How old were you when you realized democracy is fake and gay?

How old were you when you realized democracy is fake and gay?

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14. We had "elections" for school council, realized it's just a popularity contest.
Adult life is like one big high school.


Man when I was in school council they tried to convince me all politics forced you to be liberal and pc literally schools brain washing kids

>ITT: high school students thinking they're cool and edgy and shit.
Please, whatever you do, DO NOT VOTE.

You think you're smarter than Sam Clemens?

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So don't vote.

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>Paid shill to inhibit voter enthusiasm.

Kill yourself.

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13, Lithuania (born 2003.03)

When I heard how Lithuanians voted to get into the EU.

When we had our first vote, no one showed up because nobody cared about it

But the next time they were handing out stickers that have "I voted" on them which you could use to exchange for neither some washing powder or 5l of beer at the stores

My country was sold for some beer and washing machine powder, what a way to lose most if not all of our independance

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Anyone making less than $30,000 a year, Anyone without health insurance, Anyone who feels stuck without a way forward, please listen when I say, this system has made fools of us all. We all know the stick poking us into line is the threat of homelessness. Why not just take the power back by proving we'd be fine at least for a day? We all know the feeling of being stuck inside on a day off before a check comes. We know what it's like to have an empty pantry. Most of all, we know what it's like to feel like our needs aren't being met. The United States has 155,000,000 workers. An 8 hour shift at $15/hr comes to $120 before taxes. Even if your boss thinks they can't afford their workforce’s time for a day, here's a list of people who could single handedly pay literally every worker that amount with money left over: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Paige, Larry Ellison (I love that there's two larry's), Narc Suckernerd, Alice Walton, Jim Walton, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffet, Micheal Bloomberg, Steve Balmer, Rob Walton, Charles Koch, Julia Koch, Mackenzie Bezos, Phil Knight, Sheldon Adelson, Micheal Dell, Jacqueline Mars, John Mars, Jim Simmons, Lauren Powell Jobs, Elon Musk, and Rupert Murdoch. Needless to say, your boss can take it up with them. Hell, a lot of you reading this are probably employed by these people. They can't fire us all. If you're on work release, they can't throw you all back in jail at once; although, I'm sure Geo Group would love to try.

The day is only yours if you seize it. If you want to stand up for what you believe in, please, put this in your own words, find your inner courage, and come outside with us. Afterward, return to the status quo if you’d like.

Well my boss is on vacation right now, but when he comes back I'll ask to schedule April 1st off!

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uh-huh and when do you figure Lithuania had independence shithead?

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It never did, least some liberty would be nice though, but that's never going to happen

No, not with that attitude

won't let me post without a pic

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OP needs to learn a few things. First off, the USA is not a democracy, never has been. It's a representative republic. We vote for representatives, they make our laws, and if they don't represent us well we vote them out.
Your vote does matter dipshit.

But frankly I'm happy with idiots not voting. Makes things better in the long run. So go ahead and please don't vote.

What southern, rat-infested shithole fake school did you go to where they believe that crock of shit?

>Retards see that people who've finished school tend to be more liberal
>think as hard as they can and come to the conclusion that it must mean school is bad and they'z indoctrinizating the childrens.

Seeing the current situation of "democracy" being played in my country, I've started to see how flawed democracy. Every party here is basically the same (left and right). One jumbled mess, all for globalism so you have no fucking choice. There is one party, who has the majority of voters behind them, but the other voters REFUSE to even talk to this party because it doesn't view their globalist plans. Communist party goblin minions sabotage phamplets required to vote. Some cheer for them.
When the people ask for change, they are not listening and still require MORE tax from us.
But no, """""democracy""""" and """"equality""""
They love to throw these words around.
but they have no meaning anymore.

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This year when the GOP became the enemy of democracy in full dereliction of their duty and oaths of impartiality. I don't think Democracy is fake though. It's imperiled by the right wing ENEMY. WE need only erase the Republican scourge and subhuman criminal Trump and Democracy can be restored.

November 2020 is when we will know whether Democracy is alive or dead. WE MUST TERMINATE THE GOP ENEMY.

This image smells like borscht.



Voting conservative is literally the dumbest thing you can do unless you're a billionaire.

So its only democracy when you win? Interesting take

Not even close to what I said, but....ok?

I never mentioned the USA in my post, go back and read it again carefully.

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When I became a communist and realized that electoralism is a sham in bourgeois democracy because the major parties serve capital and not the people.

That said, if you live somewhere where voting is just mailing a ballot there's no reason not to take ten minutes to do it and vote for the most left candidate. It won't do shit but you'd might as well.

Excellent troll dispatching. I was gonna be like "way to try and scare people about Democrats by pretending to be one" but your way seemed to work well

I'm a voooter
I'm a vooter
I'm a voooter

>First off, the USA is not a democracy, never has been. It's a representative republic.
It's both, brainlet. Or at least it's SUPPOSED to be democratic.

Nice try faggot.

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нe зaбyдьтe oпyбликoвaть дpyгoй

eh, voting in the national elections is a sham, but your vote definitely does count on a state and local level, which affects you more directly than Trump or Bernie ever could.

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Democracy should be avoided as much as possible. Democracy is 2 cats and a mouse deciding what's for dinner. Freedom is always the first choice.

Boomers and hillbillies don't typically come to slash bee slash. This meme is obviously a conservative attempt to dissuade younger people (many of whom vote progressive) from voting, not the other way around.

Cool meme kid, don't have too much fun with it.

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What is "freedom" to you, exactly? That's so fucking vague. It's guns, isn't it? Just guns, that's freedom to you?

Cкoлькo oни тeбe плaтят?

Freedom to discriminate against whoever, whenever I want. Freedom of federal control over the states. Freedom to add an addition to my house without governments permission. Freedom to not pay for other peoples free stuff. The list never ends. Fuck, freedom to light fireworks in my own damn back yard.

I'll try not too

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Fuck YOU snowflake retards and we are ENDING that orange motherfucking retarded criminal you worship. Start getting used to that fact right now so you aren't a miserable crying fuckwit when it happens.

Because Trump is the enemy and I will never compromise on my principles or this country's values.

Yeah permit laws are crazy and plenty of codes for construction are bullshit. That being said you might've want to go for a more sympathetic view of freedom. With so much of the world already on fire, why start more?

For all intents and purposes you could totally do all the stuff you want. It will of course allow others to feel free to cage your ass and if you can't stop them... that's the price of freedom my dude.

That's kinda the beauty of the agent smith meme no?

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Your rage has earned you dubs. Now that you have publicly made a fool of yourself here, do you think that's an acceptable way to deal with ruffians on the street? May I remind you, some of these screwballs want violence. They're tired of discussions. They're tired of discussions because they end up like this. If we're going to move forward, it's going to take all of us and that requires compassionate communication. Get to the root of their misery.

I'm enjoying how your first answer was literally "To discriminate". At least you people aren't hiding it anymore.

p.s. you don't make nearly enough to pay for anyone else's "free stuff". No one is taking your soft-earned min. wage check.

Sounds like you don't like freedom. Does it scare you?

What you listened isn't freedom, it's just more "I got mine". You want more material shit and to be a dickhead to people. OK fine, but that's not actually freedom. You're still going to be a wage cuck paying your taxes and sucking cop dick.

The United States is probably the absolute LEAST free country in the first world.

Are you not able to to have material stuff? What are your barriers? I freely share my stuff and my time with people who need it.

Yeah dipshit. It really fucking does. That's not unreasonable when the only thing preventing you from doing all that shit you want is a couple thugs threatening to cage you for it. You're just as chicken shit as the rest of us. You eat ice cream too dude. You act all tough but you eat ice cream too. You used to shit your pants and suck on titties and want to get tucked in. Now you eat ice cream and you live in fear of what others will do to you if you express yourself in a way that might make someone violent. True freedom is allowing yourself to adapt and overcome. Maybe instead of bitching on the internet, spend and hour looking over permit requests and build your stupid addition to your house. I guarantee you'll be more proud of that than any shit you post here

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Kek, sassy troll is sassy


It's not freedom if I'm jailed for being free. What about freedom scares you?

you're mom

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More vague bullshit. "Muh freedumb!"

True freedom would be slaughtering every nigger you come across in the street with a battleaxe and building a castle out of their bones (right on top of your neighbors house, destroying it and slaughtering his entire family in the process) and then cutting down every fat redneck cop who comes to try to arrest you and building furniture with their bones to furnish your castle. You build an army of follows large enough and armed and armored enough to rival the police and keep slaughtering them until you get to a position where you can negotiate a treaty with them where they leave you alone in return for all their daughters living in your castle and having you and your soldier's babies (Which then are raised as more soldiers).

You rape, pillage and slaughter and straight up fucking TAKE whatever you want. THAT would be freedom. Instead you worship cop dick and cross the street every time a nigger walks by but think you're actually free because you get to choot dem gunz at the range once a week. But don't build that deck in the backyard or the code enforcement might come out and rape your daughter's asshole while you deconstruct your hard-built deck on "your" property.

You ain't fucking free, cuck.

There's a reason why every country in the world was an empire at some point

I don't know what you faggots are screaming about, but freedom isn't free.

What you described is anarchy. Freedom means everyone is free. You aren't a free nigger if you are a dead nigger.

I could ask you the same thing. What keeps you in the prison of society? What would you even do if you had no one to impress? Say you lived off the grid. What would you actually do that you're not doing now?

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Well, schools do indoctrinate children. It's just dependent on for what's sake

Haha if you ain't a slave to the wage, you're a slave to the rage. That ain't freedom, it's a meth addiction.

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Anarchy IS true freedom. Someone has the freedom to try and murder you and you have the freedom to try and stop them. What you want is not freedom, it's shelter.

The first problem is you can't live off the grid. Not entirely. Not legally. You can't own property outright. You are taxed on it forever.

But I'll play along. Buy property. Build a house however I want to build it. Maybe invite whores over? Maybe throw a cocaine party. Build a some cabins and have illegals cook and clean for me. Shoot machine guns. Build explosives. Whatever I wanted to do.

Security, idiot. The primary evolutionary response in a human being.

And I have the freedom to amass an army and come take your shit. If you can't fight me off, too bad. THAT'S freedom!

> What you want is not freedom, it's shelter.

I guess you could argue that. I still believe that you can't be free if you are dead. So that can't be considered freedom to me.

Well better stay alive, then. True freedom is violent as fuck.

I don't think you understand what anarchism is. Most people aren't trying to live in constant bloodsport. Why do you think people leave the hood?

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If you're subjecting people to your will, it's no longer freedom for the subjugated. Such is the paradox of anarchy, which seems to be going straight through the hole in your head.

True freedom isn't violent. True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in.

or maybe the ladt election got hijacked and the party and person that actively courted it refused to hold itself accountable or recognize the damage of such intererence to democracy

They have the right to attempt to rise up and no longer be subjected. If they cannot, oh well!

What's the fucking deal with a fucking binary monkey stuttering two O's in the middle of words. This is one guy I swear

Who's Psy-Op is this? Mossad or just regular Dems?

Never years old because the autistic bourgeoisie is trying to lead us into a self-retarding state.

The right, or the freedom? You already being inconsistent. That isn't freedom anymore. That's not even anarchy anymore.

I specifically refer to TRUMP and the GOP sycophants we have NOW who are the enemy because they have flouted the Rule of Law and are mockery of every value this country has ever had.

It's not "not democracy unless one team/party wins". Democrats AND PAST republicans have respected the rule of law and have governed this country without being worthless criminal trash and enemies of the people. The current GOP is the ENEMY because they have MADE themselves into the enemy through their actions.

I am not a Dem voter because I personally think they're the best choice in all things. I am a Dem voter because the GOP is a dangerous, uneducated, worthless party of grifters and lowlives who CHASED me away from them by kowtowing to the fat, useless criminal imbecile who was installed in our White House.

I want to see the GOP DEAD. The party needs to be eradicated and replaced with a valid, sane party of proper elected officials.

Kinda the same for my. I'm in E.U and we got to create our own parties at school. We wanted to end all immigration because it was ruining the country. rape and shootings has just started back then. Got got wide support until we got suspended, our parents were called in and we had to go to sensitivity training and meet a Jew talking about the Holocaust.
The Defense party was great!

Well, I will tell you that if anyone DOES try to start something with me it will be QUITE the mistake on their part.

Eat the muscaria

I'd prefer to go back further and bring back Guillotines for the rich.

Sounds like a fun time. Count me in. When I was a kid we'd go up to wyoming and people would build these dope camp cities on the beaches of a lake. They would bring as much beer, drugs, fireworks, guns, gas, and motor vehicles as they could haul up. Guess we weren't totally free because one time my dad almost got arrested for not having a fishing license. Idk man. I too know what it's like to not have life live up to your expectations and want to change the system somehow. With that being said I guess I'll address the elephant in the room. Why do you feel the need to inflict suffering on others?

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I have the freedom to oppress, others have the freedom to defend from oppression. Others have the freedom to oppress, I have the freedom to defend against oppression. What don't you get? Freedom is a bloodbath. It's might makes right.

12, when I realized those channel one producers were the same as the electoral college

How am I inflicting suffering on others?

You didn't marry the first one you fucked

No they don't. You just said they had the right to attempt to defend themselves. That's a completely different thing. Now you're saying they only have the freedom to attempt it. And that freedom can be lost, because what you're actually gunning for is what every tyrant guns for. Freedom to oppress is an oxymoron, don't you think? Freedom. To oppress. Really makes you think.

The fact that your primary motif is
>might makes right
says everything.

elections are decided by 500 men smoking cigars in back rooms across the country before you even vote

>True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in.
>take part

Pic unrelated

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I'll be sure to tell anyone interested in a romantic inquiry just that

you are confusing freedom with Kantian ethics

Sorry, snowflake, but true freedom is chaos. It's a bloodbath. Mince my words all you like, but the fact remains. Survival of the fittest.

Fan of napoleon, Robespierre, and the Reign of terror eh?

I kind of agree with you, but wow that's cringe

Nah, he just watched too much Mad Max as a kid

Wow. I'm not American but those are some terrible arguments and you are just trying to justify your own subjective bias.
Can't we realize that all sides are just as Terrible but in their own ways?

Fuck yes.
Never got why so many people think it was a bad thing.

I only got "murdering niggers with battle-ax"

I got to the "build a castle with their bones"

About 18, really.

True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in. Participants participate. They take part in something. Like true freedom. And true freedom, per the general populace's conception, is the ability to do whatever you want. Actions have consequences, and can affect others.

There is already a paradox. You can't have true freedom and also give everyone the true freedom to not be subject to your true freedom while your true freedoms demand that you be allowed to subject others to your true freedoms.

>Survival of the fittest
You would've been clubbed to death already by the rest of the tribe for not providing.

No, true freedom is being God in your own universe, all alone.

With the discrimination. What form were you planning on taking with that? Everything else just seems like you want to be Erik Prince. It's been done. No one's stopping him and his contractors commit war crimes.

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I never vote because politics is for literal faggots and brainwashed brainlets.

There's only a paradox because you've redefined a term into meaninglessness. Respond to how people use terms.

Haha can spot em everytime. I mean we could do that but it all gets so dull when it's that cyclical. Plus psychological torture is so much sweeter. It's an execution you can watch for years

I dont know who Erik is, but in answer to your discrimination question, i'm not causing anyone any suffering if I don't want to be around them. Getting your feelings hurt is part of living in a free society.

It's not cyclical, the French nobility haven't exactly bounced back from all that beheading.

>only a paradox because you've redefined a term into meaninglessness
Freedom is the ability to act on the environment without hindrance or restraint. What did I redefine in terms of the average person's definition of freedom?

Really exercise your freedom to tell me.

Also, you can't spot for shit. That was my first post in the thread. I'm just a big fan of the combination of the guillotine and nobles' heads.

No, it's not. Nobody except autists uses freedom in that sense.

Others have the freedom to act in response to your actions. Being protected from harm, while doing harm, is not freedom.

Freedom is another word for nothing left to love.

You are trying to conflate 'freedom to act' with 'freedom to succeed in action'. Technically everyone is free, fully and truly, to act in any way they choose. Nobody is free to succeed in action. There is always a way others could act to stop an action. The concept of freedom is not just one thing. Most people talking about 'freedom' are actually talking about rights.

I dont know why y'all keep leaving out that maybe what people truly want to do a lot of the time is help others. That's why people give to charity. That's why I do chores around the house even when I'm not asked. Sure you forget that when you become dependent on something for dopemine like drugs, vidja games, sexual gratification, social status, violent conquest etc. But otherwise, most people don't like to see people suffer and do what they can to get everyone's needs met. Anarchy is the evaluation and if necessary dismantling of power structures. I don't know how they plan on doing that peacefully because power structures don't go down easily but it's not an inherent call to violence

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They had a couple of Kings after the revolution. Napoleon crowned himself and was removed from outside forces

Yes I was around 8 years old when I figured thay one out not being born in to jew gold and family that cared and tryed so hard but go nothing but shit on but no hand out thay feeling being white but not a jew ... sad face

There is no absolute freedom if everyone is supposed to be absolutely free. External forces, like someone else's will, will complicate that. Make that impossible. Harm isn't the only thing you're being protected from. Read, god damn it.

"Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.". You won't have your freedom to act if someone else's freedom of being, period, demands that you are not able to act. There is no technicality about it. True freedom isn't defined as "only the freedom to act". And here I am, being freely accused of redefining terms.

Does it appear that I am talking about rights, user? Because the concept of freedom isn't just one goddamn thing.

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Napoleon was just a midget with a complex

Oh shit you don't know who Erik Prince is? Dude He's betsy DeVos' brother and founder of Blackwater. He basically thought to himself "What if I could train and dispatch mercenaries?" Then he went out and fucking did it. His dudes really rolled with the freedom shit too. They gunned down some random civilians in Kosovo while going the wrong way around a roundabout so the Iraqis started firing at em and they ended up just wasting like 20 civilians. Erik Prince dude. Freeist fucking dude. He's got like a whole compound where he just trains cops and seals and shit. They let him do whatever... except buy warships apparently

>Because the concept of freedom isn't just one goddamn thing.
You're right, so why are you doing exactly that? You're not listening to anyone else, you have no knowledge or understanding of how the concept has been used in philosophy, and instead your insisting on your one autistic definition where you defined it in such an absolute sense it doesn't apply to anything.

Killing civilians doesn't sound like freedom for the civilians. Everyone should be free.

Well he did nearly conquer all of Europe and some of his laws are still valid in France today. Lil guy was ahead of his time

>Lil guy was ahead of his time
only when he stood on a stool

>democracy is fake and gay
>laughs at others for spouting propoganda

he was average height

For a nutritionally stunted woman, maybe.

>so why are you doing exactly that
You dumb motherfucker. You're accusing me of not listening to anyone else? I have responded to everything. I have read everything. I have thought about everything. I have now given you an unambiguous place to start arguing the merits of freedom. I have to deal with your menagerie of dumbshit that you type in response to things that have already been sorted out. You are charging me with so much bullshit, user. All the atomized information lies there for you several posts back, and it has been put through the fine mill of peer review and multiple living human beings that have more to say about philosophy than you'll ever play at. And you're free to do that. But, I'm free to call you a dumbass for it, because you're now saying that the purely formulaic sentence about freedom, defined solely by sources outside of my skull, with a consensus of
>everyone that ever lived to disagree with a dictionary
consists of no understanding from philosophy, let alone the fucking meaning of the term. Motherfucker. I no make sense, but I defined it in such an absolute sense?

Go freedom yourself.

>peer reviewed
my sides

Since I was a small child and learned that I live in a republic; a far superior form of limited government

Republics are great except for all the people who keep getting voted into office.

"Consensus of everyone who ever lived to disagree with a dictionary" does not mean that a dictionary is a peer-reviewed source. It refers to all the philosophers who tried to define freedom.

Because a lot of them are dead, you colossal dipshit.

Not arguing.
But the same can be said for any government, good or bad.
Problem is humans are all we got, and we are evil.

> I live in a republic not a democracy

Only an American would be this retarded

Civil War imminent

Why is it when I vote for a border wall and less immigrants, we arent allowed to get a wall and get more immigrants?

The wall is only 40 billion. Thats 1% of the 4 Trillion total yearly Federal Budget.

Now we have Bernie talking about $2 Trillion healthcare and education plan.

Fuck this whole country.
Anyone not thinking about civil war is a fucking retard

at least own up to what you said
you used a dictionary definition, and then claimed your points, which are absolutist interpretations based on the dictionary definition, were put through a peer review

people are generally decent
we seem to vote for fucktards, tho

What a shithole country.

> Trusting a meme on Cred Forums has actual credibility


This. Give up your voice and let everyone else decide for you.

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No it's about money

democracy no
egalitarianism yes
utilitarianism weighted
eugenic technocracy

yakshemash, russian bot
Vote you fuckers, things change over time, voting works

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>First off, the USA is not a democracy, never has been. It's a representative republic
Which is a form of democracy you stupid "akstually" cunt

>doesn't understand what constitutes a democracy
>refers to others as idiots
Complete fucking retard.

You seem surprised about this dumbfuckery, why?

I used a dictionary definition to establish that I'm not giving you one fucking strict autistic definition of a fucking term, you trifling troglodyte. It's not even to my amazement that you've got the working attention span of a brain-damaged goldfish, that walnut inside of your head just decided to connect the two phrases that you only expect to be controversial, without paying attention to any of the goddamn connective glue that is context and fucking sentences.

For fuck's sake. Absolutist? Absolutist? You want fucking absolutism, user? Let me give you some absolu-tism.

Who the fuck said I was conflating
>freedom to act
>freedom to succeed in action
when I typed
>true freedom
instead of
>freedom to specifically this one apparently autistic thing for no goddamn reason
and thought that
>anything but this one fucking word
and said, fucking verbatim,
>There is always a way others could act to stop an action
when it's been said that
>Nobody is free to succeed in action
meaning that not a goddamn soul can actually make an attempt, because being slated to failure to succeed in a fucking action equals never being able to suceed in the act of fucking trying, therefore
>You won't have your freedom to act if someone else's freedom of being
>demands that you are not able to act
even though the whole fucking thing is regarding true freedom and not this brainlet shitshow of an attempt to argue some needlessly fucking
cherry-picked phrase that deviates the whole fuck away from the basic tenable term of freedom, period...

And then fucking decided to respond to all of that with
>you have no knowledge or understanding of how the concept has been used in philosophy
in the face of a real fucking logical argument for freedom by real fucking philosophers from real fucking history, including real fucking today, laid out for a complete idiot who professes to have some amount of brain, and demonstrates their near-total drooling incompetence by responding to not 1, but 6 whole fucking definitions, in visual representation for the ostensibly blockheaded, that puts the fucking nail in the bullshit ruminations of a semantics argument over a
definitions, plural, of fucking freedom, with the genius comment of
>insisting on your one autistic definition where you defined it in such an absolute sense it doesn't apply to anything

And he wasn't fucking done, because then he said I claimed my points after I provided the idiot-proof picture-book for children. Who could this freedom-fucker be?

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anyone who wants a wall should be electroshocked. They're insane as well as retarded.

voting is for your consent rather than opinion. otherwise you'd be writing paragraphs on your ballot instead of ok'ing some candidate that's not you.
if you're looking to share your opinion, start with the city council or whatever's the smallest state assembly in your country.
if your idea of democracy is about opinions, do as the polis greeks did and participate in city politics for a start.

You lads really like the whole "oo" sound of things and to put people into tiny boxes so you may make better sense of the world around you.

What have we now? Zoomers, boomers, coomers, doomers and now vooters... to fragment the world around in order to make sense of it, is a sign of a weak and prejudiced mind.

I shall dub you; FROOMER!

Holy fuck, Sweden went to the dogs very fast.
From the progressive 1970's to this PC hell.
You had Pippi Longstocking, Ronja Röverdatter! Karlson på taget! Bröderna Lejonhjärta - fresh, subversive, creative, playful and open. To this, fear mongering, oppressing ugliness. It's hard to look at.

You should vote...
when there is something worth voting for.

You are talking about individual freedom. Individual freedom only exists in the form of freedom to act, and always will so long as more than one individual exists, as freedom from interference by the existence of others, and thus freedom to realise the desired outcome of one's action without hiderance, cannot exist. Never has. Freedom as a word does not have one meaning. Some versions of freedom are tenable, others are not. ALL are qualified, and there is no singular, 'true', freedom. The freedom you are defining in your post
>"Exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.".
is not the singular, 'true', freedom because that concept is entirely subjective.

But you went ahead and defined it and kept arguing about 'true' or 'absolute' freedom. One is subjective, the other requires godhood. That's all there is to it.

Tldr stay mad faggot

”the power to determine action without restraint"
This is freedom as defined by your dictionary definition. This exists for everyone. Literally the only one who can determine action is the individual. Hurrah, we are all free.

>You are talking about individual freedom
Yes, Einstein. Congratulations for figuring that out.
>Individual freedom only exists in the form of freedom to act
>and always will so long as more than one individual exists
>as freedom from interference by the existence of others
>freedom to realise the desired outcome of one's action without hiderance
>cannot exist
Therefore, you brilliant work of art, the fuckstick idea of freedom posed by user can't exist. What the fuck do you think I've been saying this entire time? True freedom, not possible. What a fucking revelation. Some freedoms are tenable? You don't say! It's almost like some aren't! It's almost like freedom as a word does not have one meaning, hence the goddamn 6 whole meanings given! Woah! And get this, all of them are qualified! Are they really, user? They're all qualified? Then I guess they're not invalid, are they? So what in the ever-loving fuck are you doing at this point? There is no true, singular freedom? What reason would I have to give 6 definitions, then? What reason would I have to take up user's concept of a singular definition of freedom? When did I declare or establish that there was only 1 true definition, absolute and without question? Why did user even mention absolutism? Christ.

If it's subjective, then I guess it's all out the window. Wait, no. It's not. Because you yourself have conceded what's already been said before. What a fucking wild ride, this is all a result of your inability to follow the fucking plot.

Oh, did you finally figure it out? Bet it was hard. It wasn't just, there. Tell me, Sherlock, what am I challenging in the following post?
What the fuck did I just make reference to there, user? Use that big ol' brain of yours, for fuck's sake.

And you have already fucked yourself by saying both that individual freedom
exists in the form of freedom to act, acknowledging that freedom as a word does not have a singular meaning, stating that neither a desire for an outcome or ability to remain unmolested by interference are impossible, that some versions of freedom are or aren't tenable, that every single one of them are qualified, and a whole metric fuckton of fuck-stupid buttressed by saying that one of the freedoms is subjective, and the other requires godhood. Gee, what the fuck was the original objection? What is the common fucking thread?

God fucking damn it, user. You absolute moron. You simp-brained slug. You Dunning-Kruger cretin.

Electoral democracy is lib shit. The working class will inevitably overthrow the bourgeoisie scum

You dumb motherfucker, if I have to contrast each and every fucking time I've said exactly what you're going to regurgitate in other words as your cue-ball brain circles the fucking drain...

Dont worry your sophomore year will be better.

Money is a consequence of popularity. "Mass market appeal" literally just means "popular". Corporations only get rich if lots of people are buying their shit.

A population without the intelligence and low time preference required to not buy dumb shit and make shitheads rich in a market will also be incapable of preventing a regulated economy devolving into tyranny. Likewise, a population with the intelligence and low time preference required to keep a regulatory state from devolving into tyranny will also be capable of not making dumb purchases and making shitheads rich in a market. The system is irrelevant, the only thing that matters is the people. Idiots and impulsives will ruin everything irrespective of the system.


saying that democracy is fake and gay and not presenting any other system that would work is even more fake and gay

Around the time of the Bush recount in Florida (2004?).

From that day on I decided voting is a joke and election after election since has cemented this.

Your country wasn’t sold for beer. The same people could have voted no and still gotten the sticker. Cry harder sore loser.

>Obama vs Romney
>Everybody wants Obama because he's "black"
>Nobody actually knows anything, they just vote for "their best interest" and not "the interest of the people" which I thought it was.

>Murderer vs. Retard
>Tell myself I'm going to vote
>Red pilled but independent.
>Shopping for a party
>Repubs want Trump
>Dems have nobody
>Passively support Bernie because at least his message is consistent.
>Bernie gets raped by Clinton
>Murderer vs. Retard
>fuck off, no.
>Then you can't complain
>Fuck yes I can, dickhead.

I'll never vote. It literally isn't anything more than a suggestion of who your state should vote for, and they just do whatever they want anyway. Fuck them. If we really wanted to troll the politicians we'd get Andrew Yang in this year and let them just give us all their money. Fuck politics, fuck the politicians, and fuck the government. They literally change nothing, ever.

>When did I declare or establish that there was only 1 true definition, absolute and without question?

>True freedom
>True freedom
>And true freedom
>You can't have true freedom
>true freedom
>true freedoms
>true freedoms.

You keep appealing to a subjective concept as if it is an absolute one, THAT is why user brought up your absolutism. You then proceed to engage in hyperbole and flippancy as if your point is fact and everyone else is stupid for criticising you because you did something stupid. We could do with more people responding to points and less of this:

>Yes, Einstein. Congratulations for figuring that out.
>you brilliant work of art
>fuckstick idea
>What the fuck do you think I've been saying this entire time?
>What a fucking revelation.
>You don't say!
>And get this
>Are they really, user?
>So what in the ever-loving fuck are you doing at this point?
>Wait, no. It's not.
>What a fucking wild ride, this is all a result of your inability to follow the fucking plot.
70% of your post is flippancy and insults and you forgot things you yourself said. I'm not struggling to follow the plot, you're just struggling to make a coherent point.

It's getting harder to sift through all the cursing to see your incoherent points man.

You declared stuff about true freedom, which doesn't even exist as a concept because all kinds of freedom are subjective. The only absolute freedom is omnipotence.

>What the fuck did I just make reference to there, user?

>If you're subjecting people to your will, it's no longer freedom for the subjugated. Such is the paradox of anarchy, which seems to be going straight through the hole in your head.
>True freedom isn't violent. True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in.
You're referring to a true freedom, a concept which doesn't exist as all freedoms are either subjective or require omnipotence. There is no paradox unless you rigidly subscribe to a single, absolutist definition of freedom.

If you reply with hyperbole, insults and flippancy again I'm just going to point out how much of your posts you Debbie to nothing at all.

If you don't vote you deserved to get fucked by whatever stalin/hitler comes into power.

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>You keep appealing to a subjective concept as if it is an absolute one

>True freedom is violent as fuck

>True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in

>You just said they had the right to attempt to defend themselves
>That's a completely different thing
>Freedom to oppress is an oxymoron

>True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in
>They take part in something
>Like true freedom
>You can't have true freedom and also give everyone the true freedom to not be subject to your true freedom while your true freedoms demand that you be allowed to subject others to your true freedoms
>True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in

>There is no absolute freedom if everyone is supposed to be absolutely free
>Make that impossible
>You won't have your freedom to act if someone else's freedom of being
>demands that you are not able to act
>True freedom isn't defined as "only the freedom to act"
>the concept of freedom isn't just one goddamn thing

>>the concept of freedom isn't just one goddamn thing
>You're right

Tell me more about
absolute concept of a subjective one, you idiot. I'd already bent over backwards illustrating the paradox of that. But you don't seem to want to acknowledge it, it's as if you read what I typed and you interpret that internal monologue as your own thoughts. I'm flippant because there's a flippant disregard for what's already been said. It's like some bizzaro alternative universe where what I know happened for a fact, didn't. Here I am, sitting here, watching you tell me something I've already said. And then, you go out of your way to say some dismally stupid shit, on top of that.

Of course I'm flippant. My flippancy doesn't override the salient points in the replies. If you can do without the flagrant flaming, then maybe you can also do without the equivalent of conveniently missing what's been said, more coherently than the obviously jazzed-up responses.

But you'll sit here and yank my chain and call me stupid without substance, while I'll call you retarded but still point things out in a very clear manner. It's not hard to not read
inter-spaced between a salient comment or 2. Not hard at all. But for example, you mention omnipotence. And that would be an example of you missing the neatly described part where you can't have
>absolute freedom
with others who also have it. How are you omnipotent, if everyone is, user? Does that make sense to you? Can you have absolute power, absolute, free will over everything, if everything also has that over you? It doesn't matter if freedom is subjective. You've stated things that establish even the opposite. And you never even took the bait I left with
which even helps to convince me that you're not even really reading anything. I call you fuckwad, but I make points. I've made points. You're just dancing around it now. You'll sit here and play every deceitful dark art under the sun, and for what?

You're free to do that. I'm free to call you a nigger for it.

looks liike i will never realize how true it is

We'll never have a centrist president, so I never do.

I'll say it again real slow while you keep pretending you didn't say the exact opposite:


You moved the goalposts to 'absolute' freedom about three posts in and started making the points of the person who first challenged you and then when that got pointed out you acted like they were just saying what you had said. Maybe it was what you intended to say, but it isn't what you said. Have fun trying to gaslight an empty thread.

Th USA's democracy is a failure, because a criminally stupid and brainwashed population cannot self govern. Functional democracy exists all over the world, so it isn't "fake".

Its not? I'm gonna vote Donald J. Trump into office again for a 2nd time, fair and square


I didn't say the exact opposite. Watch.

There is no 'true' freedom.

Compare that to the following:
There is no absolute freedom if everyone is supposed to be absolutely free.
True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in.
You can't have true freedom.
True freedom isn't defined as "only the freedom to act".
There is no technicality about it.
What did I redefine in terms of the average person's definition of freedom?
True freedom, not possible.
I used a dictionary definition to establish that I'm not giving you one fucking strict autistic definition of a fucking term, you trifling troglodyte.
>even though the whole fucking thing is regarding true freedom and not this brainlet shitshow of an attempt to argue some needlessly fucking
>cherry-picked phrase that deviates the whole fuck away from the basic tenable term of freedom
>basic tenable term of freedom
>of fucking freedom
It refers to all the philosophers who tried to define freedom.

I did not move a single goalpost. Look.

>True freedom is impossible for all participants to take part in

>There's only a paradox because you've redefined a term into meaninglessness
>Respond to how people use terms

>>only a paradox because you've redefined a term into meaninglessness
>Freedom is the ability to act on the environment without hindrance or restraint
I go out of my way to provide a generic, metered definition of freedom that would genuinely be accepted by the plurality of anyone you meet on the street who hasn't already made up their mind about their personal takes on freedom. It is the bog standard of freedom. And do you know what it encompases? The concept the first user dolled out with "true freedom". A prefix like that is a loaded thing. True anything is, what, user? Finish the sentence.

So no wonder I move on to remove the loaded concept of "true" with "absolute". It still very much meant the same thing, and I very much went out of my way, between fuck and shit and nigger, to make that clear.

But you take one good look at these lovely replies. Especially that last one. "Technically". How do you expect me to respond to that? "Technically"? Are we going to start dancing around definitions, now? Yep. Exactly what I complained about, which is why I supplied the dictionary definitions, all 6 of them, and it's also why I started referring to it as absolute than "true". Right there, exactly right there, user, is where the semantic shitshow started. And I wanted to nip that in the bud, early.

But, no. You need to say it to me real slow.

Even though it was very clear, early on and even later on, that I'd already communicated that. The words, "not possible" should very much amount to "There is no". And then you accuse me of gaslighting.

You are a colossal faggot.

Holy seething fucktard batman. He got you. You tried to imply there was one true freedom which was impossible, you were called out because freedom is 100% subjective and is mostly about what rights you want to have, and you proceeded to pretend you were saying something else all along. I just read the thread, and you just come off as crazy, angry and wrong. Lol I hope he comes back to blanket quote you.

>that image
link to swedish media confirming this or it's fake


>You tried to imply there was one true freedom which was impossible
No I didn't, you ignoramus. I implied that such a
>true freedom
was impossible.

Apparently I was called out because freedom is 100% subjective. Which is interesting, because I literally just got done pointing out where I went out of my way to provide an average of every subjective interpretation of freedom that the layperson regularly considers. The kindergarten basics. Free-dom. Free, dumbass. You say that I implied that there was one true freedom which was impossible.

And in the same stroke, you go out of your way to say that freedom is 100% subjective, and it's mostly about what rights you want to have.

So let me get this straight. I implied one true freedom is impossible. Yes, I did, because
>True freedom is impossible
exists in this thread.

I said true freedom was impossible. Freedom is 100% subjective. It can be literally anything, whatever. And, you decide to say that it's mostly about what rights you want to have. Not only are you agreeing with me, but you're now trying to define this 100% subjective thing, "mostly". I guess I really am Batman, huh.

Because I'm the only one paying attention here. Yes, I see your piss-poor attempt, and raise it a "failure to thrive".

Democracy is bad like the us has. It's better to fully submit to an all powerful leader

yeah but at least they hate muslims

Lol okay faggot. I read it all, I read the whole reply chain. Your boyfriend fucked you in the ass and I don't think he's coming back. Have fun being lonely, angry, crazy and wrong.

For huge beta's like you it is probably is for the best to submit

Awwhh, Ohhh, I'm gonna... I'm GONNA COom. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

>Have fun
Don't you mean "have sex"? Or, "seethe"?

You really showed me, wasting your time like that.

I'm just happy that they decided to bring in a producer lately, it's really made the political circus more enjoyable to watch. I figured Trump was washed up after the apprentice, but I like this new show better

>That pic
Fake and gay. The world is bizarre enough without you retards posting fake shit, making real things easier to dismiss as lies

Dude shit your boyfriend left already. Are you so determined to be the last post before this shit thread 404s? Clean your ass up and leave before you get more embarrassed.

its not ur just full of soy

>Are you so determined to be the last post
Not as determined to pursue this faggot fanfiction of yours. This is child's play, user. You just saw me dismantle a protracted attempt to break my weaponized "autism".

Why would Tumblrite-tier responses fare any better?

>full of soy
>types 'ur'

But how else are you supposed to own the libs

Kek, he rekt you. You're still crying about that. Your weaponized autism arms to be just you desperate to stay in the thread and keep claiming a win on the internet.

>Your weaponized autism arms to be just you
Way to go, win on the internet. You really showed me.

>i don't believe anything unless a third party authority tells me it's true
google nigger

>muh bias
>muh centrism
is this the part where I say horseshoe theory?

21. I still believe in democracy as a general principle, like the will of the people and all that. But representative parliamentarianism is a fucking scam and the best way to fix Congress would be to march a mob or fifty soldiers into the chamber and redact the whole lot of elected grifters.

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>I can't leave. I have to be the last word.
Kek. Keep going. I love watching angry wrong faggots.

And I love stringing people along. Do you?

No, of course not. Your default instinct was to project the desire to win on the internet. Shame you have to tell me how much fun you're having, rather than having it.

but user, people have DIED for your right to vote! You HAVE to get out there and vote!

You voted for WHO????

Democracy is bad. Trump is right. We should have a strong leader to unite our nation. He should be president forever.

Kek. You don't love stringing people along. You love pretending you are a winner. That's why when your boyfriend stopped replying you sperged multiple posts and then, when I appeared, kept replying to me even though all I did was laugh at you for looking like a moron.

Keep it up.

Not Trump. He's too conservative. When we have someone like Hitler or Napoleon on hand, then I'll agree.

Since i was born

you guys who sit around making this fucking shit-tier memes really need to go outside.

Why Romanian flags?

somewhere between 13 and 14


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Ask you're Mom.

Thanks russia

You couldn't be anymore retarded if you tried.

I learned that in school.
The US is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. Our forefathers warned of the dangers of democracy. In a democracy, the majority always eventually vote away the rights of the minority.

Sure I could!

"Democracy is real and heterosexual and work for the people!"

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If you read the OP post really carefully you'll notice he never fucking said anything about the USA

God, you Americans just think it's all about you all the time don't you?

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Itt: People who dont understand how voting works have a giant circle jerk

Constitutional republic is a form of democracy. Quit being so fucking gullible


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I'm sure that screenshot is from a real article, bruh.

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Imagine being this retarded;
>I dont vote because my candidate didnt make it
I wonder if everyone else who would've voted for that candidate also feel the same, and thus didnt vote for their candidate?

Uh-huh and how did Hitler come into power, hmm?

He was VOTED in. Kinda destroys your faggy little argument, huh? Yeah it sure does.

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Out of curiosity, what time is it where you are?
If it's extremely late, dont you think that the reason why Americans are replying is because a vast majority of those on the site right now are american?
The irony and hypocrisy is palpable.
Its 11 AM for me deep in the western US.


How old were you when you realized you should fuck off to Cred Forums, bitch

I wonder if a lot of people stopped voting the same year hitler was elected.
Oh wow hitler and his early Nazi party set fire to political opponents homes and destroyed infrastructure in order to beef his electoral votes, by removing the opposition?
Looks like your argument is invalid.
Furthermore, under the correct terms of voting, hitler was not following the democratic process, and moments after becoming chancellor, he gave himself dictatorial power, and removed the vote.
I'd say Germany during this time was very far from democratic.

Out of curiosity, do you suck several dicks every day and gargle the cum in your mouth for 5 bucks? Faggot. I bet you do it for free.

Anarchy is fucking power vacuum, how fucking difficult is that to understand?

>ad hominem
I see I've shown you that you're wrong.

Chad, the country in Africa, has an identical flag

Oh my fucking god.

I can't believe you fatass Americans still think you can tell the other countries of the world how to run their shit. Germany is not America, okay? America has no business telling Germany how to manage it's democracy, got it? Hitler did a little bit more for Germany than simply "not follow muh american democratic process" and "destroyed infrastructure".

It fucking blows my mind how stupid you Americans are, and yet you think you have the braincells to lecture anyone about anything

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>talking about 1933 Germany
I mean, yeah we literally did.
After the war several countries told Germany EXACTLY how to run its democracy, including America.
So not only are you technically wrong, but you're ACTUALLY wrong too.


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Fuck you're mad.

Are you okay user?

So what you are saying is we should nuke Sweden?

>fake and gay
RWJ is dead dude

Dude I think if we removed Sweden a lot would correct itself.
But that's because sweden is mostly muslims now.

I like how americans cant run their own democracy but wanna tell others how to run theirs

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user you didnt have to go back to re-reply about Americans, I already saw it.
As I've explained, America literally built the democracy of Germany after ww2, America actually just straight up injected our government into japan after ww2.
I mean we did actually literally tell both countries what to do democratically.

wowo fag, type more

type up a whole bunch of paragraphs i will never read

Okay, I will.
I love to type so it's not a big deal for me, plus I really need to work on my spelling when I'm typingnrwally fast, sometimes I miss letters and I get all flustered user.
Do you know that feeling? It's like your fingers are tongue tied, it's so weird.
user do you like cakes? What's your favorite kind of cake?

When the person who got 3 Million More votes lost the presidency.

>hey people of 2020 if we get over 3 million more votes, like maybe 4 million votes then we will get a diffrent president for sure...

And yet they spend all kinds of time and money making sure that the people they don't want voting don't vote. If it doesn't matter why would they bother?

14. When I got elected to the school council, because 85% of my classmates thought it would be whacky and funny. I abdicated the same day, so the teacher choose the guy with the best grades.

You type like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

all trump tards should kill themselves

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at 22 , you just need to look around, we are living in an Oligarchy, I am talking about EU and USA, but you can say the same about the rest of the world. Also a lot of people from EU and USA think democracy is good only when they win.

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I'm 25 now and I realize there's no way to make meaningful change on a large scale so I'm moving to the country with some friends to grow food and fuck off while the rest of the country kills itself

or we'll all get leveled by the US Army and drone strikes, whatever happens first. I can feel the violent uprising in my bones and I don't wanna be part of it