ITT: Pornstars you would marry

ITT: Pornstars you would marry.

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I've been obsessed with Emily Willis lately. I usually go for big titted blondes, but this slut....fuck yes I'd marry her.

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Proxy Paige seems like a cool person.
And it would be neat to stick my dick and balls into her ass.
That would feel pretty good I bet.

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Holy.. who's this?

Emelina Adams

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The only choice

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Arietta Adams

Velicity von without a doubt

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piper is already married so ill settle with Riley Reid or Lexi belle uwu

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Emily Grey

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You dont want to marry a pornstar. Theyre all emotionally rktd

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Lexi belle or taco belle?

how exactly would you stick your balls in her ass?

She's got a cute dick.


I take it you haven't seen many of her videos.

riley reyes,just so my morning breakfast could be eating a bowl of fruit loops out of her ass

This long nosed spic. Her enthusiastic BJ's and Anal whoring gets my ropes shooting.

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Have you ever seen her videos? If she did a handstand you could drop a feather into her asshole and it'd get to the lungs before encountering anything solid.


she's actually a kike

Either Cissie or Annette Schwarz.

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yeah,maybe i just never really payed attention or watched much of her anal stuff

Casey Calvert is so pretty it hurts

My man

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Bamboozled again by the Jews.

Chloe Lamb
Dagny from Cum on Dagny

we can all make jokes about lexi belle being fat,but at the end of the'd still let her fart on your balls after you took her out on a date to a mexican place

shes actually pretty thin now and making porn again


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Katerina Kozlova aka little monroe. The way she moves, the way she smiles, its so hot. This bitch is so classy and so kinky at the same time im instantly diamonds whenever i see her.

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Join now before it's too late

Hell yeah I would. I prefer the taco anyway.

you are based user


shes fucked up user, went to high school with her. real name is julie

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She is perfect

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How is that based?


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i believe her baby was also killed/murdered wasn't it?

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one of em, yeah. p sure she has a new one tho

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this whore likes the same kind of that music i do

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lol yea by a subsequent bf of hers

damn. that poor kid tho.

Gina Valentina for sure.
Shame about her tattoos and Arby's roast beef though.

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She got fat.

i LOVE her

Did she pay the toll?

It's got a penis. Are you mental?

yes plees

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Cotton Candi

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She hasn't lost the weight since the baby.

Cock weight and the baby was also cock.

Paula Shy is best slut

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why do you gay buttfag homosexuals call men "she" ?

the troll toll?

post her butthole or leave.

didn't Charlie sheen give her AIDS

Rozelli is the one for me. She seems like she'd enjoy a nice donkey-punch.

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Riley Reid for sure

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fuck yes caprice

how can her face be fake if mirrors are fake and her poo is real

she is in scenes now so no

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Sienna Grace before she chopped her cock off

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She's one of my favorites. And she looks like my cousin which is hot

Janice Grifith

She seems really fun loving

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Violet Monroe

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thats a different caprice
your thinking of caprice anderson

i thought charlie sheen gave bree olson aids?

suck it fag

he gave it to that Ukrainian gypsy caprice whore bigtime

31 years old

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Larkin Love, kinda. She was going to get married but something happened because her fiancee is foreign. That really actually kind of sucks. I feel bad for her.

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She's thicker now big tits and ass. She's so horny too

It is tough, but keeping America strong through disallowing immigration, and deportations is palpable to most of the nation

Exhibit A of why you probs shouldn't

Also I heard she already has a nigger boyfriend that killed their niglet sprog while she was out at a shoot.

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Madison Deck, failing that though probably Hailey Leigh

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Does she have some sort of eventually terminal illness?

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I wish people would stop putting the blacked logo on caprice's pics

It is an actual image, I got it from the site.

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she's russian
blacked is american

Noce photoshpp


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Lexi Belle is a literal goddess.

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Veronica Rodriguez

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Got it saved, like to use it as fap material when I cam

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No love for Melissa May?

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> marry

Aidra Fox

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Belle Delphine is as close to a pornstar as I would get to marrying one

i'm listening...

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id marry her just so i could cum in her butt
she never did it for any stars she worked with

very nice indeed

Leah Gotti

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she never did any creampies either afaik

y du u think she qwit gaywad? HIV.

she did not
but licking toilets was okay

Remy for sure.

Don't care if she has kids, she has the perfect pear shaped body.

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she was 4'9" with a pignose

prove it

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she is.... patient 0.

she's the ONLY FEMALE who stopped filming. well of COURSE she's Patient 0.

Nagano Ichika. I would love to lick her anus someday.

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no u dumbfuck, Christian XXX is patient 0

>Grey announced her retirement from adult films on Facebook in April 2011.
>According to Sasha Grey’s Twitter feed Jun 16, 2009 learn that a Los Angeles-based porn actress has tested positive for HIV.

Doesn't check out user

>"indicates the patient 0 is a woman."

waaaaaaaaaah no you idiot waaaaaaaah it's chris xxx

whom? likely some fag porn star I'm sure.

FACT. You can debate your lies with someone else. She had no other reason to retire.

>height of her career in fame
>making all-time career high in cash
>1 days says NO.
>every is SHOCKED
>however... there's an HIV outbreak
>she won't comment...…………
>fails in her pathetic "acting career"
>looks like she's aged 40 years.


I'll save her from the hobos

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bro you're literally retarded, it's common fucking knowledge that christian xxx, who worked with most of the women listed in this thread at some point or another, sasha grey does not have hiv you conspiracy theorist dipshit

shut up fag

wanna get your tongue ripped out gaybait

threatening people online?
you got such a big smooth brain

prepare to get fucked papi

Bitch I will rip you up like a ragdoll and feed the pieces to the bulldogs SEPT 23 at the Biodome RAW BE THERE!

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coal toll

she's got Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Huh. I actually got a little turned on just now.

he went post-op? fucking gross.

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i'll fuck your ass inside out until you have 2 crap thru your mums mouth!

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he developed a bad infection after and perished. God Jesus Christ gave us genders for a reason.

Apparently even though her fiancée had been able to enter the country before, the US gov't barred him entry for some reason. She ended up moving to Amsterdam to live with him so she's no longer stateside. Shame, I would've loved to meet her.

She's barred from US entry, and on a no-fly list.

my dick doesn't knowingly go where nig has been. this disqualifies 99.999% of porn sluts.

Sweet Christ who is this?

there's a fucking signature in the bottom right corner

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Fucking yum. Name?

Kendra Sunderland have you been living under a rock?

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April O’Neil

That pic is air brushed all to fuck shes still hot tho


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who is this

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Bobbi Starr

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My Nigga

Wish there was more Brooke around though, I don't even know if she's still doing porn.

more like BOOBY STAR, is that cake made to look like a butt hole LOL

Yhivi, especially when she had that "indie chick" look going for her. Too bad she quit and turned feminist

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Nancy Ace

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I don't think so, sadly

For me it's Lucy Doll. Blown so many loads to her.

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Didn't he try to kill her he beat the shit out of her so bad she had to get surgery

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I can see where she farts and poos.
Her brown hole smells like a rotting goose.
If you see brown logs poking through, put on your running shoes before the stink gets you.

>vagina falling off
>boobs have shiveled
>booze nose
>skin IS cancer
>tattoo faded 50 years ago

very, very sad.

Aaliyah Love

She has always been warm and bubbly. Brooke Lee would be a good second.

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Only correct answer here

Hazel Moore for me. Gabbie Carter is a very close second.

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She's a camwhore on Chaturbate now.

Dolly little shes perfect

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bro yes

I'm sure she still is 4'9 with a pig nose. But god damn she could take a dick in the butt and swallow a load, so that's good enough for me.

Omg I know this bitch

Gianna Michaels

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Chloe Camilla

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Fuck you nigger, she's mine

Fun Fact: I grew up with Annie Dusenbery, better known as Aiden Starr/. She was a really quiet and shy super slut who would go to punk shows and suck dicks off for a single can of beer. My frenemy dated her for a few years and got cucked the fuck out by her once she started doing porn. When I was a teen I got my dicked sucked off by her so many times that it's not even funny. She swallowed my kids more times than I can count because I looked old enough to buy beers at shitty punk shows and would give her one, and she would get drunk off of that single beer. She was literally addicted to sucking my dick for beer. It was hilarious. The frenemy I know who dated her hated the fact that Annie would openly talk about how much longer and thicker my dick was compared to his. She loved the smell and taste of my dick and would act like she was addicted to it, which was super hot. That tiny little freak sucked my dick off so many times for a single can of Budwesier that it's not even funny. She always, and I mean ALWAYS made me cum and swallowed my seed. She's one of the only girls who was able to make me cum with just her mouth and hands. Her porn now depicts her as some sort of dominatrix, but in reality she was the most submissive girl I've ever met. If I wanted to fuck her ass, and go ass to mouth, she was fuckin' DOWN with that shit. I have had more sex with Annie's mouth and butthole than I can keep track of. She fucking LOVED being degraded and treated like a worthless slut, despite what her porn career shows. She is the most submissive girl I've ever met and would tell me about how much she loved the taste of her own asshole on my dick just constantly. What a shitty, dumb, and low IQ person she is in real life; like holy mother of fuck! She must have an IQ of 75 but "feels" that she's an absolute "genius" (not that she knows what that word means). Anyway. Just for the head she used to give me I would marry that dumb cunt

I got drunk with and let Bailey Jay suck my dick one time. He gave really terrible head, like he just didn't know what made dicks feel god. I was embarrassed for him. That's a dude, no matter how you cut that mustard. I was fully aware of this fact going into it. A dude who pretends to be a girl sucked my dick and I had to jack off for a good 5-10 minutes because he was so bad at pleasuring dicks. Came on his face and just walked away after the whole thing. He was a really pretentious jewboy btw. Really disgusting piece of subhuman shit & filth as a person. Jews need to be exterminated. He couldn't eve suck a dick off properly. Like, what a fucking joke a fagot...

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Seems legit

I mean you can clearly see the mk ultra in her eyes.

Her name is Martinez or something. She was spic outed in the pornwikileaks forum (rip)

Any of them I would marry! Sexy and wholesome they are.

y'all have shit taste

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He’s a terrorist or what ?

Probably this chick, August

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I though the cervix was sensitive ?
Btw if you cum now on that prolapsed cervix will she get preggo ?

I got my dick sucked by "Larkin" at a party one time. We were drunk and talking about sex then I mentioned that I had never cum from head and she accepted it as a challenge. She was one of the most arrogantly stupid and ignorant people I've ever met. But she definitely made me cum with her mouth and swallowed my kids. She's a serious piece of shit excuse for a human being, and her sister is even worse. The whole family needs to be wiped off the face of the planet for the betterment of humanity. Jews just need to be wiped out tbh. She sure can suck a mean dick though


>Tfw no Italian mommy gf

What the fuck you on about mate you can’t see shit

Yasmin Lee

She could feed me her cum like this all day. A shame she got her cock mutilated though.

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My man!


Actually, she turned retarded.
What a waste of ass.

All the way

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she would cuck you with BBC 24/7
you really wanna be her cuckold husband?

Megan Rain

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You'd have to have a seance.

you can get banned for a 1000 reasons. But who cares right?

Who is?

I need the context on this image

Anna from czechcasting

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tf kind of test are you trying to do holding up a translucent blue liquid in a corked vial. Also, wtf does that have to do with calculus. smh

bro, chill. I think it's fake.

>ITT: Pornstars you would marry.
I have an 11"x7" dick and all of you dudes with little dicks don't know how easy you have it. You have no idea what a curse a truly huge dick is. I've fucked a few pornstars because they're pretty much the only ones who are "trained" to take gigantic dicks.

Those pornstars have been mostly unable to take my huge dick because they're tiny and porn uses a lot of camera tricks to fool you into thinking that niggers have the biggest dicks in the world.

I have fucked Julie (Piper Perri) so many times, usually in front of her cuck boyfriend and my dick stretched her out like no nigger's dick could. The biggest dick she had before me was Dredd who is 5'8" but claims to be 6'4"/ His dick is super fat but nowhere near as big as he claims. "Piper" is about 4'9" and is "stretched out" by any dick that's above 5"; it's HUGE to her.

My dick is 11"x7" and was genuinely the biggest she's ever had, and I'm white.

That girls sucked my dick like it was filled with magic and candy and money. It genuinely stretched her out like she's never been stretched in porn. Porn fools you into believing that niggers and spics have gigantic dicks, when in reality you have really tiny girls with dudes who are under 5'10" with dicks under 8" pretending to be 12+"

Piper/Julie was the best fuck of my life. My dick literally beat up her cervix and she loved every second of it. Her cuck bf loved it ever more. I even came on his face at her request just to disrespect him.

tl;dr - dues in porn are short and are paired with even shorter girls and camera angles are used to make 6"+ dicks looks like they're gigantic in order to push a jewish agenda.

I would marry "Piper" for how enthusiastically she sucked and took my actually gigantic dick. Also her by jerking his tiny 3" dick over the reaction to my genuinely massive cock was super hot. That dude busted the hugest nuts knowing that I was the biggest dick she'd ever been with was stupidly hot

you are quite the chaddington


She is fucking adorable

bang a cervix ? isnt that really painful ?
are you good at oral and fingering ? got tips for us dicklets ?

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Attached: 14302832-7099063-The_porn_star_claims_Alan_forced_himself_on_her_before_holding_h-a-17_1559575467031 (634x845, 108K)

>turned retard?
Quick rundown

Totally wife material

Attached: 07__01.jpg (533x757, 67K)

> Anonymous 02/06/20(Thu)06:06:05 No.8200
I am the C\lit Commander and that's all I'll say. When you have a genuinely massive dick and you head game is on point you have a chance of making a girl fall madly in love/lust with you. The girls who "fall in love" are almost exclusively absolute shit tier people. They're not capable of actually loving themselves or anyone else. They're 'in love" with an idea of a person, but couldn't care less about the actual person. Size queens need to be murdered off for the betterment of all of civilized society. Much like the cucks who support them

Attached: 9284705A-B133-4288-8E6C-7CCB213DD8DB.jpg (1066x1600, 339K)

So sad she had plastic surgery

Attached: anjelica54.jpg (1920x1080, 250K)

I'd fuck,marry and impregnate the mouse

Attached: the mouse.png (552x477, 192K)

Attached: 47.jpg (320x480, 22K)

I'm really good with my hands and tongue. I fucking love eating a freshly waxed pussy and butthole. Most of my life has been me eating the absolute fuck of tiny little vaginies. My dick is "too big" for most girls to take. There have been a few outliers who have been able to take me "balls deep" and it's been fucking magical. I have gone "balls deep" in so very few girls/ Having a massive cock really is a curse. You will hurt girls more often then not. You will not be able to fit more than half your cock inside of a girl without her complaining about how much it hurts. There's an "adrenaline rush" when tiny girls are able to take a genuinely massive cock, but there's also a huge "recovery time" after the fact, which isn't hot at all. I've fucked girls from 4'7"-5:10: and every single one of them have barely been able to take my gigantic cock

Having an IRL massive cock is a serious curse. I literally envy average sized dudes

Attached: Cnv5VzgWgAQRHGk.jpg (900x1200, 187K)

>I'm really good with my hands and tongu
got a technique or books or you adapt depending of the girl ?
what position you gotta avoid or is the only one that works ?


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>yfw she blasts a huge, noxious, sulfur Italian fart right in your face

Attached: Love It.jpg (398x498, 49K)

No way I'd marry a women if her house was like that. Fucking pig.

Natalia Queen

Attached: df.png (559x440, 391K)

Coalburner, defends boyfriend who killed her baby. Hard pass on wife material.


ahhh karla ray

kys faggot

FALSE. gay homosexuality is NOT patrician.

Attached: lexibellehr092914-tw527_101.jpg (3000x2000, 908K)

OK cuckold

j Jennifer Lawrence?

Attached: 22063E44-DDF0-4E7E-9F04-9E16D42ECE08.jpg (633x950, 174K)

nice larp, Cred Forumsr0

is she out of jail?

This pic really makes my dick hard

she looks like a linebacker, she's what 6'4" 350lbs?

Didn’t even know she was

nah... she's around 5'5, maybe 5'6, 150lbs

some drug related charge, I think

hundreds of girls like this in trailer parks across the country

or behind the counter at your local mcdonald's

Why ? inbreeding or white trash are a special species ?

Attached: 1580989783624.png (512x512, 519K)

Kylie Quinn all the way

Attached: 399054_02big.jpg (682x1024, 99K)

Yeah nobody outside of porn struggles with that

Coal burner

do you know how many nigger dicks you would be sucking when you kissed her?
i miss piper but to marry her fuck that shit

good question don't know. what I DO know though is she has "that look"
And the other dude is right if they aren't in porn they always work as cashiers at some food place.

Eve Laurence before she removed her implants

Attached: 2778045_8_o.jpg (768x1024, 158K)

i think she’s out but I’d still get with her

I have a thing for trailer trash girls

Kennedy Leigh

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Attached: Stoya_010.jpg (1303x1920, 345K)

Her please

Attached: 06f1f2426777b91495b047069f618c95.jpg (1472x1700, 246K)

a fellow patrician i see
Look at Evelyn Claire

Is that legit?

know her, shes a beauty but does too much blacked

Attached: yennefer1494941992375.webm (1080x1080, 1.17M)

I've only seen her free vids

she's hot though

looked better before she fixed her teeth

Attached: 52770727.jpg (933x1331, 240K)


oh yes, she leaked pics of a personal porn.

That was a white dude.

She's in for the money

Id marry the fuck out of Veronica Rodriguez

Attached: 99C315E9-E130-47B1-9712-2D9B611969EC.jpg (183x275, 6K)

no. good, clean teeth always look nicer.
trumpanzees ALWAYS want to look poor!!
>mfw when "but i'm a leftist waaahhh"

Attached: 1507471804401.webm (726x406, 1.95M)

>rent free in your head
Im just here to jerk off, dont know what the fuck you are on about

Attached: 2080364649.jpg (931x1400, 288K)

Attached: lexi belle.jpg (2666x4059, 1.14M)

Ashe 100X

Attached: 1579979312915.jpg (1333x2000, 244K)

Jessica Lynn. One of the very few times a boob job has enhanced a body. Perfect hips. Perfect ass, just the right amount of muscle and fat. Perfect body and face altogether.
Also, Kelly Divine seems chill af in her new homemade content.
Flower Tucci is a definite contender, seems pretty cool and also maybe Cody Lane pre blue room and drugs.

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Attached: 1564811943220.jpg (1024x684, 93K)

why lie though

post more you Brexit-loving bastard!

Queen Holly Michaels.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (341x512, 38K)

The shitty escort girl experience VR

Miss her.

that nigger is rethinking his life choices

I would marry Allie Haze.

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>Brexit-loving bastard!

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Looks a little rough.

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Madison Ivy all day!

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And? She's still a snack.

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If this e-girl s0ftcore artist were shorter she would definitely be marriage material. :>

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I'd marry Hotkinkyjo, because I suspect she would gladly take a real horse cock up her ass if not on camera.

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loll more like ally gay

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Leah Luv

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Same way the last guy did it.

taya karpenko, alias milena

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100%natural.Anita queen off queens.

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All of these #polygamy

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That veronica Vaughn is one piece of ace