Prove youre an old fag

Prove youre an old fag

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You just lost THE GAME

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Gonna go knock over this card stand in 30 min brb

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ITT: Newfags after the school field trip to KYM

Become an hero


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bring back snacks.


I remember when lil lupe had lil tittys

I want to know you. Better than I know myself.

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The cat, or the pornstar?

I’ll prove I’m an oldfag by not
posting in this thread


OP is a roodypoo


Crescent fresh

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Do a barrel roll.

Lolz I remember this.

I was here when the zoomer, doomer, and bloomer memes were copied from 9gag

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being mindfucked by lil suzie

Fuck off faggot. I bet I'd beat you in fortnite any day of the week.

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Still can't triforce

Screenshots a Youtube video on Cred Forums history and claims to be an oldfag, you ain't fooling anyone newfag.

habbo was fun

You simply can't compete with me

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Nothing but a bunch of roodypoos in this thread

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OK I'm a really oldfag but I don't recall that one.

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Hmm, let's see the oldest thing in my Cred Forums folder...

Its the Bazinga guy. Haha.

Meh, to do it right you have to post it in another thread and link it.

Don't know why I'm bothering to reply but you're wrong, smart guy. A screenshot, yes, from YouTube, no. I'm sure you were in diapers when I first visited this site.


These are youngsters. That's going to go right over their heads.

Sure thing boomer, go play some ac/dc and trancend into a coomer when you think about moot.

Yeah, and right now I'm too lazy to do a rickroll.

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>taking pride in being a user of a site that is a copy of a Japanese site and whose first memes were merely stolen from said Japanese site


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Oldest thing I have is from 2009. I had been on Cred Forums for about 3 years at that point but I lost my computer around 2008 and had to start a new folder.

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Row Row Fight the Powah!

it tastes like coins and salty milk


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does the jake brahm copypasta still get you v&

>you now remember that a bomb threat on Cred Forums is responsible for most of chris christie's political career

Red Wings standing by

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I helped block people from the pool in Habbo Hotel while my avatar wore a suit and afro.

Red lobster standing by

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Going through my old Cred Forums images and I just want to delete everything. It's just cringy by today's standards.


red-foot standing by

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red man standing by

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A glorious day for us all

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I started hanging around here from YTMND after we collectively curbstomped Ebaums.

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this. the idea of old Cred Forums is a fond thought in our minds, but in reality not so much. its the same when you go back to play a game you loved as a kid it just doesnt hold up or isn't as good as you recall.

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I don't gotta prove shit to you newfag. Kill yourself.

Selling bag of gear at first torch

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Coupons thread

Pic related...I win

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Yuup. This.

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When does the pool open?

Never will that be a meme

I got here a month before PUDDI

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Fuck this one had me rolling back in the day. Did anyone end up ever knocking it over desu?

bring back snacks

loved EFG

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milhouse is not a meme is a meme

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Check 'em both

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This was my first car.

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I'll prove it later, for now, watch my chocolate milk

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Who remembers the chick who was blackmailed to strip on MSN chat?

Good times


Fuck off you prove you aren’t summerfag

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ITT oldfags act like they forgot about dat ass

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That's not Crescent Fresh!

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You're out of formation Porkins, I'm Red Leader.

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Girugamesh, this was a weird one off memes like brushy brushy

For all the landwhales.

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I think that's better than the current meta of being a hyper edgelord out of fear of being a cringy cuck

nice feet

If you need me ill be in my lab

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fuck the shut up no one cares if your a newfag or oldfag. just stop posting trap threads

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Nice feet

Found the triggered incel.

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I was here when we failed to make this an Internet sensation. Dark days.

milhouse is not a meme is a meme

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You aren't even refering to any post, your use of pic is disgusting, you literally stealed it from last thread and used it with no context, like the normalfag you are.

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all this does is give the newfags fuel to pretend theyre oldfags
summer never left
fuck all of you

shitbricks threads

Who cares? This place isn’t cool anymore and there isn’t anything to be proud of being an oldfriend

go to bed, dustin

1. People say that every fucking oldfag thread
2. Nobody cares

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shut the fuck up bro i'm gonna keep this short cause ye i have to write this with one hand cause i' m strumming ye mam with my other but I know you don't get any bitches I'm 10 but I have a body count of 20 so shit the fuck up before I put your face on t-shirt


go to bed, Henry

u right i sorry
Cred Forumsurn it down
bring back moot
fuck all of you weird bot posting russian reddit niggers


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Yeah bro, look at all these old images with their old filenames that I downloaded from oldfag threads and years ago

I started browsing in 2009 and pretend to be an oldfag all the time and there's nothing you can do about it you fucking bitch.

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You are an exceptional faggot

Tacgnol team

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Remember when Cred Forums had poster id's? I do.

That's what I thought, you can't do shit. Fuck off

Revived this for a while a few months ago lmao


Sure, it’s right here.

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Peanut Butter

Those with the original files with the most earliest file hashes know when some of the pixels have been altered, resized, cropped, converted between Gif types, jpg decompressed again and again, branded, "unbranded", stripped from a gif frame, or watermarked by a different three letter agencies or persons unknown and have a cladistic "family tree" of the changes and know who is an oldfag and who is not.

all your base are belong to us

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You can't do shit. Fuck off.

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I was here when loli-chan first came and then turned into a cracky-chan addict

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Based Zoe

HQ Requesting support over.
Oscar Papa India Sierra Alpha Foxtrot Alpha Golf Golf Oscar Tango, Over. I Need backup HQ!

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Oh damn

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Brian fucking peppers

. ▲

▲ ▲

This good enough?

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That was 4 fucking years ago, how is that old?
Got in on the 3rd/4th one.
Still here after 6 years?
Haven't seen a rage comic since 2014.
I will if you watch my hamburger.
Is the rock cooking meth tonight?

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How about you suck my cock, faggot.

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I know this is bait in good fun. But, man, do I hate knowing there are so many gay ass rappers like this out there.

back in the day, this would not happen
we'd break them up every single goddamn time
sometimes there would be awesome exceptions

I always liked these memes

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His name is cockmongler you fucking newfag

Removing Noko was a mistake, it filtered low IQ people.

You are the man now, dog.

I was in the first Camp Sherwood thread.

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How oldfag am I? I wrote my own version of this legendary delivery when Cred Forums was split into 4channel.

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That OC used to make me smile
And I knew if I posted my crap
That I could make those faggots laugh
And maybe they'd be happy for a while...

But November ‘18 made me blue
With every board i’d switch to
Bad news bout the new host
I couldn't make one more post

I can't remember if I cried
When I read about the final ride
Something touched me deep inside
The day our Cred Forums died...

Bye, bye Miss Yotsuba-senpai
Wore my V-neck when the V-tec kicked in and we flew high
And them good oldfags were posting DESU and WRYYYYY
Singin' this'll be the day that we die
I’m pretty sure that chick is a guy

Did you write OC bout the man who drove?
And do you have faith that Cred Forums is love?
If the oldfags told you so?
Do you believe Jeff Mangum loved that girl?
Can Kira save this, wretched world?
And can you teach me how to spot life’s trolls?

Well, I know that /fit/s in love with him
'Cause I saw him squattin' in the gym
They both took the early grave
Man, I dig those scoops and gains!

I was a lonely teenage faggot cuck
With a pink haired waifu and a boner tuck
Even I knew that it sucks to suck
The day my Cred Forums died
I started singin'

Bye, bye Miss Boxxy-senpai
Drove my van down to the playground but the lolis all cried
And them good oldfags were posting Girugamesh guy
Sayin that Lelouch didn’t die
I can’t believe Lelouch didn’t die

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Now, for three years we've been by ourselves
And he advises google on what sells
But, that's not how it used to be...

When EFG failed to reroll the queen
In a mask he borrowed from Alan Moore’s V
And a voice that came from Cred Forums’s Cred Forums

Oh and while trollface was looking like a clown
SadFrog stole his memetic crown
The website born anew
Captcha was never removed

And while /new/ read adolf’s remarks
A quartet played light music and found the spark
Endless eight will soon embark
The day our Cred Forums died
We were singin'

Bye, bye all that lovely hentai
Pilot my mecha to operetta but Asuka has died
Them good oldfags were eating tendies and fries
And playin’ on Dante Must Die
For me you’ll always be a big guy

Newfags enter in a summer swelter
The lurkers flew off to the oldfag shelter
Seven chans high and falling fast

The hand-egg dead on the grass
The Pats tried for a forward pass
The MVP sidelined in a cast

Now half-life 3 is a dead and gone
Gaben ate it up with the meme he spawned
We all got off the boat
Oh, but we never got the vote

'Cause when hiroshimoot tried to take the field
Some wounds can’t be so easily healed
Do you recall what was revealed
The day our Cred Forums died?
We started singin'

Bye, bye all you skinwalker guys
Charged my crystal in a thistle and opened my third eye
Them good oldfags were using greentext to imply
>This'll be the day that we die
>This'll be the day that we die

Oh, and there we were all in one place
A generation raised on reaction face
I want to turn back time and start again

So come on sage the ponies, bring back snacks
Whatever happened to candleja-
'Cause dubs are patrick’s only friend

Oh and as I compiled Portage
My hands were clenched in fists of rage
No Winfag is used to Shell
Can’t break that Stallman spell

And as the flamewars raged into the night
Anonymous fights are quite a sight
I saw an SJW laughing with delight
The day our Cred Forums died
Xe was singin'

Bye, bye Misogynist guys
See you later gamergater now eat shit and die
Them good oldfags were trollin Slaughter till she cries
Singin' pools closed due to aids now goodbye
This'll be the day that we die

I met user who blamed the Jews
And I asked him for some happy news
But he just smiled and turned away

I went down to the sacred board
Where I'd heard the memes more than once before
But user there said the OC was fake and gay

And in R9K the Robots REEED
we all bawwed, and the jannies were freed
But not a word was posted
The links all were broken

And the three things I admire most
Oldfags, GETS, and original posts
They caught the last train for the coast
The day sweet Cred Forums died
And they were singing

Bye, bye now try not to cry
Post’n maymays all of the day bro but our well is so dry
And them good oldfags were posting epic fail guy
Postin' I can’t believe we got off this ride
This'll be the day that she dies
They were singing


Bye, bye I can’t even deny
You’re my best friends to the dead end but our ending is nigh
We good ole boys had fun telling lies
Well, this'll be the day that we die

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Kathy sure did change a lot when she got older

fuck it, here, have a later rare

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Chad warden

Hey Cred Forums. I'm looking for something thrilling to fap to.

I just watched picard episode 3 and it's not AS bad as episode 2, but it's still not great. I was... kinda interested in what was going to happen next. But i think they made a terrible mistake to release this in 45 minute long episodes. They should have released it all at once. The story just doesn't tell well at the one a week pace. They're really shooting themselves in the foot.

where in the fuck did you get this????
I thought she left the internet a few years back

Attached: fgsfds.jpg (219x230, 9K)

Might I suggest snowman.gif?

I thought this was the funniest shit, when I was young. And I still do, god damn I'm retarded.

Attached: loli (1279).jpg (469x418, 65K)

I legit thought that fucker was eating a Cyndaquil at first.


Attached: 00C65DBF-05C8-46DC-A71C-71AD6C444050.jpg (608x800, 335K)

Anne Hiro

anyone remember this shit?

orville redenbacher standing by

Attached: orville-redenbacher-248523-1-402.jpg (1200x1200, 187K)

Except that one hacker motherfucker who got his to say Heaven all the time. He really rustled my jimmies.



Your want rare? How about Mary-Ann Rialeb's topless pic? Now THAT one is fucking rare!

Attached: A_challenger_disapears2.jpg (740x599, 69K)

I remember how angry everyone was at Roodypoo and Candyass when it happened, and I also remember how sad everyone was to see them go.

Attached: D7D102EC-F015-43DA-B013-4A613F43474A.gif (499x373, 237K)

it's a rare of Kathy
why would someone post a rare of someone other than kathy in reply to a pic of lolichan?


Cockmongler loves to mongle cocks


Attached: cri_000000301513.jpg (1936x2000, 438K)

The people's champion!
The people's champion
The people's champion

do u not understand the concept of rares of old chan girls from the boards?

pic related

Attached: 1312807596929.png (897x532, 90K)

I actually am an oldfag, and i can tell you - i don't remember jack shit about what memes were popular when i was new.

I certainly have no idea what came after what. Like, once upon a time there was this burst memes about titles edited to appear on a book binding, like "Oh god what the fuck and other incredible tales".

But i don't know when that happened. Could have been 09, or 07, or maybe even later.

>old fag
>Means gay
Why are you gay?

Duckroll or die!

Attached: e61.jpg (1288x976, 280K)

I've been deeply amused by "fag" being so overused that it just came to mean "guy" or "one". I think it's actually pretty useful to be able to form a compound word at any time that means "a guy that does or is" whatever its appended to.

Like, you immediately know what a "deliveryfag" is, even if you've never heard that used.

It's unfortunate that the normal world is so offended by fag, because that would be a really useful tool in writing.

hey guys

Attached: EFG.jpg (600x600, 18K)

I wish i was an oldfag

Attached: 1527886668559.jpg (480x600, 138K)

It is super fun. ^_^

me neither, I came for the loli board once and left, then came back during the ebaumsworld raids and lurkedmoar for a few. I dunno which is when, but I do know, this place got me more into anime and hentai than I would have been.

There's so much I wish I'd saved from a long ass time ago. When all the other boards went down, I cried. I wonder how all the old crackyfags are dong now?

Unsurprisingly though the Cred Forumstards who imagined that oldfags would get no respect were correct. You get mocked for spending years posting on here. There is no reverence or deference to oldfags. On the plus side, you stop giving a shit.

Attached: 1291990623271.png (676x676, 87K)


It’s a double edged sword. I wouldn’t trade the time I had here for the world, but so much has changed about it and the magic has never quite come back completely. Right now the closest is /bant/ and some of the better Cred Forums shitposts + Cred Forums.

Attached: E856805A-1B8E-4B4C-B30A-C7FD2B3C021C.jpg (500x500, 77K)


You're now an honorary. Faggot.

Hmm I want to like /bant/ but the anime posting is just too much of a barrier not watching anime myself, I just don't get the references.

Attached: 1390729227487.jpg (446x559, 42K)

I still have tons of fun with Cred Forums. And Cred Forumstards have gotten really lazy and shitty at trolling so it's really easy to have fun that way too.

Like practically nobody tries to impersonate people anymore. And it's so easy to do.

Well, anime is a huge prt of oldfaggotry.

this is true

Man I miss these, lost mine ages ago. Remember long ass threads of people comparing them.

I REMEMBER THAT IMAGE. not an oldfag, but when I was in middleschool (2012 maybe) I came on here and saw that stupid image. Made me very uncomfortable and how that imagee made me feel formed my overall feeling of Cred Forums as a whole. Didn't come back until 2016 along with all the other election people.
Still a gross image.

Rolling without being ducked

Trollface 3.0 is a meme

Something interesting that happened was the triforce thing.

People misunderstand what the purpose of the triforce is. And i suppose you could say that the purpose changed. But originally the actual troll was getting newbies to believe and obsess over this non-oldfag thing to do. Like, the apparent troll was "newfags can't X", and if you know Cred Forums deep magic, you can do the trick. But the triforce thing was just one of many "newfags can't X" type trolls, and the real troll was getting idiot newbie Cred Forumstards to believe that the test of an oldfag was this totally insipid secret Cred Forums technique.

But they did they triforce troll so often that people forgot that the troll was just about wasting people's time on fake oldfag wisdom, and started to believe it really was about getting the fucking triforce right.

And now... i am like the only fucking person who remembers that.

Master ruseman!

Only true faggots call other people boomer.


Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 14K)

A 13 yo incel for sure. LMAO

yes you most definitely are. but I always laugh at this shit too.

Omega Red reporting

Attached: F152CDAE-E160-4024-AC33-C841410230D7.jpg (307x361, 132K)

I remember Steve and his magical toaster

>And now... i am like the only fucking person who remembers that.
No, but perhaps the one who best put it into words.

Kek I just used this one yesterday.

You should go back where you came from and take your trumpfaggot comrades with you.

Boxxy is my Queen!

Pool's closed.

Forever now.

Attached: Picture_1.jpg (600x550, 43K)

Only the oldest of the old days will remember this guy and what we did to him.

Attached: 5bb5d1b4220000bb01dc8e06.jpg (350x254, 21K)

Sure, it's safe with me

Attached: batmanlieks.jpg (193x167, 7K)

Attached: AFC906E5-B795-4573-ABA6-FFE0FA335C9F.jpg (200x347, 16K)

[alt-255] [alt-255] [alt-30] [enter] [alt 30] [alt 255] [alt 30]

Shoop the mutha fuckin whoop (joined 2009)

Attached: roflcopter-2.jpg (1350x778, 37K)

New Boxxy vid out guys!

I remember that pic, but not what it had to do with.

Consequences will never be the same

Attached: ClassicRB_18_tile_Mobile_768x640.jpg (768x640, 130K)


Attached: dsfargeg.jpg (800x450, 52K)

It's Hal Turner

banna guy
*pulls peel off*
bet u haven't seen this Cred Forums only meme

Sage goes in all fields


Attached: sorry.jpg (570x450, 36K)

Attached: 1couponsfrontimage.jpg (175x265, 21K)

fuck you


Attached: 3df74e_4756743.jpg (1366x768, 184K)

Because they're posting new shit

Attached: Boxxy.png (340x454, 241K)

This, but unironically.


told u i was hardcore

Attached: 1238g457h983g7342.jpg (750x463, 43K)

Attached: [133483].jpg (265x229, 25K)

Old school thread is gre... ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD!

Attached: giphy.gif (480x480, 1.59M)

Brittany venti is queen

Queen Kim to the rescue!

Attached: C2OZYqo.jpg (1213x2032, 146K)

Attached: queenofb.jpg (154x128, 4K)

Boxxy is the queen since 2009 so gtfo newfags

Hal couldn't handle us!

cardinal industries 7817

Hal is the god of Cred Forums.

if you were an oldfag you would know it was knocked over multiple times. FAGGOT.

Don't know don't care if its old but post more looooong catis

Attached: 1580090877568.png (500x500, 90K)

Niggers tongue my anus

You fucker.

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Ahh, the triple x's.

dat ass

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Woah dudes birthday is the day after mine

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Nigger word filters to peanut butter

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Yup before this meme got semi-revived

>mfw i'm a newfag

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Y'all are some goddamn roody-poos voting for Newt Gingrich

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Do you know how many traps got popular because of Cred Forums?

Back in '05 or so, right after itty bitty boat got popular, one user claimed their dad worked for VH1 and O Rly owl would be featured on the next episode of "Best Week Ever".

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