The end is near. You have time to bring one person down into your bunker to repopulate the world. Who is she?

The end is near. You have time to bring one person down into your bunker to repopulate the world. Who is she?

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closest breedable female
reality exists between these 2 hands. nothing further

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She can have half of my doomsday supplies anytime she wants.

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whoever this is

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Nobody gon' cash her outside, dough.

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This Persian Princess.

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Fuckin lame answer but probably my wife.

Sure I could take anybody but at the end of the day pussy is pussy. At least i know she won't piss me off too bad when I'm dealing with her bullshit

This sexy bitch

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Katie Willert, formerly of

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I have a feeling you’d throw her out after a week.

I remember her. she always had the dumbest hair styles.

you wouldnt, and not if she loved you, 50% chance

but those tits

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Oh shit. I didn’t know she was hiding that kinda titty meat.

if we're going to repopulate she'll need to be young enough to make lots of babies


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just make sure she only opens her mouth to suck dick

she never hid it

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Wait. So you are saying that I could have the whole world to myself, but I instead choose to raise kids?

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Probably the most romantic thing ever said here.

better girl opens her mouth and approaches your dick without being queued for it with her hands up in pounce stance



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it's a hypothetical bruh

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Kinda want more ngl

I pick Rebecca Black to be my only bunkmate. All day. All night!

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your mom

wheres the image that is like this one but instead its a path between two cities in the middle east that also have a funny name like Cockswallo or something? please post it you can have my firstborn son

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woah wrong thread sorry carry on

Good candidate right here

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She would be disgusted and repulsed by me, and that would just make it even better.

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Probably not going to be a lot of repopulation going on. But dammit i'm gonna try.

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can't be any worse than that needle dick she dates.

If there's no one to stop you, even rape is legal

Haley Atwell.
Had to disregard all my traditional MILF choices, but she's still getting up there in childbearing years.

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I also choose this mans infertile wife

I was going to say Milla Jovovich, but I saw that she's in her 40's so my next pick would be Kat Dennings.

It's a fantasy bro. You can just pick prime Milla Jovovich.

My already pregnant wife entirely for reasons of cold, hard logic.
1) she is already pregnant. World population is +1 automatically.
2) it's a girl, we learned last week. While I'm not into incest, in a last-man-on-earth scenario I'm going to have to. This means that in about 13-16 years (age of stable cycles in most girls) I will be able to produce two children simultaneously, and as years go by the more girls I can father the more girls I and my son's can breed with, a female bias in births would be ideal. Makes me sick to think about but in this scenario, that's a logical choice. 2 people is so far below the minimum viable population that we are going to have to discard all social mores and utterly demystify sex, normalise, and prioritise it to give the species a snowball's chance in hell.
3) My wife and I have settled every argument well and have an incredibly healthy sex drive, even while she is pregnant. I am practically guaranteed zero resistance sex from her, provided her personality doesn't do a 180, at least until I start fucking our daughter. After that there may be some friction given the social structure under which we grew up, but that provides opportunity for possibly some 6 to 8 additional births before things start getting rocky. I'm young and healthy, so I reckon that as breeding stock I have about 30 years left in me before my aging sperm and shortening telomeres will irrevocably damage most children I produce and I'll have to let my sons continue the work.