I would like to see GTA6 in New York, and you?

I would like to see GTA6 in New York, and you?

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>New York

So Liberty City, you dumb fuck?

Gta detroit. It would basically be a bullet hell shooter.

Multiple countries would be cool

Gta was always primarily satire of america. It would be in murica, ergo the pre-established gta universe.

Would love it to be Vice City

Imagine if they did another Vice City GTA now, with the huge retrowave craze.

I've been saying for years that they should go back to their roots with it centered in London, but since we're in the next gen era, we expand that to GTA Europe!

I swear that picture reminds me of the GTA game I used to play on ps2.

We need a Vice City-based game. It's been so long. Either that, or go back to London or better yet, a new city. Like, maybe based in somewhere in the midwest, like Ludendorff or the deep South, maybe based in modern day Texas, maybe Houston and call it Magnolia City or Baton Rouge, Louisiana and call it Jolliet? Idk

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I'm disgusted by the idea alone.

GTA Europe: Niggers and Arabic invaders edition!

Japanese tend to NOT be criminals like Americans.

For this to work, it need to be foreigners in Tokyo.
Particularly black people.

This'll not prompt the image of gaijin well.

So, not Tokyo or anywhere in Japan.

Are all of you retarded? Next gen's gonna be so powerful, why not an entire continent? Which continent would you guys pick? I vote europe

yeah new york or liberty city would be fine

Why? We could re-visit the guy from GTA IV, get some Scottish hick hilarity, run over some French mimes, drive ferarris on the autobahn.

We really need a new GTA game?
After what they've done with GTA IV&V I'm not hyped, they should focus they're effort on a new franchise,

>same thing

yeah i know

The Hawaiian islands. There is an underground mafia there, it could work and you could surf and shit.

They just fixed the VR mod for GTA5.... I have a boner for trying that game in VR but cant afford a gaming PC


JFC you racist pieces of shit are super triggered today. What the fuck is going on in your trailer parks that's got you so hopping mad? Serious question.

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The new GTA will more trans correct.


hell no. Boston or Singapore

would love another vice city

would also be good to see another 1960s London edition... though they're probably less likely to do that as a main release, would be good if they had a smaller studio that could do it as a second release for whatever next gen engine they use

I'd like to see Vice City comeback. Could be 80s again or 70s since Rockstar hasn't done that. If other non usa areas are an option; then maybe Mexico, Brazil or a 60s London remake.

I would say Phoenix but that's basically GTAV with less trees

This. Or at least a Detroit/Chicago mashup city. Im surprised they havent tbh. They would have the ability to create a super bombed out lawless gangland in a snowy unforgiving environment set fairly close to liberty city.

From what I understand, and I'm fairly sure you can source this, but the owner of rockstar flat out said there won't be any GTA games as long as Trump is in office. That being said, IF a new game came out it would likely take place in D.C. and would have at least one mission where you take out a Trump-looking individual.

Somebody would go to prison however...

I just want the Amish to be in it, get to sit back and just watch a group of them raise a barn for me to fly a plane through latter.
One of the gangs could be the Amish mafia.

LOL Singapore.

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Copenhagen or Ã…rhus

Meant for

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>Game gets banned by the dictatorship

Both Vice City and Liberty City 1970's - 1980's together would be a great combo

Or Detroit in the winter 1990's and early 2000's

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Alaska or Wyoming. Just hours of driving without seeing a single person.

Vice City.

you are zoomer scum, reeeee!!!!

>We really need a new GTA game?
I honestly don't think they're even at the planning stage with GTA6. Online's still a major cash cow for them, and frankly, given the amount of DLC content they keep pumping into 5, a standalone game with minimum content, no matter how 'fresh & new' it is, will be a major step backwards, unless it's released with content to match from day one

GTA is American based. Never be in another country

GTA6 in Seattle
riots, libtards and outta control drugged out homeless

I'm 33 and VC is still the best, IMO.

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Rockstar are UK-based, and there is precedent for a London-based game. However from a marketability POV, setting it in another US area would appeal to their main base. If it IS Vice City, then the map would have to be larger than GTAV, so they'd have to recreate Florida

I aint even going to give the effort to look that up regardless if Rockstar is uk based or not. GTA is 100% usa based

There actually were gta games based in 60s London back when they were topdown styled games. Had some quality voice acting.

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