May 15th, 2020

May 15th, 2020

It has taken me a long time to finalize my plan to an hero (the how, where and when) but I've finally done it and related date is my last day on the planet.

Ask me anything

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Bruh wait till September so you can play Cyberpunk

Meh, every sequel that I've really wanted to play has come out or has been out. The only regret would be not being able to play BotW2

What's your plan? Shoot up Democrat convention? Destroy a nuclear power plant?

what's the worst youve been wronged

Neither. "Accidentally" walk in front of a moving semi at the busy crosswalk in my town. That way my kids get my hefty life insurance policy.

That's going to cause a lot of problems for the driver user. Might even fuck him up mentally, you sure you want that taint on your soul?

My aunt and cousin who I used to be close with burned their bridges in the worst way. The summer of 2015 I was invited to live with them and their faggot housemates as I was fresh out of high school. The gay boys were foster parents to this one 10 year old boy. His older sister who was 14 at the time came over to visit around noon one time while I was there. We met and had a short conversation and that was the extent of my interaction with her, she was literally there for like 2 hours in which I was asleep for almost all of it for. However apparently she told some people at school she slept with an older guy and when staff found out, in order to protect the actual dude she name dropped me. I could have proved my innocence if my family had testified saying there is no way what she claimed could have taken place. However the fudge packing kikes didnt want to lose their foster care license (basically neet bucks) so they kicked me out and told the investigator that there was a strong chance that it could have happened. I'm still on probation for that shit.

There's a clause in my life insurance policy that states if I commit suicide within the first two years of carrying the policy it won't be paid out. Which I cant have. Its pretty common around here for that sort of thing to happen. Also I mean do souls really exist and if they do, do we really care about that sort of thing once we shed our meat ships and become a part of the greater understanding?

Why wait until May?

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Who asked?

Wait you can get a policy that pays out if you commit suicide?

I was invited to be the best man at my friends wedding on may 9th. My kids' 5th birthday is in March and I want to have one last hurrah on my birthday at the end of April. Plus I have some more odds and ends to tie up with my stuff before I kick it.

Read the thread nigger. Someone asked about the worst I've ever been wronged.

Even if souls don't exist or there is nothing after life you still should consider the ramifications of your actions on innocent people. The guy driving that truck might have a family to take care of and "accidently" killing you might cost him his job, or make him want to quit out of the fear of it happening again, believe it or not, some people outside of Cred Forums actually are mortified of killing another human.

Pretty much all do but a lot of them have similar clauses so people dont just buy the policy and die off right away so their family can claim the benefits.

Most do, except for within the first two years since the policy is in effect. Not OP but my policy's suicide clause expires in 503 days so I'll have to wait until then.

Who knows. I've given up caring about trivial things like that at this point. I've been wronged so often by people what's me giving back just a little. Besides, it may come to light that he's a kiddie diddler as a result and I'll be crowned a hero lmao

Exactly. Also checked

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Before you do it, order some mimosa hostilis root bark, look up GordoTek, and make you some DMT. Vape it. A lot of it, enough to blast off the planet and reality.

Might show you what's waiting for you on the other side of May 15th.

I'd love to just find some actual DMT. I bought a sheet of acid last year and it was gone in six months

I'm not good at finding plugs, I just made mine myself. It was an interesting process, and the reward was well worth it. My very first time I smoked it I blasted off and it changed me to the core in a positive way.

Join now before it's too late

You actually think we care? Make it March 15th nigger.

Aren't you interesten in the sequel of hollow knight?

Where are you from user? And why at may 15th?

Sorry to hear that you hate your children and your wife, You don't truly love anyone do you … your heart is empty and your eggo rules you.

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Sure am. But I'm having a hard time needing to wait until may 15th. I just beat the path of pain last night on my switch.

I'm from the midwest region of the US. Just because it was a day I chose shortly after my friend's wedding and that I have things to do to make it go off without a hitch before then

I just know you were really trying to find a use for that photo.

I'm not married, I'm a single 22 year old with twin children. I do love my kids but honestly they would have a better life if I'm gone. They dont have to worry about finances. I'm doing it early enough so I'll be nothing more than a distant memory to them so there will be little to no trauma due to it. Also they call their mom's boyfriend dad because he mooches off of her and I have to work all the time to pay my child support to support them and afford my shitty apartment.

You should try to get back with her, the natural order supported by God is that you marry her. your children will be monsters and likely end up in prison without you.

We haven't been together since I was 18 and she 19. We do not get along in the slightest and she has been dating the dude for like 3 years now

Not sure if you believe in god but remember something, there are not many things one person can do in this life that is such a blatant and act of defiance against god.
You think you’re in hell now, wait until you have to face your creator and tell him you reject the life he gave you.
Have mercy on your soul.
Go to Catholic Church, move somewhere else, get on a plane and fly anywhere you want.
Don’t have money? Sleep in the bushes.
It’s all a hell of a lot better than burning for eternity in hell.
God bless you.

You should really think about the impact this will have on your kiddo. If you really do this, chances are really low he will turn out fine. Most probably he will have serious issues and will never be able to live a fulfilling life. Really you should make a therapy appointment, I know two close friends who both were at the point where they could not feel anything, but both of them did go to therapy and are living a normal life now only a few years later. It can change everything, but you have to prove the balls to go and actually talk to a therapist. Just do it, what do you have to lose if youre going to kill yourself anyway

To be honest I deserve nothing less if that's what I have in store for me. Also if I met the big man himself I'd spit on him for allowing his beloved children to turn out this way all in the name of him.

Can't even kill yourself? Have to have someone else do it? Sad. I'm sure your ex and your kids new dad will enjoy spending your life insurance kek.

time for that to change, stop being a beta affirm your position its the natural hierarchy shes only with him because she thinks you are too feminine. Its not about sex attraction or anything between feelings, its about being together to raise the children you created that's what a family is. otherwise your kids are just bastards.

You can even stand up to life, let alone the creator of the universe. You'll do absolutely nothing you weak piece of shit

I do sincerely think my son and daughter will turn out fine. I'm leaving them money for a comfortable life and to go to any college they please to lead fulfilling lives. I've been going to counseling, trying different medications, mindful meditation, eating healthy and getting plenty of sunlight for almost 10 years now and nothing has changed, just slightly less shit at times. My turning point that I was just tired of this life was when one day about 14 or so months ago I had a dream, I cant for the life of me remember what it was about. However I do remember that in that dream I felt 100% pure happiness. Something I have never felt a single moment in my life. Something that I have only ever experienced one single time in a dream, a dream in which I can't even remember. It's like life is telling me that no matter what I do, I'll never be able to reach that. Even when my kids were born, I was happy sure, but inside I was dragged down with my insecurities about being a good father and a good financial supporter to them. To me this is the only way.

Unabomber v2

Spreading your seed without settling down is alpha. I say fuck a bunch of women and try to get them pregnant before you off yourself

Lol. As if I'd let that bitch touch a single fucking cent. Shit goes away until they're adults.

Have you tried heroin?

My brother is a bastard and he is working on his PhD. I dont think that really holds any merit.

Thats not an hero. Thats just suicide. Do something epic that they can remember u for

Once. I tried every drug once that I could get my grubby mitts on before I started my probation. OD'd, talked to scary voices in my head. However that boner was badass, 5/10

Thats not a sure fire way user. People survive pretty easily from that sort of thing if theyre just walking. Your muscles will react in such a way thatll itll almost catapult you away from the truck once it hits. You ll most likely survive.

Meh, I don't want to add to the population more than I have. No matter how funny that would be.

oh nononono HAHAAHHAH

Your kids need you. Don't care what you use to justify your decision to make yourself feel better about destroying your kids life

Catapult my head onto the ground I think you mean. However I like my chances against a semi going 40mph.

checked. Before you do, try to make the biggest mess possible without killing anyone else. Just a massive inconvenience.

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Your kids need you. Doesn't matter what you say to yourself to justify your decision. You will screw up your kids life from an early age. They don't need money, they need you

Why not enlist in the military and die remembered as a hero, actually having done something good for the world?

You clearly have a "the world has wronged me so fuck you all" mentality, but there's just as much good as there is bad, and to willingly ignore that fact is awfully conceited and isn't helping your case, OP.

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I don't get why you want to hurt people who didn't do anything to you. At least direct your rage appropriately man.

I never got it, people trying to "fix" the evils done to them, with one last act of evil. Trying to solve the problem by becoming the problem. Not wise.

Nah theyll fight over the money with that kind of dynamic. So sad to hear man. I wouldnt do it because that's just gonna make the money gone. Itll all go to the wife and the new guy and theyll waste it all on bullshit. If youre going to release that money some day make sure no one knows about it and make sure youre lawyer keeps your will nice and ready for the money grabbers to fuck off.

If I waited until my life insurance policy covered suicide I would. I used to imagine myself going to the top of the empire state building with some piano wire and gorilla glue. Tying off one end of the wire to a pole and the other around my neck. Gluing my hands to my head and making sure they're on there tight. When I had everything ready i would make a lot of commotion to get people to pay attention and record it. I would jump and start screaming really loud. The piano wire would slice through my neck like soft cheese and to all the people below it would look like I ripped my own head off

I like you user, anyway, if you know when you are going to die, enjoy your life at least, try beating the pantheon of gods or something.

Currently on probation so I'd have to wait for a draft if that ever came.

Yeah I'm stuck on the 4th pantheon and it's kicking my ass. I'm attempting what the speedrunner did and just apply the charms for strength buffs, getting down to one mask and just try to play carefully.

Wear a sign that says I hate niggers on it and walk into a black neighborhood instead. they will take care of you.

That's a good legacy
"Here lies user, killed by a herd of gorillas"

I'd like to believe that, I really do. However between that and just not having the will to go through another year of this shit. I dont think I have it in me

Maybe I'll just crash my car into a tree with no seatbelt going 70. I'll have to check my insurance policy again on that one though

I'm making sure she cant take a cent. I've given her more than enough money over the years. Im not going to let her ruin their financial security.

You won't have any regrets. You'll be dead.

Well yeah sure. I guess just things maybe I'd like to do if I found it within myself to keep trying. However I've been pretty set on this for a long time and I doubt my mind will change until then

Your kids should be your motivation. My wife passed a year ago and left me and our 4 year old son. I could've clammed up and hated the world but I choose to focus my energy on giving all my love and attention to my son. I used to work six days a week. 13+ hour days. It was a bitch but now I only work 40 hours so I can dedicate time for my son. I'm glad I did.

Have you tried playing with the sharp shadow charm? It's harder to control but it gets easier when you master it. Anyway, just play as you feel more confortable.
And fuck uumuu.

Uumuu is a sack of shit. Like bouncing the jellyfish into him is hard as fuck to angle right otherwise you get blown the fuck up

They were for the longest time. However all I'm doing is creating an unstable home life for them, having to put them through their mother and I fighting and not being able to give them the life I want to be able to provide. I work 13 hour days 5 days a week and I never have time for them except my two days off which I'm always exhausted. I cant work less unless I make more to be able to pay my bills and support them.

Good luck and I pray you find the strength within you to reconsider your choice. Much love Cred Forumsro. Keep your head up.

An hero is when you live stream it. You’re talmbout suicide.

Thanks Cred Forumsrother, appreciate the kind words

Thought about it to be honest. However I cant risk the insurance agency finding out it was suicide and not an accident

There is nothing waiting for you on the other side, user

If it's lights out then so be it. I'm more than prepared for a six foot dirt sleep

Ccccccombo breaker

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You could pick a street/place that has a public live feed.