Just found out the girl I am dating had a 3some with two dudes years ago. Wat do ?

Just found out the girl I am dating had a 3some with two dudes years ago. Wat do ?

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>kill the dudes
>marry the slut
>kill the slut
>have 3some with dudes
>kill yourself
>ask in a suicide letter to slut to have another 3some with dudes

Invite a buddy and turn those years into 3 seconds ago.

Quit being an insecure piece of shit for starters.

How does once achieve this ?

Don't marry or date, dump her asap because you sound like you plan on continuing dating her then you will catch feelings then she breaks up with you and you regret wasting your time with her. Don't waste your youth on a roastie.

choose to let it bother you or realize that shit doesn’t matter

Not make a big deal about it like some worthless incel and do it too

One ironclad rule of life: most people don't change. Some do, but most don't. Corollary: you can't love them into being different.

>nah it's cool to date a gross piece of shit just dont be insecure about it lmao


Most girls are this fucked up now, its a reality we have to learn to accept and to raise our children better.

Miles of dick user. It's too late for her.

Break down her self esteem and convince her to bring another woman in

do what i did.
convince her that circumsision is the only option for her.

Let it corrode your soul and relationship until you resent her and yourself. That’s what I usually do.

Dude it not like you can change that shit.
Do ya love her now?
At least you know she will at least explore fantasies with you.

I'm 50,,i wish my wife would have had a 3 some at some time in her past

Accept her or call my lawyers..they migh can help ya

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Dont listen. Def do be an incel. She is unholy in the creators eyes, and a shitstain on humanity.

Well first lets see a picture of the broad in question here

Demand a FFM threesome

See if you can move on. It not, then that should be a good indicator.

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Stay with her and spend the rest of your life wondering which two dudes are laughing behind your back and high fiving, knowing that they've degraded your woman in ways you never will.

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I'm going option 2 here

Tis time to invest in a chastity belt sire, lest she bangeth many more 'dudes' ...For thy lady's virtue shalll surely be tested upon your return to the crusades.

suck their cocks, marry her then kill yourself

you're either a faggot or your bed room is dead, which again makes you a faggot

Beat the shit out of her, that'll make you even.

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>Jay and silent bob "Chasing Amy" speech
www youtube com/watch?v=FlYZnd7dEPw

I don't know, fren. You can get someone when morals more like yours. I'm too conservative, I'd probably break up with her. Cheers

This is why I love Cred Forums.

My suggestion is, buy her a hijab and then dump her

>gross piece of shit
>simply had a time in life of sexual curiosity and tried something new
>hurr durr she is mine now so she completely belongs to me, all her past and future should go according to my beliefs
>hurr durr if I had a 3some with two chicks that would be completely different
insecure beta detected

Enjoy 'your' future kids

>Project onto others

One true answer.

Guilt trip her about how you never got to experiance this blah blah blah. You feel comfortable with her and so on,

Absolutely disgusting, kill her and then yourself.

it literally does not fucking matter. you shouldn't be surprised by the fact that she has had a life before meeting you.


>Wat do ?
Stop being a bitch.