beastiality. hasn't come online in half a year.

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Current day Katie Price aka Jordan

Getting married.
What the HELL was I thinking?

Discovering Cred Forums


Seeing this image die in a fire faggot

Once found this really stupid image board back in 2005 when I was bored looking for anime girls. I stayed too long, before realizing it was just full of autism and attention whores.

My only regret is that I have no regrets.

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Same. Now they're old and married. If I only had balls growing up.

Not going to the docters because i thought it was just a cyst.

Second for me, though if the first hasn't happened, I probably wouldn't be here.

There were girls interested in me in high school and I never gave them the attention I could've.

I could've lost my virginity in high school. :(

not fucking my ex in her ass. deleting her nudes. not being more dominate with her when i had the chance

not destroying this world when I had the chance...
I couldve caused a nuclear missile launch once..

That I have boneitus

calling my brother to take me to the hospital when I woke up after my suicide attempt.

wasting perfectly good dubs in a log thread

Not sneaking into Lacey Chabert's onset trailer and sniffing her panties in 2013.

going to that party

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Jesus she’s a mess!! What a waste!

I have boneitis

Jesus, did they use swords on those things?

is this you?

nope sorry user

getting married to the girl i lost my virginity to...and divorcing 5 years and 2 kids later


Not saying anything when I should have

Not fully penetrating and giving a creampie to that 14yo.

Not dumping my prude of an ex for more beautiful and loving women when I should’ve. Then she dumped me.

wasting 5 years of my life with manipulative, depressed, egocentric maniac. who was also sexually frustrated, so no wild sex whatsoever. driven by jealousy. she was my first and I was brought up with the idea that the first one is somebody special, worth every hardship and challenge. i wasted almost all my high school life on her and half of uni. fuck that bitch, I can't get over her even 5 years later.

Being born

No, that's your parents' regret, you have to get your own.

my biggest regret is not abandoning my family 30 years ago, i should have left when i was young and never looked back, they're all a bunch of two-faced lying thieving backstabbing bitches, i would rather live alone as a hermit than put up with their shit

Have a few actually:

Could've fucked a thicc friend if mine had I made a move earlier in in the night. Her mother came home and was strict. (We were 18)

Didn't invest in some stocks sooner.

Bought Anthem.

You need mental help, seek a professional

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Was going to give Alaska back to the Russians, but got called out on it by pencil neck shitt.

I have none. Regret is for faggots like OP.

lotsa thicc ones i should of fucked....and maybe a few that i shouldnt

Possibly letting my wife cuck me a year ago.

She went to lunch with some old fuck buddy. Went to his house after. I knew she was somewhere she shouldn’t be (find my iPhone). She lied from the jump. The only thing that let me believe she didn’t fuck him was I knew she was on the rag. Come on Cred Forums for should not share threads hoping this dude posts her nudes so I can be pissed enough to leave her ass.

Regret not letting it happen and catching them in the act and killing him while I raped her. Everyone dies.

Had a good year with her but it’s wearing off. Even during the good times I’d come to realize all women are the same slut ass opportunistic bitches.

Dude you have some issues...
Save up a few thousand then pay a PI to follow her around collect evidence, then plot your revenge.

You're gonna regret how cringy that shit sounds when you get older. (3-5 years)

Coud've fucked my Uncle's girlfriend's daughter at a NYE party aged 20. She was a couple years younger (UK). Got too drunk so just made out and ate her out

That's one I forgot. Fucked a thicc bitch I shouldn't have lol. What a manipulative bitch. Dumped her ass real quick

>Not buying bitcoin when it was like 2 cents...

>Not whipping out my dick at the party that Nora was at while she was sitting in my lap and not trying to fuck her while my gf fell asleep.

>Ever trying to hard to make it work with a shitty girlfriend like Katherine and not trying to go out to bars and getting BETTER women like I suddenly did later on.

>Not going out to see Amy when she said she was at the club that one night after I graduated high school. I had a car without insurance, I could have just driven it once to see her, but I didn't.

>Not having a gopro nearby to take a picture of Marie's pussy when I catfished her and she actually sent a pic of a dildo in her pussy, and right after that she figured out who i was and blocked me. Still haunts me to this day man. i had a crush on that girl since 8th grade.

>After I groped 2 older women at a hot spring and let them feel my dick I had a 3some with them and came inside each of them once. They invited me to their camper and I followed them. But as I was getting out of the water, this girl who was closer to my age said, "Me next." Jokingly. She was with 2 other people. One was a girl and one a guy. But I regret not having taken her up on that offer, I could have fucked 3 women that night. At least I had another 3some with those older teachers.

>I regret not fucking these girls because they were below a 10/10 before I lost my virginity to a 10/10: Crystal. Portia, Dorothy, Heather, Mandy, Katie, Amber, that girl on the bike, Aeriel, Robbie, that girl in Vegas, the other girl in Vegas, Cami, the neighbor woman, Bailey, that girl in the red dress and her 2 friends.

>I regret not having taken my brother's bike to Burning Man 2 years ago, because the other bike had a flat tire and I missed out on a mother-daughter 3some potentially.

Wasting my youth pretending I was straight. Missed out on so many opportunities to get laid because I was convinced I wasn't into dudes.
After that a decade of alcoholism that destroyed my already anemic heart.

Going to university

My grandma was my favorite person in the world and she got cancer in 2015. She battled until late 2017 and i only went to see her three times. I was terrified of seeing her weak. I didn't want to believe it. They put her in hospice and thankfully I saw her one last time but at that point she was barely coherent, I don't know if she knew I came to see her. I've been extremely desensitized to death since. Many of my friends have passed and I never cry. Idk man. I wish I would have spent every day I was free with her. She was in a hospital 10 minutes away the whole time... don't make my mistake

Hid myself away in shame from two beautiful girls whom reached out to me and now they are both with men who love them and i can do is sit and stink. I will never have chances like that again. I hated myself before this realization and now the feelings i have for myself cannot be quantified with such a simple word. Loathe maybe? But it does not help a good 95 or so % of women were just awful to me beforehand so who knows. Turns out being tall and strong doesnt much matter if people are just disgusted by for some unknown reason.

>dont know if she knew i came
she knew

wow. thanks user.seriously.

No one knows how much this burdens me constantly. She took me in when my mom kicked me out. She always had my back. She would do anything for me. She wasn't even that old. Only 67. She was all mentally there and active af. It's just... cancer man. Sometimes when I'm really down I actually pray to a god I don't believe in to give me cancer to make up for how I abandoned her. I know that's silly. Maybe I'll redeem myself by being a great father and grandfather. One can hope, eh?

The way a human's mind works, she was probably sitting there wondering what happened. She knew you, you were family. She wondering and pondered if you were gonna stop by, as it got worse, she began to accept certain things and looked back. She probably wondered if something happened, if she upset you in someway, if she caused a rift.

She possibly began blaming herself for your actions. How did she go from a loved grandma to an annoying pariah?

If it's any help, it may have sped up her moving on and not clinging to this world. If she knew you stopped by, it was a peaceful thing.

welp thanks user that made everything much worse. don't know why I expected much. shoulda just kept lurking as always.

My aim, was to get you to feel pain.
Maybe shed a tear. In our pain and regret, we can at least have the catharsis of knowing we aren't truly emotionless monsters.

My father died of cancer that spread to his brain in 2014. I still don't know what to feel. Maybe I never will. I never hated him, but maybe I never loved him.

I love fucking them when they are on the rag.

incorrectly measuring my mostly hard dick when i was 14. i went through all of highschool thinking i was a dicklet and low and behold my dick is 7 inches, so im just barely average which isnt that bad.

My grandma died last year. I was with her when she died. I visited her every week, and I lucked out to being the one person from the family there when it happened.

a family friend died a months ago. he'd moved interstate, and last time I was over there I wanted to see him but was lazy and couldn't be bothered in the end. he had a heart attack 4 months after that. I feel really fucking shitty, he was a great guy and I knew he was in a bad way, and I couldn't find a couple of hours to see him.

you're always going to have a few things like this that you regret. everyone does. Learn from it, and make it the only time you have them.

Yeah I learned from it, user. In November of last year my good friend and coworker was hit by a car as he was riding his motorcycle and lost his leg but all signs pointed to a recovery. I visited him every day I got off work. One day about two weeks after the crash he sat up to begin physical therapy and his heart stopped and he fell back and died right then and there. I'm glad the last words we exchanged were the night before with him telling me how glad he was that I visited him.

Even though I did it right this time... I was almost completely unbothered. I got the call at work the next day, left immoderately to meet mutual friends there, and they even let us go see him one last time. He was yellowish and his eyes open just enough to look depressed and the heat had left his body. I went and put my hand on his and watched everyone cry for hours. I even tried to cry because I felt odd that I was the only one with dry eyes.

I hope I can do something to redeem what I did to my grandma. Or I hope i can take the necessary steps to grieving her instead of pushing it away. I don't have money for a therapist. I just want to feel again. My girlfriend wants to get married but I don't think I love her at all. I don't cheat and I don't feel the need to even try. She does everything for me. She actually reminds me a lot of my grandma.

Now im just typing to type. Feels kind of good though. thanks for reading if you did.

>not fucking that trashy girl junior year who was a 9/10 with a nice personality
chad pumped and dumped her a year later
>being too much of an autist to the qt who would come up to me at lunch and try and talk to me
she turned out to be redpilled and is now thicc and fit
>not messaging any of the girls ive matched with on tinder
>not trying to fuck my qt manager after her bf dumped her
>being such a pussy and a pushover from the age of 14-24
>not eating right and getting swol like i genetically should have
>not beating the shit out of the literal makeup wearing faggot who pulled a knife on my friend when i was 14

Wtf is up with her tits? They look so wierd in shape.

Opening this thread.