My FWB got the herp

my FWB got the herp

> still gonna fuck but now have to use condoms
> she'll still let me blow in her mouth and ass

I'm guessing she can't sit on my face anymore without me getting it, right?

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Don't risk it.
Walk away.

unless she's literally Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba, not worth bro, not worth.

> I got the herps from a dirty blonde bitch who pretended to be a saint

>Now have to use condoms

If she's letting you hit it raw, she's letting others. Things like HIV don't show immediately. Stop being a fucking idiot and don't fuck sluts raw

you can get herpies if one of those sores touches ANY of your skin at all. Condoms do not protect against herpes.

On lighter note, pretty much everyone has genital herpes but most people have a mild case of 1 or 2 sores that they think are pimples then they go away for months or years at a time. You fuck, you have a pretty good chance your partner has herpes.

Get them to take the anti virals low dose and they wont sluff off the virus anymore so you cant catch it, but you probably already have it.

You're fucked dude.

not even blowies or anal?

we both showed each other we were tested... we sort of had a relationship that involved hanging out on her couch and fucking

we used to have AMAZING sex but i was pretty straightforward with I didn't want a proper bf/gf relationship. she was cool with it til she met someone. that guy gave her herp.

nah, i get tested like every 4 months...

pic related

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All of this.

long as she's not symptomatic when you fuck it's not contagious; get a free sti test at a walk-in clinic and ask if you don't believe me.

ask her to get a test too if she wants to keep raw dogging.

responsible fuckers get regular sti checkups
well-communicated sexual health = being able to happily continue rawdogging

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What this guy said.

There's a high chance in your life time you'll contract herpes, Hepatitis C, or HPV.

Herpes is not a health concern (well not exactly) and in standard STD screenings it is not screen for (at least in America). At worst if you're susceptible you'll have a few days of painful sores that burst with discharge. People with herpes don't necessarily have the same kinds of outbreaks. Some can be mild, some harsh and chronic. And a lot of people don't show systems thus they don't know or would think they have it.

"Cold Sores" (oral herpes / type 1) is the most common. It's highly possible to have already contacted it from childhood.

It's always good to know your sexually health and status.

I'm almost 40, I only fuck with STD free people with proof, I'm and negative for all STDs and I've had over 30 partners.

I'm a dude, I got it from manscaping (so it isn't on my dick, but near the base and sometimes up near my belt line) just don't do it dude, you can have a cut you don't know about and even if you wear a condom, it isn't going to cover everything.

don't listen to any of these faggots, I got herpes and it almost ruined dating for me and I thought about killing myself, it caused me a lot of problems, if you know someoen has it, stop fucking them, it isn't worth it, i got it because someone dind't tell me

bro that aint herps

herpes does not show up in tests unless you swab an active sore. The rest of the time it lives in the base of your spine like other retroviruses waiting for your immune system to drop so it can flare up.

Join now before it's too late

I had an outbreak and got a blood test (knowing I already have it, have had it for years...) and it showed up as a "Maybe" lmao

What the fuck is wrong with you!?

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>I got herpes and it almost ruined dating for me and I thought about killing myself

dude, I think that herpies just pushed your mental state along but you had to have been kinda fucked from the start if some super common sores caused you that much grief. Hell, i have them. There were 2 bad outbreaks at the start. Now they only come if I pull hairs out around the base of my dick somehow (don't ask me why). It is not even a secondary thought to me these days.

Be done, not worth it bro.



herp sympathizers.

run this shiiiit up niggas


Why is there always one of you retards in these threads every fucking time.

Nobody cares about your mumble rap, nigger

spelling is irrelevant, its sores on your dick or surrounding areas. They don't matter nearly as much as you think. you probably already have them.

I care user

I have herpes, told every partner I've had since and not one has denied sex because of it so long as I had a condom, the long term ones don't even care about condoms so long as I'm not having an outbreak. herpes i more common than you think dude, you already have it on the mouth

For fucking real.
>deep dont feel bad, I have them.

Get tested for Syph right now, just in case.

everyone has them

it spreads to the ass

and will likely spread to the mouth

You have them you filthy mongrel. I hope women aren't stupid enough to fall for that shit and Fuck you.

it's transmitted by kiss, it's location doesn't really matter that much, the contagion will be everywhere in the body
it might be likely that you already had it and now you are immune to this strain
there's dozens commonly sexually transmitted herpes strains, mononucleosis is one too and probably half of common the child sicknesses

once she's symptom free, she won't transmit anymore

Not that user but I've never had a girl turn me down after I told them I have herpes.

Herpes sucks but it's really not that bad especially after the first couple outbreaks. My fucking acne is more annoying, more painful and never goes away. I get a small blister on my junk maybe twice a year that lasts a couple days. Not a big deal.

>well-communicated sexual health = knowing which pool of diseased degenerates you're now allowed to fuck

This, OP. You're making a terrible mistake remaining involved with this chick.

so glad I don't need sex like you retards do

he's clearly not fucked up from the get go. he got a life altering disease from a bitch who was clearly fucking around without protection. legally he has to tell every girl he wants to have sex with and imagine how many of us guys say no to hot girls with herps. even a chad with herps is gonna be a no from 9/10 people. but go ahead and attack his mental state from the get go

one way or another if you keep fucking the diseased slut youre going to get herpes. Honestly I hope you do get it so all your future relationships are ruined before they start so your dumbass bloodline dies with you.

That taint is tainted. Leave the diseased creature.

your fucking retarded


360┬░ walk away very very fast mate

HSV1 carrier, here. It really isn't a big deal, even if you catch it, OP. It's extremely difficult to pass if no symptoms are present, and as time goes on the outbreaks become less frequent and far less severe. Ever since I was diagnosed, every chick I've had the conversation with was totally cool with still banging anyway, so long as condom and no symptoms. Everyone has it. At least everyone except the permavirgin 500lbers on here screaming at you.

You can buy thin latex sheets aimed at lesbians for licking. I only know the german word: Leckt├╝cher.
But honestly I wouldn't risk it, there are so many clean pussys out there why fuck the std riddled one.

Condoms dont prevent herpes transmission you fucking idiot. I bet you neglected to tell them that.

Dont buy into this shit. Herpes type 2 isnt "common" its only common among shit tier people who say "everybody has it" to make themselves feel better.

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>Everyone has it
uh no

what are we looking at in this jpg?

"everyone has it"
You are not a reference you stupid disgusting pile of human waste

Kidney stones, severe case